Andre Minassian

IsThe Bull Market over? CRASH!

Jan 17 2016 @ 08:46
Reading the heading it would be natural to say , well yes! too late, it’s been over since The New Year. I am kind of inclined to agree. The mere fact that they did not take the S&P and Dow Jones (DJIA) to a historical high before The New Year was an indication for me […]

Dow Jones & World War III

Nov 29 2015 @ 07:15
So,The US markets seem to be keeping their strength as I had predicted in my previous posts, will this continue? I feel we will cross 18,000 DJIA coming week and march towards DJIA 19,000 … as a target, before The New Year. The worst case scenario being a historical high on the Dow and S&P. Will […]

The game plan for the markets from here?

Nov 14 2015 @ 09:31
Ok, From my previous posts. Warning that they are going to play this dirty, now it is obvious that they are. They decided not to give us 18k plus on the DIJA but drop it hard and fast towards DJIA 17,000 instead. We are at 17,250 ish right now, Monday they could drop it more […]

Dow Jones 17,000 is the decider !

Oct 07 2015 @ 16:50
As per my call beginning of the week … we are having a very positive week and now we come to the moment of truth. Will DJIA cross 17,000 or not? I feel a cross over 17,000 as per my last post here, could be a significant game changer and bring the bull market back into genuine […]

So, where do the markets go from here?

Oct 04 2015 @ 13:22
We have managed to have an almost un-interrupted bull run since 2009 … I predicted in 2009 that DJIA would cross 11,000 and will not look back.  At the same time I predicted the run to continue to DJIA 14,000 and onto 17,000.  2014 I could see DJIA going toward 20,000. But we were very rudely interrupted. […]

The Corbyn effect / Revolution ! JFK

Sep 13 2015 @ 06:35
Are we having a social, economical and spiritual revolution? I cannot believe that I am actually getting interested in British politics again … We have had one fake leader after another in UK … well dressed and manicured who should be serving 1000 life sentences for crimes against Britain/humanity … treason, deceit and impersonating a British prime minster […]

We are not going to crash !

Aug 02 2015 @ 10:16
For the last few years, most of the noise in the markets has been that we are over valued … actually they have been saying that since FTSE was at 4,000 and DJIA at 12,000 … and yet higher we have gone . We are now being told by experts that the market is indeed in […]

…and the bull market continues

Jul 16 2015 @ 08:02
As per my previous post (Hunch), The Greek situation was saved, which is indeed something of a temporary measure, but the excuse has been given for the markets to rise higher still. We did not come up on the DJIA to end this story around the 18,000, The story was always about DJIA 20,000 and I […]

Why Was the Euro Created?

Jul 01 2015 @ 09:33
Let’s get a little conspiratorial here. Why would sovereign nations give up their currency and economic freedom when they have at times fought for thousands of years to keep their identity, economic independence and freedoms to do what they see fit and best for their country or people? The answer is, absolutely no logical reason […]
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