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Sacoil Holdings Stock Will Go North

Oct 16 2012 @ 13:52
Propitious conditions are currently present on Sacoil Holdings stock (LSE:SAC). A ‘buy’ signal has been generated as the price soldiers on towards the north. As far as trading is concerned, price is king. Therefore the one trait all the best traders and investors share is extreme confidence in what they are doing. This gives credence […]

Hetty Green: The Witch of the Stock Market

Oct 13 2012 @ 18:42
LEARN FROM MARKET WIZARDS – PART 7 Hetty Green is considered one of the earliest American value investors and the wealthiest female speculator of her own time. She lived from November 21, 1834 until July 3, 1916 (aged 81). She was the first American woman to make a significant effect on the stock market. Her […]

Go Long on BUMI

Oct 11 2012 @ 15:59
The long term bearish wave on BUMI (LSE:BUMI) is being obviated as the bulls receive approbation to continue their normal activities. This means that BUMI stock is expected to continue to rise. This happens at the time when some other stocks are also rising. Nevertheless, positive biases are not the only cause of this bullish […]

New World Oil and Gas – SELL

Oct 10 2012 @ 08:48
There is a bearish signal on New World Oil and Gas (LSE:NEW) as explained below. This means that the caparisoned bears have left the bulls in utter discomfiture. As a speculator we would do well to bet on what the price is doing. Technical Forecast In some cases, there could be irrationality in the market. […]

Lex van Dam: BBC Million Dollar Traders Secrets

Oct 05 2012 @ 21:00
LEARN FROM MARKET WIZARDS – PART 6 Lex van Dam is a highly successful Dutch trader. He was a student while in Holland. He was attracted to trading because he thought it was a level playing field. He might’ve gone to university but he was still competing against lots of people who didn’t have a […]

The Best Time to Buy Sound Oil Shares?

Oct 03 2012 @ 14:30
Sound Oil stock (LSE:SOU) has become attractive for lovers of trading and investing. Following a very serious and long-term bearish market, a strong rally took place early this week, as the bearish era peters out. The stock is now expected to continue going up, though that does not mean there cannot be bearish candles. There […]

Petrel Resources - BUY SIGNAL

Oct 01 2012 @ 15:58
There is a BUY signal on Petrel Resources (LSE:PET). This market is in an intriguing situation as buying pressures now exist on the stock. Pressure is what makes a market move in a direction, and it showcases what bulls and bears are doing and the kind of emotions they have. What is happening on the […]

Deron Wagner: Stop Losing in the Markets

Sep 28 2012 @ 17:48
LEARN FROM MARKET WIZARDS – PART 5 “Illusions are something very pleasant; but the only disadvantage is that they tend to burst like a bubble.” – Wolfgang Kurz Deron Wagner didn’t know anything about stock markets before 1997. He read about an article that mentioned the performance of stock – something that kindled his […]

Create Resources Holdings: The Stock Is Bound To Rise

Sep 26 2012 @ 17:29
It is expected that the Create Resources Holdings stock (LSE:CRHL) will rise as explained below. Bears do not have any chance here any more! It is high time sellers smoothed their positions and changed their bias (or else they will be caught in a wrong direction). What is bad news for sellers is good news […]

Iofina PLC - BUY

Sep 25 2012 @ 06:33
Iofina PLC shares (LSE:IOF) are expected to continue going up from the upward breakout that occurred on August 24, 2012. Brave speculators stand a chance to harvest financial rewards from this market. The present price situation is testing the courage of investors and traders, no matter the type of trading approach and knowledge possessed. Normally, […]
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