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Ronn Motor Group Inc (PK)

Ronn Motor Group Inc (PK) (RONN)

Closed May 23 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0074 Day's Range 0.0107
0.0002 52 Week Range 0.10
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 525,069
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Ronn Motor Group Inc (PK)

RONN Motor Group, Inc. is a multinational zero-emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Automaker and sustainable hydrogen stationary company. Founded in 2013 by Ronn Ford, RONN Motor Group has put in place a world-class executive team of experienced automotive and marketing experts with a single mind, ... RONN Motor Group, Inc. is a multinational zero-emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Automaker and sustainable hydrogen stationary company. Founded in 2013 by Ronn Ford, RONN Motor Group has put in place a world-class executive team of experienced automotive and marketing experts with a single mind, "Create sustainable energy for mobility and a better quality of life." Show more

Mobile, Alabama, USA
Ronn Motor Group Inc (PK) is listed in the Plastics,resins,elastomers sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker RONN. The last closing price for Ronn Motor (PK) was $0.01. Over the last year, Ronn Motor (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0002 to $ 0.10.

Ronn Motor (PK) currently has 315,287,746 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Ronn Motor (PK) is $3.15 million. Ronn Motor (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -6.25.

RONN Latest News

100,000,000 Euro Commitment Sends Shares of this MicroCap Hydrogen Automaker Soaring

As the world looks to sustainability, the hydrogen car market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 28% by 2035—and this global zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell automaker just signed a To...

Will LOI Send Shares of this Designer of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles Higher?

This forward-thinking automaker is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environmental credit market, committing to innovating and sustainably commercializing hydrogen in mobile and To read...

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RONN Discussion

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delerious1 delerious1 9 minutes ago
What exactly is it that make Hydrogen fuelled vehicles attractive ?
ipiros ipiros 1 hour ago
Ronn Ford said this morning that RONN, Inc. is meeting on Thursday with Erisha EV Mobility, part of Rana Global, to discuss the future of hydrogen fuel growth around the world, specifically in India. (continued) $RONN

Wonder how this went?
ac5150 ac5150 2 hours ago
I thought the volume would be higher the last few red days if that was the case but I'm no expert. Appreciate your insights... I don't have shares now as I sold way too quickly...I am thinking about getting back in as I feel this may go up next week but I'll see what happens tomorrow...
Tz3sports Tz3sports 2 hours ago
Profit taking would have occurred well over $.01 not dumping into the bid nonstop
👍️ 1
ac5150 ac5150 3 hours ago
I’m out now for several days but looking for entry point. You still in? Any opinions on a good entry point tomorrow? I see it broke the .008 support area a bit…
ac5150 ac5150 3 hours ago
The best military in the world! Thnx fellas!
ac5150 ac5150 3 hours ago
That good be profit taking as well from trips no?
hubb1 hubb1 4 hours ago
Nice paint job!!
Hercules1 Hercules1 4 hours ago
They have exciting news ready.

Hopefully they drop the big news in the morning.

And then the second big news on Tuesday.

👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
Tz3sports Tz3sports 4 hours ago
Have you not watched the price actually the last few days… dilution from the notes is only true explanation of 80%+ selling each day
👍️ 2 💯 1
delerious1 delerious1 4 hours ago
NewBornTrade NewBornTrade 4 hours ago
On the recent Quarterly - Shares were issued for debt conversion - Comming to nearly 428M commons -
👍️ 1
ac5150 ac5150 4 hours ago
Thnx! Appreciate it
Masta SkillZ Masta SkillZ 4 hours ago
They had ~$200k in convertible notes due on 5/20 with a .0001 conversion price pretty much. It's not known if these notes were converted or paid off in another way. The OS was updated on 5/20 and there was no change from the last week, but the next update should verify for sure if the notes were converted or not. My guess is none or a minimal amount was. We'll see soon enough.
👍️ 1
delerious1 delerious1 5 hours ago
The news if material should come asap (forthwith)
trademax42 trademax42 5 hours ago
Looking good for a close over .01 cent, just needs a few slaps.
❓️ 1
PatB1 PatB1 5 hours ago
This guy is not serious! Smells like a scam!
Hercules1 Hercules1 5 hours ago
2 tick dicks holding this down by prematurely ejaculating every time it moves up a little bit.

They are happy with their beer money.
💩 1 🤡 1
ac5150 ac5150 5 hours ago
Not being sarcastic but where did you get those figures from? thnx in advance
Hercules1 Hercules1 5 hours ago
.013 close would just right.

We get .02 tomorrow.

We know those new updates are hitting very soon.

In fact they are likely to hit tomorrow.
💩 1 🤡 1
ac5150 ac5150 5 hours ago
I saw that a few weeks ago too but don't you think the volume would be more if that was the case? You probably have more knowledge than me on this so just to confirm you believe the shares are being converted now? I also read that the shares could have been converted earlier prior to 5/20th but can't find where I saw that. Thnx for any insight.
trademax42 trademax42 5 hours ago
💩 1 🤡 1
trademax42 trademax42 5 hours ago
Looks promising for going green. Needs a few slaps.
❓️ 1
trademax42 trademax42 5 hours ago
L2 looks thin, could go in the green territory with a few ask slaps. imo
❓️ 1
MadBrewer MadBrewer 6 hours ago
🍻The inter-service rivalry is always fun
Yet in the end, we all signed that blank check if needed.

Masta SkillZ Masta SkillZ 6 hours ago
Tuesday would be the best day imo
cableguy cableguy 6 hours ago
Touche' to that MadBrewer, I'm always in the mood to cheat death, lol. I just thank God I made it this far. RONN
delerious1 delerious1 6 hours ago
The news if material should come asap (forthwith)
Wayne R Wayne R 7 hours ago
Yea, the converted shares are either 1.44 billion or 2.88 billion. You'll need several trucks to load up
👍️ 1 💯 1
Penny Stocks 2.0 Penny Stocks 2.0 7 hours ago
Could see 2 PRs next away!!
🤡 1
Go to to X and Cast your vote!!
Ronn Motor Group (Formerly $LPHM)
💩 1 🤡 1
Guys. We will move fast next week:
Another poll: With Memorial Day coming up, what’s the best day for a PR after a Monday Holiday? Ronn has a couple new pieces of exciting news and we want to know what you all think is best! $RONN #Hydrogen #HFEV

Your feedback is appreciated.— Ronn Motor Group (Formerly $LPHM) (@leepharma) May 23, 2024

Cast your vote
💩 1 🤡 1
Hercules1 Hercules1 8 hours ago
This is no time to sell.

This is time to back up the trucks.

Load up.

We have several updates coming.

This will soon be trading around .03.

👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
Bayguy Bayguy 8 hours ago
I hope everyone is accumulating at these low levels
💩 1 🤡 1
Hercules1 Hercules1 8 hours ago
Just a matter of time before she explodes to .02.

Load up.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1 ✨️ 1
cableguy cableguy 8 hours ago hoo too bad, trader if you don't like the chow in the mess hall then go to burger King as top use to say. In other words if you don't like the heat in the kitchen then get the $##% out... RONN
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🤣 2
Savannah-Marc Savannah-Marc 8 hours ago
Whatever dude, you have your theory and I have mine, we'll see who gets rich first. I'm all for RONN!
👍️ 1 💩 1 📈 1 🤡 1
NorthPeak22 NorthPeak22 8 hours ago
I knew you'd start unleashing one fallacy argument after another. This reveals your agenda. I'm just making commentary on something that looks like an obvious scheme to offload shares in a conversion and you're frantically trying to attack the person and not the message. People don't have to own shares or have a financial motive to simply point out a joke in full motion.
👍️ 2 💯 1
Wayne R Wayne R 8 hours ago
Some guy's friend is buying all he can get at $0.10.

That could be the total value of his purchase, it's not clear.
👍️ 1 💩 1 😆 1 🤡 1
Savannah-Marc Savannah-Marc 8 hours ago
I bought and held, if I didn't like RONN then I wouldn't even waste my energy commenting on this board. Why are you here, what's your agenda??? I still own several percent of BEGI too and I'm just waiting for the party to start, RONN's is starting a lot sooner and much bigger!
👍️ 1 💩 1 📈 1 🤡 1
NorthPeak22 NorthPeak22 8 hours ago
Yeah, you have confirmation bias. You like people when they agree with you, and don't like them when they don't. You're not objective bc you have an agenda.
👍️ 2 👎️ 1 💯 1 🙅 1
cableguy cableguy 8 hours ago
Because traders are taking profits, next news will go up again.
👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 1 🥇 2
Savannah-Marc Savannah-Marc 8 hours ago
Most likely they paid off any notes since companies on 4 continents are in talks with them simultaneously. I respected your past analysis on other stocks but you're just bashing at this point, it belittles you Sir. Just buy some shares and hold and stop flipping for fractions of a penny. Don't be fickle.
👍️ 2 💩 1 💯 2 🤡 1
peanutz peanutz 8 hours ago
Low volume for one . This will bounce back about even by EOD imho Watch for tweets later today .
NorthPeak22 NorthPeak22 8 hours ago
No, every major U.S. city has modern plumbing. 48% of Americans are NOT pooping in the streets. My point is that this doesn't pass the "smell" test. India is so far behind when it comes to basic, modern infrastructure that it's hilarious to believe they are going to be involved in anything advanced, especially hydrogen vehicles. The point to using India in a hype narrative for a note conversion is that nothing can be verified, and their population size allows for the reporting of astronomical potential future revenue.
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 💯 1 🙅 1
1plus1 1plus1 8 hours ago
Savannah-Marc Savannah-Marc 9 hours ago
I bought several percent of the float and my shares are not for sale. I have a friend who is reallocating assets and will buy this as high as .10 he told me and he is a very serious investor. I'm a block buyer, so I bought my tickets to the show and now I'm just waiting for it to start. India news should be exciting! Good luck my fellow RONN shareholders!
🏆️ 2 👍️ 3 💩 1 🤡 1
Hercules1 Hercules1 9 hours ago
Huge updates are on the way.

Load and hold for .02 break.
🍀 1 👀 1 👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 ✨️ 1
Mutat Mutat 9 hours ago
This technology is going to revolutionize our truck transportation industry.

BREAKING NEWS!! Honda will debut a Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo on May 20!! Showcasing the start of a new demonstration project aimed at future production of fuel cell powered products for the North American market. #Honda #InTheKnow #fuelcells #bigrig #hydrogen
💩 1 🤡 1
lasombra lasombra 9 hours ago
💩 1 🤡 1

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