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Health Discovery Corporation (CE)

Health Discovery Corporation (CE) (HDVY)

Closed February 29 04:00PM

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LocWolf LocWolf 7 hours ago
Buylow...just now seen both message boards...since the 8K was submitted by HDC referencing the 2.5 million settlement Colleen can say her father was OK with that or not. Regardless of what he may have thought she has to deal with this mess and I'm sure all this is a headache. Personally I think George would not be happy with a two million dollar settlement but like I said it doesn't matter but I have a few thoughts about attorney fees. The company is dead meat and as soon as Colleen gets clear of Vennwest HDC I then believe you will see the final nail get driven into our coffin.
chazzy1 chazzy1 13 hours ago
Yes I did see that, buylow2. I also wrote a response on the yahoo board, which I invite you to read. Actually, my response was to Joe, but I did opine on this ostensible "quote" from Colleen.
buylow2 buylow2 23 hours ago
Hey Chaz/ Lockwolf, did u guys happen to see the yahoo message board, someone said they talked to Colleen and she said the crap 2 million settlement was good enough. Gosh help us if true.
chazzy1 chazzy1 3 days ago
LocWolf, of course I have read your many posts and know that you do not hesitate to admit error when you are wrong. I wrote my post mainly to emphasize the contrast between our divergent outlooks. Of course, I hope that I am right but admit that I could have misread the tealeaves. I guess that we shall both learn our fates with regard to HDVY in the not too distant future. Good luck!
LocWolf LocWolf 3 days ago
Charles...I don't believe you have read the many times I have said that I was wrong but furthermore I general also couple an apology when I say that I was wrong.

You must also realize with the many years that I have invested here that I pray that I am wrong. This was not some quick money to buy/sell it was a deep investment in Dr. Barnhill. He was not known as a scammer way back in the early years 2002/beginning of 2003. I have no clue what happen or what changed within him but he did change.
chazzy1 chazzy1 4 days ago
Fair enough, LocWolf. We have both laid our cards on the table. Soon we shall see who holds the winning hand. If my predictions are wrong, I will publicly admit my error in judgement. But if I am proven to be right, will you publicly admit your error?
LocWolf LocWolf 5 days ago
Charles, 8 or 9 months ago recall this by Mr. William Fromholzer? "The Board of Directors expects to make an announcement regarding an interim successor for Mr. McGovern in the near future"

As I said back then the word "expects" has nothing to do with the SEC approving jack $hit within his statement. William was just repressing his hope and wishing the best and nothing more or less.

Self corporate circumstances pretty much speaks clearly or should we say the lack of.
chazzy1 chazzy1 6 days ago
And upon what evidence do you base this opinion, LocWolf?
LocWolf LocWolf 6 days ago
Absolutely done!
buylow2 buylow2 3 weeks ago
Hey Lockwolf, sure your rite, obviously nothing to split with a ratty 2 million settlement if that’s the final offer. Hoping that resolution of venwest case gives Hdvy shareholders clarity not sure why it would though. It’s very confusing for all, shareholders obviously don’t deserve this, time will tell, what else is new, 10 years later here we are.
LocWolf LocWolf 3 weeks ago know, I'm not sure.... but just take this for consideration and put it in memory for later.

Is it possible if HDC has any money left after everything is all said and done, the stock will get "deleted" from the market, then any monies left over would be divided among shareholders? I'm not sure if it takes # 1 a company just closing it's doors or #2 a company filing bankruptcy and then closing it's doors. At any rate if this should happen I believe it would be around a year before we get any result from when this starts if it does. I have no real clue about this but perhaps someone else might.

Would be nice to stay positive like Charles but after all these years no can do and yes HDC should cut the damn rope.
buylow2 buylow2 3 weeks ago
Thx Wolf, once this Venwest disaster is resolved HDVY better say they are done or not. Shareholders want to put this this rest good or bad they suffered enough.
LocWolf LocWolf 3 weeks ago
When you read all this BS and you look back at everything you would think this was a case for Perry Mason and that $billions of dollars are at stake, unreal, just unreal!!!!
😡 1
LocWolf LocWolf 3 weeks ago
Yes....since I posted about document #91 there has been a few since and today another which is document # 94 Involving HDC which is titled STATEMENT OF DISPUTED FACTS IN REPLY TO PLAINTIFF'S RESPONSE IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANTS' MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT

In short both parties are still slinging mud at each other...29 pages of the typical BS
buylow2 buylow2 3 weeks ago
Hey Boys, anything happened with Venwest case?
LocWolf LocWolf 4 weeks ago
I just now login......
buylow2 buylow2 4 weeks ago
Agreed Chaz, no one would be that stupid to take 2 million. There has to be more to the story, that’s why there’s crickets everywhere
👍️ 1
chazzy1 chazzy1 4 weeks ago
The level of censorship on yahoo is insane. For instance, I submitted the following post in response to another post, and my post was "rejected" by the censors. For the life of me, I cannot discern why it was censored because they never tell you. Here is that post:
I have not issued any new statements in the recent past, because there has been no new information on which to comment. I am still hopeful that the remaining company Directors are taking the necessary steps to replace outgoing Board members with a new Director/CEO who will actively pursue revenue from new licensing deals, and I would also expect to see the stock trading again as a result. HDC received enough money from Intel to make this happen. Besides, the greatest boon to share value would be through the stock market as opposed to merely dividing the Intel settlement money (after expenses, there wouldn't be any money left to divide). With a Waco court victory in sight, I can't imagine why HDC and its legal team would let Intel off the hook in exchange for a mere $2.25 million, and with no licensing agreement in place? Not credible. Details are scarce and I believe that lips will remain sealed until the Vennwest case has been resolved. JMHO.
👍️ 1
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
Thanks LocWolf. Best wishes to you as well my friend.
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
Buylow... management will do what it can to survive as much money as it can and disappear. Will anything ever go right for HDC? Yes they might make a few cent once they rip the time clock off the wall but as for us shareholders not now not ever. HDC has absolutely nothing to offer anyone future period. If HDC wants the company for a new entity they will file bankruptcy to extinguish all shareholders then reopen up for business. Perhaps Colleen MAY want a public company for her media business but most of us just want to be free from this mess.

Maybe Mr. Fromholzer would like to step up to the microphone again.... it was easy to catch his BS and throw it in the trash.

Without money, with real management and without real products what do you have? After 20 years you have NOTHING.
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
Charles, you are my writings/messages will never be as clear, in short management sucks the big one!
👍️ 1
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Omg Chaz, can anything ever go rite for HDVY.
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Omg Chaz, can anything ever go rite for HDVY.
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
I don't know exactly, because Mr. Wedekind (HDC's lead attorney) asked for a delay in proceedings after coming down with Covid-19.
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Hey Chazz, when is the next Venwest hearing. Anyone?
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
Yes, LocWolf, but you are confusing me. Who are you saying is moving the goal post?
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
Except for management to man up - woman up we are done... stop moving the goal post that doesn't exist!
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
These are all very good questions, Digdeeper17, and they are the same questions that I have been asking myself. My assertion, since the settlement was first announced, has consistently been that if $2.25 million represents the entire agreement, then no, I do not see how HDC could continue as a going concern. So, the answer to all of your questions would be "no", there would not be sufficient funds to keep the doors open if $2.25 million represents the whole ball of wax. My contention, however, has been that there must be more to the agreement than was previously disclosed. It makes no sense that our lawyers would concede a strong, winnable case in exchange for pocket change. In such a one-sided deal, HDC would also be letting Intel off the hook for all future infringement with no recourse to recoup anything. In consideration of the huge concessions being made by HDC in settling out of court, $2.25 million would be a woefully inadequate sum. IMHO.
This is not to dispute the validity of your claims, Digdeeper17, but to merely offer an alternative viewpoint.
Good luck to you.
king oil king oil 1 month ago
I think a big wildcard in this whole thing is how much are the patents worth? Maybe not much given the expiration dates but at least they’ve been validated given Intel’s settlement. Are there any companies that would prefer to buy the patents rather than litigate? I doubt current management could manage the installation of a light bulb.
💩 1 🤡 1
Digdeeper17 Digdeeper17 1 month ago
How much of the 2.25 Mill is owed to ..
A: Lawyers
B: Marty and other debtors he claimed were not getting paid ..
C. Former CEO's Estate and possibly other insiders who have not been paid ..
D: Filing costs to begin attempting to get to a higher exchange ..
What is left to Resurrect this Company and make it viable if it returned to trading ... ?
My guess is its enough for the broom to sweep the cubicle of The "office" out ..
Less than 3 higher ups 2 of which have family ties and no real employees ....
Where does this new Mgt team come from and how are they paid ?
What is the company selling and to who once resurrected and who's $$$ to get it started. ?
I may not get your point ..
But i get THE point ...
There is no rosy future here for current investors ..
There just isnt any semblance of a viable company ...
Which is going to make any attempt to regain trading a very uphill climb ...
Good luck..
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
Digdeeper 17, it seems that you totally missed my point. I guess I was not clear enough. In fact, I wanted to edit that post for the sake of greater clarity, however I was "timed out" and thus not allowed. The point is, regardless of what the outstanding share count ends up being, the best way to maximize share value for all shareholders is to have the stock trading again in a retail market. I used a figure between 400 and 500 million shares purely as a hypothetical number. If you prefer, let's say its 1 billion. My point remains the same. If you divide the known settlement figure of $2.25 million by whatever the outstanding share count is, you get a pps of no more than a penny per share. But if the stock is trading again with a new management team, who knows how high the pps may go? That is all I am saying. The actual outstanding share total is irrelevant to my point.
👍️ 1 ☺️ 1
Digdeeper17 Digdeeper17 1 month ago
Speculation with totally incorrect numbers is a fools game ....
There are well over 600 mill shares out after warrants and yes options are converted ..
This is the information available 2 years ago in the last filing ...
See my previous posts on the matter ...
How close is the company to the 900 mill authorized ?
My thoughts are now that that last Deposition is public in a court filing ...
Things got even more Squirrely for insiders as that could be used in future litigation against them were they to continue with the obvious end run around shareholders ...
Good luck ..
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
100% Chaz. This venwest case taking way to long as usual.
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
No worries, LocWolf. Besides, your eyes need a rest. Take care!
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
Chazzy, 2 out of 3 days with T Robbins so I missed your PM earlier and couldn't reply since today's session started at 2 pm and went almost 4 1/2 hours. My eyes are burning big time.
chazzy1 chazzy1 1 month ago
Thanks buylow2. My speculation at this point is that all lips are sealed among HDC Board members, until the Vennwest matter has been concluded. After that, if we still do not hear anything from HDC management I will re-evaluate my position. But for now, I think that the pending Vennwest court case may have everything to do with why we are not hearing anything. Recapping what has transpired, HDC brought the behemoth to the settlement table. The deal included an NDA, so what information can and cannot be disclosed to the public is controlled by lawyers, not by HDC management. With company insiders, family and friends holding millions upon millions of HDVY shares, the only strategy that would maximize value for all shareholders is to have the stock trade again. For instance, dividing $2.25 million by between 400 and 500 million shares would average out to around a penny per share, whereas if the stock were trading, who knows how high the pps may go under a new management team? Remember, the settlement proves that Intel formally and officially concedes that HDC owns all rights to the SVM-RFE technology. I would surmise that someone at the top has already figured this out, and my assumption is that they are working in that direction. I note that the stock is still listed, yet we are past the 18 month delisting date for being on the Expert market. Is this just an oversight at the SEC, or is there some valid reason for this? Has there perhaps been some private communication between HDC and the SEC? Time will tell. All we can do now is wait and see what the hand of fate has in store for us. Good luck to all!
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Well Lockwolf in respect to Chazzy let’s give him the benefit of doubt before giving up.
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
There isn't any reason for BQ to post anymore as he has basically stated we are toast. Even if HDC had the largest fleet of Army Tanks in the world they don't have any fuel nor any ammo plus our commander has no clue on how to win any war or save her army but does know how to save herself.
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Thx Lockwolf, all this law bs is tough for the avg Joe six pack to understand, gosh for bid George’s daughter keeps us posted and explains things. Time for the dagger in the heart up date by BQ. Painful for all of us to watch.
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
Just constant excuses from both sides delay after delay and nothing more. HDC knows full well the dagger is sticking all the way through our hearts yet at every corner if it ain't one thing or another we have to feel VennWest or HDC twist the damn dagger. They should be a real company and not hide and at least let us fall the the floor in peace but nope, they are keeping this personal game going between the two corporations.

HDC will allow us to delist then burn the rest of the HDC house down as I predict.
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
So what does it mean Lockwolf. ?
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
So with that it is possible a typical response by a clerk will extend as both parties are OK with this.

All this crap is the typical HDC self greed as far as I'm concern.
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
1/23/24 doc #91 Georgia Court

Defendants Consent motion for extension of time to reply to plaintiff's opposition to defendant's motion for summary judgement

Defendants ................, with consent of Plaintiff VennWest request 7 day extension of time to file reply in support of defendants Motion for summary judgement (doc.86). Plaintiff's response was originally served of Jan 9, 2024 so reply is currently due on Jan 23, 2024.
Defendants request extension as counsel Lee D. Wedekind who is primary responsibility for preparing the reply has COVID 19. Mr Wedekind anticipates being able to finalize defendants Opposition to Defendants Motion for Summary Judgement and extend the deadline for its reply up to and including Jan 30, 2024.
buylow2 buylow2 1 month ago
Looks like no delisting yet, some genius sold 18k shares at zero. Lol, it’s alive, Chazzy where are u?
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
There is absolutely no news throughout the entire spectrum involving HDC, zero. I personally thought we would see some type of movement by Georgia court since the last document was submitted on 1/09/24 by Kevin Kowbel, document number 90.

I, Kevin Kowbel, hereby state, under penalties of perjury, that the statements
contained herein are made of my personal knowledge and are true and correct to
the best of my knowledge:

1. My name is Kevin Kowbel. I am over the age of eighteen and
competent to provide this declaration. The matters stated below are based upon my
personal knowledge, and I have personal knowledge of the facts and documents
discussed herein.

2. I am a current shareholder of Health Discovery Corporation ("HDC").

3. I served on the Board of Directors ofHDC from July 25, 2013 to March
19, 2018. During that time, I served as Chairman of the Board and CEO from July
25, 2013, to February 24, 2017, at which point the other two Board members, Mr.
George McGovern, III, and Mr. William Quirk voted to install Mr. McGovern as
Chairman and CEO.

4. In my tenure as Chairman and CEO of HDC, I did not take a salary at
any point.

5. While Chairman and CEO ofHDC, HDC raised money through private
equity investment and commercializing HDC's intellectual property assets. In
particular, I worked with HDC's then-partner NeoGenomics Laboratories.
The First McGovern-Dengler Loan
Case 1:20-cv-03386-VMC Document 90 Filed 01/09/24 Page 2 of 5

6. The first loan by Mr. McGovern and Mr. Jim Dengler to HDC, for
$300,000.00, was voted on at the Board's October 23, 2017, meeting. (Minutes of
October 23, 2017 Meeting of Board of Directors, attached hereto as Exhibit 1, at 1.)

7. The October 23, 2017, meeting minutes state that "numerous" funding
options were explored by Mr. McGovern for HOC and the Neogenomics litigation.
However, neither during the Board meeting nor any time prior were the possibility
of bankruptcy or any funding options discussed by the Board collectively.

8. At the meeting, I learned that Mr. McGovern had privately discussed
his and Mr. Dengler's loan with every board member (Mr. James Murphy, Mr. Ed
Morrison, and Mr. Marty Delmonte) except me.

9. I demanded that the meeting minutes reflect that all other Board
members were previously informed of Mr. McGovern's loan plan except myself and
that no other options were ever explored or presented to the Board for
consideration-however, my concerns were not included in the minutes.

10. Because it became immediately apparent the Board meeting was a
formality to approve the first McGovern-Dengler loan, I abstained from voting
because I was not given any time to formally consider the terms or introduce
alternative options and wanted to make my stance in opposition to the loan formal.

11. During the meeting, Mr. McGovern also proposed and passed a motion
granting Mr. Murphy and Mr. Morrison stock option awards of 2,000,000 options
Case 1:20-cv-03386-VMC Document 90 Filed 01/09/24 Page 3 of 5
and Mr. Delmonte and Mr. McGovern 3,500,000 options each. I was not awarded
any options by the Board.

12. On March 19, 2018, I resigned from HDC's Board of Directors. (See
HDC Form 8-K dated March 23, 2018, attached hereto as Exhibit 2, at 1.) I believed
the decisions Mr. McGovern was making were not in the best interests of HDC or
its shareholders. I also feared that I could become personally liable for the decisions
the Board had and would continue to make and wanted to separate myself from the
clear self-dealing of the Board.
The Second McGovern-Dengler Loan

13. On April 26, 2019, HDC reported to the SEC, via a Form 8-K filing,
that Mr. McGovern and Mr. Dengler loaned HDC an additional $200,000.00. (HDC
Form 8-K dated April 26, 2019, attached hereto as Exhibit 3, at 1.) However, the
Board actually met and approved the loan on August 1, 2018. (Minutes of August 1,
2018 Meeting of Board of Directors, attached hereto as Exhibit 4, at 1.)

14. The Board of Directors did not inform shareholders that HDC needed
additional funding, nor did the Board solicit any source outside of the Board for
funding before approving the second McGovern-Dengler loan. Accordingly, neither
myself nor other shareholder had an opportunity to offer financial assistance for
consideration by the Board.
Case 1:20-cv-03386-VMC Document 90 Filed 01/09/24 Page 4 of 5

15. The April 26, 2019, Form 8-K states "[A]s previously disclosed, Health
Discovery Corporation (the "Company") issued a convertible promissory note to
George H.McGovern, III ... " Exhibit 3 at 2.However, the Board never informed
shareholders that it had approved the second McGovern-Dengler loan by internal
communication or by required SEC Form 8-K filing at the time the loan was made.
The Third McGovern-Dengler Loan

16. The Board met on April 22, 2019, at which time it discussed the need
for an additional $62,000.00 to fund arbitration costs needed to issue a final ruling.
(Minutes of April 22, 2019, Meeting of Board of Directors, attached hereto as
Exhibit 5, at 2).

17. While the minutes discuss the need for immediate funding, the Board
did not inform shareholders of this need or request funding from any shareholders.

18. Like the second loan, the shareholders and I learned of the third loan
after the fact as the Board did not file SEC updates until after the loans were made.
I declare under penalties of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed on January 3, 2024.
Kevin Kowbel
😡 1
LocWolf LocWolf 1 month ago
I checked two hours ago and see no new court documents.

chazzy1 chazzy1 2 months ago
So, the Kowbel statement is from document # 90. Thanks for all your efforts LocWolf! You provide a unique and valuable service. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
👍️ 1
LocWolf LocWolf 2 months ago
Actually no...what happens with these documents (as you know) is many repeated exhibits repeated over and over so instead of me pulling all that (same exhibits) over and over I post the main discussions for all of us. The document you were looking at was the last one #90. The priors were from 86 onward. I'm just not going to pull stuff that is not needed especially when it is easy to see and know what is transpiring however (not you) but possibly others might wonder or lose the trend as I post. As stated and you have seen the attorneys always recap the past and of course generally 2 pages of signatures I don't want to pay for plus all the duplicating exhibits. At any rate document # 91will be next and I would think HDC will have even more exhibits to counter Vennwest of which are basically the SOS especially sense not a soul seems to be left within HDC however last hope would possibly be James but I just doubt that, might help if Delmonte decides to jump into any response from HDC but I shake my head at just how long HDC has been doing the dog paddle without arms or legs and even if she is on her back you can only float so long before the sharks finally pull you under. .
chazzy1 chazzy1 2 months ago
Thanks LocWolf. Was this information contained in one of the court pdf documents from pacer?
LocWolf LocWolf 2 months ago
Yes, I know of your kind....
Hells Angels
HDC'ers 😎

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