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Todos Med Ltd (PK)

Todos Med Ltd (PK) (TOMDF)

Closed March 01 04:00PM

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TOMDF Discussion

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JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 hours ago
Hey, just a thought... any chance a young woman in a maid's outfit will answer the door when I visit? Might want to get a couple of pics together. Or does daddy like to dress up in that outfit. Given your vast pic collection of black CEOs, you might like this video I selected just for you.

Also, should I call before dropping by? You know, as a common courtesy, to give you time to change.

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 hours ago
Tell us again why it's important to provide the name of a Construction Estimating Services company to the host of an investor conference call involving a medical diagnostics company.

Claiming it was an error is the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard. Not once, but TWICE. Are you possibly related to the guy on another call who said he was from Burlington Coat Factory? I imagine everyone listening to that call though to themselves, "What an idiot!" But I bet he sounded like a private investor on the call, with a legitimate question, not a buffoon pretending to be an investment analyst, kissing the CEO's ass so blatently it nauseated everyone listening.

Did you listen to the calls again? What was your favorite word used by the JWP Inc. buffoon? I'm guessing it was CONGRATULATIONS!! LMFAO

I felt the buffoon analyst was MAGNANIMOUS in the presentation of his comments... except for the hundreds of "uh's" and "ah's".
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 3 hours ago
JPetroInc JPetroInc 3 hours ago
yeah you know a lot about drugs don't you

hasta leugo WarpCore61

MOO loco
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 4 hours ago
I'm guessing she scores only the best rock for daddy... or maybe she tries to get the rock cut with the bad white powder from Mexico... you know, in return for daddy flittering away her college money on penny stocks. Maybe daddy has an life insurance policy that would pay for college. 😉

Answer the question about the disgraced nuclear submariner. WTF are you talking about?

Plus, didn't you have me on IGNORE? As with anyone afflicted with GDS, you simply can't help yourself.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 4 hours ago
yeah OK "JOEY"

ohhh the boggie man has me in his nav

how's that TOMDF Fidelity account lookin these daze...?

big man

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 4 hours ago
Left you a reply on ST. We should meet. I already have your address programmed into my nav system. You can show me in person that agreement with "Gerry".
JPetroInc JPetroInc 4 hours ago
wow JOEY you're loosing it Pal...

posting pics of crack addicts smoking crack pipes - nice...!

go TOMDF go ...

MOO shill
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 4 hours ago
disgraced nuclear submariner???
WTF are you smoking?
Did your girl trade some stolen CDs for that rock?

🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 4 hours ago
yeah ask your butt-wip CEO palzzee wowzee

what he did to Jack Brewer...?

you he and the TOMDF Boiler Room Pump boys are all POS

poor Gerald - completely F'd up 2 public securities in a row

wow what a great Stanford University Financial Engineer he turned out to be

AMBS and TOMDF shareholders just love him for destroying they're investment in him

SMH - pathetic

JPetroInc JPetroInc 4 hours ago
sorry mate, but you're a total idiot

and a disgraced nuclear submariner - lolzzz

redspeed redspeed 5 hours ago
Gerald Commissiong@G_Commish
… yeah, and I did a deal with a CDC scientist that blew up because he lied through his teeth. So color me skeptical
Feb 29, 2024

Was the fake stock analyst, fake doctor also a fake CDC scientist too?
redspeed redspeed 6 hours ago
I would think after that 2nd call. GC told the operator... if that guy ever calls in again, don't take his questions.
It's very painful to listen too. Even Dave Ludlow called in and sounded normal. He was the guy that went to the conference and took a picture.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 6 hours ago
My favorite "analyst" word was magnanimously and was spelled wrong in the previous post.
redspeed redspeed 6 hours ago
That was a spit take moment. Prolly the biggest umm, ahhh word the Laughing Stock Analyst knew. Was apparently gonna say the word, whether it made sense or not on GC conference call.

BTW, JWP, Inc has trademarked their name and can sue anyone for infringing on that trademark even if it's close to their name. Laughing Stock Analyst can plead ignorance I guess.

Can you imagine someone thinking they are doing business with JWP, Inc and get the other one?

Q: Why are we meeting at the library? Don't you have 220 offices globally?
A: ummm, ahhh, I had to... ummm, ahhh return some of my ummm, ahhh Dr. Seuss books that were ummm, ahhh way overdue.
🤣 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 6 hours ago
What's your favorite analyst word or phrase from these calls?

I know he wore out the CONGRATULATIONS, but my favorite is MAGNAMOUSLY. Big words from the small-minded analyst. You didn't hear the other analysts using big words to impress. They also didn't fall all over themselves congratulating the company and advisors the way this buffoon did. They kept their praise brief and to the point. I imagine "Gerry" and others on the call all had to take a crap after the call ended, nauseated from the ridiculous amount of ass kissing from the one analyst.

I'm referring to the full audio of these calls. If anyone wants a copy, please send request to The idiot moderator believes that is me. See how that works for you.

Or if you have a working brain and are not roped into delusional beliefs of our board moderator/stock analyst, let me know here and I can post a link to the full audio files provided to me. LMAO
🤠 1 🤣 1
redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
What umm, ah stuttering blowhard umm, ah, umm, ah the Laughing Stock Analyst is. Those that haven't heard it before wouldn't know from reading the umm, ah, transcript, they were super umm, ah kind enough to edit that out.

umm, ah, umm, ah notice he was trying to pontificate like he was an industry savant instead of umm, ah, umm, ah getting right to the umm, ah, umm, ah question.

Maybe when GC heard him on the umm, ah, call, the besties deal was umm, ah, off? Had I've known he had umm, ah anything to do with the company, I would have sold.
👍️ 1 🤣 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 7 hours ago
You were representing a Construction Estimating Services company on a medical research/diagnostics company investor conference call? LMAO Yeah, that makes sense. Everyone knows you were trying to present yourself as an analyst.

And since your company name is J.W. Petrosino Inc., not JWP Inc., why didn't you give the correct company name to the host?

Blue Book Construction Network listing

You are full of shit. You wanted to be presented as an analyst on both calls. Red tells me there was another AMBS call where some idiot was introduced as being from Burlington Coat Factory. Are you like that idiot? If you were employed at Dominos Pizza or Chuck E. Cheese would you have given that as your company?

The SEC will undoubtedly reject your lame excuse as well. Good luck with that.
🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 7 hours ago
more lies JOEY - or is it really WarpCore61 = lolzzz

best check the later CC - it was my company I was representing - not a stock analyst dufus

here's to the lying fake IP address, burner phone, multiple alias "JoeyForkitBolo" TOMDF shill tout and dolt:

just how many fake IP address, burner phone, multiple aliases does "JoeyForkitBolo" have...?

SMH can't make this stuff up folks...!

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 7 hours ago
John Petrosino presented as stock analyst on 2 Amarantus conference calls. Audio files shortened to eliminate all discussion except:

1. Host introduction of each caller
2. The kissing 👄 "Gerry's" ass buffoonery of the "analyst"... a few minutes of entertainment. 🤣

Notice how ALL other callers who are private investors identified themselves that way to the host. Why didn't John Petrosino identify himself as a private investor?

Also notice how all the other callers and analysts refer to GC as Gerald. Only the "analyst" refers to him as Gerry... like they are friends.

Two calls almost a year apart, same mistake made, same lame excuse. No one is buying this any more than his pump-and-dump attempt following his Come To Jesus call with "Gerry".

Thanks to AMBS investors who provided the audio files. You know who you are. Much appreciated. 👍️ This moron still believes I am several of you now posting as JFB. Covid brain fog? Gerald Derangement Syndrome? Frustration with losing money on every investment? Take your pick. He checks all those boxes.

AMBS Conference Call - NOV 2013

AMBS Conference Call - SEP 2014
redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
Oh and if the fake stock analyst was on company conference calls pumping the stock, he didn't make any disclosures of any agreements he had with the company.

1.) Pumping the stock CHECK
2.) Pretending to be a stock analyst CHECK
3.) No broker or financial license CHECK
4.) No proper disclosures CHECK

Seems like shareholders could recover some loses on this one.

JPetroInc JPetroInc 7 hours ago
this is 100% correct - you're finally admitting to the fact

that I was never a stock analyst - how kind of you to finally admit it - Duh...!

"The other one never worked a day in his life in the financial industry as an analyst."
here's the only legitimate, certified and legal stock analysts employed by AMBS:

do you see my name on this document ...?

no - so everything you stated WRT me is a lie on top of all the other lies you've made against me and my family

ain't that right sports - and you know it too - what a walking talking POS

this is 100% wrong - and yet another lie by the lying Mista Redspudda:

"Gave the company name JWP Inc, but was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. They prolly are well aware of this clown trying to ride their coattails."
proof JWP Inc was mine sport - read it and weep scum bucket:

time to kick it for the evening

I'm done playing with you 2 clowns for the day:

SMH - Redspudda and JoeyForkitBolo - what shills touts and dolts folks...!

MOO putzes
redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
Not a newbie investor. He was bragging on how he introduced Gerald to LPC.

Then he was posting about what seemed like some extortion scheme on how GC needed to write Dickie V a check in the backroom. I can post that again.

Guy is 100% shady which is why I have him on ignore.
redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
This must be the template he used with Gerald...

or was it this one? May need another 'come to jesus' meeting to get the truth (or a bunch more lies).

🤣 1
redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
The kicker was...

JWP Inc. isn't even his company. He never registered his company as JWP Inc. It was one BIG lie.

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 8 hours ago
There are two possibilities:

1. JPetro was a newbie investor on his first investment conference call and gave company name when asked because he didn't understand it would be presented that way on the call and transcript.

2. JPetro was intentionally trying to present himself as an analyst on the call, not as an individual investor. Pump the ego for himself, and come across as an analyst for others on the call.

Now, if #1 was true, JPetro would have to admit he was new to investor calls and unaware the name would be used that way. But by the time of the second conference call a year later, he should have known to answer the question as "I'm a private investor" instead of again providing the company name when asked. Every other private/individual investor on both calls were identified as such... except for John Petrosino from JWP Inc. Did he forget about the "error" on the first call a year earlier? I don't think so. Covid was a long way off and the memory loss wasn't an issue back then.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 8 hours ago
not alleged - that agreement exists

Ref: Novian & Novian, LLP Law firm
1801 Century Park E Suite 1201
Los Angeles, CA 90067

I'll send you a copy here: - lolzzz

I know what you and Mista Redspudda are trying to do - and I ain't going to take your bait brah

I know you communicate with the twice failed CEO hack

but hey, good fortunes to you in your TOMDF investment sport

oh TOMDF is dissolved - tisk tisk moron...!

MOO tout
redspeed redspeed 8 hours ago
This is a snippet from another call on how private investors (non fake stock analysts) are represented on the company conference calls Gerald had. I've blanked on the name since he wasn't trying to pretend to be a stock analysts.

Notice the guy didn't say congratulations 5-6 times nor asked long windbagged question and got right to the point without eating up all the time? Notice the others that called into the call were asking genuine questions and not trying to pump up the stock for personal gains.


Thank you. We have time for one more question. Our last question comes from _________ private investor.

I wanted to ask about the LymPro data, the late-breaking abstract. What is the criteria or in terms of wanting to submit these late-breaking, can you just elaborate a little bit more on why that’s special and what that means potentially for shareholders?
redspeed redspeed 8 hours ago
"on the advice of my attorney"

Was he from Dewey, Cheatem and Howe? LMAO

I guess the case against GC the company CEO not going too well TEN YEARS LATER. Hahahaha
Any SMART lawyer that actually do something about it, would have told him to shut up and stop pretending to be a financial advisor.

redspeed redspeed 8 hours ago
Some more on the Stock Analyst...

Based on extensive research...
One worked for Zacks but was fired. The other one never worked a day in his life in the financial industry as an analyst. Gave the company name JWP Inc, but was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. They prolly are well aware of this clown trying to ride their coattails.

Apparently, he was scamming all along he was a financial analyst giving out fake recommendations and telling potential investors to Buy Buy Buy on social media, all without a license or proper disclosures. A lot of people lost a lot of money that didn't know he was only pretending to be a financial analyst on calls. The gushing on calls was a good tip off.

Jason Napodano – Zacks
John Petrosino – JWP Incorporated

Here's a link to the transcript of the conference call with Gerald. It's pretty recent. Less than 10 years old.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 9 hours ago
prove that was a lie Mista Redspudda

you can't - and you know it - but your just too cute for trying

simply stated, I was asked for my name and what company I was affiliated with

that was my answer - and it still holds true to this day - next....!!!

SMH - how stoopid can 1 B...?

sell me this pen Redsie

MOO shill
redspeed redspeed 9 hours ago
He told them his company was JWP Inc. and that's how he was presented.

And that is another 100% lie from the liar. He doesn't own, work for, nor had the rights to speak on behalf of JWP Inc. He was pretending all along to not only be presented as a Stock Analyst, but to actually work for a reputable company.

JWP Inc. isn't the name of the Laughing Stock Analyst's carney. That name is owned by a real company and has been for many years.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 10 hours ago
sure do....
"Yeppers you still here--even you can't understand why you are still here."
here to keep the uninformed informed ...!

MOO reality
JPetroInc JPetroInc 10 hours ago
hey Mista Redspudda

TOMDF shill tout and dolt...

how's that $79.99 Red Light special & Fire Sale TolloUp special going...?

you know the one - the great tasting fake Chinese gromwell root TolloUp Buttercup OTC tincture...?

they can't even give it away for that kind of money...!

you and your faithless lap dawg multiple alias fake IP addy & burner phone bud JOEY ...

are prolly the only 2 idiots buying that crappola

or better yet - how's your Crowd-Funding going Sport...?

oh they cancelled the Crowd Funding - beauce TOMDF went dissolved - like in bye bye....?

oh really now - you don't say - no surprise there - you and your Boiler Room Pump Boy ilk was warned

I guess those 9 TOMDF GiddyUp TolloUp horsies are still running - eh Mista RedSpudda...?

Redspudda - what a laughing stock

MOO putz
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 10 hours ago
The alleged agreement with GC from his Amarantus days. I wonder if that was related to the Come to Jesus call he had with GC.

Claims he can't reveal the agreement nor sell his AMBS shares "on the advice of my attorney". What a load of crap.

Continues to claim the analyst introduction on the conference call was an error by the host. He forgot this occurred on 2 different conference calls almost a year apart. I have obtained both recordings thanks to supportive AMBS investors. He is identified as an analyst on both calls. It wasn't an error by the host. He told them his company was JWP Inc. and that's how he was presented. All other retail investors were identified as a private investor. Giving the company name is only relevant if he's an analyst, and that's how he wanted himself to be presented on the call. He is full of crap.
redspeed redspeed 11 hours ago
Laughing Stock Todos Analyst back already? That didn't last long. Back to have some more conversations with himself?

He never did post his alleged agreement with GC.

Prolly because the Laughing Todos Stock Analyst would look pretty, pretty, pretty shady if it was reveled.

Was it...?

I'll pump your stock if you give me more pictures of yourself or my collection and a signed autogragh?
theswordman theswordman 11 hours ago
only left thing' hanging around' is you & your worthless TOMDF toilet paper stock certificates

And YOU??

Yeppers you still here--even you can't understand why you are still here.
🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 12 hours ago
yeah unfortunately TOMDF had their trial sport

$TOMDF - Todos Medical Announces Insolvency Proceedings in Israel— Todos Medical (@todosmedical) December 22, 2023

and here's the results - in live and living color no less

you know - for those who maybe blind

SMH so much for fable TOMDF

and the story of Cinderella and Dopey - umh I mean Redspudder?

no more pumpin this TOMDF shite

dissolved - liquidated - insolvent

MOO stoooopid
JPetroInc JPetroInc 13 hours ago
now this ain't right Mr Redspudder

like the rest of us posters, who post links about Todos and the industry
in case you didn't know it - Todos Medical is dissolved Brah:,the%20Company%20going%20through%20liquidation.

nothing to post about - nothing to pump about - eh Redspudder

MOO dolt
JPetroInc JPetroInc 13 hours ago
hey how's that TOMDF doing these daze....?

oh that's right, TOMDF is no longer in business

Todos Medical is dissolved Sporto

only left thing' hanging around' is you & your worthless TOMDF toilet paper stock certificates

now that's a success story - right Mr. Redsputter?

SMH - you were warned - nuff said

MOO burp
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
I'm sort surprised he's allowed to be a board mod any place as it seems he can't control his emotions and focus on the company like the rest of us posters, who post links about Todos and the industry. All he does is repost the same crap over and over again, which is why most of have have him on ignore.

Maybe he can find some soap on a rope made out of Gromwell root?

redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
I know, right? The Laughing Stock Analyst prolly shipping his chaps in the hoosegow when he read that.

A dozen companies focused on 3CL Protease Inhibitor and Todos at the top of the list!

Gerald was right all along.

It's too bad some that got hospitalized with severe Covid which has now ravaged their body, organ and brain may be to far gone, even for 11 doctors to help.

On the bright side. Maybe they are in a warm place?

theswordman theswordman 1 day ago
D A M N--that is a great find

Gotta give credit where credit is due. T O D O S
theswordman theswordman 1 day ago
Well Well Well--what do we have here

What has been discussed here YEARS??--viral persistence
Where??--intestines with X feet of twisting turning nooks and crannys
What else??--gut dysbiosis

Just to go out on a limb here--what will be the answer to solving viral persistence/ reservoirs--3CL Protease Inhibitors
👍️ 1
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
3CL Protease Inhibitor Market Research Report, Its History and Forecast 2024 to 2031 - 1 day ago

Todos at the top of the list, even above F-F-Pfizer

redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
What a dope. That ain't going to look good at the trial.

Send him a cake with a bottle of TolloVID inside. Prolly easy to catch Covid again there.

redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
After I saw your first post, I did a search on fullscript dispensary and signed up with some other ones only to fine all the other ones were $99.99 a bottle. So the $79.99 is a pretty good deal from Rthm, Inc.

Prolly driving the laughing stock analyst I may be the biggest TolloVID customer in the last week with a total of 4 bottles purchased.
theswordman theswordman 2 days ago
Sorta surprised. IHUB relaxed the rules. Yet deputy dawg gets suspended every few weeks; would think/hope at some point they will suspend/ban him for indefinite --see if he can figure it out. Make their job a lot easier

Of course lil Less will reappear--along with 1-2 others

Sorta like his "stock analyst" excuse. I could see that happening once but most would correct the operator or the CEO when they stated it "wrong". But to do it twice--and never correct. And always blame every person --and never take ANY personal responsibility. On any issue
theswordman theswordman 2 days ago
Apologies--your numbers are correct--same as mine. $ 79/btl incl free shi[pping on order over $ 50
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 days ago
Board moderator is back in JAIL. Seems this is a recurring thing.

👍️ 1 🤠 1 🤣 2

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