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Powerdyne International Inc (PK)

Powerdyne International Inc (PK) (PWDY)

Closed July 19 4:00PM

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PWDY Discussion

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Good update, but until they drop an 8K with something BIG, tangible, and significant, we'll remain under the radar and trading in this area.

As I've said many times before, when we see that the MM's on L2 have increased from the 4 we have now, that will be a tell-tale sign that somethings coming. Until then, I'm not expecting much of a change. Still holding and still expecting BIG things, but hoping they'd come sooner. Based on their updates a month or so ago, I genuinely believed that $0.01 was right around the corner, but now appears to quite a bit further out. Oh well.... I can wait.....

👍️ 2
Hedgehog2 Hedgehog2 2 days ago
Well that is very encouraging, but asking for quotes is far from an order. But I am more hopeful now then I have been for the last 12 years
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 2 days ago
Based on $PWDY latest update, Top 10 Industrial Equipment Manufacturers in United Arab Emirates #pwdy #investors #update— Craig57250 (@Craig57250) July 17, 2024
👍️ 2 😃 1
yay :o) giddy on up
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 2 days ago
$PWDY Update: The company is excited to announce that last week we received requests for multiple motor quotes from a very large industrial equipment manufacturer based out of The United Arab Emirates. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week. #pwdy #updates #investors— Powerdyne International Inc. (@Powerdyne_Intl) July 17, 2024
👍️ 1 💯 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 1 week ago
Sure does! Rising 50 day MA is buying OP imo
TommyBoyTrader9460 TommyBoyTrader9460 1 week ago
$PWDY Continues to hold above the 50 day MA.. looks like this wants to push higher from here..— Chris from Massachusetts AKA TommyboyTrader (@autumnsdad1) July 11, 2024
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 1 week ago
Excellent update! And with PPS at the rising 50 day MA, and stochastics buy signal PWDY looks perfect for a big bounce from here imo!
👍️ 1 💯 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 1 week ago
$PWDY Update: The company is excited to announce that we have received the acquisition company’s presentation and past 3 years’ financials and will be receiving the year-to-date numbers shortly. Stay tuned for more exciting company updates. #pwdy #updates #investors— Powerdyne International Inc. (@Powerdyne_Intl) July 10, 2024
TommyBoyTrader9460 TommyBoyTrader9460 1 week ago
Might want to check again Jr.. red to green move as volume moved in..
Hedgehog2 Hedgehog2 1 week ago
It looks like a bad EKG to me. LOL
TommyBoyTrader9460 TommyBoyTrader9460 1 week ago
$PWDY Continues to hold strong above the 50 day MA as it curls higher..nice chart setup here..— Chris from Massachusetts AKA TommyboyTrader (@autumnsdad1) July 9, 2024
Chartmaster Chartmaster 1 week ago
Stochastics buy signal today, 28's were the pivot low!!!
Aabb69 Aabb69 2 weeks ago
They keep saying

Stay tuned for more company exciting company updates.

Let’s hope something worth the wait and take it to multiple pennies
🏄️ 1 👍️ 4 💯 1
Another opening ask lower than prior close. Guess we’re heading back in 0.002’s today. Almost unbelievable, yet laughable that others still haven’t caught on this yet.

Let’s see which of the “non-brightest-light-bulbs” falls for this and gives up their shares all the way down here today…

Chartmaster Chartmaster 2 weeks ago
Bought 32's here just now!
💤 1 💩 1 🤡 1
As I've mentioned multiple times already, with the lack of eyes on us, lack of volume, enormous spreads, and the resulting volatility from such, tells me that anytime I see us opened below prior close, 99% of the time we're kept below that prior close all day.

For example, we closed yesterday at 0.0034, then today were immediately bid-whacked to open us at 0.003 (-11.8% on a whopping $30 trade/10K whack), based on the pattern I've observed since being here, it's very unlikely that we get back to 0.0034 today. However, the market is closed tomorrow and the week of July 4th is typically a slow one regardless, so hopefully they surprise us with something truly significant next week.

That said, I'm still having trouble believing that we've dropped all the way back down here, as well as that more people aren't paying attention to us yet, and instead are throwing their $$$ at a bunch of OTC trash tickers. I know the OTC all too well, but this is still hard for me to comprehend.

The "glass-half-full" and/or "good" news for those of us here who can see the forest through the trees and/or see potential in PWDY, is that we can move up just as easily as we've moved down. All it will take is 1 significant/tangible PR/development and we could be off to the races. Additionally, even though our pps has been dropping, the "UNDER THE RADAR" Accumulation, which originally got my attention with PWDY, has not stopped (snippet shown below). That beautiful accumulation pattern continues, and I'm 100% confident that is no coincidence. The only question is "when" (NOT if, but when) will PWDY surprise us with something significant/tangible?

Anyway, I'll be back next week, unless today suddenly changes course and I start getting alerts.

Until then, I wish everyone here, and your families, a wonderful 4th of July and weekend!!!

Yes we are, and unfortunately I believe we’re going to close at 0.0033 or under today. That is unless we’re surprised with some unexpected significant/tangible news, which is unlikely the day before July 3rd.

Looking like we’ll have some ground to make up next week. Then again, anything’s possible!!!
phillymike phillymike 2 weeks ago
We're headed in the wrong direction - .01+ is the other way! lol

👍️ 1 💯 2
Hey TBT9460 - I agree with you. However, I also believe that we still need more eyes on us/volume for us to sustain any highs. Until then, I believe we’ll continue trading within the same 0.003 - 0.0059 range that we’ve been trading in.

Without more eyes/volume, it’s jus too volatile with those enormous spreads, and flippers and/or whoever’s trying to accumulate can drop us 10-25%+ with a tiny bid whack…

We just need to wait it out for the company to drop something truly substantial/tangible, at which point it will be game-on…

TommyBoyTrader9460 TommyBoyTrader9460 3 weeks ago
$PWDY Looks like a small thoughts are this could use the 50 day MA as support for a test of support and possible test of recent highs..— Chris from Massachusetts AKA TommyboyTrader (@autumnsdad1) June 30, 2024
Hey Aabb69 - I haven't seen you on any the boards/tickers I've been in before, so it's nice to meet you (virtually).

I agree about it not taking much to move and I believe the company is doing what they should be doing behind the scenes. In fact, as I mentioned yesterday, I believe the plans that we were just made aware of recently, have actually been in the works for quite some time. I know I'm beating a dead horse with this, but it's worth saying again. Our accumulation pattern since June 2023 is no coincidence and I'm confident that it's leading to some significant growth, news, BOOM's, etc....

That said, I disagree about IR. I'm not saying they're doing a bad job, just that PWDY is not your average run of the mill pink ticker that needs hype. If news is coming and he wants to promote it ahead of time, that's great. All I'm saying is that he should be careful with how words/phrases things. When these IR co's build up expectations beyond what is actually coming, it has a negative impact. I've seen it more times than I can count with pink tickers, and PWDY doesn't need that. They're OCF positive, audited, SEC Reporting, Large insider ownership, no dilution, no toxic debt, in a sector that will only get hotter, etc...etc...etc...

Also, I don't believe that "6 months" statement impacted trading as much as IR did and the letter itself. When IR posted that official news was coming, more than likely most shareholders and others watching were expecting tangible news vs a letter with their plan laid out (aka this is what were "going to do"). Just because they said "over the next 6 months" doesn't mean that we're not going to see any news, increased volume, pps increase, etc... for 6 months. Who knows, the volume could start coming in Monday and driving the price up. I think that "over the next 6 months" was more of a fluid statement, but I expect to see some positive changes with volume, pps, etc... well before 6 months. But as always, that's just my personal opinion and/or $0.02....

I'll be back to check in Monday morning, with the hopes of not seeing an opening ask lower than yesterday's close, as well as the hopes of seeing additional MM's on L2.... In the meantime, have a great rest of your weekend!
👍️ 1 💯 1
Check EMGE weee.
Aabb69 Aabb69 3 weeks ago
They still need to get some name of the companies they working with nothing wrong with providing the companies they have done order
Looking at the last letter to shareholders they indicate they are working on something as well
It’s time for the company to start out out real names nothing wrong with that
Even big companies will announce names or what company they are trying to target
👍️ 1
Aabb69 Aabb69 3 weeks ago
Won’t take much to move it to multiple pennies with new mergers or without
this sector is hot and this company will be major player as they will have big orders from major companies from around the world
The IR doing good job but the day trader don’t like the 6 months word in the news company should or can say in the near future and the near future could be one day or six months
I believe real investors will jump next week to buy and hold for the big run
PlaceboJeffect PlaceboJeffect 3 weeks ago
I tend to stay off ihub for obvious reasons.. but seems this is where the good conversation is at. I'm in constant contact with Eric, one of their consultants, super nice guy.

They really like what they see with this merger/acquisition candidate. But they are really taking their time with their due diligence.

"I know everyone wants us to hurry but we will not hurry to just get a press release or a deal done only to later regret it and possibly put the company in financial danger. 

We will do a thorough DD process so that we will be around for many more years to come."

👍️ 2 💯 2
I sure hope so... Like I've said many times, the "under the radar" accumulation beginning in June 2023 is no coincidence. It leads me to believe that although we're just now hearing about NDA's and potential M&A's, I think they may be further along than we think and/or this plan has been in the works for longer than we think. Somebody or somebodies knew something back in June 2023. The accumulation tells me that story.

That said, you gotta love the OTC... The volatility with this stock is just insane. Most of the time lately, our spread has been around 10% or more for the majority of each day. All it takes is one tiny bidwhack and we drop 10% or more. Combine that with the lack of volume, and anyone with several million shares can very easily control the pps. Down almost 30% on a whopping $50K traded today....Seriously? Can't make this stuff up...

I'm hoping that their IR guy stops treating them like a typical pink (we're not) where he hypes up every piece of news as though it's earth shattering. If he keeps doing it, it will destroy credibility and cause more harm than good. If we're getting news, just say to expect news (Today's letter was nice, but I don't consider it news. The news about the NDA was nice, but I didn't consider it more significant than others. Not saying it's bad, just that an NDA in and of itself is not definitive of anything). If the news will TRULY be amazing and/or more significant than any others, than say it; but don't say it if it's not. When shareholders hear "SIGNIFICANT" or "BIG NEWS" or "SUBSTANTIAL" or etc...etc...etc..., the expectation is always that it will be something that not only brings in a major increase in volume and increase in pps, but also that the increase in pps/vaule will be sustained.

Lastly, I'll be checking L2 each morning at the open to see how many MM's are showing. Once I see that number increase beyond 4 (at least 6-8+), I'll know it's time to pay close attention again and/or an increase in volume is coming... Until then, I think we'll pretty much keep repeating this past week until they're close to dropping some TRULY BIG/SIGNIFICANT/TANGIBLE news.

Have a great weekend!

I’m thinking the end of July this maybe penny or a little more
👍️ 1 💯 1
Admtiger Admtiger 3 weeks ago
Classic sell the news.
sin vester sin vester 3 weeks ago
Good stuff!! I just wish they would just say names and numbers do the news is solid. But you’re right. They already completed their due diligence so we just have to wait for the other company. I’m thinking the end of July this maybe penny or a little more
👍️ 1 💯 1
This is exactly what I was saying the other day. I believe PWDY is doing exactly what they need to behind the scenes, but when IR is posting that "official news" or " more significant than other" or etc..etc...etc..., it builds up expectations; so when the news drops, even if it's good news, if it's not on par with investor expectations from IR's posts, people will be disappointed and the pps will go down.

However, this is not because of the company, it's just the way the OTC works. If IR keeps this up (building up expectations ahead of every news), it kills the credibility for when something truly significant is coming. I've seen it time and time again with other OTC tickers, as I'm sure most on here have as well.

Lastly, I was PM-ing with someone else the other week about this stock, and brought up the following. I'm overly-analytical, and pay attention to trading patterns, L2 patterns, MM patterns, etc..., and when we see that the lowest pre-market/opening ask is equal to and/or lower than prior close, 99% of the time we will remain under that opening all day. For example, yesterday we closed at 0.0049 and today's opening ask was 0.0048 (2 snippets at bottom of post showing the opening ask and the simple iHub chart showing how once we went below yesterday's close, we stay below it), so as soon as I saw that, I basically checked out for the day, as I expected the kind of day we're seeing now. However, we may see it go back up and close around 0.0044-0.0046, but we'll have to wait and see.

That said, as I've been saying, I am long & strong, and 100% confident that PWDY will not only hit and sustain the 0.01 QB minimum, but that they'll surpass it substantially. It's just a little further down the road than we were all hoping for.

Anyway, I agree with you that it's not bashing and that IR should be more careful with their posts; but then again, that's just my personal opinion... Have a great weekend everyone... Looking forward to what next week brings!

Rickylytle Rickylytle 3 weeks ago
Understood I think they are making moves in the right direction just gotta ignore intraday movement until prices are much higher
👍️ 2 💯 2
sin vester sin vester 3 weeks ago
I’m not bashing because in 30’days they will have a merger of acquisition; however news could be dispersed a bit more strategically on the OTC. That’s it.
👍️ 2
Rickylytle Rickylytle 3 weeks ago
I’m quite glad they are speaking openly. Stock is much higher today than it was 2 months ago
Not sure what stock you have been watching but if you look at the chart we have been smoothly gliding upward
👍️ 2 💯 1
sin vester sin vester 3 weeks ago
Omg they needed to just be silent 🔕 until they could state a name. I’m holding but this is painful because it goes lower every time they say something that isn’t specific. Their IR is doing their best I guess.
goingupnow0 goingupnow0 3 weeks ago
What crap.
💩 1
Rickylytle Rickylytle 3 weeks ago
you never know what tomorrow hodles :o)
👍️ 1
Tomorrowneverknows Tomorrowneverknows 3 weeks ago
over .0055 end of Fridays trading ..imho
👍️ 1
I would agree with late July/August, but all depends on what news they release and when. I have no doubt that PWDY is working hard behind the scenes. My point was just that a lot these OTC IR folks tend to build things up more than they should.

That said, I think today will present yet another buying opportunity, as I believe we'll remain under .0046 most of the day, and likely close under it. With the lack of eyes on us and lack of volume right now, the spreads are too big/volatile. We've seen the same pattern lately, where our HOD is basically prior close and generally right at the open, but then once we're bidwhacked with the big spreads, we can't get back to it the remainder of day. All of this should change once they disclose something truly significant & tangible.

Nevertheless, still holding holding for the big one. The accumulation trend since June 2023 is no coincidence. It's leading up to something, and I believe that something will be BIG; just a little further out than we originally thought....
👍️ 1
sin vester sin vester 3 weeks ago
I think this will probably pop in late July or August if no bumps happen IR’s statements gives the impression that they are aligning the goals for uplisting and it will take time. But they are doing it !
👍️ 1 💯 1
subslover subslover 3 weeks ago
As per Company and IR, a Shareholder letter will be PR'd on Friday. Link below
sin vester sin vester 3 weeks ago
I hope the due diligence doesn’t take more than 30 days or so cause pwdy has their due diligence complete
"they" going to give us some 003's :o)
Based on the news/tweet today vs how Steve/IR built it up yesterday, this pps action today was a given. It doesn't mean that BOOM isn't coming, it's just a little further down the road. As I said yesterday, when TRULY SIGNIFICANT news is going to drop, we'll see a spike in volume and pps 1-3 days prior, as well as an increase to the 4 MM's/Firms on L2.

Also, like I posted a little while ago, often times these OTC IR firms can do more damage than good. They build up/pump up the incoming news as substantially more significant/impactful than it actually is, but I don't blame PWDY for this. I believe they're doing what they should be doing behind the scenes, which will eventually pay off; but when their IR person is posting that we're gonna see news that is more significant than the others, it leads everyone to expect something BIGGER & BETTER than the others, which obviously wasn't the case with today's news. Then when the news drops and it's NOT BIGGER/BETTER than others and/or NOT as significant as what the IR person built it up to be, we end with another day like this. Happens all the time in OTC land, and unfortunately most of the time people blame the company, when it's not their fault.

With that said, IR/Steve posted again today that PWDY is working on "Official News" for this week (snippet pasted below), which once again I believe is intentionally vague and open to many different interpretations.

For example, is PWDY working on actual NEW "Official News" for this week OR are they preparing an 8K with the info from today's tweet?

Both are technically considered "official," but only one of them (NEW Official News or News that contains tangible facts not included in today's tweet) has the potential to bring in volume and drive up the pps. If the "official news" that Steve is referring to is nothing more than an 8K with the info from today's tweet, it will once again result in another down day.

Also, Steve could be posting based on things that he knows, but cannot say publicly yet, which could explain why he described it as "more significant than others." However, if this is the case, I would recommend that he posts and/or promotes it based on what will actually be disclosed to shareholders vs what he knows. This would avoid driving up the hopes and expectations of shareholdes.

Don't misinterpret this as bashing or me blaming PWDY, as I'm not doing either. I'm still long here and I still 100% BELIEVE THIS IS WORTH THE HOLD. Just trying to show that when IR boosts up incoming news to be more than what it truly is, we can expect to see stagnant volume and a decline in pps. But again, it doesn't mean that BOOM isn't coming and/or that PWDY isn't doing their part, because I believe both. BOOM will be coming and PWDY is doing their part. Usually the IR people guilty of doing this type of promoting are doing it for the purpose of dilution and/or toxic debt conversions, NEITHER OF WHICH WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WITH $PWDY.

IMHO IR just needs to be a bit more careful with how they/he informs of incoming news... But, then again that's just my $0.02.... We still have another 2.5+ hours of trading and anything can happen; especially when it moves so easily both ways....

goingupnow0 goingupnow0 3 weeks ago
Buzzkill. Stock down.
💩 1
Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 weeks ago
Lets gooooooooooo
💩 1 🤡 1
Lack of volume.
phillymike phillymike 3 weeks ago
Excellent post, IMO - agreed:)

Hopefully by "Official News" he doesn't mean that today's tweet will be put into an 8K then recycled. Hopefully he means that the company's dropping some "additional" (official) news. This is part of the reason I don't like many of these IR firms that deal with OTC stocks. They're often very misleading and/or build up every update/news in advance of it dropping, as though it's going to be something HUGE. For example, Steve's LinkedIn replies from yesterday said that today will be "more significant than others." When I hear something like that, it leads me to believe that it will actually be more significant, and by more significant, I mean it will bring in the volume and sustain a nice increase. Don't get me wrong, I believe that signing an NDA is good news and a nice step in the right direction, I just don't believe it's definitive enough to bring in the volume, and definitely don't agree with Steve's reply that it's "more significant than others." The NDA is good to hear, but I personally don't think we will be able to sustain any of the short term spikes until something more tangible is announced (Hopefully that's the "official news" that Steve is referencing).

One of these morning's I believe we'll check-in to see 8+ MM's on L2 pre-market. That's when we'll know the volume is about to hit. Until then, with such low volume and large spreads (spread seems to remain around 10% or more), it only takes 1 small bid-whack to drop us 10-15% or 1 small buy to move us up 10-15%. Because of this volatility, the next couple of weeks should provide a good entry for anyone who has yet to discover PWDY and/or more opportunities to add super-cheap shares for anyone with the $$ to do so...

And just to clarify for anyone who misinterprets this post as bashing, it's not. Like I've posted several times before, the accumulation since June 2023 tells me the story of what's to come. I'm confident that we'll eventually see some sustained increases, but just not until we gain more eyes on us and/or more volume; and for that to happen, I think it will take some TRULY significant/definitive/tangible news, which I believe is coming, but still several weeks away...

That said, for today, I unfortunately believe we'll be lucky to hold above 0.0046 all day, unless we a substantial increase in volume as the day moves on. However, it's still early, so we'll see what happens....

👍️ 1
subslover subslover 3 weeks ago
IR just stated official News this week

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