Andre Minassian

No market crash this year - Dow 27,000 - Bitcoin $2000 ! ?

Mar 26 2018 @ 14:13
The bull market is not over and almost certainly will continue to the end of 2018. We will not see any major pull backs up until we have hit Dow 27,000 – Even then we could be making headways towards 30,000 Dow. The thing is, there is no catalyst for the US markets to crash […]

Is the bull market over - Dow 27,000 !? - BITCOIN

Feb 11 2018 @ 14:01
So here we are, Firstly about Bitcoin – As I had predicted Bitcoin not making it to 14,000 resulted in it’s drop to under 10k and as predicted hit 7k and even temporarily under. I feel Bitcoin will stay around the 7k / 8k ish mark for the short term. Can it go lower still […]

BITCOIN - getting a grip - price action?

Jan 19 2018 @ 06:35
I am going to put my opinions aside and just comment on possible price action scenarios. Well ok, maybe a little opinion – Firstly, I do not think Bitcoin was created by the people for the people, or some man called Suzuki Yamaha Mitsubishi or a name to that effect – who is claimed to be this […]

BITCOIN IS A PONZI SCHEME…and now you know it !

Jan 17 2018 @ 07:18
I have refused to comment on Bitcoin to date, because I saw it as a Ponzi scheme, seeing so many subscribe to this idea … like they were in the .com era was amusing and cencerning to me, I just knew this is going to blow up when everyone I knew and even the uber driver talked about buying […]

Will the indices pull back this month? Dow 25,000 !?

Nov 05 2017 @ 09:51
So, here we go making new historical highs after historical highs on Dow, S&P & Dax. In my last post I speculated Dax had a possibility of 14,000 by new year and I still feel we are heading that way and will get to 14k and possible more – 15k?! I also speculated that Dow […]

Caution is king in November.Dow 25,000 !?

Oct 25 2017 @ 06:32
Since Monday Dow Jones added few hundred points again to it’s tireless rise. Shorts must be dazed,dazzled and confused and that is how these games are played , do the unexpected is name of the game that wall street plays … having said that,  I repeat what I wrote before, end of October (this week) […]

Dow 24,000 in the bag - or is it 25,000 by New year?

Oct 22 2017 @ 06:11
Following my last article, things have gone according to my predictions so far. Major indexes tirelessly moving forward and breaking one historical high after another….And the party shall continue to the end of this year. I predicted that Dow would move towards 24,000 weeks ago and we are at 23.300 ish as I write. Dax […]

So, it is Dow 24,000 then ! ?

Oct 04 2017 @ 07:05
Following my last post here, I am to conclude that we will close 2017 on a historical high for S&P, Dax, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and very likely FTSE. Dow went from 22,200 right through 22,400 which I had said would mean we will finish the year at a very possible Dow 24,000….very likely hit Dow […]

So, is it a bull or a bear from here?

Aug 28 2017 @ 14:18
Hello again, So I was right again! Dow backed off from 22,200 ish, we saw a good drop – but what now? I again have to adhere to what I said in my last article here, If it comes back up and over through to 22,400(going through 22,200 like butter) … we can very much […]

Dow 22,000 - So what now ! 24,000?

Aug 05 2017 @ 04:00
Long time no see  – Again, There you have it, conservatives won and GBP/USD is making it’s way towards 1.32 ish and Dow Jones hit 22,000 as predicted. Dow 22,000 is something I have been predicting and insisted on since January 2017. What now ? where do we go from here? Is this it?  Is […]
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