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Revance Therapeutics Inc

Revance Therapeutics Inc (RVNC)

Closed May 20 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:26PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
2.500.651.600.751.1250.1525.00 %27595/20/2024 %433755/20/2024

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
2.500. %0117-
5.001.702.751.802.2250.000.00 %015-

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RVNC Discussion

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alertmeipp alertmeipp 1 hour ago
I think that’s already happening. The blue sky scenario here is Daxxify and RHA will become the market leader in the next few years

You can do an estimation on how much each share will worth if that happens
go seek go seek 3 hours ago
Calf slimming with DAXXIFY
alertmeipp alertmeipp 4 hours ago
seems just among those willing the share their holding (couple thru PMs) ... we are holding close to half a million share among the board members. Wont be surprised to see as high as 5%+ total holdings.
YY1000 YY1000 7 hours ago
He needs to figure out how to disseminate techniques that work to injectors. I keep hearing from KOLs that for some patients duration is inconsistent across the face muscles. For instance a patient may start seeing movement in the frontalis before the glabella. Then the patient comes in for a free touchup (these practices charge by the area and not by units). This means the doctor has an appointment that doesn't produce revenue, and the patient has to make an extra trip. Based on what soma has written, this is likely because these doctors haven't figured out how to adjust dosing off-label for areas other than the glabella. No easy solution here as RVNC cannot market off label. They need to get the injectors that have figured that part out to disseminate the information to their colleagues.

I have been thinking a lot why I have done so poorly on this investment, and I believe my biggest mistake was to think of Daxi as another toxin instead of (as someone has already said) a new drug. A better drug, but not another toxin like Jeuveau...
👍️ 6
go seek go seek 8 hours ago
God knows RVNC investors need some relief! Today felt like a bottom@ $2.90. I’ll call it.
👍️ 1 😐️ 1 🤞 1
Emannow Emannow 8 hours ago
Ask Foley how would he like to see Daxi priced to the patient and why the RVNC Physician Finder Website does not have a link back the injectors/practice Daxi page to further educate the patient? Educated on Daxi advantages and Daxi prices!

Price is the #1 barrier for patients.
👍️ 1
usma67korea usma67korea 8 hours ago
1) investors and market concern for debt convertibles.

2) cannot do any more offerings.

3) cannot miss revenue estimates

4) accelerate lowering expenses further. still way too heavy on expenses for sub $500M company

no one believes Foley. not analysts. not investors. surely not shorts. this is not a one time event to turnaround, but he needs to earn trust. communicate progress more often. lessen debt/financing concerns we all have
👍️ 3 💯 1
Bullish249 Bullish249 8 hours ago
That is a good question, I will ask him.
👍️ 2 🤝 1
randychub randychub 9 hours ago
Ask him why he has not picked up a few hundred thousand shares at this price.
👍️ 5 💯 1
Bullish249 Bullish249 9 hours ago
22k shares @ $6.20 average

I'll be attending a dinner with Foley later this month, any good questions for him? Other than when will the shareholders see some relief...
👍️ 3 🤔 1
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 14 hours ago
Thanks Go Seek. Your Instagram links keeps the hope alive.
👍️ 1
usma67korea usma67korea 14 hours ago
40k shares @ 3.13 average. been swing trading mostly for few months (slight loss) but now holding for 2-3 QTRs or more. just want to give summer and 2 ERs (next two), before adding or exiting at loss.. love the product, hate the mgmt. EOLS is certainly not more valuable than RVNC (fact). at this rate, at some pt, hostile takeover will occur. bankruptcy fears on twitter unjustified.
👍️ 1
go seek go seek 1 day ago
I think DAXXIFY is a keeper!
Tomdontworry Tomdontworry 1 day ago
Activist investor, similar to what happened to Disney recently. You buy into a company, then voice your disagreement of management/trajectory/strategy, and force a board seat vote. If majority of shareholders back you, well, you plant yourself or your person(s) onto the board and have a say in decisions.
👍️ 1
alertmeipp alertmeipp 1 day ago
>> 3% necessary for representation vote.

Could you explain what's this about?
Tomdontworry Tomdontworry 2 days ago
I wont disclose how many i have but collectively we could probably gather the 3% necessary for representation vote.
👍️ 2
stocksrising stocksrising 2 days ago
Roughly 25k over several accounts and probably another 10k when the 7.5/5/2.5 strikes get PUT to me by October..should bring avg. cost to down to low teens, ouch but still keeping the faith by year end :) …53 years of investing and working on Wall Street has me immune to drops like this!!! We WILL recover, Product superiority over shitty
(initial )management rollout !!!
👍️ 5
MrMILL MrMILL 2 days ago
Own 84k at $4.60 average. Not good, but been here before and prevailed! Hopefully can do the same here!
👍️ 1
PioneerUniverse8 PioneerUniverse8 2 days ago
90k total across several accounts. Deeply underwater (more than 50 percent) but this is nothing unusual for me, been in biotechs since 2013.
👍️ 3
alertmeipp alertmeipp 2 days ago
I own a bit more and with higher cost. Have been adding here and there. Will add what next couple years bring. Worst case is a zero, blue sky scenario is many folds higher from here.
👍️ 1
tika1 tika1 2 days ago
10K shares average average $7.50, the worst performance in my portfolio. Not adding not selling.
👍️ 2
alertmeipp alertmeipp 2 days ago
For those willing to share. How many shares do you guys own?
go seek go seek 3 days ago
DAXXIFY Treatment… epicentredallas
👍️ 2
go seek go seek 3 days ago
DAXXIFY Treatment…
👍️ 1
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 3 days ago
A toxic toxin company..(tm)
👍️ 2 💩 1
go seek go seek 4 days ago
DAXXIFY Days are coming!
👍️ 2
Lishur Lishur 4 days ago
Average 21 ..that's too much pain. Good luck. I am at average cost of mid 5
alertmeipp alertmeipp 4 days ago
My capital has been adding too

It’s ugly but couldn’t resist the potential upside

And the drug IS working
👍️ 1
TimelessGoblin26 TimelessGoblin26 4 days ago
Just aggregate the information here. Four bio funds posted new position in RVNC in Q1:
Perceptive Advisors: 600,000 shares
Opaleye Management: 785,000 shares
Tang Capital: 200,000 shares
Stonepine Capital: 1,976,342 shares

Perceptive also holds 5,753,798 shares EOLS, up from 3,963,424 last Q.
Opaleye doesn't own EOLS.
Tang 4,147,399 shares EOLS, up from 3,097,399 last Q.
Stonepine holds 2,674,356 shares EOLS, down from 5,333,004 last Q.
👍️ 3
stocksrising stocksrising 4 days ago
For sure!!
Shorts & MM’s know that Retail holds 20-25% of shares out and that most Brokerage’s will require 100% SM ( Margin Requirement/Special Maintenance: 50% currently @ Schwab)…this will put pressure on traders using leverage ( I personally know this, In Trading account)…fortunately core position in other ‘safe’ accounts :)
Sold some more Puts ( Oct. $2.5 strike) and if excercised, average cost ~$2ish) …sad, but in my opinion this is the only way to DCA down!!! :(
Lishur Lishur 4 days ago
It wants to trade below 3
👍️ 1
go seek go seek 4 days ago
🤔The product is fantastic! Everybody loves the product!
edcoolidge edcoolidge 4 days ago
Money losing companies with significant debt and no clear trajectory to reach breakeven before they run out of cash. There's many of them. The assumption is that these companies will eventually be unable to raise more cash and go bankrupt. Many will. Most of these companies didn't even exist before the ZIRP era and have never had to face an environment like this. Foley has totally mismanaged capital allocation. The shotgun share sale earlier this year after saying they were funded to breakeven only increased investor distrust in management.
👍️ 4
Tal10 Tal10 4 days ago
Nothing matters, IMO, until we hear some positive news out of management that gets Wall Street's attention. We need something to buck the trend. Shorts are going to ride this horse until then.
👍️ 3
stocksrising stocksrising 4 days ago
Jim Silverman (Opaleye Prez) was helpful in building position in one of my other Bio's and recently took profits (freed up Approx $6mm) ...hopefully he's redeploying at $3's ( that's where he sold TARA at)...
stocksrising stocksrising 4 days ago
Nasdaq hasn't posted updated SI( 5/15/24)...will post when avail if it even rally matters!!!
Tal10 Tal10 4 days ago
Strange the similarities this stock has to PLUG when you do a 1 year chart comparison. Feels like Revance has been put into a bucket of stocks that some hedgies are just shorting over and over and over and over.
👍️ 1
alertmeipp alertmeipp 5 days ago
Seems they are one of the subscribers to the recent offering.
Avg cost: $6.42...
0.05% of their holdings.

Hope they will average down.
👍️ 1
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 5 days ago
Thank you wowster. I don’t have the ability now to flush that out..
wowster wowster 5 days ago
They bought 600k shares.
👍️ 1
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 5 days ago
Curious, how large is the Perceptive's purchase?
TimelessGoblin26 TimelessGoblin26 5 days ago
Perceptive's 13F shows a new position in RVNC. This is one of the best biotech funds out there. I guess the value is so low it starts to attract attention.
👍️ 5 😍 1
DaveAu DaveAu 5 days ago
I guess that was the recent financing so people paying closer attention probably already know this.
DaveAu DaveAu 5 days ago
Opaleye filing for Q2 shows a new position in RVNC since last quarter. 785,000 shares at 4.92 average cost.
👍️ 1
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 5 days ago
Whew, not even a positive tic up in the price today.
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 5 days ago
Soma, thank you as that is a very important point…
👍️ 1
soma2022 soma2022 5 days ago
the ipsen numbers are what ipsen sells their toxin to galderma for. Galderma then marks it up and sells to doctors. guessing at 70% GMs = similar to what Evolus does. So divide ipsen numbes by 0.3 for rough estimate of Galderma sales would be my guess.
👍️ 2
RVNCfan RVNCfan 6 days ago
Toxin companies sales data

From the last quarter Ipsen released their US aesthetic only data, which could show Galderma's sales data.

Please refer to the below link
👍️ 7
AXRX4952 AXRX4952 6 days ago
this is 100% true. I wish they launched Daxi CD first then Aesthetic...We would be in a much different place with a different set of HCP's doing the test drive.
👍️ 1
soma2022 soma2022 6 days ago
Where are you getting your Galderma sales data from? Think that is worldwide sales for dysport and fillers? whereas your Botox numbers are USA only.
🤔 1

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