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FuelCell Energy Inc

FuelCell Energy Inc (FCEL)

Closed May 23 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.776 Day's Range 0.9465
0.64 52 Week Range 2.94
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 80,845,000
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About FuelCell Energy Inc

FuelCell Energy Inc is a fuel-cell power company. FuelCell designs manufactures, sells, installs, operates, and services fuel cell products, which efficiently convert chemical energy in fuels into electricity through a series of chemical reactions. It serves various industries such as Industrial, Wa... FuelCell Energy Inc is a fuel-cell power company. FuelCell designs manufactures, sells, installs, operates, and services fuel cell products, which efficiently convert chemical energy in fuels into electricity through a series of chemical reactions. It serves various industries such as Industrial, Wastewater treatment, Commercial and Hospitality, Data centers and Communications, Education and Healthcare, and others. Geographically, the company generates a majority of its revenue from the United States followed by South Korea. Show more

Elec Indl Apparatus, Nec
Elec Indl Apparatus, Nec
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
FuelCell Energy Inc is listed in the Elec Indl Apparatus sector of the NASDAQ with ticker FCEL. The last closing price for FuelCell Energy was $0.78. Over the last year, FuelCell Energy shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.64 to $ 2.94.

FuelCell Energy currently has 451,862,054 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of FuelCell Energy is $402.16 million. FuelCell Energy has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -3.63.

FCEL Latest News

FuelCell Energy Announces Second Quarter of Fiscal 2024 Results Conference Call on June 10, 2024 at 10 A.M. Eastern Time

DANBURY, Conn., May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: FCEL) -- a global leader in decarbonizing power and producing hydrogen through our proprietary, state-of-the-art...

FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America Celebrate Launch of World's First "Tri-gen" Production System at the Port of Long Beach

FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen technology produces three products: renewable electricity, renewable hydrogen, and usable waterMarks Toyota’s first port vehicle processing facility in the world to be...

FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America Celebrate Launch of World's First 'Tri-gen' Production System at the Port of Long Beach

FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America Celebrate Launch of World's First 'Tri-gen' Production System at the Port of Long Beach PR Newswire LONG BEACH, Calif., May 2, 2024 FuelCell...

Tyrone Michael Jordan Appointed to FuelCell Energy’s Board of Directors

Automotive and aerospace industry executive with deep expertise inadvanced manufacturing systems, scaling manufacturing, and technology DANBURY, Conn., April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE...

FuelCell Energy Announces Debt Financing for Derby Power Projects

Continuing Strong Support for FuelCell Energy Platforms Total of $13 Million in Senior and Subordinated Credit Facilities DANBURY, Conn., April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FuelCell Energy...

FuelCell Energy Technology to be Used in Sacramento Wastewater Biofuel Clean Energy Project

DANBURY, Conn., April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FuelCell Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FCEL), announced that its carbonate fuel cell technology will be used in a biogeneration project developed by...

Recently Updated and Extended Joint Development Agreement between ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering Company and FuelCell Energy Aimed at Accelerating Access to Carbonate Fuel Cell Technology for Carbon Capture

Carbonate fuel cell technology captures CO2 emissions from industrial sources, while simultaneously generating electricity and hydrogen, valuable co-products that can reduce the cost of carbon...

FuelCell Energy Innovators to Highlight Advanced Clean Technologies at CERAWeek 2024

DANBURY, Conn., March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FuelCell Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FCEL) is pleased to announce that Chief Technology Officer Tony Leo and Director of Solutions Engineering Brent...

FuelCell Energy Reports First Quarter of Fiscal 2024 Results

First Quarter Fiscal 2024 Financial Summary(All comparisons are year-over-year unless otherwise noted) Revenues of $16.7 million compared to $37.1 millionGross loss of $11.7 million compared to a...

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FCEL Discussion

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igotthemojo igotthemojo 31 minutes ago
i think this is the third damn time they have put out this same exact pr...its a pilot project first of all...secondly its not gonna happen for 2 years...or longer...and thirdly, its dependent upon the Porthos project itself being finished on time...(like Rotterdam, the completion date is sometime in 2026) a project whose price has since tripled from orginal projections...a lot can change in 2 years...

but since this is being dragged out again as if it is "news", XOM must need to sell shares or needed it for a particular reason...i dont see how fcel will let the opportunity to dump shares go by...
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 2 hours ago
Spike nothing to do with earnings!
Exxonmobil publishing
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 2 hours ago
Definitely encouraging
King James 1 King James 1 7 hours ago
Nice move after hours!
King James 1 King James 1 7 hours ago
I don't have two mortgages but car insurance, property tax, medical bills and just the general cost of life is hard on us retirees. Makes me laugh when I see ads that ask " How many millions do you need to retire?" The answer is " as many as you can save"😂.
I decided not to sell the car but instead add a few shares here and there on every dip. We will have the revelation soon. Earnings surprise, with short squeeze, the next domino.
King James 1 King James 1 7 hours ago
After some thought regarding having plenty of shares to sell to finance projects while we pay down some debt, it occurred to me the way to strangle the company is to short the stock so severely as to make it prohibitive to sell any stock at ridiculously low prices, and disrupt cash flows. We have enough cash for over a year but do really big organizations care about waiting? So who would benefit from that? Well, any number of huge conglomerates or oligopolies that see the massive future in FCEL. This is like a chess game. Roaring Kitty definitely made a statement but except for a fortunate few, lost the war. If the shorting continues as before with such a large short percent It would seem something nefarious is afoot. And although we have been here and worse before the present leadership, and pulled through, this pressure on the company is not natural by only the
" drunken sailor" of the market.
We need a tie breaker. It may be Korea, or Rotterdam, or AI breakthrough via IBM. Or better yet organically at earnings. One domino.
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 8 hours ago
I hear you If I could buy 500 shares I would I can barely afford the bills right now work is slow and I have two mortgages that both went up because the taxes and the insurance. Unfortunately that combination made it so I have to be cautious until I get a large commission, which should happen no later than July but possibly June. Either way, pretty sure I'm going to miss out on a nice 50% and possibly 100% or more pop from 80 cents. $1.60 is still a drop in the bucket for the share price. I'm buying anything I can afford up to $2 beyond any doubt. I don't care if it's up 100%. I know in a year a $1.60 shares will be up several hundred percent at a minimum.
hopester hopester 9 hours ago
hopester hopester 9 hours ago
The Bulls are again out of the pen dancing in the streets over a 1 day gain. While noticeable, giving back nearly 1/2 of it is problematic.
In reviewing the chart, I see a trend line touching tops and still bearish in trend. Bloom rallied big which may well be the reason for FCEL's pop . Nothing has changed and the challenge will be to reverse the trend. That's a tall order given all the damage done and no fundamental reason to reverse trend.
The Bulls are bragging again that they bought early in the day. How many times have I heard that only to seem them fall prey to lower prices. Really, do they know what they're doing?
King James 1 King James 1 10 hours ago
I bought at 0.78 today and will
keep buying. I can't individually make a dent in the scheme of things but I believe this is still a steal being under a dollar. If enough people bought and held for a few weeks the share price would be more protected from volatility. Why play for pennies. Buy and hold is a much better play.
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 10 hours ago
Well over $.85 ($.89) and we'll over 61M(90M) shares traded. Hopefully it wasn't those same swingers and shorts trying to create volatility. We see by Friday for sure. Green tomorrow, very good, close over $.95 awesome. Or anything green tomorrow and Friday, particularly if we hold $.89 from start to finish!
👍️ 1
King James 1 King James 1 11 hours ago
90 million shares is a good start. Definitely some interest. I expect we will be pushed around a little by market forces until closer to earnings. Then we bump up. We may have added 50 mil shares recently we would have 500 million shares. It is not inconceivable that we could be over 2 billion market cap soon or higher.
igotthemojo igotthemojo 12 hours ago
i waited until fcel broke the .82 mark before i bought....i sold a short time later at .093...very easy, very safe, trades...i was hoping for an opportunity to jump in again if fcel were to experience a nice drop...but didnt really happen...oh well...
King James 1 King James 1 13 hours ago
Thanks Max.
👍️ 1
Dubster watching Dubster watching 13 hours ago
I think if shareholders hold they may walk into dilution and decaying prices.
But if the holders begin to step in, in any meaningful way, I-will surely be scalping in those times.
King James 1 King James 1 13 hours ago
I have noticed there is a three to four day lag in FCEL recognition when we do make a breakout. Then depending on the exuberance we overshoot before profit taking. If shareholders would hold longer it intensifies the short squeeze and that takes about six days to cover. 16% gain per day over six days really gets some attention!
Either way we should be all up from here. The first domino.
👍️ 1
Maximilliano Maximilliano 13 hours ago
Today is day 25 of the Nasdaq 30 day rule as it is counted by business day share closing prices.

It appears very likely FCEL closes above $1 in the next 5 business days.
👍️ 2
King James 1 King James 1 14 hours ago
Nvidia big attraction in the market today. They are expected to beat earnings after hours but the news has been playing with "what if.." all week. I think they meet and still propel the market forward. Whether we go with it is the question.
If we knew how much stock was sold it would make it easier to get a feel for share price. Dilution can be a funny metric. Having more shares may make for a more gradual ascent than choppy volatility. A lot of profiteering as you can see. Also in my pay grade, it is easier to part with a buck than 5 when buying. The math favors buy in from both retail and institutional investors although the institutions may be constrained at the lower price due to their rules. Either way we are not ever seeing 0.50 cents and if we double the real share price, squeezing shorts all the way, 1.5-2 is an easy double from recent lows. (being conservative).
👍️ 1
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 14 hours ago
SP + over 18% and volume + over 10% daily average with over 3 hours left in trading. FCE announced this morning earnings on Monday June 10, 3 business days earlier than analysts expected. FCE has never had earnings on a Monday! IMHO there's a reason and seams others might think similarly. Any event happening the previous week? Last Q they beat analysts estimates for earnings even though they had "Low watermark revenue", with $.05 loss. I don't see how beating Low watermark revenue with full generation revenue and no costs associated with such they don't beat $.05 loss. But analysts disagree. Zacks says $.08 loss and call on 6/13! This Stock has been shorted and manipulated strategically for a long time, but most obviously over the past month driving it well below $1 and we'll below current cash value. Seems it couldn't be more obvious BIG $$ was trying to make $ shorting and accumulate as much as possible for a massive run. Vanguard now owns (through accumulating) more than 42 or 43M shares. That means they make $43M on every $1 increase, or $430M on $10 increase. And I'm CERTAIN they are holding the majority of those shares well into the next few years since the hydrogen and Carbon Capture industries are just now preparing to hit the road running. Say they trim 3-5M after $10, then maybe another 5-10M after $20, holding the rest into 2030.
👍️ 2
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 14 hours ago
Bears and bulls alike expect this to pull back a little from this 94 cent challenge and/or at $1! I'm telling you right now this ain't stopping if it closes over $.95! We easily run to $1.20 If we break 95 cents.
👍️ 1
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 14 hours ago
Upward revisions would be beneficial also. The market very often reacts significantly to that. A beat on top of that would be a major bonus. Let's say they revise earnings to $.06 loss, That should be enough to make the SP move up. Then if they beat that, which you and I both believe they should, it should continue to roll for at least a little bit after the call. At some point we need some good news to help out regarding the industry in general and or inflation and interest rates. Contrary to many's opinion, I do believe we can get back to two or three dollars without having great news about the economy and interest rates. You just needs to be some momentum in the industry, or some really good news motivating all of the swingers to run fuelcell to a new level. Over $1B market cap would be much more rational. I mean they do still have over $1B in backlog with more than enough cash for operations for over a year, And I'm pretty sure we are about to double that backlog no later than the end of the fiscal year. Backlog is definitely not decreasing moving forward. Since the vast majority of it is Generation. There could be a slight decline over the next few quarters due to service agreements but obviously that would add a chunk of revenue to earnings. And I'm extremely confident backlog is going up through new agreements before it gets down to $1B
Dubster watching Dubster watching 15 hours ago
Jealous little boy
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 15 hours ago
Interestingly they're testing the 30-day high right now, on increasingly high volume. I really wish I had more money to invest at $0.80 I tried and I was very tempted to cut myself short but couldn't possibly have a decline through earnings or I would have been in a very tight spot. Just after noon and already almost at the ridiculously already high average volume of 60 million. I'd like to see a nice little tight range battle between 90 and 94 cents for the remainder of the day, Then a push in the last 5 minutes or after hours to get it over 95 cents. Then a spurt to $1.20 By Friday. Then we have a whole week before earnings for shorts to quiver in fear, or bite the bullet and cover. Imagine worst case for shorts! Not only beat, but have break-even numbers combined with big news for the industry. TICK TOCK!
👍️ 2
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 15 hours ago
Some, like yourself are keyboard warriors and act like ya know it all and every trade is perfect. How's online ordering treating you? What about loading the boat on leveraged Nat gas at $49 then it hit $12...... I see your track record lol
Go Hawks13 Go Hawks13 15 hours ago
Another classic DEAD CAT BOUNCE!! What a fool.
🖕 1 🤡 1
Dubster watching Dubster watching 16 hours ago
That was easy. Some sit around and complain and some scalp.
See ya next week
King James 1 King James 1 16 hours ago
Wondering how close to earnings can analysts revise their prediction? Now that the company has announced the date we are getting a little more scrutiny. I would like to keep (0.08) and the surprise.
Shares Short (4/30/2024) 98.9M!!!!!!
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 16 hours ago
And this is for everyone not just the Bears, I'm not feeling all fluffy that we are running from here, In my opinion we need to break that technical level of 95 cents. And it would be nice to see this happening steps instead of all at once creating more volatility. Closing over 85 cents again would be a very good sign. Then closing over 95 cents this week would be a great sign. But it's going to happen sooner or later we're going on over 1,000% run In any given 4 month period within the next year.
👍️ 2
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 16 hours ago
Hopefully the 5-day chart looks exactly like the one day chart next Wednesday. With an impressive earnings and any significant developments for the industry at all by earnings the 30-day chart could easily look like that. 1400% run in 3 months beginning November 2020 could easily be replicated from those ridiculous manipulation levels as of recent. I believe I mentioned the other day 1,000% from 70 cents would only be $7.70 which I might actually consider a fair evaluation at this time.
👍️ 1
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 16 hours ago
Volume seems to have picked up substantially over the last half hour. In my humble opinion I believe the heavy traders trying to steal shares over the past few weeks running the average volume up to 60 million No this is moving in a positive direction after earnings. Volume began to pick up between 10:00 and 10:15. Looks like we might far surpass that 60 million shares a day average.
👍️ 1
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 16 hours ago
Seems to be a slight uptick in buying pressure, with volume increasing over yesterday. We need green 3 days in a row and ultimately a close over $.95. shorts should be concerned if we close over $.95 at any given time particularly before the conference call. I don't see any way this closes over 95 cents and doesn't close over $1 within a day. That would be over a 30% pop from the very recent low. Historically I'd say when any stock gets a 30% pop there's going to be profit taking. But after breaking significant technical levels maybe not so much in this case. I think everyone's going to recognize it's time to go for a ride. $1.20 could be in order very quickly. Any significant developments in a beat on earnings on both ends should result in breaking through $1.20! TICK TOCK!
👍️ 2
King James 1 King James 1 18 hours ago
Whoo eeeeee! They are still saying (0.08)!!!
Hope shorty is asleep at the wheel! No word yet from SEC on listing. Wish the Co. had kept June 6 earnings date. Maybe moved it to squeeze in one more good report?
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 18 hours ago
Zacks was short by $0.03 last time & FCE had low watermark revenue. I love this forecast!:; I can't see how they don't beat $.04 loss!
According to Zacks, FuelCell Energy (FCEL) is expected to report earnings of -$0.08 per share for the next earnings release, which is expected on June 13, 2024. This would reflect an 11.11% increase year-over-year. Tipranks estimates that FCEL will earn -$0.08 per share for the next quarter, with a range of -$0.09 to -$0.07.
FCEL's last quarter's earnings were -$0.05 per share, which beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate of -$0.08 per share. This reflected a positive earnings surprise of 37.50%.
👍️ 2
King James 1 King James 1 18 hours ago
Not bad for a rookie😂
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 18 hours ago
Well I was too business days off
👍️ 1
King James 1 King James 1 19 hours ago
So here we go. June 10 new Q2 date. The shot clock is on. GLTAL
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 19 hours ago
FuelCell Energy Announces Second Quarter of Fiscal 2024 Results Conference Call on June 10, 2024 at 10 A.M. Eastern Time
May 22, 2024
Jditi Jditi 20 hours ago
Last few months hydro names have followed solar plus anything with no earnings and debt. This is factor investors shorting baskets of stocks as interest rates bounce around. 45v will be a game changer for hydro- final rules will be out in next few weeks. It will be then clear that hydrogen will have a future and they will all fly (fcel, plug, bldp, be).
👍️ 1
Jditi Jditi 21 hours ago
After 30 days, they should get a notice, then they have 180 days to rectify.
jd757 jd757 1 day ago
I know nobody wants to address this issue, but at what timeframe do we need to worry about a reverse split happening in order for FCEL to stay listed on NASDAQ? It’s been under a buck for quite a while! I am long FCEL.
hopester hopester 1 day ago
Try matching your method of analyzing FCEL's value up against Peter Lynch. You can't be serious throwing numbers around without objective facts.
stocks2012 stocks2012 1 day ago
I wish I can join the excitement party here with talks of 50% to 100% gains by end of year. (Basically $1.40 -$1.80) But after witnessing $29.00, anything under $12.00 is downright depressing for me.
👍️ 1 💯 1
King James 1 King James 1 1 day ago
I think 50% gain sounds pretty exciting, but 100% should be a given. I have bought a lot of shares the past few months. A whole lot under a dollar. We will know the score soon.
I do not believe our price is due to natural market forces. Evaluations are what they are because evaluation formulas are exactly that. Numbers in, numbers out. Lately the numbers make no sense. Finish a project, price goes down, add to revenue, price goes down, any good news, price goes down. Tip one domino and ...
King James 1 King James 1 1 day ago
Ya you have a good point. I imagine an investor might be able to press for a look at one but I doubt I would want to die on that hill. My main interest is in regard to future PPA' s that might involve REC's because the rights to the REC seem to be negotiable particularly since they can be bought or sold. They are based on one REC per 1Mw.
With all the pressure to conform to recent regulations they would seem to have significant value
hopester hopester 1 day ago
Watch for a 1/20 R/S after the report. Its the only way they'll attract attention from brokerages who otherwise don't go near sub penny stocks. It rarely works unless there's fundamentals to support it.
The impetus will be a flowery conference call with all the bells and whistels. Then the R/S announcement within weeks of that.
Wow- Longs pay the price again.
hopester hopester 1 day ago
Expectation of the quarterly report are too high. Bare in mind, the company released little new revenues that if substantial would offset the expenses incurred to gain them. They'll be a loss for sure,the size of which could well be larger than the last.
The company diluted during the quarter by selling to raise cash. Wonder why they need it???
Dreamers still are spouting $100/sh. It's a lonely road down there as delusions abound.
In a way its kind of a Deash Wish as the same $100 was stated when the stock hits its undeserved high of $29 3 years ago. From that point it dropped to its current price of $.78/sh. Is there a Contrary Indicator among us? Says one thing and the opposite occurs.....,, for 3 years.
Oh well; I suppose there's little choice but to go into a fog and reach for straws.
hopester hopester 1 day ago
With a valuation of below ZERO according to Peter Lynch a highly regarded and followed analyst FCEL's value, considering all that goes into determining value, FCEL's value is negative ie below Zero.
For those who are misguided, "potential" is not a component in determining valuation.
" Potential" is a subjective "belief" and has no place in computing value. However the sh/px may well be all attributed to "potential" because we sure know its not in the financials.

Who can deny that the shorts were right. And right for 3 years. But its much more thaan shorts that caused the stock to disintegrate. Lok at the reports for 10-5-3-1 years and there it is.

Bloom's up as growth is showing. Where's FCEL's growth to show.
You 2 need a dose of reality.
Hoghead7 Hoghead7 2 days ago
Looks like Bloom had some insider buying. That's what I'm thinking it was anyway, with several filings. But I am extremely confident part of the reason for such a discrepancy in the share price movement or lack thereof with fuelcell, Ballard and plug is the abundance of swing traders jumping from one stock to another in the fuel cell industry. Look how low the volume is on Plug. So they sell a little plug dump some money into bloom take profit in less than a day or a couple of days at the most, Then either put it immediately in one of the others or wait till there's another news job or activity alert. If I had a million to invest right now $900,000 would go directly into fuelcell. New 52 week highs imminent this year!! Where else can you be guaranteed over 100% profit in less than 7 months (Although I think much sooner and much higher). Heck, 100% is only $1.60!!!!
👍️ 1
fsulevine fsulevine 2 days ago
I doubt that is publicly available for trade secrets. They would not want a competitor to find out what someone is charging, ot another client to find out they are paying a little more, etc…
👍️ 1
King James 1 King James 1 2 days ago
Haha, I wouldn't mind seeing the price over $100 but I don't do those kinds of drugs😂
In the age of meme stocks it seems anything goes but to have a share price under cash value implies it could buy itself.
It will be an interesting Q2 report to say the least.

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