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Music Licensing Inc (PK)

Music Licensing Inc (PK) (SONG)

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SONG Discussion

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lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 34 minutes ago
$10.00? down 90%?
splintered sunlight splintered sunlight 2 hours ago


And thanks for the comic relief!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mistervane Mistervane 2 hours ago
What a horrible contract this is. No songwriter would ever sign this unless they were coerced to do so. This contract would bleed you dry. You’d never see a penny.
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P-Rawl P-Rawl 2 hours ago
Meanwhile Jake is announcing on Twitter that he's just got another $208 dollars from the Listerine royalties stake that cost him $79,500.
He's already spent that $208 on press releases saying the $208;
underscores the success of Music Licensing, Inc.’s investment strategy. Through prudent decision-making and proactive engagement, the company has secured a reliable revenue stream that adds value to its shareholders.

Shareholders rejoice!
👍️ 1 😂 1
Harbor6460 Harbor6460 2 hours ago
OTC done 4 life. I rather buy anything else
TrendTrade2016 TrendTrade2016 2 hours ago
HERE COME THE OTC RS's there are many more to come
Renee Renee 2 hours ago
Indooooooooobitably one of the biggest reverse splitzkies of all time, and by one of the most self-righteous morons (or Maroon if'n you're a Bugs Bunny fan) of all time.

Maybe Noch could put the reverse split to music and lyrics to soothe his hapless shareholders who can't even sit down because that part of their anatomy was split like the San Andreas fault line.
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shoondale shoondale 3 hours ago
I'm glad I never bought any of this POS. I feel sorry for those that did. On top of that the CEO is actually trying to sue them for not enjoying it. Totally absurd...this is so bizarre.
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splintered sunlight splintered sunlight 3 hours ago
Is this one of the biggest one's you've seen?

❓️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 hours ago

That pretty much summarizes this stinky pinky hustle - it rapidly goes down hill from there :))
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shoondale shoondale 3 hours ago
Music Licensing, Inc.
Common Stock
10.00 / No Inside (1 x 1)
You can't buy it as of now, but you can sell it for 10 bucks per share. That is .00001 of what the old song shares were worth I believe. So just add another zero to the old shares at this point. Where does it go from here? Beneficial?
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Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 4 hours ago

Well - lets see what Lil Jake and his scam does now -



1.25 / No Inside (1 x 1)

Real-Time Best Bid & Ask: 09:09am 05/20/2024


$100 this AM on OTC

$100 / 500,000 the R/S = .0002
Start your hustle engines

$90 / 500,000 = .00018

$80 / 500,000 = .00016

$70 / 500,000 = .00014

And so on and so on and so on.......

Lets see where this Lil Jake hustle and Jakes Dumpster Fires R Us INC ends up when it's all said and done eh.......:))

💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️
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P-Rawl P-Rawl 6 hours ago
You'll probably make a bit more sense of this than I can. It is the 5 year contract Jake says anyone who fills the form on his site has agreed to:

How does it compare to a license from the real PROs with real music?
👉️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 1 day ago

Musicexec - just an FYI regarding filings. SONG is a "SEC FILER" where as many (probably 90% or more) of these stinky pinky OTC trading POS scams are "usually" what's known as "Alternative filers" and they merely file a literal MS WORD document to nowhere and no one but the OTC MARKET site.

I just grabbed the 1-K filing off the OTC link as I had that page open and it was quick.

BUT the "official" repository for ALL SEC FILINGS for any SEC filer company - is always the SEC EDGAR database aka US gov maintained, etc.

That is the link to any and all "official filings" and also is where those filings "officially get uploaded" for ticker $SONG, this here bad train wreck with a massive crash n burn plane disaster wrapped around it.

When I get a few minutes in a little while - I "think" I can probably answer your other questions.

Just "at a glance" reading your post - first place to "understand" the $12,000,000 bullshit as to Lil Jake and his "self issued salary" aka $12 mil annually - he issued to HIMSELF as a "DEBT NOTE OWED IN SHARES OF STOCK, AS MANY SHARES AS NEEDED AND NO LIMIT TO THOSE SHARES" blah blah blah blah paraphrasing.

It's all a hustle - and thus the variable share count issue I "think" is what you were asking about. AND if I'm not mistaken he has that scam "salary" accruing interest OWED TO HIMSELF LOL !!!

These are ALL hallmarks of penny gutter total scams - as gutter as the $1 BILLION in pure vapor-ware and not worth the paper its printed on SCAM "REVENUES" - the Fugazi-a-SCAM INC aka this POS $SONG !!!

Will post some things later - but keep the SEC EDGAR link for anytime you need it - that's the best place to always go for actual, most recent, 100% "true and bona fide" SEC filings, for ANY "SEC LISTED" company.

You can search SEC EDGAR by company name (Example: Apple, or Microsoft etc) and get all their filings - exactly as uploaded to the SEC EDGAR repository :))
👍️ 3 💯 3
MusicExec MusicExec 1 day ago
Just seen this from the OTC 1k filing :

Risk Factor: The Company may not recuperate all the debts that it is owed.

If the company is unable to successfully recover a significant portion of the outstanding amounts owed to it, a revision of the financial statements might be necessary. Such a situation implies that the expected cash flows, previously recognized as receivables, may not materialize, leading to a reassessment of the company’s financial position. The potential inability to collect on these receivables may necessitate writing off these amounts as bad debts, directly affecting the company’s net income and potentially altering stakeholder perceptions of the company’s profitability and financial stability.

Had this been disclosed to the auditor at the time of their audit of the financial statements surely this would have resulted in a going concern qualification on their audit report dated Feb, 22 2024 ?
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MusicExec MusicExec 1 day ago
Is it not usual practice for companies to release their full directors report at the same time they release their financial statements to investors and to the public to avoid speculation on stand alone financial statements by readers who haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the full directors report at the same time they read the company financial statements?

Simultaneous release also allows an auditor to check for inconsistency with the directors report or to ask additional audit questions before signing their audit report on the financial statements

many thanks Dragon Lady for sharing the link to the Form 1-k OTC filing for the year to Dec 23 which were filed on 03/25/2024 which I hadn’t clicked on until now for the reason set out below

I had until now only seen the company press release with the link to the Dec 2023 financial statements made on 02/26/2024 which I had incorrectly assumed was all the information through Dec 23 that was publicly available from the company for the period but now I see from the OTC link you kindly shared that the financial statement issued in Feb excluded the additional disclosures by the company directors on pages 1 to 20 of the 1k filing including a reference to 2.2 million of the music tracks claimed to be owned by the company being by Jake Noch himself as well as reference to risk factors identified by the directors and other statements by the directors which were not published in Feb with the published financial statements themselves which were released a month earlier without the full 20 page directors report filed with the 1k filing which may shed additional light on the reading of the financial statements of the company which I will now need to re read

As I have only just seen this OTC filing I have only had time so far to have a very very brief read through the additional director disclosures on pages 1 to 20 but immediately saw at least one potential inconsistency between the additional disclosures on pages 1 to 20 and the financial statements released by the company during Feb 2024 as set out below which I’m hoping other members of this forum can clarify for me or maybe even Jake himself could clarify when he next visits this forum.

The additional directors disclosure shows ‘directors compensation’ of $12,308,525 plus $15,000 yet page F3 of the financial statements shows Wages and Salaries of $12,000,000. Anyone understand where the additional costs could be classified in the financial statements if not on the Wages and Salary line of the P&L as the crowdfunding auditor did not flag this as a potential inconsistency in his Form 1-k report so should I assume the cost must be included in another line of the P&L ?

Is there no employer taxes or other costs to be accrued on the accrued salaries ?

I’m personally also struggling to understand why the holding of common shares by the Noch family office is disclosed as being “undeterminable amount of Common Shares 3(a)(10)” as at the balance sheet dates. Can anyone explain ?

Again if anyone can explain this to me in simple terms as I’m still struggling to understand the share capital of this company.

I am also not sure where the payments to artists , composers and third party publishers are shown on the P&L nor the accrual for such payments on the huge accrued revenues amount

I am also trying to understand why no accruals have been made for corporate or deferred taxes payable given the cumulative profits reported in the financial statements

I imagine that like me other people on this forum who read the financial statements issued with the Feb press release may have also assumed the financial statements released by the company at the end of February 2024 had been the full disclosure by the company directors for the year to Dec 23 and hence I assume some readers like me had not clicked on the 1k OTC filing itself and so like me may not have been aware of the 20 pages of additional director disclosures that had not been released at the time the financial statements were released by the company via globe newswire to the general public a month earlier

Any insights from anyone on this forum on these additional 20 pages of disclosures I missed reading myself would be most welcome as I am not sure when I will get time over coming days to properly read 20 pages of additional disclosures myself

👍️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 2 days ago

The dude is mis-wired and just a plain old garden variety dirt ball to put it mildly........

MONDAY $SONG BECOMES $SONGD for approximately 20 days & approximately 6,004 Shares will be outstanding!— Pro Music Rights (@ProMusicRights) May 17, 2024

"20 days of the SONGD ticker bullshit" blah blah......

BUT my "guess" is LIL JAKEY aka Disphyagia boy can sell n dump ASAP - and he's holding a super dumpster of these shit shares....his SELF-ISSUED "SCAM NOTE" for his self invented "$12 MILLION ANNUAL SALARY" for a bullshit stinky pinky hustle SCAM one man "company" with less revenue than my neighbor kid does selling Anime crap on Ebay....and that ain't no joke.....



Employment Agreement with Jake P. Noch

On June 25, 2023, Music Licensing Inc. entered into an Employment Agreement with Jake P. Noch, appointing him as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, Secretary, and Interim Chief Financial Officer. The Agreement outlines various terms of employment, including duties, compensation, and termination provisions.

Compensation to Mr. Noch is structured in the form of a convertible note, allowing him to receive shares worth twelve million dollars ($12,000,000.00) upon conversion. The note remains valid until Mr. Noch realizes the full amount, and additional shares may be added to the convertible note as necessary. The timing of payments under this agreement is at the discretion of Mr. Noch and can be received in various increments (monthly, quarterly, or annually). Upon conversion of the note, the beneficiary of the shares may be either Mr. Noch or the Jake P. Noch Family Office LLC.

This employment agreement is perpetual unless terminated according to its terms or voluntarily by either party. It also includes provisions for bonuses, vacation, business expenses, and a car allowance for Mr. Noch. In the event of termination, severance pay and share payments are specified in the Agreement.

The agreement is integral to our executive management structure and is critical in maintaining the leadership necessary for our strategic and operational directives. This Agreement has been approved by the Board of Directors and is in full compliance with our corporate governance policies.

Details of 3(a)(10) Agreement for Executive Compensation and Severance Package.

Page F-15

Music Licensing, Inc.

Notes to the Financial Statements

As of December 31, 2022 and 2023

During the reporting period, Music Licensing Inc. entered into a 3(a)(10) agreement, as per the Securities Act of 1933, to facilitate the compensation of our executive, Jake P. Noch. This agreement is notable for its role in addressing both the executive salary and additional financial commitments as follows:

Executive Salary: The agreement provisions for an annual salary of $12 million for Jake P. Noch. This salary arrangement is primarily financed through the issuance of shares under the 3(a)(10) exemption, thereby minimizing cash outflows for the company.

Additional Executive Expenses: In addition to the salary, the agreement encompasses any additional expenses incurred by Jake P. Noch in the performance of his executive duties. These expenses are covered in a similar manner to the salary, primarily through the issuance of shares, allowing the company to manage cash resources effectively.

Severance Package: A key component of this agreement is an $18 million severance package for Jake P. Noch. This severance is structured to be payable under specific conditions outlined in the executive agreement, ensuring the company’s preparedness for potential future financial obligations.

The implementation of this agreement aligns with the company’s strategic financial management objectives. It provides a structure that allows for effective cash flow management while ensuring competitive executive compensation. This approach is reflective of our commitment to fiscal responsibility and strategic resource allocation.

The above-mentioned agreement and its terms are in compliance with the relevant securities regulations and have been duly approved by the appropriate legal channels. The financial implications of this agreement have been considered in our financial planning and reporting.

Just a "new" version of an old as time dirt variety stinky pinky OTC-HUSTLE and total con job smoke n mirrors insider and sole control self enrichment con n scam dilution mill machine.

ME - I think LIL JAKE gets his sorry skinny dumb ass in a real serious ringer on this scam - for "trying" to game the (3)(a)(10) bullshit....THE SEC ain't having none of that bullshit and has already sent a few clowns to CLUB FED for "variations" on EXACTLY what LIL JAKE the con is doing here with that bullshit as written above.....

Moreover - he SUED HIMSELF to game the same hustle and "get a debt paid back via a exempt debt settlement" blah blah.....CREATED WORTHLESS LLC1 and then hustles a OTC penny dirt ticker aka THIS POS and then SUES LLC1 aka HIMSELF with this hustle aka COMPANY 2 aka ONE MAN SHOW Jake Noch and wham bamm.....bullshits some quicky court action who doesn't have the time or 2-shits to investigate some bullshit penny hustle...and BAMM he grants himself 2 BILLION shares or whatever the hell it was as "settlement" for a WORTHLESS LLC he filed, he created and then used THIS WORTHLESS SCAM CORP he created and his ONE MAN ENTITY to literally "sue himself"......a VERY similar con has already been prosecuted successfully ......

THAT BULLSHIT - the ole "Davy Karkason" Swiss or whatever the H he is dude with as much "securities law experience" as my pool man LMAO.....that is the "root" of this entire hustle + now the $12 million "salary" for DOING NOT A DAMN THING issued as a "NOTE OWED" by some dipshit ass clown KID who "self voted" a single "J" share to now control 80% of the vote.....

THE MOTHER RECORD BREAKING MOTHER OF ALL REVERSE SPLITS - is how LIL JAKE "hopes" to exit this pile of dog shit scam w/ more coin than he sunk into it with the shell hustle and endless scam lawsuits and attorneys fees.....thee end....READER'S DIGEST VOMIT VERSION.....but THAT is what is taking place here boys n ain't gonna end well.....:))
👍️ 5 💀 1 💯 3 ✔️ 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 days ago
Interesting here, scammmmmmm speculating, r s
Mistervane Mistervane 2 days ago
Couple of days?!
⏬️ 1 ⬇️ 1
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 2 days ago
Or get criminal charges....


👉️ 1 👍️ 2
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Yeah, I was just giving example of any individual holding when R/S occurs. My guess is when that threshold hits, what you are stating, this drops tremendously. In essence, this is a shorty's best case scenario. That's why I would not buy in. This company is not like GE, It's trading in OTC, if you know what I mean. If I could short this one, I would.
trader59 trader59 2 days ago
You added 0's. The O/S would have been 3,002,000,000. Means he sold 2.2B shares, or $220k for every $0.0001 he dumped them at. He had a pretty stout holding of his own, could be he hasn't sold them into the float just yet.

On the other hand, he has a pretty valuable shell right now as long as he cancels that absurd convertible note issued to himself. A shell with no debt, a paltry 6000 shares issued out of multiple billions in the A/S would be a hot commodity, bet he could get a half million for it.
👍️ 1
trader59 trader59 2 days ago
You're talking about your cost basis, and I'm talking about the closing price on Friday ($0.0002) with the RS applied. The price will show $100 until someone trades 100 shares in a single trade.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Why do you think I stated earlier to sell the minute market opens...LOL. Shorties are going to take advantage here. At least take a small loss instead of a big one. This may drop like a boulder hitting the road. And, I would not buy in until all is done. And I would question even buying back in at all after this shenanigan. I would not want to let this take my money twice. Just my perspective and opinion.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
You know about horse-racing, right? Well, the same methodology applies here. Everyone has a system they use to help them calculate and pick and choose. With me, I take somewhat of an unorthodox way, along with researching the company itself. If I state something, people can accept it or not. What I state is just my opinion on things. Or, I may reference what others have stated along with my opinion. People just have to get over themselves, for one never knows if information could be correct.
💩 1 🤡 1
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 2 days ago
I'm surprised FINRA processed this RS. And like all the rest it will not end well for "shareholders".


Buyer Beware
Pump and dump


tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 2 days ago
Yes I know. But OTC uses the OS that the company/TA supply to OTC to calculate the market cap daily.


👍️ 1
Correct, but you know who CAN start selling? Jake.
👉️ 1 👍️ 1 💯 2
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Don't really know. Have wait and see. Any updates to the OTC are brought to them by the company. OTC doesn't do anything except post information given them by the company.
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 2 days ago
Jake says the OS will only be 6004 shares now. X 500,000 that means the OS was at least 3,000,200,000,000. Thats a very long way from what is at OTCMarkets.

What's OTCMarkets going to have for market cap Monday with 802,635,215 x 50 bucks...  40,131,769, 750... ?


👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 2 days ago
you don't understand how this works either. people will not be able to sell at the open. they will have to wait until their old shares are replaced with new shares at their broker. that can take a few days. the only thing existing shareholders can do at open is buy.
👍️ 1 💡 1
lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 2 days ago
wrong again.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Well someone did not get the message then. I just checked on this one yesterday and like I stated, I Print-Screened the site showing the "D" after the symbol, which indicates to me an R/S.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Well, I am seeing a "D" after SONG. This means R/S conducted. I even Print-Screened what site is showing.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
I can only guess. I know that if I bought 1,000,000 shares at .0005 for example, after the R/S of 1:500,000 I would be adjusted at 2 shares at $250.00. With that being said, and knowing what really happens after an R/S is conducted, the price usually drops. I would never see anything above $250.00 to make a gain. It is a definite loss. But, it depends on the price at which you bought at. That's why I truly hate R/S. Been doing this for a long time and learned.
trader59 trader59 2 days ago
The RS is 1:500000, so if it closed at $0.0001, the open would be $50
rbtree rbtree 2 days ago
So, a man of his word...or not....sigh.
uber darthium uber darthium 2 days ago
November 2023 Jake filed that there would be NO R/S before Jan 2025…

Washington, D.C. 20549



Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): November 16, 2023

Music Licensing, Inc.
(Exact name of issuer as specified in its charter)

Nevada 82-3156625
State of other jurisdiction of
incorporation or organization
(I.R.S. Employer
Identification No.)

3811 Airport Pulling Road North, Suite 203, Naples Florida 34105
(Full mailing address of principal executive offices)

(833) 227-7683
(Issuer’s telephone number, including area code)

Title of each class of securities issued pursuant to Regulation A:
Common Stock, $0.001 par value

**ITEM 1.01 Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.**

On November 16, 2023, Jake P. Noch, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Music Licensing, Inc. (the “Company”), implemented a temporary moratorium on reverse stock splits until January 1, 2025. This decision was made in accordance with the Company’s commitment to responsible financial management, preservation of shareholder value, and ensuring the overall financial stability of the organization.

A week or so later he changed his mind…

ITEM 1.02 Termination of Material Definitive Agreement

On November 16, 2023, Jake P. Noch, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Music Licensing, Inc. (the “Company”), initiated a temporary moratorium on reverse stock splits until January 1, 2025, as part of a strategic capital structure turnaround plan implemented by Jake P. Noch.

However, on December 8, 2023, it became evident to Jake P. Noch, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Music Licensing, Inc., that the necessity for a reverse stock split has arisen to uphold Music Licensing, Inc.’s best interests. Therefore, Jake P. Noch, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Music Licensing, Inc., has decided to prematurely terminate the moratorium on reverse stock splits, effective immediately.

This decision is aligned with the Company’s commitment to responsible financial management, preservation of shareholder value, and ensuring the overall financial stability of the organization.



Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation A, the issuer has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.


Date: December 9, 2023 By: /s/ Jake P. Noch
Jake P. Noch, Chief Executive Officer
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
Notice that information on OTC hasn't been fully updated since 11/27/2023, which could be misleading if people were researching this particular company. Without reading actual reports being submitted, no one would know the difference. Definitely not trustworthy in my opinion. IF, and I do mean IF, I were to recommend on this one, I would say stay away. Red Flags all over this. Just my opinion.

Share Structure
Market Cap Market Cap
Authorized Shares
Outstanding Shares
Held at DTC
Par Value
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
My opinion...if a company does this and has an R/S at this ratio, it is truly not worth buying. GLTA here.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
I would project almost instantaneously...LOL
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
It's just me, but I would "Open Market" SELL at the open Monday trying to hang on to some money before losing it all trying to hang on. I would take the small loss over losing it all. Just my perspective.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
And looks like a done deal already. I see the "D" after it already.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 2 days ago
If it closes at .0001, then $100. If closes at .0002, then $200, and so on...LMAO...and that is based on if the R/S info is correct. Talk about people really getting screwed holding this up to the split date. People will never recover. Just my opinion. And, then, it will tank from day 1...LMAO more. Good luck trying to offload now, even at .0001, as I would not touch this until after split.
Homebrew Homebrew 3 days ago
$100/share. 😂 How long before subpenny? 🤣
👍️ 1 🤣 1
Homebrew Homebrew 3 days ago
1:500,000 ! Is that a record?
👍️ 1 ❓️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 days ago


Holy shit - THIS is likely a new world record for gutter ticker REVERSE SPLITS WTF ???????

Lil Jakey is WIPING OUT "with intent" ALL LEGACY BAGHOLDERS of this dog shit wipe out....100% planned by THE KID if you ask me LMAO !!

Who the F except some penny hustler invoke a 1 for FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND damn reverse split - other than RETRIBUTION FOR "PEOPLE SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME" so here, here is a big ole shit can of REVERSE SPLIT destroy you dumb enough to have bought this total hustle scam !!!

Ths POS - it'll be the short of the century and/or is going to go more ill-liquid than a sack of wet quickcrete on a hot FL Jake P Noch summer day in Naples at momma's big crib estate LOL !!

Holy shit - what a hustle - this one stinks boy n a damn open air fish market in a 100 plus degrees......this won't end well for ANY bagolders or baggies buying this crap in the future ...not a chance in hell !!

$SONG ...more toxic than refined Plutonium now - the OTC STINKY PINKY "CHAMP" for filthy reverse splits and TOTAL 99.8% MASSIVE LOSSES to going to lose the 99% of that last .02% the hardest part of any con job.....Bwaaa ha ha ha ha !!!

💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️ 💀 ☠️


"DOPE RECORDS" and profuse use of gang-speak and prolific firearms imagery, psycho language, smearing of females, talk of forced and foul sexual acts performed on females by Noch up to and including imagery/verbal descriptions of likely rape, etc. Psychotic IMO !!

JAKE P NOCH aka BRICK GOD SOSA among many "other" aliases he uses and "operates" under - ramblings of a psychotic lunatic IMO !!
That is an AR-15 or a variant of one in his hand and he's wearing a "bandanna of colors" aka typical well well recognized criminal street-GANG member attire - AND the "channel" and his logo is peppered with high powered military grade firearms as his moniker, his "logo" and imagery to ID his name, his "brand", his self labeled "Ganster and gang member lifestyle" etc.

"CARTEL FOR LIFE" - as in drug cartel and illegal sale of narcotics and operating of criminal gangs… etc JAKE P. NOCH…he created it…he said it…he “claims this is his life and what he does” – he TO ME is a bonafide dangerous and VERY SICK sociopath !!
Full of EXTREMELY sick and violent acts against females being described by Jake Noch, "I whipped that bitch" and "I fucked that bitch" and "She sucked my dick" and implicating he used FORCE to cause these female victims to perform gross and violent sexual acts with him/on him.

Mother Regina Noch apparently supports and funds this psychotic mentally sick POS her son Jake Noch WTF (see FL Secretary of State – she’s in total control of the “family”as Jake describes his “business” which I assume includes funding via the momma controled “Noch Qtip trust” FL)…she “likely” funds this psycho as she 100% controls the family trust funds given to this sick SOB and provides him a luxury lifestyle and he’s living in her estate home per easily found public records ??

How sick is Regina Noch to support and back this - letting this POS live in her estate house while she funds his sorry ass, as he describes “I fucked yo bitch” and “them bitches sucked my dick” and every sick sexual and violent act one can perform on a female ? HOW can Regina Noch not be fully aware of what this violent deranged thug does to females and as to his "gang and drug dealing" activity and obsession with dangerous military grade firearms, etc ? How, HOW THE F would she not know all this ?

JAKE P. NOCH aka "BRICK GOD SOSA" and his self titled self aggrandizing brain stew psychotic ramblings titled.... "Oh God Damn" ....WTF ????

Psychotic ramblings of a dangerous sociopath to ME – highly misogynistic anti-female horrible ramblings about using violence on females and language of performing violent sexual acts against females, he describes use of weapons, etc. He uses wording such as “savage” and “Taliban” when describing himself in this shit brained psycho case video !!

Jake P. Noch of penny shit ticker $SONG…Calls females “bitches” and “I took a shit” or “I took that shit” meaning by violence and “I fucked yo bitch” using rape and violence on a female who is the wife or companion of another male he’s describing – clearly saying “I took her sexually by force” ….etc.

This is a VERY SICK and VERY MENTALLY DISTURBED PERSON TO ME – aka Jake Noch CEO of scam penny ticker $SONG !!!

I personally consider this clearly psychotic and insane nut Jake P. Noch a VIOLENT THREAT TO ME – because he specifically said he wants to KNOW WHERE I LIVE and WANTS ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ABOUT ME in order to hunt and find ME !!
ANOTHER “alias” of JAKE P. NOTCH is now “SOSA IFGB” which the sociopath writes as “$O$A using dollar signs (his self proclaimed – YOU AIN’T SHIT WITHOUT MONEY and I DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET MORE MONEY and variants of those psychotic ramblings he recorded, posted and published !!) and he’s clearly in a photo selfie…he’s 100% for certain “GANG SIGNING” w/ right hand at belt level see the photo… and other extremely disturbing images posing “Gangser and thug style” !!!

ABOUT from that self worship site of Jake Noch:

Unlike many artists, $O$A IFGB is a real Real Blood Gang member and can do anything with a little bit of money and lean.

To be a "Blood" gang member is defined as tied to the notoriously deadly and violent "Bloods" of Los Angeles origins - the "Crips" are their violent rivals. "Bloods" do now reach even to FL where Noch is and also are no longer primarily a "African American gang" but embrace Caucasians, Asians, etc. Jake P. Noch claims "Blood" gang affiliation and he does it numerous times across numerous platforms, websites, etc. FL fairly recently made a huge arrest of approx 45 "Bloods" for everything from murder to drugs and sex trafficking etc. THIS is who Jake Noch claims he "identifies with" and "is/was a member of" !!!

ALL "Bloods" are tracked in a criminal national database - ALL and ALWAYS. Congrats Jake Noch and thanks for what I will use against you, you jack ass.

To ME Noch appears to be a extremely mentally disturbed individual and HE claims he has a criminal background as a “Gangsta” and “Member of a Miami branch of the notorious Blood Gang” and “Is a drug dealing Gangster” etc.

HE SAID IT ALL and I HAVE IT ALL PRESERVED FOREVER (Jake Noch has already “scrubbed” some damning evidence – the “Podcast” where he described himself, “Popping a cap in anyone who touches my jewelry at a Miami rap public venue” which would be illegal use of likely a concealed carry firearm and likely terroristic threats of using a firearm at a public venue event and other criminal statute violations and WE PRESERVED IT and CAN SUBPOENA that interview he’s now “scrubbed/blocked/taken down” –

WE….WE HAVE IT ALL…. as does a “3 ltr” govt investigative agency now among “other” law enforcement and other “civil regulatory agency agents who also pursue criminal acts when appropriate and utilize the DOJ acting as their criminal enforcement arm”.. I’m already in-contact with and building a profile on this person Jake Noch who is HUNTING ME (and many others) via his own public posted statements !!!


GANG HAND SIGNING – belt level using right hand and THAT is Jake P Noch w/o any doubt !!
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Not only can you have lost 99% of your investment here, you are about to lose 99.99999% 🤣
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Renee Renee 3 days ago
SONG: one for 500,000 reverse split. Major ouch!!!
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Road back to .0001 begins Monday
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