Tom Winnifrith

Shorting Ban: Spain is Bust so too are Italy and France. Let’s be honest for Once.

Jul 24 2012 @ 01:37
This is a farce. Spain is bust. So too is Italy. France will be next. We have already forgotten about Greece and Cyprus. They are buster than bust. Yet the leaders of the Evil Empire and the IMF just arse about pretending it is all under control. “Don’t panic” shouts Corporal Jones. Das is Gut […]

Norseman Gold – This time it is the brokers who should be shot

Jul 20 2012 @ 13:39
AIM and ASX listed Norseman Gold (LSE:NGL) is rubbing salt in the wounds of the private investors it so likes to screw and who had bought the shares before Wednesday’s placing announcement likely feel by increasing the proposed placing by 25% (to Australian$25 million) “due to strong demand” from “institutional investors”.   For once I do […]

Northern Petroleum or a Falklands Explorer? Investing vs Punting

Jul 19 2012 @ 14:09
The Bulletin Board crazies love the Falkland Island explorers. Sometimes they zoom ahead. Sometimes they crash. But every day thousands of words are exchanged between these various loons, none of which add much, if anything, to the sum of human knowledge and nearly all of which are bullish.  Real investing is so dull when you […]

Norseman - Private Investors Treated with the Usual Contempt But not a Reason to Sell

Jul 18 2012 @ 04:14
AIM and ASX listed gold miner Norseman Gold (LSE:NGL) may change its management but its traditional contempt for UK private investors is a habit it seems to find harder to kick. And so having done the rounds of press meetings etc last week and created glowing copy and heavy private investor buying, comes news that […]

The USA is even more bust than much of Europe

Jul 17 2012 @ 13:00
This year all eyes have been on Europe. In a recent poll even most Guardian readers now accept that the EU is not good for Britain and that joining the Euro would be a disaster. “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety […]

Peugeot Job Cuts – Francois Hollande Mad - Vive La France (she’s bust)

Jul 14 2012 @ 15:01
I gather that ADVFN has a large presence in France and a growing readership in a country I adore. So before I offend all you froggies out there may I wish you a very happy Bastille Day. Now for the offending.  There is always stiff competition for the title of the worst and maddest leader […]

Norseman Gold: Cheap, Very Cheap or a Heap of Merde?

Jul 14 2012 @ 04:56
AIM and ASX listed gold miner Norseman Gold (LSE:NGL) has been one of my worst share tips. Its previous management team lead by the hapless Barry Cahill over promised and under-delivered. Actually that is too kind. They delivered up horrid surprise after horrid surprise. I know that a lot of folks have given up, sold […]

Official Chinese Growth Statistics = Lies: Bubbles Bursting, Time to Panic

Jul 13 2012 @ 00:52
What is it with these communists and former communists and the compulsion to tell lies? 5 year plans, growth on track, we are all happy; we were never at war with Eurasia. Yes Big Brother. In that vein we have news from China that the economy grew by 7.6% in the second quarter of 2012. […]

China Bubble – Soft Landing My arse: Crash alert No 2

Jul 12 2012 @ 05:57
I wrote HERE about a month ago that China would not see a soft landing but that because there were such pronounced bubbles within its economy it would suffer a pretty hard landing indeed during 2012.  Some folks pooh-poohed the piece arguing about demographics, work ethic, the ability of the central bank to cushion the […]

Lighthouse Rebellion Gathers Pace – it is up to you Allan Rosengren

Jul 11 2012 @ 15:40
I think there is now a fighting chance that the plans of the grossly overpaid directors of AIM listed IFA Group Lighthouse (LSE:LGT) to delist may be scuppered. The ball is now 100% in the court of former boss Allan Rosengren. You may not know this but Allan is Norwegian so I emailed him today […]
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