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Fdc4 Fdc4 26 minutes ago
It doesn’t make him wrong tho. This is a legitimate ATM SCAM. Proven! It will consume the hell out of your soul, if you let it tho. Foote into your A.S.S
surfkast surfkast 23 hours ago
Not post facts so clowns can look good with their fairy tales?
Yep, you are FOS as we know.
🤡 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 1 day ago
Check out @CalledThis1 message on Stocktwits
Stop with the short crap...seriously. You are just embarrassing yourself:

Humbl special margin requirements via interactive brokers

Fees for all types of trades:

Does anyone actually think that their is some magical island out there that doesn't charge any commissions on shorting a sub penny stock????


No matter what...the brokerage would tell you to F' off at this current stage..because you would lose money at any outcome. So just stop. And so it goes....
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
The_Truth_NL The_Truth_NL 2 days ago
You would be able to get the name/address much quicker I’m sure.
But sure, I’ll get them for you, under one condition: you don’t post on this board for 3 months.
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
Yes, and the offshore ones picked up but only you would know this 😂
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
Can you provide a name/address for these call centers?

FWIW call center (boiler room) scams died many many years ago. They got crushed in the 1990's.
Nice to fantasize I guess.
🤡 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 2 days ago
Nobody is shorting this stock
Zorch305 Zorch305 2 days ago
All set!
The_Truth_NL The_Truth_NL 2 days ago
There’s a few call centers in the US that pay their “employees” to bash certain stocks on stock boards. And of course to pump others.
They have 3 level of “experience”, and pay them accordingly.
Last I heard they get paid by the post and by the reactionary posts.
I think Huggy works for the one in Jersey.
What a slimy way to make a living, but I guess if that’s all they can get, it’s better than nothing.
👍️ 1 💯 1
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
Who is my boss? Proof of this one being shorted. Thanks!
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
I enjoy doing real DD on scams and making fun of the marks who believe in fairy tales.
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
You should ask your boss that question not me
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
Yeah that’s why you spend so much time here warning, everyone laughing my ass off
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
Please let me know how I can short this without putting up $2.50 per share. Thanks!
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
We do know one thing for sure. You are a total and complete idiot!
Neither one of us play scams.
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
100% agree
TheSprinx TheSprinx 2 days ago
Anyone shorting Today’s price is a moron, and deserves to lose money when this shoots up in the coming months
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
Could not agree with you more they’ve got to learn timing, but I will tell you I think surf is shorting and working for a significant company bigger than him
Humbl Crybabies Humbl Crybabies 2 days ago
Surf and slay have been mad for over 3 years now lol. They lost over $200k combined because they have no clue how to trade.
👍️ 1 💯 1
inventor1 inventor1 2 days ago
Insane volume today you called it!!
🤣 1
Tiger Money Tiger Money 2 days ago
Does this company have any revenues yet?
surfkast surfkast 2 days ago
How big of a dumpfest is in store for today?
🍆 1 💩 1
NoMoDo NoMoDo 3 days ago
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 3 days ago
Bf loves you
🍆 1 👨‍👦 1
TheSprinx TheSprinx 3 days ago
Now there’s your dilution.
135 mill
Cozumel Kid Cozumel Kid 3 days ago
The Minnesota Meth are selling tickets through AXS and the rest of the teams appear to not be selling tickets just yet.
Hopefully most of the remaining teams will hookup with HUMBurgler.
Easy way to verify is go to each team's site and try to buy tickets
surfkast surfkast 4 days ago
And the minions are giddy?
🍆 1 💏 1 🤡 1 🦃 1
The_Truth_NL The_Truth_NL 4 days ago
Fabulous PR!
Explains everything in a very detailed manner, that even the biggest detractors here can read and understand.
Not saying they’re dumb, but not saying they’re not either I guess. ;)

👍️ 1 💯 2 🤣 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 4 days ago
Only Oregon goes through hmbl ticketing
🍆 1 🏳️‍ 1
surfkast surfkast 4 days ago
The PR was a useless pile of gibberish.
Most of the teams do not send you to the HUMBL page. What a POS!

Here is a link to the teams websites.
🍆 1 🏳️‍ 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
TheSprinx TheSprinx 4 days ago
7 million shares sold 9 million shares bought. Only 16 million in volume you call that delusion? Lol OK
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 4 days ago
Dilution àfter pr on que
🌈 1 🍆 1 💩 1
They need to write better pieces. Way too much information and the nuts gets buried. Being able to buy and sell/transfer tickets on your own is certainly a good thing...if the verification is legitimate. Everything else is just repetition... mostly.

That's the focus on that and expand such into the other pieces. It should be one or two shorter than longer paragraphs and what they did is make it a mess.
🤡 2
TheSprinx TheSprinx 5 days ago
👍️ 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 5 days ago
Pér pr today Except as may be required by law, HUMBL undertakes no obligation, and does not intend, to update these forward-looking statements after the date of this release.
🌈 1 🍆 1 💩 1 🤡 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 5 days ago
Preseason 😆😆😂😂
🌈 1 🍆 2 🤡 1
Slaytanic420 Slaytanic420 5 days ago
You can't pick your seats first çome first serve seàts that's advanced
🌈 1 🍆 2 🤡 1
surfkast surfkast 5 days ago
A long winded pile of horse shit! Click on a team, tickets and it sends you to Ticketmaster! LOL
🌈 1 🍆 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 5 days ago
HUMBL and the Arena Football League (AFL) Launch Innovative Digital Ticketing Program on Blockchain

San Diego, California, Feb. 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HUMBL (OTC: HMBL) and the Arena Football League (AFL) announced today the launch of an innovative ticketing program using digital wallets and blockchain technology, starting first with the Oregon BlackBears team, with an ownership group led by current New York Giants Outside Linebacker and former Oregon Ducks star, Kayvon Thibodeaux.

HUMBL Tickets Delivers An Innovative Digital Wallet and Ticketing Program For AFL Fans

HUMBL is a digital wallet and web platform company that is the “Official Technology Platform'' of the Arena Football League (AFL) through the 2028 season. This new ticketing program, starting first with the Oregon BlackBears, allows fans greater levels of authentication and verification in ticketing through the use of digital wallets and blockchain technology.

The development and use by HUMBL Tickets of NFT-PMs (Non-Fungible Tokens with Private Metadata) represents a significant advancement in how pro sports, concert and event tickets can be issued, sold, and managed, leveraging blockchain technology to offer unique benefits over traditional paper or digital tickets.

“A major issue in primary and secondary ticketing is secure authentication, sales, and tracking, while maintaining the privacy of the user. This innovative HUMBL Tickets program solves these issues through the use of digital wallets and blockchain technology,” said HUMBL CEO Brian Foote.

Here's a detailed look at the advantages of using HUMBL’s NFT tickets, especially those with public metadata (for public information like date and event location) and private metadata (for more specific event and seating details) to preserve customer privacy.

Control and Flexibility for the Ticket Holder

HUMBL’s NFT tickets put the control directly in the hands of the ticket holder. This means that individuals have the autonomy to sell or transfer their tickets without the need to go through third-party brokers or platforms. This is a direct control mechanism which HUMBL calls “Wallet2Wallet” Commerce, which has the following benefits:

- Eliminates Middlemen: Ticket holders can sell their tickets on any NFT marketplace or directly to another individual without the intervention of secondary market merchants. This process is more straightforward and secure, thanks to blockchain.

- Reduces Fees: Traditional ticket reselling often involves high fees charged by brokers or platforms. With HUMBL’s NFT tickets, these exorbitant fees can be significantly reduced, ensuring that sellers can retain more from their sales and buyers don't overpay on junk fees.

Mitigation of Fraud and Counterfeiting Issues

The immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that once a HUMBL NFT ticket is issued, its authenticity can be verified by anyone, anywhere, without any doubt. This characteristic:

- Prevents Counterfeiting: The unique, cryptographic proof of an NFT ticket makes it virtually impossible to forge or duplicate, addressing a common problem in the ticketing industry around the world.

- Ensures Authenticity: Every transaction (sale or transfer) of an NFT ticket is recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent history of its ownership. This traceability helps buyers ensure they are purchasing legitimate tickets.

Enhanced Security and Privacy with Private Metadata

HUMBL’s NFT tickets can store essential details like event information and seating arrangements as private metadata, accessible only to the ticket holder and verifiable at the event entrance. This feature:

- Protects Sensitive Information: By keeping specific ticket details private, the system safeguards sensitive information from public exposure, enhancing security and privacy for the ticket holder.

- Offers Flexibility: The ability to update or change private metadata without altering the public identity of the NFT allows for dynamic adjustments, such as seat upgrades or changes, without issuing a new NFT. Upon transfer, the private metadata is no longer available to the previous ticket holder and the QR code for entry is voided and a new QR code is issued to the new ticket holder, preventing the ability to screenshot and sell / transfer the ticket.

NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain, and they can contain both public and private metadata. Public metadata is accessible to anyone and can include basic information about the NFT, such as the event name and date. In contrast, private metadata is encrypted and contains sensitive details related to the NFT ticket, such as:

- Pricing Information: The cost of the ticket, including any tier-based pricing or discounts applied.

- Seating Arrangements: Specific seat numbers, rows, and sections allocated to the ticket holder.

- Event-Specific Details: Any additional information exclusive to the event, such as VIP access, backstage passes, or special instructions.

Decryption with the Ticket Holder's Private Key

The private metadata is encrypted in such a way that it can only be decrypted using the ticket holder's wallet private key. Requiring the wallet to decrypt data ensures:

- Maximum Privacy: Only the ticket holder has access to the sensitive details of their ticket. This information is shielded from public view and even from the event organizers and ticket issuers after the point of sale.

- Enhanced Security: The use of encryption and private keys adds an additional layer of security, protecting against unauthorized access and potential fraud. It ensures that even if the data were intercepted, it would remain unreadable without the corresponding private key.

Benefits of Safeguarding Details in Private Metadata

- Protection Against Fraud: By keeping critical details encrypted, HUMBL NFT tickets significantly reduce the risk of counterfeit tickets. Fraudsters cannot replicate an NFT ticket without access to the private metadata.

- Data Integrity: The immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that once an NFT ticket is issued, its details cannot be altered maliciously. This maintains the integrity of the ticket's information from issuance to the event day.

- Personalized Experience: Event organizers can tailor the event experience for individual attendees based on the private metadata, enhancing customer satisfaction without compromising privacy.

- Secondary Market Security: In the event of a ticket resale, the private metadata ensures that only the new ticket holder can access the ticket's sensitive details, providing a secure and seamless transfer process.

Overall Benefits of HUMBL’s Blockchain Ticketing System

- Increased Trust and Transparency: The blockchain's transparency and security features increase trust among all parties involved — event organizers, ticket holders, and secondary buyers.

- Innovative Engagement: Event organizers can use NFT tickets to offer additional benefits, such as exclusive content, merchandise discounts, digital collectibles, or future purchase rights, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

- Environmental Impact: Moving to digital NFT tickets reduces the need for physical tickets, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts.

In summary, HUMBL’s NFT ticketing system revolutionizes the ticketing industry by offering unparalleled security, reducing fraud, cutting down on exorbitant fees, and putting control back into the hands of ticket holders.

“The next generation of customers and digital natives expect the ticketing industry to become more digital, flexible and transparent,” said Alfonso Arana Jr., Vice President of HUMBL Blockchain Services (HBS). “As we embrace the future of commerce, digital wallets become more than just a tool, they are key to unlocking a world of verified, secure, and exclusive event experiences. Digital wallets are not just the next step in ticketing, they are a leap into the future of how we experience, share, and remember the events that matter most to us.”

Oregon BlackBears Tickets Are Now on Sale For April 2024 Kickoff

HUMBL will start the HUMBL NFT Tickets program first with the Oregon BlackBears, allowing fans to receive, collect and commemorate tickets inside their HUMBL Wallet.

Oregon BlackBears tickets are on sale as of February 15, 2024 at, with their opening kickoff scheduled for April 27, 2024 in a game against the Washington Wolfpack.

“A major focus for the AFL is to drive innovation through technology for our fans,” said AFL Commissioner, Lee A. Hutton, III. “The AFL is proud to be working with HUMBL Tickets to disrupt the ticketing industry and drive an immersive and digital fan experience in doing so.”


HUMBL is a digital technology platform with product lines including the HUMBL Wallet™, HUMBL Search™, HUMBL Social™, HUMBL Tickets™, HUMBL Marketplace™ and HUMBL Authentics™.

HUMBL has performed digital integrations with athletes and teams from the AFL, NCAA, MLB, UFC, WNFC, NASCAR Xfinity, World Surfing, World Rugby and more.

HUMBL is proud to serve as the Official Technology Platform of the Arena Football League (AFL) through the 2028 season. For more information, please visit:

Safe Harbor Statement

This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. You can identify these statements by the use of the words "may," "will," "should," "plans," "expects," "anticipates," "continue," "estimates," "projects," "intends," and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially from those projected or anticipated. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the Company's ability to successfully execute its expanded business strategy, including by entering into definitive agreements with suppliers, commercial partners and customers; general economic and business conditions, effects of continued geopolitical unrest and regional conflicts, competition, changes in technology and methods of marketing, delays in completing various engineering and manufacturing programs, changes in customer order patterns, changes in product mix, continued success in technical advances and delivering technological innovations, shortages in components, production delays due to performance quality issues with outsourced components, regulatory requirements and the ability to meet them, government agency rules and changes, and various other factors beyond the Company's control. Except as may be required by law, HUMBL undertakes no obligation, and does not intend, to update these forward-looking statements after the date of this release.

Company Information


Source: HUMBL, Inc.

© 2024 GlobeNewswire, Inc.
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shots60 shots60 5 days ago
How so surfy!!!!
🌈 1 🍆 1 👍️ 1 💯 1 🤡 1 🩳 1
shots60 shots60 5 days ago
So it does. Just confirmed it.


🌈 1 🍆 1 👍️ 1 💯 1 🤡 2 🩳 1
NoMoDo NoMoDo 6 days ago
Billy Joel was over rated. Ask Christie.
🤡 1
I'm not sure...but there is so much competition, and their name doesn't count for branding like it did when they started. The mob could save it...but I agree..their current presentation is lacking hard.
👍️ 1
surfkast surfkast 7 days ago
Crew socks maybe? LOL
Can't reason with a rock. The AFL is set up for failure from day 1.
💩 1 🤡 1
Crew? .... OK...... lol. And so it goes....
👍️ 1
shots60 shots60 1 week ago
It’s your fear mongering as you and your crew do!!!

Past post show it!!!!
👍️ 2 💩 3 💯 1 🤡 3 🤣 1
? What fear...their fees have been known for Months. For what it is worth, Humbl is much smarter than the AFL.
shots60 shots60 1 week ago
There again your opinion doesn’t mean Sh8t!!!

But thanks for fear monger!!!!
👍️ 1 💩 2 💯 1 🤡 2
Correct...just like it doesn't mean shit that Humbl could have scaled up in order to secure more revenue for higher ticket prices. But they didn't. And so it goes....

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