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Streaming Queries

  • What is streaming
    Streaming is the way we deliver stock price information to your browser.

  • Is my system compatible?
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  • What is real-time streaming
    Real-time steaming means that the information being delivered to your browser is a constant up to the moment representation of stock market prices.

  • Who receives a limited streaming service?
    Your streaming is limited if you are a free user or a bronze user, this affects your streaming charts and monitor (Level 1 data). To receive unlimited level 1 data upgrade to the Silver subscription.

    For unlimited access to Level 2 data please try our Level 2 Lite service.

  • How does limited streaming affects your service?
    The 'limited' ADVFN services restrict the amount of time you can be logged on to streaming information.

  • How does limited streaming work?
    To maintain a free real-time service we use a "first in first out" (FIFO) system that limits the number of free/bronze streaming users at any one time, as you come on to the system you enter a queue, as the next person logs on you move along the queue until you reach the end and get logged off. This also means that level of demand for our service can dramatically affect the length of time you are logged on. To avoid this upgrade to the Silver subscription.

  • How do I upgrade?
    Click here for list of subscriptions or call Support on 020 3879 4460.

  • What is the minimum PC spec for streaming?
    The minimum PC spec for streaming is Windows XP using Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 3, 1GB RAM and 2.8GHz processor.

    We would recommend Internet Explorer 8, 2GB RAM and a dual core processor.

  • What speed internet connection should I use?
    ADVFN would recommend a broadband internet connection for best results eg, 1Mbps or more.