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Penny chatter Penny chatter 2 minutes ago
Who wears short shorts
actiontime actiontime 3 minutes ago
Put another shorty on the Barbie!!!
They’re all our Barbies now!!!
Stock Guy777 Stock Guy777 4 minutes ago
Yes sir!!!
tnc26 tnc26 7 minutes ago
About to blow-up to 70k soon..
tnc26 tnc26 8 minutes ago
Told ya shorties , don't be shorting and I predicted all time high 60k then 70k..
Stock Guy777 Stock Guy777 25 minutes ago
Well, a day later and you’re already losing….?

How’s that short working out for you?
Stock Guy777 Stock Guy777 27 minutes ago
Having fun now aren’t we! Lol. Here’s my 62 now next is 64 then 68 then 70.!!
steez steez 2 hours ago
Lolol King cross maybe more like loser cross idiot
🌈 1 🤡 1
DarkPool DarkPool 2 hours ago
BTC 240k by year end this the price before halving. Wouldn't be surprised to see 100k now before I. Making btc 400k by years end
Passs Passs 3 hours ago
Damn she’s got power….
TaperT2 TaperT2 3 hours ago
Isnt that Fact for many , Crazy Crazy
Dubster watching Dubster watching 3 hours ago
Shes a complete loser on every board she posts on.
Dubster watching Dubster watching 3 hours ago
This is perfect!!
Broken gets trashed!
Couldn’t happen to a bigger sissy!
lexus400001 lexus400001 3 hours ago
Never short the beginning of a bull market. Your days shorting should have ended at the bottom at 16k.
Brokemillwright Brokemillwright 3 hours ago
Soooo dramatic lol. Still holding my shorts and adding at key levels. Don't use leverage and it ain't no big deal. The correction will be well worth the wait
Cheetah SPEED Cheetah SPEED 4 hours ago

DarkPool DarkPool 4 hours ago
Lmao this guy
💩 1 🤡 2
DarkPool DarkPool 4 hours ago
Lmao boy does he like shorting tops. Haven't learned yet have you.
🤒 1 🤡 1
KICK1 KICK1 8 hours ago
🇮🇩 1 🇮🇴 1 🇹🇹 1 💩 1 💯 1
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 9 hours ago
That was how ya' nail a wedge (or bull flag if one prefers).......

No charts ?........No "nail-age".........Simple as that........ONLY SEEING IS BELIEVING.......That's how TA WORKS !

Nevermind all of this gumflapping of yours'........LoLoL

Looks like your beloved clown NAILED that sucker !......Where the heck were YOU ????

💓 1
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 9 hours ago
Hey so where was your "nail-age" on THIS one there eh ?......

Oh my gosh it looks like my Clown beat ya' to it (againj !

Aren't YOU supposed to be The Great "Expert" on Bull Flags ?..........LoLoL

Gap, ACTION, Blue Dot, 60,000

Wedge, Flag, ETF 's, Horiz

You and your numskulls are all asleep at the wheel !

hahahaha -

So, you've nailed every pop support and resistance, y'say ?......🤡
Not THIS one there !......Snoopy boy !.......LoL


nowwhat2 nowwhat2 12 hours ago
PICTURES tell 1000 words !

Morons merely GRUNT.

OMG !........Here they come !

Snort !.......Snort !......SQUEAL !..........SQUEAL

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 12 hours ago
ha-ha-ha-ha - Right about WHAT ?
Your hokey "H&S" was an epic FAIL !
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 12 hours ago
Oh-oh - Here they come !

Earlier ;

LoLoL - ha-ha..........PICTURES tell 1000 words !

Lemmings merely GRUNT.

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 13 hours ago

trunkmonk trunkmonk 14 hours ago
so he is not good, but you are good when you make statements like this, hypocrites make me sick........Not at all. Your a clown like clown Town Julie Brown and not know anything
u have been notified.
skydog526 skydog526 14 hours ago
You are not adhering to the terms of service and violating the terms by removing the copyright in your posts.

You may recopy to third parties for their personal information only certain Information as may be specified from time to time by ADVFN as being available for that purpose, but only if:

1. you clearly and prominently acknowledge the ADVFN Web page as the source of the material; and

2. you inform third party that these conditions apply to him, her or it and that he/she/it must comply with them. This licence to recopy does not permit alteration, adaption or merging of material available on these pages. No part of the ADVFN Web pages may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose.

Be aware action may be taken!

💪 1 💯 1
trunkmonk trunkmonk 15 hours ago
bwahaha, ok kid. something no one, and i mean no one, has ever done, in any market, but ur da man. scary man i might add.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 15 hours ago
You are a Delusional Snarling Dog

What were YOU saying on the 10th ?
Versus - What was The Nowwhat ACTION Line saying ?

Why, you completely MISSED that Sell The News Event ! Clonk Land USA

You comletely MISSED The / my ACTION Line !

Days leading up to that event

Approaching Day 1 of the ETF 's..........AND LOOK AT HOW DEEPLY IT SUNK AFTER THIS ;



skydog526 skydog526 16 hours ago
Midnight Rider Wahhhhooo spang duty love muffin!
👍️ 2 💩 1 😂 1
skydog526 skydog526 16 hours ago
Coming from me it means everything. I've nailed every pop support and resistance. 🤡🤯
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 ☠️ 1
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 17 hours ago
L.A. WOMAN break on through to the other side BITCOIN 🍀✌️🤑👩‍🦳👆🍀 $64,200 TARGET 🎯 WOW! LITE MY FIRE
Here's a call for ya'll >>> 58--38 brought to you by King Cross $20K Short Club. Who's in? Gonna be an Epic Play.

$$$ Buy-in starting @ 100K

Place your BETS 🎲🎲

trunkmonk trunkmonk 17 hours ago
Coming from u it means……absolutely nothing, for real and without a doubt.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 18 hours ago
Did u forget to change handles?????
skydog526 skydog526 18 hours ago
My bad sorry man.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 18 hours ago
Can't get much more of a call than THIS U nimwit !
Need me to hold your hand ?
Read the last paragrapn.......
Duh !
trunkmonk trunkmonk 18 hours ago
I don’t use his stuff, but one could. He lays it out so others can play it out. Pretty simple for any investor, extremely difficult to understand for a lemming.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 18 hours ago
Nailed it.........mwhahahahaahahaha !

Calling a level important then saying nailed it if it goes up or if it goes down isn’t being a chartist .......

Passs Passs 20 hours ago
Bro once again - make a call! Diplomatic responses
👍️ 1 💯 1
Strategyone Strategyone 20 hours ago
Just kidding on the best post...

I do like logic and appreciate any backed analysis or projection.

I have been following bitcoin since about 2015. I follow the cycles carefully but don't bank on them. To me, this seems a little early for the 2024 halving cycle ramp up. I was expecting this to take a healthy pull back to around $25k if it mimicked the pre-halving in 2020. Using logic, I think the recently approved ETF's are messing with the historical patterns and providing more support than the past. I also see the new Wall Street money may dampen the upside after the halving too but not by much. It may actually do the opposite as the FOMO may be exaggerated if you think of the new inflow of let's just say 3% of the $17 trillion in portfolios managed by those brokers.

I still see this years peak to be in the fourth quarter so lots of room to run.
👍️ 1
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 20 hours ago


This was Bitcoins' dip below its' 42,000 Level ;

Can U spot that dip below ?........It's been (more or less) straight up since then

It appears POSSIBLE that this COULD be a ClonK Situation here........altho I kinda doubt it
I suspect she inches higher to test more of its' highs.........
* Perhaps fill the gap seen in the 2nd chart above !.......Which is around the equivilent of 64,200

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 22 hours ago
Best post yet
????? ..........I don't think so........(altho perhaps a non-analyst / chartist might think so)

That there Diagonal is THIS here Diagonal !

KICK1 KICK1 22 hours ago
$GBTC @ 64’s On Deck… Level 2 MoMo Bid @$$K SLAPPiN Add More Premium Bitcoin Bitty $BTC Apes! 420 Q PPP!
👍️ 1 😁 1
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 23 hours ago
Hey, I like it when people present "logic" or "reasoning" around here, instead just either bashing, boasting or cheering things on......

Sure doesn't happen very much tho eh.............Unbelievable !

weedtrader420 weedtrader420 24 hours ago
I buy hundreds of thousands or millions and then I sell them.yesterday I bought every share under $.11 and I told you when I was doing it yesterday i’m selling them right now for $.21-$.22. i’m a stock dealer. I sell crypto like that too. I’m a crypto dealer. some people sell, antiques coins I sell, crypto coins and stocks. I front run them first.
🏎️ 1 👍️ 1
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 24 hours ago
What happens if/when it hits your target ?
Lemme guess.....
Your target becomes NOT your target ?

And just WHY (fer Christs'sake) $64,200 ?????

I mean, do we really need to have just a bunch of :
groundless unfounded unsubstantiated unsupported uncorroborated unjustified foundationless
without basis not backed up by evidence speculative conjectural unsound unreliable
questionably fabricated AND TRUMPED-UP forecasts sloshing all around here ?[

nowwhat2 nowwhat2 24 hours ago
You missed out..........

weedtrader420 weedtrader420 24 hours ago
🇭🇺You missed out on 100% play I sent to you yesterday the day before CXAI CXAIW Yesterday the warrants were 0.09 $.21 plus Stock was trading at $1.40 what’s it now 3.40 WOW! And I’m almost hitting my target with BITCOIN
👍️ 1 💯 1
Strategyone Strategyone 24 hours ago
Your best post yet.... lol
👍️ 1 💯 1

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