Luis Aureliano

Protocol Blockchains Are the Enablers of Blockchain Applications but They Rarely Get the Credit They Deserve

Sep 18 2018 @ 05:00
Blockchain projects can largely be grouped into two classes namely; protocol blockchain projects and app blockchain projects. A protocol blockchain project builds its own blockchain architecture from the ground up without relying on the code, architecture or governance of any of the existing Blockchain projects. A protocol blockchain will typically be independent and operable without […]

What is Preventing Blockchain From Becoming Fully Integrated With IoT?

Aug 17 2018 @ 03:35
Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) have rapidly become two of the most talked about technologies across the globe – and for good reason. There are numerous benefits of integrating the IoT with blockchain technology. However, we’ve still got some way to go before these two revolutionary pieces of technology become fully integrated. The […]

Beyond Gaming—Uses and Developments of Virtual Reality in 2018

Jun 28 2018 @ 09:58
Adoption of virtual reality (VR) technology is taking off in 2018. This is being driven in part by the falling price of VR headsets over the last year, making the technology more affordable for people who were previously priced out of the market. Additional developments are also contributing to its popularity, such as creating applications […]

Pearls of Wisdom from the Fed

Jun 21 2018 @ 08:29
Debt like inflation appears hell-bent on an upward trajectory. At the time of writing, the US national debt was hovering around $21.147 trillion, with no relief in sight. The US has an insatiable appetite for expenditure, as evidenced by the Buy Now Pay Later mentality of Western society. Our future-oriented payment regimen makes sense given […]

How Can the Crypto Investment Industry Compete with the Traditional Investment Industry?

May 23 2018 @ 04:41
At its zenith in early January 2018, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies stood at over $800 billion, according to data gathered by CoinMarketCap. This was certainly quite the feat, as the total market cap stood at around $18 billion just a year earlier. Though cryptocurrencies are well off their year to date highs, […]

What if Regulating Cryptocurrencies Isn't Necessarily a Bad Idea?

Apr 24 2018 @ 08:53
Cryptocurrencies, a decentralized form of money that is free of government influence are already driving serious economic discourse in different parts of the world. Some people believe that decentralized money is a solution to some of the economic problems in the world and others believe that decentralized money could potentially birth bigger economic problems. Interestingly, […]

Sense and Sensibility in the UK Currency Exchange Market

Apr 05 2018 @ 04:12
The Currency exchange market is worth an estimated $4 trillion – $5 trillion in daily trading volumes alone. It is the world’s premier market, with trading figures that dwarf equities markets the world over. Traders routinely speak of setting realistic goals and objectives vis-à-vis Currency exchange trading, but what do these look like, and how […]

Economic Prospects with Interest Rate Hikes

Mar 26 2018 @ 09:28
The US economy is burning red-hot. Economic indicators revealed that the IHS Markit Manufacturing PMI for March rose to 55.7, from a reading of 55.3 the month before. The consensus expectation among analysts was a reading of 55.5. Based on the current figures, this is the best expansion in the manufacturing sector since 2015. The […]

Huge Potential for IoT Crypto Tokens as More Devices Go Online

Mar 12 2018 @ 11:19
The crypto market is on the rise again. After crashing to a low of $6,000 in early February, Bitcoin is back above the $10,000 level and many of the major alt coins are doing well again. A massive correction was due since the market had been particularly exuberant since the closing months of 2017. Now, […]

3 Travel Startups With Better Investment Appeal than Wall Street Veterans

Feb 28 2018 @ 06:44
The travel and tourism industries are big economic drivers globally and there’s incredible upside potential in the industry for stakeholders going forward.  In 2017, the travel industry grew had grown by $2.3 trillion in 10 years starting 2007, and economists predict that the industry will grow by another $3.5 trillion through 2027. Despite the impressive […]
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