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Todos Med Ltd (PK)

Todos Med Ltd (PK) (TOMDF)

Closed February 21 04:00PM

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redspeed redspeed 7 hours ago
Hey Todos Stock Analyst. Pro tip: It's suggested you call Gamblers Anonymous so you don't have more catastrophic 6 digit losses like you've mentioned a number of times. That would be bad to continue to give out financial advice to Buy Buy Buy without a license and be 100% consistently wrong but at least you can show the SEC you pissed away your own money and forgot to sell on the pump.

The Todos Stock Analyst does remind me a that guy that has his Christmas decorations up all year like a snowman on the porch while others have Halloween stuff out. Realizes instead of always being late to the game. He just sticks with one thing and never changes it up like his album of photos he is so proud of.
Homebrew Homebrew 7 hours ago
Really? Yikes! They should call Gamblers Anonymous. These junk tickers are for flipping with fun-money.
Some of them take a 2nd mortgage on their house or a reverse mortgage and bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on high risk penny stocks. How stupid is that?
👍️ 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 9 hours ago
hey Grundie welcome back Sporto...

so tell us, how did this guy - you know...

the former TOMDF CEO Stanford University "Financial Engineer" do for you & yours...?

if it's anything like what he did for JoeyForkitBolo & Mista Redsputter - then ouy-veh is all I can say ...!

so much for GDS returning his much anticipated "shareholder value" promise...

and you know - his "wealth creation" to all TOMDF loyal shareholders - eh Grundie...?

well just lookie here - needless to say - this is how it all worked out...

you know - just keeping it real here...

with those TOMDF Boiler Room Pump Boy's still hanging around...

SMH - you were warned - nuff said...!

MOO putz
Grundle Grundle 12 hours ago
Some people also invest other peoples money..that would explain a lot here with all the haters that don’t own stock and have
redspeed redspeed 12 hours ago
I'm seeing a pattern with these PnD'rs that suffered catastrophic losses over and over again from one stock to the next.

Some of them take a 2nd mortgage on their house or a reverse mortgage and bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on high risk penny stocks. How stupid is that?

Todos Stock Analyst
You don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right
JPetroInc JPetroInc 15 hours ago
what hooey - what obfuscation - what confusion "JOEY"

and you think this is a reason to buy more TOMDF shares...?

LMAO - after complete annihilations of TOMDF's pps by twice failed "Financial Engineer" Gerald Commissiong CEO hack

along with his Astoria Queens toxic death spiral financial mafia wrecking crew - be my guest "JOEY"

according to you - you got MILLIONS of worthless TOMDF shares on your hands Sporto...!

SMH - TOMDF toilet paper I tell ya - you simply can't make this stuff up folks...!

but that's ok JOEY - you just keep-on pumpin brah...!

MOO dookie in bam bam
JPetroInc JPetroInc 16 hours ago
yeah OK right JOEY...!

is that the SAME Todos Medical as this Todos Medical...?

I don't think so JOEY...!

SMH - what shite

MOO fugazi
redspeed redspeed 16 hours ago
What about the blogs?

Da CEO blogs the Stock Analyst spent 10 years of his life claiming CG took them down. I guess if someone is still using AOL, might be clueless how websites work.

BTW: Did the Todos Stock Analyst grovel, boot kiss and apologize to you too?

Definitions from Oxford Languages ·
lie or crawl abjectly on the ground with one's face downward.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 17 hours ago
here's all you and your TOMDF Boiler Room Pump Boy bud's need to know Sporto

TOMDaFk is now permanently outta business:


Redspudder - reputation's shoddada...!

SMH - can't make this stuff up folk's

here's looking at you Mista Redsputter & JoeyForkitBolo:

MOO 2 shills dolts & touts
👍️ 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 17 hours ago
Todos Medical website back up on b2i digital

Looks like it's basically a way to contact Todos management. I made an inquiry to Todos on the website. I'll post if I get a response. Site provides a lot of the info available on the previous site, but Gerald is still listed as CEO, so it's not current.

The website is still active.
redspeed redspeed 18 hours ago
This was from the Todos Stock Analyst Monday, June 25, 2018. I even said I'd let the differences go since he apologize. But no, he couldn't stop and continues for 6 years. Oh well, his lost of time and money.

Hey, I'm a humanitarian! LOL

Red no one - and I do mean absolutely no one can cite you for your humanitarian compassion and personal alignment with causes such as helping those afflicted by, and aiding in potential help for full blown cures involving Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, severe skin burns, or all the other wonders that a protein such as MANF has demonstrated in early stage animal testing. I apologize if I may have offended you. However know that all the reasons you’ve explained about AMBS IP and the prowess of that IP are the very same reasons why I took my 1st 6 figure stake way back in Nov., 2012.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 18 hours ago
GC on X - 2/20/24

CNBC - Israel’s GDP contracts nearly 20% in fourth quarter amid Gaza war
redspeed redspeed 18 hours ago
The Todos stock analyst confuses 2012 with 2017. He was pumping GC stocks for years and not the few years he pretends. Doesn't realize 5 & 10 years have gone by.

Todos stock analyst consistently tries to personal gain at other people’s misfortune/expense and continues to this day.

BTW: The Todos stock analyst incriminates himself by always responding to my posts when I talk about the Todos stock analyst LMAO

Thursday, December 14, 2017
Post# 126717 of 130484
here since Nov., 2012

the IP has hugh potential - in the right hands

that's why I am here

and to try to regain some of my catastrophic losses
redspeed redspeed 18 hours ago
The Todos Stock Analyst is clueless and lacks self-awareness. But he does follow me around looking for attention like a little puppy dog.

They laughed you off of other boards so seek refuge??

It is very nice of me to return the favor and protect him from scam stocks that he's unaware of.

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 18 hours ago
Dickwad, I only posted the update from GC. Some readers without X accounts were asking for any update since no news released since the insolvency announcement. This IS the Todos board. One would assume a moderator would expect relevant info to be posted here. But then again, most moderators on these boards aren't afflicted with Gerald Derangement Syndrome and Covid-induced brain fog and memory issues. You have no business being a moderator here. Your bias is blatant.

I suggest you go pump your neighbor's cat for exercise after your next pizza arrives. Still haven't figured out who sent those, have you? I though the Domino's crack IT team was all over it.

Might want to go light on the pizza these days. Last time I saw you the man boobs were getting rather large. A bra might in your future.

😹 1 🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 19 hours ago
LMAO Gerald Commissiong begging for a 3rd chance...!

from the same AMBS and TOMDF shareholders that he and his Astoria Queens financial mafia previously fleeced

is Gerald outta his freakin mind...?

IMHO Gerald didn't resign - the former CEO liquidated the TOMDF sham because they did pay their bills

and Gerry was out on the street curb - pronto - and as fast as you can Whistle Dixie

with nothing left but an eternal 40 Wall St stain remaining on the road from his twice failed flunky shams...!

oh that expression on Jonathan Najarian's face says it all:

and of course you have Gerald's faithful 'Lap Dawg' & Boiler Room Pumper Boi

the infamous "15 Followers" JoeyForkitBolo dragging Gerald's shite home - like a cat with his rat:

JFB - how low will you stoop - how utterly sickening and pathetic you are brah...!

you and your "love bud" partner Redsputter sold your souls out to Gerald - long ago Sporto

and on the cheap too I might add...!

MOO hysterical
👍️ 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 19 hours ago
we know you speak to GC

you've even posted about it brah...

burner phones, fake email addy's and phony IP internet addresses become you

you are not to be trusted - it says so right here - in your own words:

MOO shill tout dolt
JPetroInc JPetroInc 23 hours ago
good one Redspudder

searching all the way back to 2012 to find that one

must have taken a very long time and a lot of energy - I’m impressed “Red”

you are and have been Gerald’s forever useful Idiot - how’s those rewards…?

Personal gains at other people’s misfortune and expense no less …!

Redspudder and the Boiler Room Pumper Boi’s are shills touts and dolts

for TOMDF and AMBS - not to mention VERB and gawd only knows what else

got to love the spelling lesson - you’re “all that and more” - eh “Red”

you are and always be Gerald’s faithful lap dawg and tool

have a good day spinning your ratchets and lubing them grease fittings - lolzzz

Redsputter - reputation shot…!

MOO dolt
velcro velcro 1 day ago
Yeah, sure GC, just tell me who to make the check payable.
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 day ago
Hugh was the guy who provided the balls, from the analyst's favorite movie. One could interpret this as Hugh about to introduce these investors to his potential and their catastrophic losses. The analyst often expresses himself in really strange ways, but has posted many pics on the Todos board from this movie, so we can be assured this image will feel as natural as rain.

🤣 1
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
Not sure who Hugh was? LOL

Thursday, December 14, 2017 2:53:19 PM
Post# 126717 of 130484
here since Nov., 2012

the IP has hugh potential - in the right hands

that's why I am here

and to try to regain some of my catastrophic losses
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
The Todos BioTech Stock Analyst needs to get out of the basement more

JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 day ago
please post where I said this:

"You say you hate Gerald"
please show me where TOMDF remains solvent, open and operating, and in business:

"You say the company is bankrupt"
you are correct - TOMDF went insolvent. liquidated, out of business - kaput

FYI no Todos didn't file Chapter's 7 or 11 - as the liquidation proceeding were conducted in Israel, not the US

I also believe Dr Arad's work on 3CL Protease Inhibitor Tollovid/vir amounted to fiscal failure and collapse of TOMDF

along with heinous flunky CEO leadership, utter mismanagement and a failed business plan out of the starting gate

the only question I have is - why would you believe differently from what has actually occurred - eh Swordie...?

please show proof of your below statement:

"They laughed you off of other boards so seek refuge??
You get banned over and over you return?"
I understand its hard to accept the fact that Gerald Commissiong decimated TOMDF shareholders

but hey, no hard feelings - best wishes to you in all your future endeavors

reality - what a concept - eh Swordie...?

JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 day ago
I concede an email reply from the CEO answering an investor question about company updates doesn't quite hold a candle to a COME TO JESUS phone call with the CEO, but most investors don't have their head up Gerald's arse they way you did at AMBS. I suppose that's the reason for the extensive pic collection of the CEO that's maintained on your PC. Are there framed pics on the walls? Are there pics of CEO and shareholder/analyst arm-in-arm at a AMBS shareholders meeting? I suppose that would really inflate one's ego, eh? Even more so than that special COME TO JESUS call with the CEO. How unfortunate all the other investors failed to believe the crap you tried to lay on them after that call. Everyone suspected you were advising them to BUY to drive up the share price while you unloaded your shares.

Have you recovered those catastrophic AMBS losses yet? Certainly not with IBIO or MONI or any other stocks on the boards posted on. Those all SUCK and only added to the six-figure losses. Please let the board know of any other investments you recommend where those here with losses may try to recover their money with some actual gains.

MOO Silence on that question

Why are you replying to my posts? Didn't you have me on IGNORE? What happened? Gerald Derangement Syndrome kicking in again? Can't control yourself, right? That GDS is a nasty thing, sadly with no cure until death.
back on iggs pal - what a waste case...!
🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 day ago
says who - you...?

"So funny how none of the Todos criteria you post applies to your MONI investment."
just more obfuscation & diffusion in changing the subject from TOMDaFk to MONI

par for the course of the Boiler Room Pump Boy's - eh "JOEY"

no joke Hondura7 - this says it all...!

MOO truth
redspeed redspeed 1 day ago
I think the BioTech Stock Analyst that includes Todos, AMBS, IBIO among others, needs help


JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 day ago
So funny how none of the Todos criteria you post applies to your MONI investment. Anyone who follows that board knows exactly what I'm talking about. Todos had millions in quarterly revenue at one point. MONI has yet to generate a dime of revenue. If Todos failed, it's because it failed as an operating company, not as a scam where not a single transaction has completed. MONI CEO reported gold mines acquisitions, air service acquisitions, BitGift revenue production and subsequent sale, etc. Where's the claims of SCAM from investors like yourself? Nonexistent. Surprise, Surprise!!

And where was the outrage when your IBIO CEO, who was getting a ridiculous annual salary/bonus, exited the company with an even more ridiculous golden parachute package, after having performed multiple reverse splits on the stock, all while the revenue dried up? All you ever posted was BUY BUY BUY!!! Why no crying about the criminal CEO there, posting hundreds of photos of the CEO, etc? BUY BUY BUY!!! Who's the pumper on that board?

Todos was a risky investment that had great potential. You lost no money here, but will hang around for another decade complaining about over investing and catastrophic losses in AMBS and your love/hate relationship with the CEO. Those of us you claim were company shills lost real investment money here, but you haven't seen even one of us crying about it on any board. I look in my mirror and see a man who takes responsibility and accountability for his decisions, whatever they may be. What do you see in your mirror? And how long do you intend to continue to cry about your losses? Ever think of growing a backbone and man up?

And I thought you had me on IGNORE, yet you read my GC post.

MOO extreme hypocrisy
MOO stiffing the Dominos delivery guy

💯 1 🤠 1
theswordman theswordman 1 day ago
AND yet--here you are
You say the company is bankrupt
You say you hate Gerald
You say all these things--YET here you are

Gerald is gone
Todos is liquidated
You don't believe in any of Dr Arad's work

And yet--you have no other place to go??
They laughed you off of other boards so seek refuge??
You get banned over and over you return??

Talk about MOO POO
you do you
👍️ 2 🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 days ago
IMHO Dr Arad Droit’s Tolloup Buttercup supplements and work is worthless

always was - as no other BP was ever interested in it to the point of acquiring it

and prolly isn’t interested in it for penny’s on the dollar even now

TOMDF was a straight-up scam

orchestrated under the SH fleecing of a twice failed CEO Financial Engineering hack & huckster

and yet another one funded by the infamous Astoria Queens financial mafia

and TOMDF’s back office admin, accountants, financiers, etc etc etc

aprox $138-Mil went thru the cooked and unaudited TOMDF books in 5 yr’s time

the money has already been made on the novice and unsuspecting investing public

unfortunately, Tollovid/vir is dead after its +20 yr pitiful existence

and it will never - if ever - be resurrected from the grave

SMH - and Gerry wants another chance - you’ve got to be kidding - right…?

anyone with a WeWorks office cubicle making 3/4 of a million $$$/yr. is a tell that it’s a scam

add to that the Bioler Room Pumper Boi’s - and it’s a sure sign of a major rip off

you were warned pal - time and time again

MOO donkey kong
👍️ 1
Rokky57 Rokky57 2 days ago
@JoeForkeyBolo...Thank you for posting this X post and all that you contributed to this forum..It was greatly appreciated.

I wonder who owns the rights to Tollovid /Tollovir now.. Or is it t just gone altogether now.

As for GC wanting another chance, it will have to be from someone else. I've seen him plunder the great science that Dr. Dorit Arad discovered in Tollovid / Tollovir.

What happens to all her work?

That is about as far as any bashing that comes from me as I take full responsibility for investing in Todos Medical.

Good luck to everyone in your future investments.
👍️ 2 😂 1 🤡 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 days ago
GC on X - 2/19/24

👍️ 3 🤡 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 days ago
World Health Organization
COVID-19 Epidemiological Update
16 February 2024
Edition 164 | Emergency Situational Updates

"Globally, the number of new cases decrease by 58% during the 28-day period of 8 January to 4 February 2024 as compared to the previous 28-day period, with over 503,000 new cases reported. The number of new 'deaths decreased by 31%' as compared to the previous 28-day period, with over 10,000 new fatalities reported"
just keeping it real folks...!

theswordman theswordman 2 days ago
BNO News @BNOFeed
Weekly U.S. COVID update:

- New cases: 218,250 est.
- Average: 237,629 (-28K)
- States reporting: 50/50
- In hospital: 18,275 (-1K)
- In ICU: 1,990 (-117)
- New deaths: 1,807
- Average: 2,314 (-143)

BNO Analysis
This is the 23rd week in a row with more than 1,000 new deaths, or nearly 40,000 during the same period. Deaths were down from last week, below 2,000 for the first time since December.
JPetroInc JPetroInc 3 days ago
uh oh - this can't good ...

not for the illustrious TOMDF & AMBS "Financial Engineer" $720k.yr. C-suites CEO hack

"Gerald Commission no longer appears on the Fortitude Advisors website
Obviously he was a negative drag on their credibility."
IMHO, this says it all folks:

here's to Gerald Commissiong - twice failed CEO flunky 'Dilution King' sham artist...

fired from the liquidated & dissolved TOMDF - and also apparently fired from Fortitude Advisors Managing Partner position

along with his Back Office Pumper Boy shills, touts and dolts...

Cheers Gerry - you will not be punished for your sins, but by your sins...!

more to come in the investigation of where all the $$$ went TOMDF saga

JPetroInc JPetroInc 6 days ago
typical swordman obfuscation & misconstruing the facts as to what was actually said...

"poorly understood by 9 or more Drs you might have to visit..."
as a reminder - here's the exact 9 Dr post verbatim for those with failing memory and an ulterior motives to confuse, distort and purposely mislead the investing public:

I guess the ratchet spinning, basement dwelling, reputation shot - Mr. Redsputter thinks that ...

any anonymous Twitter brain-fog posters recommending you to take unproven gromwell root

is better than these professionally licensed, degreed and certified medical sources - eh....?

1.) Neurologist
2.) Hematologist
3.) Epidemiologists
4.) Otolaryngologist
5.) Rheumatologists
6.) Cardiologist
7.) Nephrologist
8.) Hepatologist
9.) Internist

if you have or have had COVID see your MD and do it sooner rather than later - your Internist will be your quarterback - and he/she guide you on who to see next - don't fool with tinctures, elixirs, remedies, OTC supplements, emulsions, unproven gromwell root, etc. and think you can "self-diagnose yourself" and say "Tollovid worked, I'm fine, I'm cured"

what F'n hooey - how ridiculous and foolish can one be with their own life - with their own health

why? because you read it from someone who owns stock in a 3rd rate OTC elixir that can't even get EUA...? you're going to take their advise over your own DOCTOR's medical evaluation and Rx recommendations...???

think man...! your playing around with your body and your health

these supplement, tincture, potient and OTC remedy recommendations of what and what not to do are coming from anonymous public MB posters who hold shares in the very same medically unproved concoction that he/she are recommending you to buy...!!!

go - and see a licensed MD or DO specialist - preferably a board certified neurologist for brain disorder from COVID (in this case), who specializes in neurological COVID studies, treatments and prescriptions - as mentioned previously, you want the very best, and here are just some the very best in the Tri-state area:







as I said, don't fool around with your health or any OTC supplements, tinctures, elixirs, remedies, etc. if you have COVID, or the after effects involving LH-COVID....

get in and see your MD right away and get a full work-up and medical evaluation by an licensed MD immediately...don't fool around and don't wait, especially with this virus...there's professional help out there and you will need all the attention one can get from licensed, certified, medically trained and professionally recognized MD's who are on the front lines in this battle against COVID and LH COVID...

forget the "home spun" OTC elixirs and them for AFTER a professional diagnosis and regimen to treat your disease

be smart - be proactive - be prudent - your personal health is not worth risking on unproven over-priced crap supplements - you'll thank yourself and me for it later...!

so much better advice than listening to this ratchet spinning, basement dwelling, Back Office Promo Boy stooge and shill rant on MB's daily about an unproven OTC Chinese gromwell root supplement from this pathetic, opportunistic, twice failed Stanford University undergrad "Financial Engineer" CEO hack and leach...whose in it to separate you from from you money into his $760k/yr salary plus perks, speaking engagement fees, travel expenses, retirement funding, benefits package, etc etc etc

yeah right - an ANTI-COVID PILL - my royal pearly right cheek arse

I guess TOMDF got as far with their Anti-Covid Pill as they did with their MOTO PARA MOBILE COVID TESTING LABS - lolzzz - this CEO and the TOMDF Back Office Promo Boyzzz will try anything to separate shareholders from their hard earned money...

SMH - can't make up this stinky pinkie non-SEC reporting sham w/$5-Mil. quarterly losses and 3.3-Bil OS shares our - and more toxic death spiral convertible dilution and losses to come...

MOO disgusting
theswordman theswordman 1 week ago
So once AGAIN there is ANOTHER summary of the overall state of the state of long covid: Still not "defined"-- tests (no gold standard)--diagnosis (poorly understood by 9 or more Drs you might have to visit--treatments ( the experts here speak of MANY, but never state any specific and never explain why 2000/week are still dead of covid)

But in the attached article--out today--you can read AGAIN how after a few years--still working on a "definition"
viral persistence is DRIVER--viral remnants in digestive tract--reactivation/Epstein Barr ETC
And joke Drs pushing exercise therapy. Hope you don't end up being assigned or choosing 1 of those
theswordman theswordman 1 week ago
So a couple times have posted/linked info about Shionogi trial with their 3CL Protease Inhibitor
This is out today:
There is no "rebound" data--hopefully this is as good/better than Paxlovid (certainly less DDI) this trial was only for beginning Rx within 3 days of symptoms (hard to check that box for a LOT of covid patients--some already wait beyond the 5 day/Pax guideline)
👍️ 1
theswordman theswordman 1 week ago
BNO News @BNOFeed·
Weekly U.S. COVID update:

- New cases: 234,815 est.
- Average: 265,701 (-35K)
- States reporting: 50/50
- In hospital: 19,974 (-1K)
- In ICU: 2,107 (-197)
- New deaths: 2,303
- Average: 2,457 (+52)

BNO Analysis: This is the 6th week in a row with more than 2,000 new deaths, or 14,091 deaths combined. This is also the 22nd week in a row with more than 1,000 deaths, or nearly 38,000 during the same period.
- Average: 2,457 (+52)
theswordman theswordman 1 week ago
BNO delayed the covid data until after the superbowl
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 1 week ago
I thought you had me on ignore. GDS won't allow that. It inhibits one's ability to control themselves. But please do tell us... inquiring minds really want to know... was it BACK DOOR delivery? LMAO

I know you lean that way given the number of times you've mentioned Gerald's c**k in numerous PMs. Did the pizza delivery get your juices flowing?
back on iggs pal - what a waste case...!
👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
yeah maturity like…

your twice failed lying TOMDF “FINANCIAL ENGINEERING” hack CEO

daring TOMDF SH’s to sell all their TOMDF shares

that’s real maturity - he should be sued to the high heavens for that 1-threat alone…!

and just look at those results now….!

Todos Medical has been “LIQUIDATED” - eh Rokky - wink wink…?

you can diffuse and obfuscate what the CEO did to all TOMDF SH’s all day long…

and focus on one’s “maturity” level all you want sporto …!

it ain’t going to chance the reality that you and countless others have been scammed

by Gerald Commissiong and the Boiler Room Pump Boys all along sport

SMH - it it weren’t so sad - it would be upstaged by so “patently” pathetic

MOO fool
JPetroInc JPetroInc 1 week ago
yo Warp - erh JOEY...!

"I could reveal who I am"

LMAO - yeah years later and TOMDF liquidated

just as clueless as the former twice failed flunky FINANCIAL ENGINEER CEO scam & hack

back on iggs pal - what a waste case...!

MOO horse shite
Rokky57 Rokky57 1 week ago
Holy Sheet Batman !!!

And this is the guy that applied to be a Mad-erator? Is there a helpline to call for people that are obviously in need of it?

Post #19,947
Re: #19,932: @Rokky57 - A very mature post of self ownership of
Rokky57 is Redpseed
🤣 1
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
And Joe Biden believes he is mentally competent. Everyone can see he isn't except him.
no Covid brain fog here
Posting my comments about using an alternate email address in certain instances as proof I am warp is clear indication a lot of neurons aren't firing in the old noodle. Get help.
👍️ 2
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
Wow, with evidence like that, IHUB will have no choice other than boot me off their platform. LMAO

With such quality investigative skills, it's becoming very clear why there are ZERO winners in your investment portfolio.

I could reveal who I am, but since it was unlikely you knew Warp's identity, that wouldn't prove anything. Not that such details matter in a person's delusional state. The impact of multiple Covid infections is becoming clearer with each new post.
👍️ 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
no Covid brain fog here

maybe Covid brain fog for all those fake gromwell Tolloup Buttercup subscribers

who invested in this shite TOMDF scam listening to the likes of you and your ilk

have a whole lot of complaints in the media that Tollovid is absolute shite

and guess what - the scam Todos Medical company responsible for fostering it is now:


and rightfully so sport...just feast your eyes here palzzeee:

made it easy and convenient for you and others to 'CLICK ON THAT LINK' joey...

guess that really doesn't matter to the TOMDF Boiler Room Pump Boys though...!

eh "JOEY"...wink wink...?

+/- $138-Mil. in & outta the books in aprox 5 years time - where'd it all go ...?

no audited books - no resulting corroborating filings - no nothing - eh JOEY....?

SMH - typical Romper Room postings form the select sophomoric few

MOO hilarious
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
here you go Warp - er JOEY...

in your own written words no less:

case rested...

MOO fool
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
You've made claims that I am posing as multiple posters. If that's the case, provide evidence to ADVFN and they will close my account, since multiple accounts are not allowed per their Terms of Use.

From the evidence you've collected from your many claims, it should be easy for you to prove. Let's see how ADVFN evaluates the "evidence" you present. Be sure to include the fact you've had Covid multiple times, and of course, your age. Those factors will be considered.

Who will I be next week?

Yawn. 🙄
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 weeks ago
Prove it. You can't. Nothing but Covid-induced brain fodder.
Rokky57 is Redpseed
👍️ 1 🤣 1
JPetroInc JPetroInc 2 weeks ago
fake email IP's, burner phones and multiple aliases are not acceptable

especially on the ADVFN thread which includes TOMDF etc

this ain't Reddit pal

and it unequivocally supports the appearance of boiler room type activities

SMH - just sayin...

MOO truth

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