Andre Minassian

Too Late to Short - Too Early to Go Long?

Jun 27 2016 @ 06:39
As a rule I never try and judge the rest of the week on the markets on a Monday, Brexit or not. But today we are getting a peek at the agendas. The problem we have as far as trading is that it is kind of too late to short and too early to go long – or […]

Out of EU - No Regrets - Trading the Week Ahead

Jun 26 2016 @ 06:09
There seems to be some degree of regret by the people who voted leave. That feeling is not shared by me. These are simply feelings of loss anyone or even any one nation can experience when having been in any relationship no matter how toxic the relationship and how absolutely fruitless the future was promising to […]


Jun 24 2016 @ 02:56
What an incredible day, an incredible result, an unexpected outcome. Just when the towel was thrown in. Markets down, Sterling down but this is all temporary, Britain will be stronger and sterling will become a safe haven currency in no time indeed. It is a bad day to put in any trades today – spreads […]


May 14 2016 @ 10:26
THE MARKETS let us start with the markets. My call remains that we are still in a bull trend on the US equities as long as DOW JONES stays above 17,000 … We are extremely likely to make a historical high on DJIA and S&P before end of the year with a possibility of DJIA […]

The Panama Papers … What of it?

Apr 12 2016 @ 09:50
The Panama papers … So what of it? Whenever something like this is supposedly leaked I start thinking as to what the agenda is. I don’t believe anything like this is leaked without some higher purpose and I immediately look for the conspiracy and the macro game plan behind the action … Because that is […]

Something about the markets & Donald Trump

Apr 04 2016 @ 10:08
Following my last post here, Dow Jones (DJIA) has sustained it’s position above 17,400. So , according to my own call … we have entered a bull market on US and World’s major equity markets. I have been calling for DJIA 20,000 since 2014, I feel 20k DJIA is back on the cards again or at the very least […]

It's a Bull Market for 2016 !?

Mar 20 2016 @ 11:21
Following my last piece on ADVFN, here we are, above the most important DJIA 17,400 by a distance which looks quiet safe so far. My call has been and is … If we stay above the 17,400 Dow in the coming week, we can certainly expect the remainder of the year to be a BULL MARKET , […]

So … Is it going to be a Bear or a Bull for 2016?

Mar 03 2016 @ 09:43
The moment of truth is upon us. FTSE has managed to stay above 6,000 for more than a few days and most importantly Dow Jones ( DJIA) possibly/perhaps/maybe is to approach and cross 17,000. DJIA 17,000 is my indicator with which I judge whether major world markets will entre a bull trend or back down […]

IsThe Bull Market over? CRASH!

Jan 17 2016 @ 08:46
Reading the heading it would be natural to say , well yes! too late, it’s been over since The New Year. I am kind of inclined to agree. The mere fact that they did not take the S&P and Dow Jones (DJIA) to a historical high before The New Year was an indication for me […]

Dow Jones & World War III

Nov 29 2015 @ 07:15
So,The US markets seem to be keeping their strength as I had predicted in my previous posts, will this continue? I feel we will cross 18,000 DJIA coming week and march towards DJIA 19,000 … as a target, before The New Year. The worst case scenario being a historical high on the Dow and S&P. Will […]
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