Andre Minassian

If you are a betting kind of person ! Trumps - Markets should rally to the New Year

Nov 09 2016 @ 07:14
So … Here we are … Trump has been elected and the bankers are very happy with their choice. He is perceived as the anti-establishment claiming the system is rigged – The best part of this for the powers that be is that people mistakenly see this as a victory against the establishment …nothing could be […]

Trump - Hillary - Dow - FTSE - DAX … historical highs expected by 2017.

Nov 07 2016 @ 10:35
Have had a lot of communication as to why haven’t written recently … So here we are ! Let’s start with the hot topic of politics and the US elections – Trump or Hillary? My hunch has been Hillary … as she is a seasoned follower and servant of “The Agenda” and they have enough dirt on […]

This is not a market correction - This is an opportunity to buy.

Sep 12 2016 @ 08:42
Have to admit the large last hour market drop in The US and  the drops today here and on major indexes came as a surprise. But is this a major market correction with more heavy drops to follow in days and weeks? I would say not – I would say this drop will end by Wednesday […]

FTSE 7,000 & DAX 11,000 & Dow Jones 20,000 ! ?

Sep 06 2016 @ 07:41
Considering FTSE, DJIA and other major indexes have managed to keep their strength during the slow summer months, I am confident it is time for going long S&P – FTSE – DAX. I am not with the scenario that we will see a large drop from here on and quiet confident the bull market shall continue […]


Jul 10 2016 @ 07:21
The FTSE, S&P and Dow have gone to my plan so far,  I will continue to hold long on FTSE and S&P 500, we are even close to hitting a historical high on The Dow, which I have been predicting for a while. The Sterling is weak but it will settle and become a safe haven of […]

Never Say Never Again - Coming Week - Markets - Happiness

Jul 02 2016 @ 09:01
FTSE has certainly done much better than it has done since the beginning of the year breaking the 6,400 resistance and climbing to new year highs of 6,600 ish. Accompanied by a rise in all major global stock markets. Sterling is stable but needs time and it will rise once it is realized that leaving the EU was not a disaster as some […]

Who on Earth is Michael Grove? Never heard of him! Boris come back please !!

Jun 30 2016 @ 14:45
Has anyone else ever heard of Michael Grove? Who is he ? Never seen him or heard of the man, but then I don’t read the papers. Is this week going to get any more ridiculous than it has been? We have the campaign  manager of Boris Johnson advising him to stand down, only to […]

If you are waiting for the markets to crash - You are wasting your time !

Jun 30 2016 @ 07:25
The drop after Brexit = British Exit from EU, is all done and over. FTSE should remain stable and if it breaks 6.400 then I will be going long all the way to 7,000. Even if the FTSE weakens, it should remain range bound and cannot see it falling below 6,000 easily. Britain has entered a new […]

What did we gain by leaving The European Union?

Jun 29 2016 @ 08:56
Before I start, if anyone thinks for a single second that this was a victory for the common man against the powers that be. You are very much mistaken. This was exactly what the central bankers wanted and planned, they just made us think that this was our decision and we had somehow gotten one over them. […]

The fall is done for the S&P - FTSE is not going anywhere.

Jun 28 2016 @ 07:24
I am quiet confident that the fall is done for the S&P 500 and The Dow Jones industrial average. Regardless of what happens in Europe, The US markets shall remain one of the strongest and most bullish of markets. I am still with the idea that S&P and DJIA will hit historical highs by the end of the […]
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