BEIJING, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Shineco, Inc. ("Shineco" or the "Company"; NASDAQ: SISI), a provider of technologically advanced healthcare products and services, announced today that its subsidiaries Fuzhou Medashan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Kaifeng Yixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. have innovatively invented a new natural active water-soluble product extracted from soybean gum. Pure physical extraction technology of natural active phospholipids - Large column chromatography polar ultrafiltration membrane pure physical extraction technology has achieved an innovative breakthrough in pure physical extraction technology of natural active phospholipids, overcoming the current chemical solvent extraction method from soybean gum at high temperature Dehydrated to concentrated phospholipid oil, separated and extracted by chemical solvents such as hexane, acetone, methane, etc., and then evaporated and desolvated at high temperature. During the production process, oxidation reactions, hydrolysis reactions, polymerization reactions, chelation reactions, etc. will occur, leading to destruction and change of the natural structure of phospholipids. and a variety of active functional groups, resulting in the inactivation or weakening of the activity of phospholipids. In addition, the existing pure physical extraction techniques to extract natural active phospholipids are extremely costly and can only be applied in scientists' laboratories and cannot achieve large-scale mass production. We have successfully developed and produced natural water-soluble phospholipids with high hydrophilicity, high activity, high purity, and high absorption and utilization by the human body. The first batch of products will be successfully put into production at the Kaifeng production base in April 2024. Phospholipid supplementation is a difficult problem in cellular nutrition worldwide.

Modern biomedical research has confirmed that there are more than 50,000 human diseases discovered so far, and the origin of the disease is cell problems. Cells are the basic units of life, and the health and vitality of cells directly affect the health of the entire body. Cells need to continuously obtain nutrients from the external environment to support their normal growth, division and metabolic activities. When cells receive sufficient and balanced nutrients, they can maintain optimal conditions, perform various life activities, and maintain cell health. On the contrary, if cell nutrition is insufficient or imbalanced, the normal function of cells will be affected, which may lead to cell damage, aging and even death.

Among the nutrients that are indispensable for human cells, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, water, etc., if they are lacking, they are usually supplemented by the scientific method of "daily food + nutritional preparations". Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber and other nutritional products are becoming increasingly mature from theoretical research to production technology. Industrial mass production has no technical problems. From clinical medical nutrition to sub-health, nutritional conditioning for post-illness rehabilitation to healthy people Daily nutrition improves health. Patients, convalescents, and people in sub-healthy conditions who lack these nutrients can easily obtain supplements through food plus various nutritional preparations such as industrially produced nutritional drugs and functional foods.

Phospholipids exist in any cell in the human body and are the main component of cell membranes (40%). They account for 40% of the dry matter of the brain, 40% of the dry matter of bone marrow, and 25% of the total lipids in the blood. The mitochondria and Golgi inside the cells Both bodies and microsomes have high concentrations of phospholipids. Phospholipids have an amphipathic structure, a bilayer structure in the water phase, and a variety of unique physiological functions. As a functional nutrient for human cells, phospholipids not only build cell membranes and organelle membranes to maintain the stability and dynamic fluidity of cells and organelles, but phospholipid molecules also enter Organelles, as well as on cell membranes and organelle membranes, interact with a variety of proteins, enzymes, and other molecules, participate in a variety of physiological processes, regulate and participate in material and energy metabolism, signal transduction, and antioxidant, affecting cell growth, differentiation, Life activities such as apoptosis often have the characteristics of multi-targets, multi-mechanisms, multi-pathways and multi-functions, and play an overall role. Compared with other cellular nutrients, phospholipids have unique, critical and irreplaceable functions within cells.

Excessive consumption, malabsorption, chronic diseases, inflammation, frequent sexual life, skin damage, pregnancy and postpartum, surgery, growth and development, excessive brain use, etc. lead to phospholipid deficiency in human cells.

The human body can synthesize a small amount of phospholipids in the body, but it cannot meet all the body's needs for phospholipids. Especially with age, the body's own ability to synthesize phospholipids gradually weakens, and most phospholipids require exogenous intake, such as food and nutritional preparations.

Supplementing the phospholipids that the human body lacks is a difficult problem in cell function nutrition in today's world.

Adults can take 3000-3700mg of natural active phospholipids per day, supplemented through food, which is equivalent to up to 30 eggs per day. Typically each egg yolk contains about 100-120 mg of phospholipids. So 30 egg yolks contain approximately 3000-3600 mg of phospholipids. This is an astonishing number! What is even more troubling is that during food cooking and processing, the natural amphiphilic structure and various active functional groups of phospholipids are damaged by high temperatures, which will be affected by high temperatures, resulting in a reduction or loss of their activity. Moreover, our bodies cannot digest and absorb such large amounts of food efficiently.

Because the chemical solvent extraction method has obvious advantages such as low raw material requirements, simple and mature equipment and processes, high efficiency, and low cost, as well as multiple chemical purifications, it can also obtain high-purity phospholipids, and chemical modification can obtain special properties and functional phospholipids. It is convenient and has become the mainstream technology for industrial extraction and production of natural phospholipids.

The raw materials of phospholipid nutraceuticals, functional foods and other preparations currently on the market are extracted by chemical solvent extraction. Because the natural native parent parent structure and activity of phospholipids are destroyed, their effectiveness is far from the natural active phospholipids extracted by physical methods. Consumers Users may also have safety concerns.

Natural active phospholipids can only be obtained through pure physical extraction. The pure physical extraction technology of natural active phospholipids is a cutting-edge technology. Compared with traditional chemical extraction methods, it avoids the use of chemical solvents and retains the original biological activity, structure and structure of natural phospholipids. The function has unique advantages and meets the needs of medicine, functional food, and beauty and skin care products for highly active, high-purity, and high-quality phospholipids.

The purely physical extraction technology has complicated processes, low extraction efficiency, extremely high cost, small scale, and cannot leave the laboratory. The large-scale mass production of natural active phospholipids extracted by purely physical methods is a global problem.

The pure physical extraction technology of large column chromatography polar ultrafiltration membrane innovatively invented by Shanggao Company has great advantages compared with other pure physical technologies such as carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction and ultrasonic-assisted extraction. The raw material is fresh soybean gum. The whole process is protected by inert gas and the temperature is controlled below 80°C. No chemical solvents are involved in the whole process. 80% aqueous solution is used as the solvent (similar to the water content of the human body) to reduce the orderly arrangement of phospholipid molecules. The natural state protects the natural structure and activity of phospholipids to the greatest extent and avoids various chemical reactions that damage and change the original structure and biological activity of phospholipids. At the same time, unlike other purely physical methods that require multiple separations and extractions, the process is complicated, the extraction efficiency is low, and the cost is extremely high. It cannot be applied to industrial-scale mass production and can only be applied in laboratories, which cannot escape the limitations of small-scale preparation. Utilizing specific structured phospholipid characteristics, through precise parameter design and regulation and a special ultrafiltration membrane structure, one-time precise separation and extraction is achieved, which greatly improves the separation and extraction efficiency and yield, and greatly reduces the cost. The purity of phospholipids can reach more than 99% after one-time extraction, the average PC content of and the PC content after purification reaches more than 90%.

As an important and irreplaceable physiologically active functional substance for human cells, phospholipids have multiple pharmacological effects. The highly active and high-purity natural water-soluble phospholipids extracted by purely physical methods provide new possibilities for the research and development of new drugs. Providing new treatment methods and means is of extremely high value in the field of medical medicine.

At the same time, phospholipids serve as drug carriers, wrapping drugs in phospholipid bilayer vesicles, and achieving targeted delivery of drugs through the fusion of cell membranes. This kind of delivery is highly selective and effective, can effectively improve the bioavailability and targeting of drugs, and reduce the side effects of drugs. It has shown remarkable efficacy in anti-tumor, anti-Alzheimer's disease, anti-virus and other fields.

The bioimaging function of phospholipids also provides new means for disease diagnosis and treatment.

Phospholipids have excellent moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Natural active water-soluble phospholipids extracted by purely physical methods will be able to produce more effective, safe and high-end products in the field of beauty and skin care products.

In the field of cell function nutritional supplements, it will promote product upgrading and is in line with the main theme of natural, green and healthy, and is bound to become a super new category of comprehensive health products.

3.85 billion years ago, a 50-million-year-old heavy rain fell on the earth, and phospholipids were born in the water. Phospholipids and water jointly created the original vesicle membrane structure of life cells, ushering in the evolution of life on earth. It has been nearly a hundred years since humans discovered soybean phospholipids, a nutritional treasure of cellular functions, in 1930. Pure physical methods have been used to extract natural active phospholipids from soybeans. From the shining scientific theories and the laboratories of temple-like scientists, because of Dazhu The invention and application of purely physical extraction technology of chromatographic polar ultrafiltration membranes has come to large-scale mass production factories, and a century-old ideal has been realized, and finally the natural activity and water solubility of Meierdashan have been presented in a natural state. In front of mankind, natural active water-soluble phospholipids can finally benefit the world. People finally have truly natural active water-soluble phospholipids in medicines and functional foods. It solves the two major world problems of "difficulty in replenishing phospholipids" and "difficulty in pure physical extraction of natural active phospholipids".

For the natural active water-soluble phospholipid project, Shanggao Company and its subsidiaries Fuzhou Medashan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Kaifeng Yixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will use the establishment of a core value chain as their basic strategy, focusing on drugs, functional foods, and beauty and skin care products. The layout of the three major fields will create natural active water phospholipids into a super new category in the health industry. Annual sales revenue is expected to reach $1 billion within three years.

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