LONDON, Oct. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Japonica Partners has made a 14 full-page multimedia buy in the Financial Times, the International New York Times, and the New York Times.  The 14 full pages are part of a campaign dedicated to educating Greece key stakeholders globally to better understand Greece government debt sustainability, financial stability, and the Greek government debt competitive advantage.

The campaign will educate Greece key stakeholders as to why government financial transparency and accountability is the most important reform for the Greece government to win the trust and confidence of its taxpayers and the global capital markets.  The uneducated recalcitrants who continue to cite incorrect Greek government debt numbers will be taught the international debt measurement rules and the benefits of correctly calculating Greek government balance sheet numbers. 

The campaign covers seven international debt measurement frameworks:  IPSAS, IFRS, 2008 SNA, ESA 2010, IMF DSA, EU EDP dual reporting requirements, and IMF GFSM 2014.  The output of each framework is reviewed in the context of faithfully following the world-class principles of reporting balance sheet numbers that best reflect economic reality and provide a true and fair representation of the facts.

An important part of the education campaign is to teach that in accordance with the world-class frameworks, a reduction in the present value of debt results in a corresponding reduction in the balance sheet value of debt. 

To illustrate the importance of balance sheet numbers prepared in accordance with international frameworks designed to best reflect economic reality, Greece has a significant debt competitive advantage with correctly calculated government net debt of €72 billion (41% of GDP) at year-end 2015.  The oft-cited future face value of €311 billion (177% of GDP) does not reflect economic reality and is being misused in assessing Greece debt sustainability. 

The correct Greece government balance sheet net debt number was calculated by a multi-disciplinary global team of 100 plus professionals under the direction of Japonica Partners over the past four years based on extensive analysis of publicly available information and has been vetted in more than 250 presentations.

Japonica Partners, a civic-minded long-term investor in Greece, is committed to supporting the publication of a proper Greece government balance sheet as the cornerstone of the most important reform.  Japonica Partners is also committed to educating Greece key stakeholders on the benefits of making decisions and reporting Greece government financial results using financial statements prepared in accordance with International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and independently audited.

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