SBF Trial - Kaplan Succeeds Abrams as Trial Judge

Dec 28 2022 @ 03:45
   A new twist to the SBF trial is expected Barely a week after Ronnie Abrams quit her role as presiding Judge in the court proceeding against the disgraced former FTX boss, Sam Bankman-Fried, a new Judge has been appointed.  He is 78-year-old Lewis Kaplan. Through a flourishing legal career spanning over three decades, he […]

How Do Bitcoin Mining Pools Operate?

Dec 27 2022 @ 17:36
A Bitcoin mining pool is a network of miners who combine their resources (that is, hash rate) to channel them towards digitally unearthing new Bitcoins so that the reward will be shared in proportion to the amount of hash rate provided by each entity on the network. Miners are the backbone of the Bitcoin network. […]

Cryptocurrency Business No Longer Appeals to JPMorgan

Dec 27 2022 @ 13:38
QUICK TAKE: JPMorgan’s Portfolio Manager delivers scathing remarks on Cryptocurrencies’ asset value. The investment bank withdraws its holdings in the Cryptocurrency industry. The New York-based investment bank, JPMorgan no longer wishes to keep its cryptocurrency investments. Simple reason: the sector has been on a downward spiral since 2021, a trend that even took a turn […]

Assets Worth $8 Million Stolen From Bitkeep Wallets by Hackers via Cloned App

Dec 27 2022 @ 13:23
QUICK TAKE: BitKeep experiences the second hijack of its assets since October. Internet fraud succeeded due to a bogus APK app. E-fraud advancement? The year 2022, adjudged as the worst year to date for the Cryptocurrency industry has seen a spike in cybercrimes, and with each new experience, fraudsters’ approaches and methods get better. A […]

Vauld Resorts to Fund Managers as Nexo Withdraws from a Prospective Deal

Dec 26 2022 @ 16:49
QUICK TAKE: Vauld and Nexo fail to conclude on terms of the agreement for a pending deal. Lack of transparency was identified as one of the reasons for the futile talks. Across the board, several Crypto firms are entering into partnerships as a means of remaining afloat. While some have recorded a measure of success, […]

Best Crypto Mining Pools in 2023

Dec 26 2022 @ 16:47
In a mining pool, everyone on the platform offers his or her computing resources, and the pool of computing power will be united and channelled towards the digital digging out of new bitcoins. The only way new Bitcoins are produced is through mining; Bitcoin is sustained by its miners. When miners are successful, harsh market […]

The Upcoming Hundred Million-Dollar NFT Investors

Dec 26 2022 @ 07:48
As non-fungible tokens decline by a whopping 97% from their highs, one may think that the frenzy surrounding this group of digital assets is over. However, if one sees electronic collectibles as long-term investments, this is a good buying opportunity. One should think of non-fungible tokens as collecting foreign investments such as uncommon wines and […]

India’s Reserve Bank Advocates for a Total Prohibition of Cryptocurrencies

Dec 24 2022 @ 09:44
Indian Central Bank contemns the continual adoption of private digital currencies due to its volatile tendency on a global scale Considering the recent appalling events that hit FTX, the Reserve Bank of India, through its head, Shaktikanta Das is pushing for an end to the use of cryptocurrencies. His argument stems from the fact that […]

‘It Is Not Your Crypto if You Don’t Have Your Access Code'

Dec 21 2022 @ 15:56
The preceding statement is supported by the recent turbulence that rages across the crypto industry, affecting major exchange platforms. A very good example of a platform affected by the crisis is FTX. But what exactly is meant by the statement? The answer to this question, as well as the advantages of keeping a private key […]

Best Crypto Cold Storage Wallets

Dec 19 2022 @ 16:41
Secure storages for crypto undertakings are very important; therefore, in this article, we will be recommending and reviewing some of the top-rated and very useful cold storage wallets. This information should assist you in finding a cold wallet that is well-suited for you. But before unveiling the top crypto storage wallet, let us discuss the […]
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