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Rennova Health Inc (PK)

Rennova Health Inc (PK) (RNVA)

Closed April 19 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.000001 Day's Range 0.0001
0.000001 52 Week Range 0.0002
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 12,454
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Rennova Health Inc (PK)

Gen Med & Surgical Hospitals
Special Industry Machy, Nec
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Rennova Health Inc (PK) is listed in the Gen Med & Surgical Hospitals sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker RNVA. The last closing price for Rennova Health (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Rennova Health (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.000001 to $ 0.0002.

Rennova Health (PK) currently has 40,551,322,257 shares outstanding. Rennova Health (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

RNVA Latest News

Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) US Navy Collaboration with ZenaDrone

Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) US Navy Collaboration with ZenaDrone The U.S. Navy is looking to use the ZenaDrone 1000 for a variety of missions, including surveillance, search and...


WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- June 13, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Rennova Health, Inc. (OTC: RNVA) is pleased to announce its critical access hospital in Oneida, Tennessee (Scott County...

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RNVA Discussion

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Tom turtles Tom turtles 1 hour ago
Jamestown hospital accidentally receives $121,000 in Covid relief for a closed hospital. And your great CEO doesn't bat an eyelash...and just keeps the money. They were also behind in Federal taxes in the amount of $4.4M , (because they failed to pay any employee payroll taxes)... despite the backtaxes , the Federal Govt gave Rennova $9.6M in Covid Relief . And you guys want to trust someone like this ? I love all the discounted shares they keep giving me though . Any shares I purchase at .0001, I just sell back until .000001fills or .00005 fills. I think everyone else is doing the same thing. If you paid full price for this trash , your not with the program. 2 million more today at .000001. Geez, thanks MM's.
moorecj1976 moorecj1976 1 hour ago
Where’s JMoney with his insight???
C2Guy C2Guy 3 hours ago
No just filing late, but consistently filing late.
LCJR LCJR 4 hours ago
No they don’t. Just the one’s who file late or not at all. I’m sure we’ll see filings eventually or some deep pockets are going to come knocking.

💎 1 💪 1
nfrequent nfrequent 4 hours ago
Every company gets a filing(s) flagged at least once every three years:
💎 1 💪 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 5 hours ago
Makes no sense at this point.
👍️ 1 💪 1
MontanaRealtyCompany MontanaRealtyCompany 6 hours ago
We go tits up
Signor Signor 7 hours ago
All debt restructuring to go gray??? I dont believe it but this is extra pink, everything is possible. Maybe 10k too good for many involved.
👍️ 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 7 hours ago
A bunch of tickers haven't release for some reason?
💎 1 💪 1
jay_tee jay_tee 8 hours ago
You know it's bad when we are referencing the Super Bowl during the NBA play ins/off!! LOL Damn
💩 1 🤡 1
BBB BBB 8 hours ago
You get an A+ from me 'filterthenoise'
👍️ 1 🧨 1
BBB BBB 8 hours ago
You don't have LEVEL 2? This is for the 'chick'
jay_tee jay_tee 8 hours ago
Goon that's some funny s%#t! LOL Keep em coming! Looks like I might be kissing my donations goodbye soon! I need some good chuckles in the meantime!
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 8 hours ago
Finally some progress or regress lol…. This scam is for the streets lol, EM in this case lol…..
👹 1 💩 1
Alpha14 Alpha14 8 hours ago
Soooo is it RNVA or is the OTC just that backed up processing 10Ks? INQR has the same issue and it's financials can't be that complicated compared to RNVA.
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 8 hours ago
Idk about you pumpers… i guess you have to settle with what Lolo12 will have on your face for now… sorry, not sorry lmfao
👹 1 💩 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 8 hours ago
Cool story. What's for dinner tonight Goon?
💎 2 💪 1 😎 1
jay_tee jay_tee 8 hours ago
All I did was Google a question. Is the following statement accurate?

Grace Period: Issuers that no longer meet the applicable criteria for OTCQX, OTCQB or Pink Limited will enter a grace period of 15 calendar days before moving to the Expert Market.
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
Where is Lolo12 mofo? Ppl are still waiting for their $0.05 on their faces soon watch lol
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
In with this scam lol…. There is no other scam worse in whole otc than this rugpull scam pos turd crap sh!tty stock out there
👹 1 💩 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 9 hours ago
Goon having his own super bowl party as we wait. FUD tailgating in blast. Only at $RNVA
💎 1 💪 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 9 hours ago
Good luck being an actual shareholder? Bruh. $RNVA
💎 1 💪 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
Here’s a riddle for all of you… how many trillions shares would one have to own of this scam pos turd stock before first reverse split of this scam to have at least 1 share right now?……… ofc they didn’t have that much authorized shares before first reverse split. This question is more like a flex for your brains…. I’ll give you a hint - if you had 1 trillion shares, you would’ve been splitted out of your shares a long time ago meaning you wouldn’t own a single share by now…. Furthermore, even owning 100 trillion shares would still have left you out of this scam with zero shares to your name remaining… That should definitely say a lot about how great this scam is and what a “great ceo” is running this turd lol lmfao…. Whooooooooo
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
This is the only scam in otc that I know which pulled off 2 reverse splits in a single year resulting in accumulated 10 000 000 shares to 1 share split summed up. Yep, facts, for each 10 millions shares you would receive 1 share and that’s in a single year. True example and definition of a rugpull scam pos crap turd stock, regardless of what pumpers say…. Lmfao… hfsp
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
I can sense paid pumpers are on a headstart with their lubes waiting to get rekt in yet another magnificent rugpull from this scam…. Lmfao
👹 1 💩 1
doc063 doc063 9 hours ago
Hopefully we will see the 10K tomorrow with an ath revenue report.
👍️ 1 💯 1
LCJR LCJR 9 hours ago
I just love the ignore button. What? I can’t hear you, you’re on ignore.

👹 1 💩 1
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 9 hours ago
Well then, stop with your weak parody. Unless it's a jealousy thing.
Good luck with whatever you're doing.
👹 1 💩 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
Then i decided to visit the place but it was closed and there was a rug near the entrance with engraving stating “pull” on it. That’s a major red flag…. I didn’t expect more from such rugpulling scam pos turd tbh… lmfao
👹 1 💩 1 😂 1
GoonOfWallSt GoonOfWallSt 9 hours ago
Lolo12 picked up and said “$0.05 soon on your face”, just like I expected…. Lmfao…. Great company…
👹 1 💩 1
ScottishTexan ScottishTexan 9 hours ago
I like the way you work it
👍️ 1
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 9 hours ago
Hopefully it Fry the FUD Friday tomorrow $RNVA
👍️ 2 💎 1 💪 2
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 10 hours ago
Diggy your problem is you cant trigger. You just get exposed with your weak FUD schtick, that's all. Give your boy Skull a call for some pointers.
👍️ 2 💎 1 💪 2
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 10 hours ago
Volume, so-so..I guess it's on to tomorrow...since today turned out to be another nothing burger.
💩 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 10 hours ago
You give yourself too much credit to be able to trigger anyone. Now, getting have that nailed.
💩 2 🤡 2
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 10 hours ago
Oh Diggy. All triggered cause I ruined his days to FUD before the fins.
👍️ 2 💎 2 💪 2
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 10 hours ago
Sorry, but you're so easy to trigger. It'll get better. Don't worry.
It seems you have a fan that is now following up your trolling schtick. Have fun.
👹 1 💩 1 😈 1 🤡 1
Mo Money Mo Money Mo Mo Money Mo Money Mo 10 hours ago
I sold everything.
🤣 1
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 10 hours ago
Getting hot over what? Bad comedy and trolling?
Okie dokie then.
👹 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🥳 1
jay_tee jay_tee 10 hours ago
JMONEY wants Seamus to be even later with releasing 10 k sohe could release it with the 10q! LOL If he does that, no mm's will be on the ask and we will be on the expert market. Make that logic make sense....SMH
💩 1 🤡 2
LetGoodTimesRoll LetGoodTimesRoll 11 hours ago
👍️ 3 👏 2 💎 1 💩 1 💪 4 🤡 1
LCJR LCJR 11 hours ago
Really, you can’t go online yourself and see these facilities? Their phone numbers are listed so pick up the phone and give them a call, Sherlock. Shit you people are ignorant.

💎 2 💪 2
The Skull The Skull 11 hours ago
Everything to you is your twisting of FACTS and the truth. You are clearly in panic mode lolol.
👹 1 💩 1
jmoney360 jmoney360 11 hours ago
keep dreaming your psychology is wack 🤣
The BEARS/SHORTS are screwed late filing on OTC PINK mean shit 😉 no worries here my friend keep up the good work BEAR 🐻
👍️ 1 💎 2 💪 2
Kmacneill116 Kmacneill116 11 hours ago
Just by your name i cant take you seriously lol clowns will clowns. $$$$
👍️ 4 💎 1 💪 1 💯 3
JustMe JustMe 11 hours ago
You could very well be right... We know the SEC has been trying to avoid the squeeze just like the shorts.

💎 2 💪 2
trd4profit trd4profit 11 hours ago
Diggity getting hot...Hot Diggity!
👍️ 1 💎 1 💪 1 🤣 2
Filterthenoise Filterthenoise 11 hours ago
Diggy losing his schtick. Going hardcore FUD
👍️ 2 💎 1 💪 1
diggitydoodle diggitydoodle 11 hours ago
Some pumpers are getting triggered by the late fins. Poor pumpers, if they were level headed all along, they wouldn't be acting so childish now. Poop emogi masters.
Fins will be coming, sometime. Don't worry.
💩 3 🤡 2
trd4profit trd4profit 11 hours ago
In a recent interview I watched for Fles, Brett Rosen said there are only about 20 auditors for the entire OTC? If that is true then I am surprised anyone files on time?
💎 1 💪 1

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