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Todos Med Ltd (CE)

Todos Med Ltd (CE) (TOMDF)

Closed April 24 4:00PM

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TOMDF Discussion

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redspeed redspeed 9 hours ago
Odd. Every time I mentioned the Todos stock analyst or just a stock analyst in general, the same person always responds.

Either the lady doth protest too much, methinks

or a bad case of the buttinskys

or thick as a 🧱

I checked and TolloVID is not approved for buttinskys

I am going to miss when these chain pulling years are over, although analysts are predicting, I may get another 10, unless the stock analyst goes to jail where there is no 🍕 and WiFi

JPetroInc JPetroInc 10 hours ago
what stock analyst - this one...?

you know - Gerald Commissiongs buddy - the one with the legal FINRA required CFA certifications ...?

in order to provide legal public stock coverage & financial analysis...?

Man-o-Man the TOMDF Boiler Room Pumper Boys sure do love to distract

and diffuse, obfuscate and create false narratives and rumors - eh Red...?

to cover up the sham that the twice failed Stanford Univ. "Financial Engineer" CEO hack created

but here's the real deal

just in case one gets lost in their own self created delusions while pumping TOMDF SH's:

just lookie no further than TOMDF's very own Tolloup ButterCup 9 Horsie Tollovid store sales link -

right here - eh Red:

tollovid sales from
Tollovid® ; Contact Us - Address: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, United States.
$149.50 · Free 6–7 day delivery · 30-day returns

and if you want to buy this shite root extract, supplement, tincture, elixir, OTC cold remedy on Amazon

well then let me help with that as well - here's the link below pal:

you know - for that highly pumped-up TolloUp ButterCup $149/bottle overpriced crappola:

oh and just in case any of the TOMDF Pumper Boys forgot about the TOMDF's atrocious shareprice

here - let me help with that too - just lookie here Red:

TOMDF Printing $0.000001 (yes that's 5 zeros post decimal point)

ShamWow Red - ShamWow...!

oh an incase anybody can't sell there shares here at $0.000001

TOMDF's resident JoeForkitBolo has a suggestion

you know - where one can get a whopping $1.00 for all there shares - lookie right here brah:

but hey let me ask ya brah

how's that "Todos Medical Anti-COVID Pill" doing these daze Sporto...?

well Golly-Ghee-Willikers Red

I don't even think Gen. Maximus Decimus Meridius can help TolloUp ButterCup at this point

or even TOMDF's 9 Horsies in being declared "DISSOLVED" - do you...?

but hey, here's to you anyways - oh what the hell - its just "others people's money" - eh Red...?

SMH - worse than a bad Harlequin Bromance Novel I tell ya...

MOO shill touts & dolts
👍️ 1
When is the SEC coming for these pumpers on here???
👍️ 1 😎 1
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
The Todos Stock analyst gives out financial advice on social media without a license or common sense

He said he makes deals with CEOs and never disclosed them. What a scammer.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 day ago
if anyone was in this TOMDF Pump-n-Dump TolloUp ButterCup 9 Horsie charade

then they got their financial "butts wiped"

you know by Gerald Commissiong - Astoria Queens toxic convertible death spiral CEO financial mafia

thats who Gerald Commissiong is - and thats what he does - twice over now which also includes AMBS

IMHO he serial dilutes investors into catastrophic losses on sham OTC securities & rakes in their dough

at best, a min wage uneducated garbage collector can point fun at those loosing money in TOMDF

you know - by saying such heinous, hateful & hurtful statements like "BooHoo" to them

however it takes a much stronger, bigger, stand-up 'man of character'...

to refrain for such sophomoric kindergarten playground bulling tactics

its obvious the lack of Harvard, Wharton or Carnegie Mellon brains running round on the TOMDF thread

but hey, here's to all the TOMDF Back Office Boiler Room Pumper Boys

you know who you are - for your concerted & well orchestrated efforts to help fleece the public

you guys deserve the very worst that Karma has to offer you in this life

oh that look on Shelly Craft's face says it all folks...!

SMH - sad but true

MOO shills touts & dolts
redspeed redspeed 2 days ago
Aw, pumping trader got his butt wiped out on Todos. BooHoo.

SEC is busy zeroing in a noob pumpers of other worthless tickers who use common stock touter phrases like...

Big week coming!

This float is so locked up!

THIS ONE is going to be HUGE!

When is the SEC coming for these pumpers on here???
redspeed redspeed 2 days ago
Who in their 'right mind' gets a MULTIPLE investors calls of Gerald's and pretends to be a blowhard stock analyst?

Better to read the transcript, as the audio was filled with stammering and hard to decipher. Maybe he was very, very nervous people would catch onto the charade which is why there was so much stuttering?

JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 days ago
the SEC doesn't investigate false claims

nor do they respond to ignorant assertions or unsubstantiated allegations

made by the uninformed - or just plain lost and marginalized societal members - living on the fringes...

that have continually made these same allegations over *& over & over again for multiple years Brah

you know - like a drum beating itself - into self-oblivion - that is...!

buy hey, nice try there sporto - maybe next time eh Red...?

here's 3 Cheers for the wasted effort though...

SMH folks - IMHO watching a re-run of 'Dumb & Dumber' movie for the 1,000 time...

would be more entertaining than this...

MOO bad brains
👍️ 1
theswordman theswordman 3 days ago
BNO News @ BNOFeed (right on time)
Weekly U.S. COVID update:

- New cases: 64,696 est.
- Average: 71,855 (-8K)
- States reporting: 50/50
- In hospital: 6,746 (-1K)
- In ICU: 1,093 (-149)
- New deaths: 757
- Average: 908 (-90)

The numbers keep getting better--not as many sick/hospital/dying

BNO Analysis: So far this year, more than 3 million cases of COVID have been reported in the U.S., causing 265,966 hospitalizations and 26,836 deaths.
redspeed redspeed 3 days ago
Did the SEC catch the one that pretended to be a financial analyst on the CEO's calls PUMPing the stock?

Was hard to listen to audio with so much stuttering.

JPetroInc JPetroInc 3 days ago
TOMDF Back Office Boiler Room PnD shill touts and dolts linger like a bad hangover

they know who they are - but unfortunately - don't realize that they're credibility is equal to that of ....

the twice failed Stanford University "Financial Engineer" CEO hack and Wall St 14-Yr. indelible stain...

Oh that look on Stuart Varney's face - says it all folks...!

Tolovid - no longer on the market brah - just click on the Tollivid link below:

products › tollovid™-immune-s...
tollovid sales from
Tollovid® ; Contact Us. Address: 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, United States. Email:; English - US dollar ($)
$149.50 | Free 6–7 day delivery | 30-day returns

tisk tisk those Boiler Room Pumer Boys really new how to punmp this shit - eh Red

here maybe you can get a full crisp shiney new $1.00 bill for all your shares:

says so right here - you know - from the another financially distraught TOMDF shareholder:

SMH - so much for Tollovid sales

TOMDF shill touts & dolts - hilarious

redspeed redspeed 3 days ago
Prolly a cry for help due to brain atrophy brought on by an infectious disease like Covid. Imagine the frustration now knowing how easy it would have been to take a 3cl protease inhibitors like Paxlovid, TolloVID, etc instead of life long organ damage and having to see dozens of specialists.

Brain atrophy (cerebral atrophy) is a loss of neurons and connections between neurons. Different conditions cause brain atrophy, including cerebral palsy, dementia and infectious diseases. Symptoms and severity of brain atrophy depend on the specific disease and location of damage.
theswordman theswordman 4 days ago
Yo Redspeed sputter--right on time
Don't really know what that means--and doubt has much meaning via the source

But in a twist--as has been surmised here way way back . The old MS and EBV and viral persistence "theories" may still get proven
redspeed redspeed 5 days ago
Quick update:

1.) TolloVID still out of stock at Fullscript

2.) Stock analyst still on the loose

JPetroInc JPetroInc 6 days ago
sure there are countless TOMDF shareholders who DID cry like baby's

and didn't have COVID either....

all over the pathetic, highly suspect and abysmal performance of the fake wannabe CEO hack

and his side-kick Back Office Boiler Room Pumper Boy serial pumpin

for this atrocity - just like the other one AMBS

here we are 14 yr's. later - both financial catastrophes - and ruined SH lives:

while Gerald Commissiong skates off to his next planned scam and inevitable failure

SMH - but hey, good job sporto...!

MOO shill tout & dolt
redspeed redspeed 1 week ago
TolloVID out of stock. I may have got the last 4 bottles.

btw: I was never hospitalized with Covid and cried like a baby LOL
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
yo Redsie right on time - Yes-Sir-Rhee-Bob

and gravely mistaken as usual

FYI there's no stock pumper there on Precision IR

with exception of Jason Napodano, former CFA - you know who - right Redsee...?

Gerald's financial "Convicted Felon" analyst bud:

only the TOMDF Back Office Boiler Room Pumper Boy falsely-purposely & inaccurately say theres one

but here let me help you with that Sporto:

for those showing signs of confusion, delusions and handicapped thinking:


subsequently, the TOMDF Back Office Boiler Room Pumper Boys are no longer needed

the twice failed Stanford Univ. "Financial Engineer" CEO stooge & hack says so right here pal:

Boiler Room Pumper Boys no longer needed either here in TOMDF ville nor AMBS defunctville:

but the Pumper Boyz can sure continue collecting their $0.05/post all day long - eh Red...?

SMH - can't make this shite up - eh Sporto...?

MOO horise 💩
👍️ 1
redspeed redspeed 1 week ago
Transcript of the stock pumper right here. Read how he was sucking up to Gerald Commissiong, President & CEO.

Note: PrecisionIR Group took the liberty to remove the 100's of uhmmmms that were uttered so it would be halfway coherent.
Weird, that the peeps that P & D this one are in other rooms. $.00001 UNREAL
redspeed redspeed 1 week ago
Interesting survey. This ought to make the Todos monkey waste the rest of the day/week 🤣🤣🤣

How helpful was Tollovid for your #LongCOVID?

68.1% — Haven’t Tried
0% — Full Recovery
4.3% — Extremely Helpful
6.4% — Very Helpful
4.3% — Moderately Helpful
6.4% — A Little Helpful
8.5% — Unsure If Helpful
2.1% — Not Helpful
0.01% — I never tried it. I go to 9 doctors for my organ and brain damage. They hold my hand.
0% — Harmful
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
hey Redsie right on time - and as predictable as the morning dew...!

I understand its easy to meander and fall into the proverbial 'rabbit hole' of false narratives, delusions and make believe scenarios

especially given the facts as to the absolute heinous and patented 'financial losses' suffered under the twice failed Stanford University "Financial Engineer" CEO hack & Wall St indelible 14 Yr long financial 'ruin' stain

and the orchestrated 'Back Office Boiler Room Pumper Boys' who directly aided and assisted the CEO with the catastrophic demise of 2 public securities

but here is what the subject & topic are truly about Sporto

maybe in colored pictures - you know - to help assist the blind, the ignorant, or the deniers - with their handicap afflictions:

Todos Medical on Small Pictorial Display

not even the fake movie character Maximus Decimus Meridius or his fake 'Purple Heart' TV watching bud can save this one Sporto:

SMH - TOMDF reality and the Boiler Room Pumper Boys are both stranger than fiction & stuck on 'dissolved'

MOO bad brains
👍️ 1
redspeed redspeed 1 week ago
Did both these stock analyst end up in jail for pumping Gerald's and other companies? I heard one even thought he had a 'deal' with GC and GC wanted nothing to do with the scammer.

JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
the clown Jason Napodano went to jail

the other is protecting the unsuspecting public from the sham AMBS & TOMDF CEO

and the "Boiler Room Pumper Boys" that work to scam the investing community

and we all know who they are Sporto...

MOO shill touts & dolts
redspeed redspeed 1 week ago
Has either of these two stock analyst clowns called into any more BIO tech conferences beside Gerald's?

theswordman theswordman 1 week ago
BNO News @BNOFeed
Weekly U.S. COVID update:

- New cases: 63,096 est.
- Average: 80,019 (-15K)
- States reporting: 50/50
- In hospital: 7,985 (-1K)
- In ICU: 1,242 (-165)
- New deaths: 768
- Average: 998 (-136)

BNO ANALYSIS: This is the 39th week in a row with more than 500 new COVID deaths in the U.S., or nearly 56,000 deaths during the same period.
So far this year, nearly 3 million cases of COVID have been reported in the U.S., causing 259,346 hospitalizations and 26,079 deaths.

At least the mortality trend is down
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
hows that TOMDF "Love Shack" CEO doing these daze...?

you know - the same flim-flam Stanford U "FINANCIAL ENGINEER" twice failed CEO hack

and Wall St 14-Yr. longstanding "INDELIBLE STAIN"

that issued 3.3-Bil. OS toxic death spiral convertibles

and 200 worthless PR's most prolly timed with the non-stop TOMDF serial share dumpfest

which also diluted and fleeced all TOMDF & AMBS SH's

right out of every single penny they ever invested in these atrocious shams

boy-oh-boy - this is some Astoria Queens financial mafia linked CEO architect - eh Wordie...?

Todos Medical Developing an Anti-COVID Pill

my royal arse heiney - lying POS

but hey, good fortunes to you with those exceptional TOMDF shares sporto

maybe one can decorate their bathroom walls to match the commode toilet seat cover - eh Wordie...?

but hey, maybe MiamiMark can help us pump Tollovid some more - you know - on Amazon

wouldn't be surprised at all if this sleezy character was also a famed TOMDF Boiler Rm Pumper Boy

only problem with that thesis is ...

TolloUp ButterCup is NOWHERE to be found for sale on the great WWW internet...

SMH - nuff time wasted trying to help the patently helpless...!

MOO happy 💩
This stock should go down as the biggest P&D in the OTC in 2023
👍️ 1
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Sounds like the ones that complain about wearing seatbelts and end up with their heads through a windshield.

I guess if one ended up in the ICU dying and couldn't come to grips on personal accountability, one would be blaming anyone and everyone. Unless of course they were 'pretending'

The irony is the thing they railed against like 3CL Protease Inhibitors such as TolloVID, may have prevented that ordeal and living the remaining years with organ and brain damaged tethered to 9 doctors.

Smartly I took precautions and also TolloVID and lead a healthy life.
theswordman theswordman 2 weeks ago
That poor gal is now complaing that there is no Tollovid for sale--he can't find any??

Sorta strange--he starts posting about PAX now that PASC trials are showing it not to be effective for PASC (duh) . Then he can't remember FullScript from last year and all the Drs that use FullScript--for Tollovid and others

Sorta like he denied Walmart was selling Tollovid then ran (as usual) when the links/website showed for a FACT they were selling

Seems to be a lifestyle of cowardice--never ANY responsibility. Would rather lie about fact than tell the truth. A lot of this is a generational thing--like males that beat their spouse/way they were raised. Just a very diff sense of right/wrong
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Anyone seen the Todos Stock Analyst lately?
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
You just ruined the Todos stock analyst weekend. Now all he'll be thinking about is TolloVID and why didn't he try it instead of seeing 9 doctors the rest of remaining months since we've shown a higher rate of death among those stricken.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
uh oh - we're still pumping this shite are we.....?

even at $0.000001- and this scam has been ...- eh Redspudder...?

...a ringing endorsement of TolloVID
"a ringing endorsement" - my pearly right butt cheek

reality is - you can't buy this fake Chinese gromwell root extract crap:

and thank Gawd...!

yeah, and I guess its still "all smiles" for some remaining around TOMDF - that is....

SMH - Moshe' bad brains

theswordman theswordman 2 weeks ago
Yeppers the PASC trials for PAX have NOT gone well. The ritonavir is a bitch--or a stock analyst?? But sadly negates much of the good that PAX can provide. There is a reason they knew to keep dosing to 5 days.

The Dr Ducharme is seeing what a lot of Drs see. Covid wearing out immune system and letting old "crap" fire up AGAIN a la EBV
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Dr. Nicola Ducharme just came out with a video with a ringing endorsement of TolloVID

She does not recommend PAXLOVID™ nor prescribe it for her patients.

She prolly doesn't recommend 9 doctors either for hypochondriasis
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Note the "for up to 3 years" doesn't mean it suddenly got better after that. It's just the study was for 3 years.

These people with neurologic symptoms were more likely to die it says...
"Overall, patients in the neurologic cohort were more likely to die post-discharge compared to controls
and I'm pretty, pretty, pretty sure we've all experienced someone with these "neurologic symptoms", which not even 9 doctors can make progress on but who knows, maybe TolloVID or another 3CL protease inhibitor could have help or even have prevented it all in the first place. Prolly those patients really kicking them selves for the organ and brain damage that may have been prevented. Well they prolly won't be around much longer anyway given what the research says.

COVID-19 patients with neurologic symptoms have worse outcomes for up to 3 years, data show
News brief April 5, 2024
Hospitalized COVID-19 patients with neurologic manifestations at the time of admission had worse long-term outcomes at various time points up to 3 years compared to matched controls in a study published yesterday in PLOS Medicine.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
Yo Mista Redspudder - how's that TOMDF going for ya sporto...?

the pps is so low that the TA Chart won't or can't print that many zero's after the decimal point - oye veh

and we have an innocent by-standing TOMDF shareholder poster ....

who has been sucked-up into this TOMDF sham cesspool and bottomless rabbit hole

seeking to learn how to dispose of their worthless TOMDF 'toilet paper' shares no less - go figure...!

now they'll only be able to sell all their TOMDF shares for a measly $1.00

that is according to TOMDF's Boiler Room Pumper Boy resident expect - of course...

and to think TOMDF shareholders were all warned long ago...

you know - about the Stanford "Financial Engineer" fake CEO hack ...!

Todos medical Developing an Anti-COVID Pill - my pearly right cheek arse...?

SMH - can't make this shite up folks...

Moshe' bad brains
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
No kidding...

COVID-19 patients with neurologic symptoms have worse outcomes for up to 3 years, data show
News brief April 5, 2024
Hospitalized COVID-19 patients with neurologic manifestations at the time of admission had worse long-term outcomes at various time points up to 3 years compared to matched controls in a study published yesterday in PLOS Medicine.

Prolly too late for a 3cl protease inhibitor
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
hey Mista Redspudda...right on time - just like a NYC subway train

just in case you need some additional TOMDF doxing info for a failed thesis

you know - the one involving your cited fake AMBS ANALysts conspiracy theories

here's the contact number for Precision IR Group: 804-327-3400

why not simply call and verify from the actual "source"

whether any of these CC analysts are real - or were mistakenly recorded by the intake rep...?

agan that number is 804-327-3400 - lets us know what they say sporto

anything other than not dropping a dime is well - you know ...!

... just more of the same old - same old sporto:

but then again, that just maybe too much to ask -

because of one's ulterior motives - which are actually libel - eh Redsie...?

SMH nuff said - gotts better things to do than earn $0.05/post all day long on mindless rants - lolzzz

MOO shill tout & dolt
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Be aware of known P&Drs that fall in love with multiple CEO's and companies including the CEO here only to feel jilted when their PnD schemes fall flat and they suffer catestrophic losses because of their own bad investment decisions.

Jason Napodano – Zacks
John Petrosino – JWP Incorporated

Have a nice day thinking about me LOL

JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
hey swordie I see you changed my opening TOMDF header

lolzzz - hiding the facts will change "nothing" about what took place here ...

for those that truly understand the financial gravity & catastrophe of this twice orchestrated CEO scam

but here's good, accurate, trustworthy & worthwhile FDA medically approved COVID treatment literature

for you and the thread - served up like room service no less - right to the front door:

Why More People Should be Prescribed Paxlovid for COVID | Johns Hopkins | Bloomberg School of Public Health

John Hopkins Medical Center - can't get much better or argue with them - eh Swordie...?

"One of the best tools for preventing severe complications from COVID infection is the prescription antiviral drug Paxlovid. But not nearly as many people who could benefit from it are being prescribed it, says Amesh Adalja, MD, FIDSA, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security who specializes in infectious diseases and pandemic preparedness. Adalja says that both patients and providers need to be better informed about the benefits of Paxlovid and other antivirals like it.

Paxlovid is extremely effective when taken within five days of symptom onset. In clinical trials, it reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by almost 90% in unvaccinated people. “It’s a tremendous tool that's completely underutilized,” says Adalja.

How does Paxlovid work?
“Paxlovid is a class of antiviral drug called a protease inhibitor,” explains Adalja. It prevents the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 infection, from replicating in the body. At a molecular level, “Paxlovid works by disrupting the protein cutting process of SARS-CoV-2,” he explains. “It blocks an essential step in the virus’s life cycle.”

Who is Paxlovid recommended for?
Paxlovid is designed to benefit people at high risk of severe illness who are at least 12 years old and weigh at least 88 pounds. Its purpose is to prevent hospitalization and death, not to decrease symptoms or to help you recover faster, although patients who take it may experience one or both of those benefits.

Who is considered “high risk” for severe COVID-19 illness, hospitalization, or death?
According to the CDC, people are more likely to experience severe COVID-19 illness if they are over 50 years old, unvaccinated or not up to date on COVID-19 vaccination, immunocompromised, or have certain medical conditions.

“Any medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, any lung condition like asthma or COPD, would be considered high risk,” says Adalja. Other common risk factors include being overweight, obese, or pregnant. “The majority of Americans probably have some high risk factor,” he says. “A lot of people would benefit from Paxlovid just based on their weight status.”

Is Paxlovid being prescribed as often as it should be?
“Antiviral prescribing is underutilized in the United States,” Adalja says. “There are many people with high risk conditions who are not being prescribed Paxlovid [or] an alternative antiviral like molnupiravir.”

This may be due to misconceptions, including by physicians, about who should take Paxlovid. “Some might say, ‘we're gonna wait, you don't look that bad,’ which is a complete misunderstanding of how the drug works,” says Adalja. Paxlovid is designed to be given early on to prevent symptoms from becoming more severe. The decision to prescribe someone Paxlovid for a COVID infection should be made based on a patient’s risk factors for severe disease, regardless of symptom severity.

The same problem exists with antivirals for influenza. “Many high-risk people do not get prescribed an influenza antiviral despite evidence that they benefit,” says Adalja. Doctors may be more comfortable prescribing Tamiflu because they’re more familiar with it, but Tamiflu is also underutilized.

How can we improve patient education around Paxlovid?
One reason not enough people know about Paxlovid is that it was under emergency use authorization for quite a while, which prohibited Pfizer from advertising the drug. Instead, they relied on doctors to bring it up. Starting in 2023, Pfizer began promoting Paxlovid to consumers through social media ads and commercials. “People complain about direct-to-patient advertising, but it works,” says Adalja. “When patients know a drug by name, they’re more likely to ask their doctor about it.”

It’s important that patients feel empowered to ask their health care providers about any and all treatment options, he says. “Patients should be asking their doctors, ‘Would I benefit from Paxlovid?’ ‘Would I benefit from Tamiflu?’ ‘Do I really need this antibiotic?’

Are there alternatives to Paxlovid?
Currently there are two other treatments to prevent hospitalization from COVID: Molnupiravir, which is another oral antiviral taken at home, and Remdesivir, which is a three-day daily IV infusion given in a health care facility.

Molnupiravir is a good alternative for individuals taking medications that may interact with Paxlovid, says Adalja.

Are there any downsides to taking Paxlovid if you don’t have a risk factor for severe illness?
“It’s always a risk-benefit ratio,” says Adalja. If you don't have risk factors for severe disease and you take Paxlovid, you may experience the side effects—an altered sense of taste, possible gastrointestinal upset, and possible rebound symptoms—without the benefits the medication is designed to provide.

Can Paxlovid help prevent long COVID?
While some early studies signaled that Paxlovid might reduce a person’s chance of developing long COVID, more recent research indicates that it does not. This includes a study published in January 2024 that found no connection between Paxlovid treatment and long COVID symptoms in vaccinated, non-hospitalized individuals.

There are newer antivirals not yet available in the U.S. that have a stronger signal for preventing long COVID, says Adalja.

Do concerns about COVID rebound* outweigh the benefits of taking Paxlovid?
No. “[Rebound] doesn’t happen to everyone—studies show maybe 1 in 5 people who take Paxlovid experience rebound symptoms,” says Adalja. “But even those who do get rebound—with or without taking Paxlovid— don’t do badly.” For people who take Paxlovid and experience rebound, symptoms are generally mild to moderate and they do not require hospitalization.

“COVID rebound was really made out to be a bigger and more common issue than it is, due to news stories about people like President Biden experiencing it,” he explains. The risk of rebound—whether or not it can be definitively linked to Paxlovid—shouldn't preclude someone who's high risk from taking Paxlovid, and it definitely shouldn’t preclude doctors from prescribing it.

*COVID rebound is the return of symptoms after someone initially recovers from COVID. The order of events generally looks like this: A person is infected with COVID and feels symptomatic; their symptoms subside over the course of the infection; they may even test negative for COVID on a home antigen test; a few days later, their symptoms return, and they may test positive again on a home antigen test.

How much does Paxlovid cost?
Through the end of 2023, Paxlovid was free for Americans, with the costs covered by the federal government. An agreement between Pfizer and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will ensure Paxlovid remains free through the end of 2024 for patients who are insured through Medicare and Medicaid or uninsured. It will continue to be free through 2028 for individuals who are uninsured and underinsured. Paxlovid is covered by many private insurance plans (costs vary by plan).

How can I get a prescription for Paxlovid?
If you test positive for COVID, talk to your doctor as soon as possible about any factors that put you at greater risk for severe illness and whether you would benefit from taking Paxlovid.

If you don’t have a health care provider, the nationwide Test to Treat program helps people access low- or no-cost treatments quickly. Anyone who tests positive for COVID (or flu) can also access free telehealth care and treatment through the Home Test to Treat program.
Paxlovid, Remdesivir and Molnupiravir - all FDA approved and legal

...and still being administered to sick COVID patients and saving lives

so much better than that non-EUA Tollovid fake gromwell root Chinese extract crap and its CEO

pocketing almost a kewel $720k/yr. for achieving absolutely nothing ...

but maybe taking on-line courses for his doctorates degree

all the while the pps plummeted while he did nothing to stop the dilution carnage from robbing his SH's

aprox. $1-Mil./yr. in salary, boneses, options, expenses, travel, insurances, retirement, etc

not once but twice backed by the same Astoria, Queens financial mafia no less

and in addition to the CEO shyster - 3.3-Bil.OS toxic death spiral shares were issued

almost in sync with every worthless PR - and there's 200 of them

SMH - its lights permanently out - cause TOMDF's jig is up

Todos Medical Developing Anti-COVID Pill - my royal arse - yet another bold faced lie...!

MOO shill touts and dolts
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
equinox mornin to ya Mista Redspudda...

just in case you need some additional TOMDF doxing info for a failed thesis involving fake AMBS ANALysts conspiracy theories

here's the contact number for Precision IR Group: 804-327-3400

why not simply call and verify from the actual "source" whether these CC analysts are real - or were mistakenly recorded by the intake rep

agan that number is 804-327-3400 - lets us know what they say sporto

anything other than not dropping a dime is well - you know ...!

... just more of the same old same old sporto:

but then again, that just maybe too much to ask - because of one's ulterior motives - which are actually libel - eh Redsie...?

SMH - nuff said - gotts better things to do than earn $0.05/post all day long - on mindless rants no less - lolzzz

MOO shill tout & dolt
theswordman theswordman 2 weeks ago
BNO News @BNOFeed
Weekly U.S. COVID update:

- New cases: 74,260 est.
- Average: 95,774 (-18K)
- States reporting: 50/50
- In hospital: 9,285 (-1K)
- In ICU: 1,407 (+5)
- New deaths: 905
- Average: 1,134 (-188)

This is the 38th week in a row with more than 500 new COVID deaths in the U.S., or nearly 55,000 deaths during the same period.
So far this year, nearly 3 million cases of COVID have been reported in the U.S., causing 251,851 hospitalizations and 25,311 deaths.
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Pump & Dumpers all think they are innocent until the SEC charges them. One still is pumping stocks and giving out investment advice without a license.

Jason Napodano – Zacks
John Petrosino – JWP Incorporated

JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
hey Mista Redsie - right on time sporto - Yes Sir Rhee-Bop

looks like Jason Napodano licensed & registered CFP arse got jailed - as he well should have sporto:

oh and look what else was left out of an under-whelming and under-informed proposed thesis:

Former Biotech Analyst Jason Napodano Sentenced to a Short Stretch in a Federal Prison for Securities Fraud

"Former biotech analyst Jason Napodano will be spending this fall in a federal penitentiary. After settling up with the SEC last year on a slate of charges that he had cooked up a scheme to make a small amount of money by trading penny stocks using insider information — while lying about not having any interest in the stocks he covered as a senior biotech analyst for Zacks Capital — a federal judge in Chicago has sentenced him to a short, 4-month stretch in prison based on his guilty plea to one count of securities fraud."

and golly ghee whizzz - who issues them thar CFP's licenses sporto...?

oh its FINRA - you know who they are right (and not just an abbreviation), eh Redsie..?


oh lookie here - you can perform a search on who is a Licensed & Certified Financial Planner

you know - with a FINRA approval that is ... rite-cheer:

well 'Sham Wow' Redspudda - no JWP Inc. or anybody affiliated with JWP Inc is listed...!

and do you know why sporto - here let me help with the floundering thesis...

Answer Is: because there is none - nada - nil - zero - zilch - does not exist

but in case you're still wondering - here's a PR issued by your very own 'love-shack' CEO

regarding AMBS's approved licensed & certified FINRA ANALysts:

oh and here are just a few Twitter 'paper trail' tweets

you know - between Jason Napodano & Gerald Commissiong - AMBS CEO

how cush-cush was this lil 'hand holding' relationship - eh Red...?

oh and just in case you need some additional "dox"

for a failure of a competent and verifiable proof positive thesis....

here's the contact number for Precision IR Group conference call coordinators 804-327-3400:

take issue directly with them pal and see the response they provide you with your complaint

the standard $0.05/post rate is available for confirming the assertions you have published...

good luck with the job - meanwhile lets check in on the ole TOMDF TA Chart & see wass-supp sporto...

oye vey Moshe' - oye vey - that chart is simply disgusting and toxic diluted beyond all recognition

SMH - nuff said - nuff time wasted

MOO TOMDF shills touts & dolts
redspeed redspeed 2 weeks ago
Jason Napodano – Zacks
John Petrosino – JWP Incorporated

One got 4 months of prison time, the other stock pumper lifetime of self public humiliation 24x365

velcro velcro 3 weeks ago
Reading that pathetic letter again, Gerald Commissiong hopes "that those who are upset with me under the current circumstances will give me another opportunity when that next project comes to fruition."
Hey, GC there is a guy who has lots of money to invest. His name is Tony Fauci and he knows a lot about Covid.
Some call him the "Dwarf of Death," but having the gift to gab Fauci could sell investors on the Long Covid cure.
👍️ 1 😎 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 3 weeks ago
sadly there are still the few remnant Boiler Room Pumper Boys floating about

left to clean up the trash and take out the garbage from the orchestrated TOMDF PUMP & DUMP scam

they and we know who they are

personally speaking, I found it pathetic, embarrassing and utterly classless that the former TOMDF CEO hack would actually print his fairwell Tweet on-line

having TOMDF go was the best thing to happen to this scam...!

also no big surprise the CEO was literally hung out to dry by the Astoria Queens toxic death spiral financial mafia

just shut it down - so no more noob investors could be manipulated to lose all their $$$ by the TOMDF Boiler Room Pumper Boys

SMH - can't make this stuff up folks...!

MOO pumper boys suck
redspeed redspeed 3 weeks ago
Biotechs going out of business isn't new except to the stock analyst. They are high risk and high reward as I said many times. I posted a link to a ton over the last 10 years. Here's a different one. Odds are great if you bet against any microcap biotech you will be right most of the time.

Biotech bankruptcies hit 10-year peak in 2023 - Feb 12, 2024

The list for 2024 will included companies like TOMDF, IBIO and others. The later that CEO was raking in $5M of comp as an example, all the while the stock analyst was licking his boots and road the stock down from $2750 to a buck through 3 reverse splits.

I cycled most of my money out of tech at the right time and back in to take a nice AI ride. One would be foolish to bet their life savings in stocks like TOMDF, IBIO, etc. but you'd be surprised at least one person did.
velcro velcro 3 weeks ago
Unfortunately, Gerald Commissiong is feeling no guilt. He blamed creditors for shutting down his company --seems like a good reason if you can't pay your bills.
During the Covid heighth I can still see GC on Fox Business with Stuart Varney. It generated investors who all lost their money.

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