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About SOHM Inc (PK)

Pharmaceutical Preparations
Pharmaceutical Preparations
California, Santander, Col
SOHM Inc (PK) is listed in the Pharmaceutical Preparations sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker SHMN. The last closing price for SOHM (PK) was $0. Over the last year, SOHM (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0005 to $ 0.0023.

SOHM (PK) currently has 1,600,576,407 shares outstanding. SOHM (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

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SHMN Discussion

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MPstock MPstock 10 hours ago
Itโ€™s March 1st 2024. Anything going on here yet?
Myth Myth 2 days ago
Here's something I had inquired about months ago, it was then in process. Since then I had forgotten about it, ABBIE was assigned to SOHM back in Dec, sorry if it's been posted before, id so I missed it.
Myth Myth 2 days ago
Understood JD, I always appreciate your input here, as all should.

I hope that money returns to you tenfold...
SLC-JD SLC-JD 2 days ago
We'll call it a sunk cost then. In any case, I've long since written off any cash equivalent I have put into this stock - I'll do/say what I can to see it rise, but feel no need to recover my initial investment. Other investors' cases may (and do) vary.

And no, you didn't wind me up. Just my own personal reaction to the general sense of angst on this board compounded by the absurd volatility in PPS due to negligible volume. Trying to insert a balanced counterpoint to folks who are inclined to react to "significant" drops driven by pocket change trades.
Myth Myth 2 days ago
ok hl, just checking....I'm going to assume G&T is still on the preferred

hardlesson hardlesson 2 days ago
hardlesson hardlesson 2 days ago
Myth Myth 2 days ago
so there was no smoking involved hl ??
ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 3 days ago
$SHMN;HL: Ok. Cool! I was afraid that Barry's Kool aid is being distributed instead of $SHMN Rx 😀

Aguilar et al, got in recently & Barry needs to step up & EMPOWER them for everyone's success.
And NOT hide behind them.
Step up & show some leadership Barron, go get claim '40'yrs of financial & sales exp. Show me...Show us!
You're -70yrs ...ride into the sunset as a WINNER not a WHINNER & a procrastinator!
hardlesson hardlesson 3 days ago
Take it easy, you misunderstood me. What I "like" about it, is that we need SHMN to "show us" results, not "talk about only" what's coming.

Results, revenues in the filings, contract figures, etc.

Night and Aguilar need to "Missouri" us.

Serenity now. HL. Shmn
ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 3 days ago
$SHMN: HL: Are you smoking something?
There's NOTHING to like about -Missouri Mode.
Especially, for those of us who've been here more than '5' yrs .. holding over 50M Shs
It's been a "Show me"...forever.

If you're a Trader & only that, you should be knocking on Barry's door. B/C you haven't traded S*it since '21.
Some of us recently raised a Series-A $ for a startup in S.Valley.
That still doesn't mean I'm going to write this off.

W/O Aguilar Bhatt Dewey etc...this would be a write off. Don't know how far they'll take this company (Visionaries work with a sense of URGENCY), but with Rx & CDMO for maintaining the business costs...ABBIE to add exponential value, this will NOT be a 2M mkt cap for long.

ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 3 days ago
$SHMN: SLC: Dude. If you have monitored how GameStop Short Squeeze came to be
You'll realize the value of discord & 'X'.

The "Street Whispers" have moved with technology, over the last few years.

Never Underestimate the rumblings on those channels.

I don't know how anyone could make $ flipping with the current volume (maybe for beer & pizza)?
In any case there are just a handful of us retail, owning over 25M Shs.
And I'm well acquainted with Hi-tech & Mol.Bio to realize the potential of ABBIE.

The company should address whoever has been trying (& succeeding) to keep the PPS constrained! It's definitely PPS manipulation.
Myth Myth 3 days ago
hey JD, I wouldn't call it " House Money " but that's me......

I get what you're saying, not sure what I said to wind you up...
hardlesson hardlesson 3 days ago
All good stuff...and I like "Missouri Mode." :)

hL shmn
SLC-JD SLC-JD 3 days ago
I agree with Myth that there is "something" in the works - specifically ABBIE - and I have been consistently bullish ever since the announcement of the upcoming conference presos in March and April. Whether academic or commercial, organizations typically don't make advance announcements about these types of presentations unless the presenter is very well aware of what they will be saying, and how it will be received. I remain positive about the implications for the company.

But....Always a but.

The market for SHMN stock is in Missouri mode - show me. There has been much reaction (and a lot of that, negative) on iHub to ticky-tacky swings, flippers, and low stakes traders, with a prevailing theme of 'good shit is coming, shush about the rest'. But let's be honest, neither the actions nor the reactions (here or across the myriad of social media, message boards, reddits, etc.) of these traders meaningfully impact PPS for investors; only the traders & flippers. Charted out over the long haul, the stock's gonna do what the stock's gonna do based upon the Company's actions (not what any of us say), and a swing here or there will simply be blips in the course.

The "something" in the works that I and other investors eagerly anticipate is more accurately viewed within the context of my original statement: "something to generate some real (and sustained) interest & volume", which is what it will take to make this ticker climb (and stay there). Not saying that ABBIE isn't *that* (and indeed, I'm hoping/praying/banking on the fact that it will), just that it's not that thing just yet. And that's OK.

In the meantime, I'm happy for the folks who want to jump on short term opportunities and realize a buck or two (sometimes literally), but honestly, I could care less about a day, several-day, week-long pump or trend. To that end, I will not hesitate to comment here or anywhere else that the company may be listening to effectuate change which will improve long term prospects, even if such comments may be perceived as deleterious in the short term - I can't liquidate in the timeframe of a pump, and if many folks here are being honest about their holdings, they can't either...we will need a lot more interest/volume if we are going to unload millions/tens of millions of shares and realize profits.

As most folks on this board know, I'm playing with house money, so I'm willing to wait to cash out...even if it means that I watch other opportunities pass me by. Bummer if I make statements contrary to your interest but sorry, not sorry.

Comments are my own, and reflect my own priorities (tho I hope they might be helpful to others). YMMV.
👍️ 3
Myth Myth 4 days ago
I believe they already have the " something ", it's just a matter of it coming to fruition....

There is no possible way to convince those non believers that ABBIE is going to rock this stock other than the follow through that will take us into the 4th qtr.

Having said that there's always the possibility of a tall glass of Saki on the way much sooner. haha..

maybe some interest after the AACR meeting ?

We are excited to announce that our company will participate in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in San Diego from April 5 to April 10, 2024.

At this internationally attended meeting, we will present our innovative gene-editing system, ABBIE,โ€ฆ— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) February 1, 2024
ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 4 days ago
$SHMN: SLC: Rumors & Whispers on discord...

ABBIE & "Japan-trip"...comes to mind.

A lot of people waiting & watching. However, as you aptly put it...

"generate some real (and sustained) interest & volume"
SLC-JD SLC-JD 4 days ago
We need *something* to generate some real (and sustained) interest & volume. SHMN has lost almost half a million dollars in market cap with less than $600 traded today.
👍️ 1
MDPennyPlayer MDPennyPlayer 5 days ago
LOL Flippers are the only ones making any money here.
🤡 1
ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 1 week ago
$SHMN: Fair Warning ...ROUGH WEATHER Ahead....
For Flippers & Bashers!
Good Luck! You'll need it!
MDPennyPlayer MDPennyPlayer 1 week ago
Looks like those that bought in the 11s and 12s appreciated that big bid at .0015
🤡 1
Myth Myth 1 week ago
Nice bid...seems odd on a Fri...
MPstock MPstock 1 week ago
It's unfortunate that we argue like a bunch of 14 year old girl on here. But maybe we can all rally soon. Yes that was kinda funny!
SLC-JD SLC-JD 1 week ago
nevermind how inane this entire argument is, that was funny.
Myth Myth 1 week ago
way overdue for some News here.....
👍️ 1
Myth Myth 1 week ago
When did I call you a name MP ? Post a link....

I've been accused of working for the company numerious times because I defend my holdings, remember that ?

The problem that you have with me is obvious, when holding a large amount of shares in ANY stock I don't bash, that is just common sense. Do I voice my opinion to IR ? Certainly...but imo, and most would agree, bashing a stock you have a large position in is asinine, I won't do it for you or anyone else.

So bash guys, all you want, but expect some pushback...


Re: MDPennyPlayer post# 65261

Monday, February 19, 2024 8:15:48 AM

of 65282
I use to like discussing shmn with myth on this board, but then I realized he wasnโ€™t willing to point out the BS from the company when it was so obvious, I donโ€™t like bashing a stock that I own but I also will not stand for the company lying or deceiving shareholders
MPstock MPstock 1 week ago
Great idea! And if someone has a concern about the company, let's not name call.
Our beating each other does nothing to help the cause. Only sohm can do that
👍️ 1
hardlesson hardlesson 1 week ago
Thanks for posting that Video. I agree we need an update on the SD Facility Renovations.

In the meantime:

We would like to share with everyone our FDA registration of both the facilities.

All our operation and actions are ongoing even during the holiday season.

We are all excited about the upcoming year '24.$SHMN— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) December 26, 2023

We are happy where things are today with the Year-end FDA approval of our Carlsbad manufacturing facility which will set our company up for a bright 2024 outlook.$SHMN— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) December 31, 2023

After a successful visit to Japan, our COO, Dr. David Aguilar is back and here are couple pictures of him working at Carlsbad facility with production in-charge.

Secondly, we are glad to share that we are working with multiple companies for CDMO services and production at theโ€ฆ— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) January 25, 2024

We are pleased to share some photos of our Carlsbad plant with our valued customers who have requested them. Our operations are running smoothly and we are very satisfied with the results. We anticipate a strong performance in the first quarter. Thank you for your continuedโ€ฆ— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) February 5, 2024

We are pleased to announce that we have a new stock of Levetiracetam, a medication used to treat various types of seizures in epilepsy. Levetiracetam is available in different formulations, such as tablets, liquid, and injection. It is a generic drug that is also sold under theโ€ฆ— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) February 8, 2024

__hL shmn
👍️ 1
MDPennyPlayer MDPennyPlayer 1 week ago
All of this equipment that was installed at the San Diego manufacturing facility has been sitting dormant for 11 months now.

Either SHMN is rife with cash and can afford to slow walk the progress there OR that's not their equipment.

Work in progress. Our priority is Topical Product manufacturing in the first phase. Updates follow.$SHMN— SOHM, Inc. (@sohminc) March 31, 2023
ChartTRACKER ChartTRACKER 1 week ago
$SHMN: Myth: Yes I did....

I heard it face to face at the "SHMN & AA" meeting!

It was on Discord...the place where all Rumors start. Some pan out!

Maybe they're waiting for the company to put out something SUBSTANTIAL, it's PAST DUE!
Myth Myth 1 week ago
Here's an idea, lets all get back to posting about SHMN....
👍️ 1
Myth Myth 1 week ago
Myth, I have something to pass on to you but I don't have IM

ring a bell MP ?

I sent you a PM...

Fri at everyone knows..
Myth Myth 1 week ago
the content and context of that post is bullshit....
MDPennyPlayer MDPennyPlayer 1 week ago
Mr. "SHMN can do no wrong" gave you crap info? Unbelievable... lol
Myth Myth 1 week ago
again, I never asked for your e-mail, so what kind of info were you expecting ?
Myth Myth 1 week ago
Thank you hl, I agree with everything you said there.

It's still my belief this stock is, and always has been in the control of someone, or a group that owns a ton of shares and you're right nothing we can do about the games being played here.During times of low volume ( which seems to be all the time these days ) it's easy for them to dump just enough to let the public know they can, plus the lack of follow through on various announcements in the past help s the manipulation too.The sompany imo can put a stop to this or at least slow it down by putting News out that draws the big boys in....we've seen it before, we'll see it again.

MPstock MPstock 1 week ago
You always gave me Crap info anyways so block away
hardlesson hardlesson 1 week ago
I'm happy with my new buys too. It's hard to tell if a Seller will pop up and dump the bid again, but not much I can do to control that. I'm focused on these Teens being worth much more in the future.

Also, if someone gave out your email address without permission, and it resulted in what you stated over the weekend...that is both unprofessional and worse. (To say the least) Very uncool of them both, and a mistake they should apologize for at the very least.

hL shmn
Myth Myth 1 week ago
just can't seem to clear those 12's.....

where's that crew ??
Myth Myth 1 week ago
did you hear it " face to face " Char ??
Myth Myth 1 week ago
lets be honest here, you asked me for my e-mail address then handed it out to a clown, maybe several..

YOU are blocked and so is he/she...

just another " fact " check !
MPstock MPstock 2 weeks ago
It depends
Myth Myth 2 weeks ago's another reminder, opinions don't change every 24 hrs, diapers do....
🤣 1
MPstock MPstock 2 weeks ago
We're all full of opinions on this board,
Just a reminder, our opinion don't move the needle. Only sohm can do that
Myth Myth 2 weeks ago
👍️ 1 🤣 1
MPstock MPstock 2 weeks ago
I use to like discussing shmn with myth on this board, but then I realized he wasnโ€™t willing to point out the BS from the company when it was so obvious, I donโ€™t like bashing a stock that I own but I also will not stand for the company lying or deceiving shareholders
MDPennyPlayer MDPennyPlayer 2 weeks ago
It's always a good day when a board bully loses their grip.
🤡 1
MPstock MPstock 2 weeks ago
Well in the scheme of things what I have tied up in shmn is peanuts. So I donโ€™t really think much about it anymore.
Myth Myth 2 weeks ago
lol....that's funny coming from a guy who watched the penny run and didn't make a cent...

MPstock MPstock 2 weeks ago
Youโ€™re just upset because youโ€™re holding a large bag.

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