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Monro Inc

Monro Inc (MNRO)

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
12.5012.0013.700.0012.850.000.00 %00-
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17.506.909. %00-
20.003.507.400.005.450.000.00 %00-
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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
12.500.950.750.950.850.000.00 %01- %00-
17.500.000.750. %00-
20.000.750.750.750.750.000.00 %01-
22.500.100.750.100.4250.000.00 %0325- %015-
30.002.505.608.854.050.000.00 %011-
35.007.5010.7013. %00-
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MNRO Discussion

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I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
MNRO going to call Carl Icahn in to help save them here? Since last May 2016 this has consistently fallen to new lows after the Clark Tire acquisition in Hickory, NC... MNRO got too greedy and crazy and over-leveraged themselves in my opinion with 4 years of aggressive acquisitions...
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Well, after there last acquisition of Clark Tire Stores in Hickory, NC region last May 2016 (52 week high PPS), they have continued downward monthly since to yesterfday's new 52 week low being set... Where the bottom is could be a lot further downward now from here...
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Long death spiral downward since last May when it was over 70.00/PPS...
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
MORE managers leaving MNRO's latest acquisition of Clark Tire Co in Hickory, NC area which advertises under Mr. Tire Co. label now... Just gone downhill, won't pay for quality help/technicians, trying to scam people out of $$$ with unnecessary repairs now so MNRO's bottom numbers look good...

A disaster waiting to implode IMHO...
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
MNRO PPS still on downward spiral since last May's (2016) acquisition of Clark Tire Stores in Hickory, NC area...
jimr1717 jimr1717 7 years ago
Short @ $52 good call.
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Like many chains that go "public", already they are showing problems with inferior technicians and not able to fix problems in timely fashion.

My company right now has returned same service vehicle to Clark Tire 4 times in last week as problem still is not fixed correctly, and this costs me lost monies and downtime in my business, and I will send bill to MNRO for my company's losses because of all this. No matter my son is MGR in Asheville, NC area store, here in the Hickory, NC region, they have gone downhill in quality and expertise all to meet new corp standards of "feeding bottom line", and as a businessman myself, this will NOT happen to me...

MNRO will cover my businesses' losses as I am expected to be 100% correct when we leave any business or residence in my operation; I expect the same with MNRO centers when we take a vehicle to them to be repaired...

I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Looks like new 52 week low coming. Stock just keeps falling since last may after last round of acquisitions...
__SmartMoney__ __SmartMoney__ 7 years ago
Yea I was a speedy muffler employee when they took over here in Ohio. I went from a 48 hour work week to an immediate pay for performance mandatory 72 hour week while being kept on a salary pay scale. I have been in this field for 32 years and that was the worst company I ever worked for.
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Thanks Wild_ I will say here publicly, my own son who is a manager in NC for Clark Tire (now owned by MNRO), is seeing his health decline and basically never getting time off for his family, being called middle of night, etc and no job is worth that- especially when MNRO came in and acquired Clark Tire in NC this past year (John Clark never told his employees until deal was done and only then via e-mail) and took away basically all previous benefits they had and limited salaries to new formula...

His shop in Asheville, NC area that used to have like 16 fulltime workers is down to like 5...
__SmartMoney__ __SmartMoney__ 7 years ago
I know this is an old post but I was one of those managers and it was the most miserable 3 years of my life. As an investor you should know they are all about the bottom line but love to chit on their employees.
I-Man I-Man 7 years ago
Yes Penny, most recent acquisition they made is quietly bought out the Hickory, NC based Clark Tire centers for huge amount of cash... NONE of Clark's employees were told of this until after John Clark sold out to MNRO...
I-Man I-Man 8 years ago
Watching this for months, not invested, but am "concerned" with their aggressive acquisitions and how so many people are angry & upset on inside as employees to how MNRO and its subsidiaries are treating their managers and employees now....

Here in Hickory, NC region they treat their managers like shit to be honest as well as other employees. Their "quiet buyout" of the Clark Tire chain in this region saw employees only told via e-mail after the deal was done by the owner John Clark... says a lot how he/they really feel about the people who made his business successful in my opinion.

About as sleezy as the damn banking industry today....
I-Man I-Man 8 years ago
Penny, lots changed in past 4 years with MNRO it seems "under the radar"...
I-Man I-Man 8 years ago
MNRO getting very active in mergers/acquisitions all year it seems, trying to buy out every retail auto repair shop 40million or higher in revenues using all their assets/credit strength... Missed earnings by 2 cents, but seems to me very risky in doing this, as seems their minds are if they buy all competitors, they will corner market, people will be forced to go to their stores regardless, and thus, they will be able to recoup exponentially the costs of doing such aggressive mergers like they are.

Most recent victim in Hickory, NC area is they did private deal to owner of Clark Tire Company, and NONE of the employees or managers knew about it, and all received e-mail from owner one evening only, just had recent meeting in Hickory, NC about Merger expectations, whereas MNRO will formally control Clark Tire stores as of August 28th now... Word is they paid Owner of Clark Tire just over $1 Billion CASH for his former private family business...

Clark employees not happy as they already said all Administrative/Finance Dept people to lose jobs, as MNRO bringing in their own people. As far as others/managers, they took base salaries away and only going to pay them on % of store retail profits and cut benefits Clarke Tire employees were receiving even... Plus managers told expect to work 7 days/week 12 hour days, limited breaks even... Wonder what Federal/State wage & hour bureau thinks of such terms of employment?? I thought it was illegal to cut any employees salary under labor laws??
Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago

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Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
~ Monday! $MNRO ~ Q2 Earnings alerted as posted, pending or coming soon! In Charts and Links Below!

~ $MNRO ~ Earnings expected on Monday *
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One or more of many earnings sites has alerted this security has or will be posting earnings on or around the day of this message.

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*If the earnings date is in error please ignore error. I do my best.
Penny Roger$ Penny Roger$ 12 years ago
Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. (Monro) is a chain of 803 Company-operated stores (as of March 31, 2012), three franchised locations and 14 dealer-operated stores providing automotive undercar repair and tire services in the United States. As of March 31, 2012, Monro operated Company stores in 19 states under the names Monro Muffler Brake & Service, Tread Quarters Discount Tire, Mr. Tire, Autotire Car Care Center and Tire Warehouse (together, the Company Stores). During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012 (fiscal 2012), the Company Stores serviced approximately 4.4 million vehicles. On June 5, 2011, the Company acquired 24 retail tire and automotive repair stores located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey from Vespia Tire Centers, Inc.; on October 10, 2011, the Company acquired seven retail tire stores located in Ohio and Pennsylvania from Terry’s Tire Town, and on November 19, 2011, the Company acquired a retail tire store in Maine from Expert Tire, Inc.

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