• AI makeup recommendations system offers users the products that would suit them best
  • The new version has a higher effect on conversions, return rate, and average order value
  • The recommendation engine works with people of all skin tones

TINT, one of the most advanced virtual try-on solutions for the beauty industry, has upgraded its AI makeup recommendations engine. The new algorithms are more precise and have a more profound effect on the business metrics of the companies using TINT.

The demonstrated results are as follows:

  • Over 200% better conversion rate
  • Up to 60% lower return rate
  • Up to 30% higher average order value

AI recommendation engine is a feature that suggests the best cosmetics for each individual user. This is done by analyzing their facial features and color profile and then selecting the goods that match the results. The combination of personalized approach and accurate suggestions result in improved business metrics.

The distinguishing features of virtual makeup try-on TINT are:

- Proprietary face tracking technology with 3,308 vertices; - Better performance and precision; - AI-based seasonal color analysis; - AI makeup recommendations system to help every user look their best; - Supports trying on several products at once (to improve average order value); - Rollout can be conducted in 2 weeks; - Adding new products takes up to 48 hours.

TINT is a ready-made application for companies in the Beauty industry. It is made up of a lifelike makeup try-on, a cutting-edge AI recommendation system, and an intuitive UI. TINT is web-based, which means that a user can access it on almost any connected device without downloading anything. This allows brands to reach the largest potential audience. Watch the demo of makeup virtual try-on.

Tint website: https://www.banuba.com/tint-makeup-virtual-try-on Tint on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tint-virtual-try-on

Banuba is an augmented reality company with over 7 years on the market, pioneering the face tracking and virtual background technologies. Its other products include a virtual try-on SDK for jewelry and glasses, Banuba SDK – a software development kit for various AR applications, and Video Editor SDK, a compact and feature-rich mobile video editor kit.