Andre Minassian


Apr 04 2020 @ 06:49
Long time no see . We hit Dow Jones 29k as I predicted from months before.. Here we are within a few weeks the world as we know it changed it’s look. There has been many speculations by highly paid “experts” about Dow Jones hitting 10k or even 6k. Well, that ain’t gonna happen! We […]

Dow Jones 29,000 by New year 2020 ! ? The bull market is not over .

Nov 30 2019 @ 08:19
  Here we are, almost a year after predicting we would hit Dow Jones 28,000 – We did. Not to mention that we hit Dax 13,500 as I had predicted, Sensex and Nifty too came home to daddy. Nailed all four . The question is – Are we heading for DJIA 29,000 by New Year? Possible […]

So what now - Dow Jones 29,000?

Jul 24 2019 @ 07:22
  I’ve been saying for over two years that Dow Jones will hit 27,000 and there will not be a crash scenario for 2018 and 2019. Although I find Dow crossing the 27k mark a tad worrying before October the journey has to be Dow 28,000 by new year . I find it worrying because […]

Never get complacent with the markets … lesson in humbleness. Dow Jones 29,000!?

Feb 18 2019 @ 09:36
They tripped me up in December !? After getting the markets right since 2008, I was hoping for a 27,000 ish close in December 2018. Yet they went and did the opposite. Lesson learnt … Never get too complacent about the targets you have … And trusting your intuition beats all analysis.  They had taken […]

Dow Jones heading for 29,000 ? … Not a gamble !

Feb 12 2019 @ 06:56
Long time no speak, December proved to be a surprise move they did. A take down with two purposes – making money and getting rid of the congestion which the highs had achieved . There had to be some blood letting somewhere sometime. They did a good job of it … Accompanied it with their fellow collaborators (The major news) […]

So no crash - Dow Jones 28,000 New Year 2019 ! ?

Nov 04 2018 @ 07:54
Following my last post, I’m glad to say Dow 24,000 held and did not give, I did not think that it would give. I  still think we will hit DJIA 27,000 by Christmas and very possibly hit 28,000 new year ish 2019. I think this bull market will continue into 2019 despite and in spite […]

Is this The Crash ? I don't think so ..DOW 28,000 !

Oct 13 2018 @ 06:37
Here we are. The World and his friend are talking crash talk, crash this and crash that and we are all going to starve and end up in the stone age so on and so forth. I think the indicator of any US or global crash is the DOW JONES. I don’t think that this is […]


Sep 17 2018 @ 02:32
Long time no speak, Dear … so much talk about a market crash …any moment they say, But – They’ve been saying that since Dow 15,000. When I’ve been saying the opposite. I think there is no catalyst for a crash and The Markets are behind Trump, Are we at astronomical PE levels on the stocks? […]

So … What was I saying ? BITCOIN $2000

Apr 01 2018 @ 08:13
So, here we are  … As I had speculated and predicted BITCOIN dropped below the magic $7000 level without even making any decent attempt to climb back up. I have said a few times now that a break of 7k could very likely mean dropping to $2000. At $2000 I will buy because I think […]

No market crash this year - Dow 27,000 - Bitcoin $2000 ! ?

Mar 26 2018 @ 14:13
The bull market is not over and almost certainly will continue to the end of 2018. We will not see any major pull backs up until we have hit Dow 27,000 – Even then we could be making headways towards 30,000 Dow. The thing is, there is no catalyst for the US markets to crash […]
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