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Intergrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (PK)

Intergrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (PK) (IGPK)

Closed May 23 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.00854 Day's Range 0.0129
0.0004 52 Week Range 0.0198
Previous Close
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Last Trade Time
Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 777,627
PeriodChangeChange %OpenHighLowAvg. Daily VolVWAP

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IGPK Discussion

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brooklyn1955 brooklyn1955 10 minutes ago
I'll buy this POS under 0.0075 to make profits over 0.01 anytime.

Wuhan Fenghuanggou Technology Co., Ltd. and Jun Fenghuang signed a strategic cooperation on industrial digitalizations
2024-04-30 10:01:00 Source: Beijing report

On April 26, 2024, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China formulated the Three-Year Action Plan for Digital Commerce (2024-2026), which will better promote the digital transformation of all areas of commerce, empower economic and social development, and serve the construction of a new development pattern.
delerious1 delerious1 18 minutes ago
" bum bum bum bum" oh so that is part of your translation??? pls don't waste our time with this
DRHUMI DRHUMI 23 minutes ago
First language... Opposite of the translator, who doesn't have Mandarin as his first.
delerious1 delerious1 28 minutes ago
Chiron Chiron 32 minutes ago
What if you are already in jail? Like me
Chiron Chiron 32 minutes ago
I just wish I could still get one for anything without cialis !
Chiron Chiron 39 minutes ago
The “CEO” last night was a bit ridiculous. I think ‘The Market’ has just had enough of the OTC shenanigans
awesomed007 awesomed007 41 minutes ago
I’m back!!! They just let me out from Stocktwits Jail. Feel’s great, done time and now Free🏄‍♂️😁🎉 Go igpk!!
🇧🇴 1 🇴🇲 1 🚀 1
Lawncare1 Lawncare1 50 minutes ago
I tried awhile back. However it’s some truths that were probably true. His making money
delerious1 delerious1 55 minutes ago
"I don't pump stocks." I just spit coffee thru my nose... LMFAO...says the spider to the fly....OMG...does he have any other zingers, I wonder....that was good
misterfishman misterfishman 60 minutes ago
I don't pump stocks. Me saying wait for the amended Q1 to come is not pumping.
delerious1 delerious1 1 hour ago
Do you speakey the english???
DRHUMI DRHUMI 1 hour ago
Oh look at the pumpy dumpy bum bum bum bum....

The pumpy dumpy has lumpies dropping out of his depends oh bum bum bum bum....

"This stock will be the next Amazon" says the pumpy dumpy bum bum bum bum...

"Just buy a bunch so I can unload all my shares" says the pumpy dumpy bum bum....

"Watch the interview where you can't tell anything he is saying and trust every word" rum bum bum bum bum....

"Give all your money and then wait till the next paycheck to average down at .0007" rum bum bum bum bum....

IF.... IF he spoke English and told a bunch of fluff, that's one thing, but he could have been reading ANYTHING as far as you people know, and you STILL believe it...

👍️ 1 😂 1 ❓️ 1
delerious1 delerious1 1 hour ago
I'm beginning to think you have a hardon for Dwyer and don't really care what's going on here
bgoat bgoat 1 hour ago
News flash, verified news; the crows wings are clipped!! He’s flipping around looking for worms
sicofbs sicofbs 2 hours ago
Lol.. you guys have been pumping for Dwyer all day 😂😂😂 yes the next planned pump and dump is the financials .. these mistakes are making fools out the pumpers here .. so stupid they pump for Dwyer day after day .. dumbest people om the internet 🤡
You too could snagged 40% percent today and bought back in .. trade with Dwyer 😊
carolinatiger carolinatiger 2 hours ago
Put it this way. Noone will talk me into selling. When playing on free shares and already made a good profit. Holding for much higher which I have time.
👍️ 5
misterfishman misterfishman 2 hours ago
This stock will go up when the amended Q1 result come out. the word of a CEO was not enough to rally the stock.we need hard facts and numbers to do that
👍️ 1 🤣 1
delerious1 delerious1 2 hours ago
Did you like what you heard last night...all of it??
🤏 1
delerious1 delerious1 2 hours ago
You must have watched a different show yesterday than I
Reac Reac 3 hours ago
90 Million user “China Amazon” multi $Billion e-commerce behemoth in the making here. For less than a penny? People are loading up here IMO.
🤣 1
LandPro LandPro 3 hours ago
Thanks for being part of that entertainment I mentioned,,LOL
delerious1 delerious1 3 hours ago
"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (“OIEA”) is issuing this Investor Alert to warn investors about fraudsters who may attempt to manipulate share prices by using social media to spread false or misleading information about stocks."
"One way fraudsters may exploit social media is to engage in a market manipulation, such as spreading false and misleading information about a company to affect the stock’s share price. Wrongdoers may perpetuate stock rumors on social media, as well as on online bulletin boards and in Internet chat rooms.The false or misleading rumors may be positive or negative."
"Investors who learn of investing opportunities from social media should always be on the lookout for fraud...... "
Res Ipsa Loquitur Res Ipsa Loquitur 3 hours ago
So many blocked messages. I guess the dipshit brigade was out in full force this afternoon.
DRHUMI DRHUMI 3 hours ago
Remember, starting next Wednesday with T+1, it will be much easier to dump all high volume stinky pinkys...
🤡 1
surfkast surfkast 3 hours ago
How many of you dummies are down today> PSSSST. It will get worse tomorrow with a three day weekend!
🏁 1 👍️ 1 🗑️ 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
sicofbs sicofbs 4 hours ago
They are full of 💩 … they aren’t even trying .. if people don’t ask the OTC for help and hire a good attorney they’ll be gone before you can blink .. like tggi .. silent .. Dwyer’s gone ..who will you call then … no IR link because they don’t plan to be around that long .. there is a great federal prosecutor we’ve used before and he puts the people in front of only hanging judges .. it’s time boys and girls .. last time .. they clawed back 70k right back to me and everyone in the class as well …the criminals lost everything they owned ..put on the street penniless … the old man from France put in prison 👏😂👏
💩 1 🤡 2
sicofbs sicofbs 4 hours ago
It’s hilarious, that the useful idiots are here all day everyday pumping for matt Dwyer to make more money .. you can’t make this low iq shit up…. anyone who tried to talk sense to them … is blocked … go back in your moms basement .. get in the trailer 😂
Last night .. was the pump today was the dump .. read that a couple times and just maybe.. 🤣 never mind 🤦‍♂️
🤡 1
GetSeriousOK GetSeriousOK 5 hours ago
Review all your client’s disclosure documents and work with them to make needed corrections before the documents are uploaded to It is the responsibility of the company and their attorney to review all disclosure for accuracy and completeness before making it publicly available to investors and OTC Markets Group.Oops. That step got missed... how many times? four, counting the Notice of Late Filing, in the course of one week?

I'm sure they can get this ticker back to "Pink Current" but why would anyone take this company seriously now?
🇧🇦 1 🇧🇴 1 🇴🇲 1 🚀 1
Hunterdave Hunterdave 5 hours ago
Guess they just accept the short term capital gains tax on each trade.
sicofbs sicofbs 5 hours ago
Lol.. they’re kicking shit out of this disaster … when will they manage to file correct financial information 🤷‍♂️😂… have they’ve explained how Dwyer is getting 100s of millions of shares to dump… it’s fairly obvious they have little attention to go forward with this idea because if they were even a little bit serious that would have an up and running investor relations website …I don’t doubt they’ll be long gone before the end of June the way they’ve treated investors …better get on this kids.. these people have been fleecing you for 7 months now … someone in Florida needs to have a talk with Dwyer ….why is he slaughtering investors .. if he actually is .. he’s probably in his little strip mall office everyday slapping the shit out of you all … and please stop pumping for him 😂😂😂 it’s a confederacy of dunces here
🖕 1 🗑️ 1 🤡 2
FrankMD FrankMD 5 hours ago
Typical day traders getting out at the end of the day. IMO.
👍️ 3
1hot toddy 1hot toddy 5 hours ago
👍️ 1 🤣 1
linkvest linkvest 5 hours ago
Yeah is got walked down by 6 ticks just now... Oh well at least I'm Green again lol...
👍️ 3
1hot toddy 1hot toddy 5 hours ago
👍️ 3
trademax42 trademax42 5 hours ago
One tick flippers wont let it. imo

Be nice to see this at least ,01 for the day.
👍️ 3
delerious1 delerious1 5 hours ago
you scared me for a minute
rdw1954 rdw1954 5 hours ago
My bad You are correct. I misread the Schwab alert. Apologies.
delerious1 delerious1 5 hours ago
I thot this was going to the moon after the interview last night
👍️ 2 🤡 1
JEM165 JEM165 6 hours ago
Thats for the bond market. We are all day Friday and off Monday all day.$IGPK
Bobinsd Bobinsd 6 hours ago
I seem to get frequent interuptions from antivirus software when using Ihub. It is time consi=uming.
Does anyone have a solution?
🏃 1
BADALI BADALI 6 hours ago
After old management out mental
Monkey should go with the old management because they are associated with them
1hot toddy 1hot toddy 6 hours ago
Hunterdave Hunterdave 6 hours ago
Need an attorney letter
delerious1 delerious1 6 hours ago
I disagree a late Q1 will force it to Pink Limited....there is a big error on it and they won't accept it with an error so it is now late....that's how I see it
BADALI BADALI 6 hours ago
Pink limited is not issue. When reports file late it comes up. It is all timing with otc. Otc is also slow when you file again then takes a time.
Anymore No RS , EM mental
Monkey made fear here.
Buy and hold it will reach $4 easily .
👌 1 🤥 1
linkvest linkvest 6 hours ago
Be nice to see this at least ,01 for the day... almost 75 million shares traded and 841 trades.
👍️ 1
rdw1954 rdw1954 6 hours ago
Remember market closes at 2 pm EST tomorrow.
brooklyn1955 brooklyn1955 6 hours ago
GetSeriousOK...OTC Pink Limited.. I agree on the amended attorney letter as well. I think the sequence
of filings were not in the order as required not data revenue error.
The results on the 1st qtr ( whether they are accurate or not) would not precipitate the OTC designation back to Limited.
OTC Markets Group Offers New Guidance for Submitting Attorney Letters
Review all your client’s disclosure documents and work with them to make needed corrections before the documents are uploaded to It is the responsibility of the company and their attorney to review all disclosure for accuracy and completeness before making it publicly available to investors and OTC Markets Group.
Financial Statements – Ensure that the financial statements are complete, correctly dated, and prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP · Beneficial Owner Identification – Ensure that corporate entities on any disclosure are accompanied by the name of the control person(s) for those entities.
Accurately list which Report(s) are covered in the Attorney Letter and on which dates those Report(s) were published to by the company.
Consistent disclosure of shell status under the SEC definition.

Anyone else have suggestions, please reply.. Thanks in advance.
👍️ 1 🤹 1
BADALI BADALI 6 hours ago
Gap filled it will spike end of the day.
Tomorrow is the last day then long weekend . No trade on Monday.
Tuesday will follow new DTCC rule regarding shorting the stocks.
$4 pps reachable without RS
All DD is solid here and. Last night interview verified all the facts. Period
Buy and hold if anyone wants millionaire with $JFHE
Possible ticker will change next month anytime.
👌 1 👍️ 1

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