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Movement Industries Corporation (PK)

Movement Industries Corporation (PK) (MVNT)

Closed February 24 04:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.02 Day's Range 0.0274
0.003 52 Week Range 0.033
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 8,870

MVNT Latest News

Movement Industries Corporation Announces Joint Venture Alliance With an Excess of Ten Million Dollar Contract

HOUSTON, TX -- June 29, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- ?Movement Industries Corporation (OTC PINK: MVNT) (the "Company") has announced that it has completed the formation of a joint venture and this...

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MVNT Discussion

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GLee17 GLee17 15 hours ago
220 shares, not much. $5k Friday. Have new buyers at 03 basically.
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 17 hours ago
39% We have a few sellers evidently. 20240223|MVNT|141750|0|363785|O
gemstone57 gemstone57 17 hours ago
Shares will be locked up for a year
GLee17 GLee17 17 hours ago
80% can’t believe we had 100% 4 days last week.
nsomniyak nsomniyak 18 hours ago
I really doubt they would take shares purely on speculation. They would need to get enough shares so that they could sell (on the bid) for at least as much as the cash they would have received. Some might sell all, some might let the balance ride, but it would be astounding if they did not sell enough to get paid (and pay their staff) immediately.
don estaban don estaban 18 hours ago
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 18 hours ago
Who wants to take a guess at todays short numbers? I'm guessing at least 70%
gemstone57 gemstone57 19 hours ago
All it will take is volume and it’s game on

Solid fins and Juicy Press Release will do the trick
Otherwise more of the same
Reconnoiter Reconnoiter 19 hours ago
Do we get a power hour tweet? Send it to 6 cents EoD? One can hope!
👍️ 1
don estaban don estaban 19 hours ago
They will have to let it go at some point
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 19 hours ago
If they would quit shorting the shit out of this we would be at 7 cents already
GLee17 GLee17 20 hours ago
Now that makes sense.
gemstone57 gemstone57 20 hours ago
On the other hand if they promoted this like they should the could’ve issued 1/2 the amount of shares.h
GLee17 GLee17 20 hours ago
Shares for service which I was assuming.

I would think, whoever the shares were issued to, would weigh the risk / reward and take the better, if both means of payment were offered.

Take shares if you believe there is a good chance of them being higher. Otherwise take the cash.

Common since says that is positive for current shareholders. But like I said, common since isn’t always the case in the OTC.
gemstone57 gemstone57 21 hours ago
Take out those .0269’s (40K) and we’re at .03
nsomniyak nsomniyak 21 hours ago
Take shares for what?

Are you talking about MVNT using shares to pay for services, and asking why would a provider of such services accept shares as payment?

In that scenario the simple answer is that they would generally get more value in shares than if they took cash. Here's a hypothetical case - MVNT buys services for which the cash cost would be $1,000, and, with the stock trading at .01 bid .02 ask (again, hypothetical - I am using easy numbers to work with), MVNT offers to give them 200K shares of stock so as to conserve that $1000 in cash. Assuming the stock was out of the treasury and not restricted, and also assuming there was enough liquidity to actually absorb 200K shares on the bid, then the service provider could sell the stock for $2000 (instead of the $1000 they would have received, OR they could sell 100K at .01 to get their $1000 and let the rest ride.

While I have made the numbers up for convenience, the basic premise is true. The only way a service provider would accept shares in lieu of cash is if the shares were worth more RIGHT AWAY than the cash.
don estaban don estaban 22 hours ago
Nice new big bid at .02
chemist72 chemist72 22 hours ago
Don't have Level2 anymore. Can you show screenshot?
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 22 hours ago
Notice all the 5 digit trades. More shorting. Digging the hole deeper
don estaban don estaban 22 hours ago
Ask blocks coming down selling to the bid thinner and thinner ask
chemist72 chemist72 22 hours ago
Coincidence or NOT?

I'm looking at the chart pattern for MVNT in the months before its price explosion in 2021 and the current chart for the past 6 months.

The similarities are striking, at least to me.

1) Back in 2021 MVNT had a small run up to .0369. In 2023 MVNT had a run up $.0330.
2) In 2021 there was about a 3 month decline and base formed in the low 02's. In 2023 MVNT had a similar decline below $.03 to a base around $.025 +.005 (never above .03 and never a close below .02).
3) In 2021 after the base formation, MVNT exploded both in volume and in price. What was the "trigger" for that move? As I recall it was the filings that made MVNT current and an upgrade to Pink Current. Could something similar happen in 2024??

In any case, the links to these two chart are below. I haven't tried to "smooth" the current chart as it shows much greater volatility, but maybe I'll try that over the weekend. And it's too bad I can't overlay the 2 charts as I suspect they would look similar, except for the big price jump in 2021 and all the volatility we've had had the past 6 months or so.;RSI(14,100)&sym=MVNT&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=150;RSI(14,100)&sym=MVNT&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=150

So I ask. Coincidence or not? LOL
chemist72 chemist72 23 hours ago
Agree. 2/21 had ZERO volume until 10K was traded 2 seconds after the close.

Then yesterday MVNT had its third highest volume of 2024 including a premarket T-trade.

Maybe today's the day we find out something?
👍️ 1
chemist72 chemist72 23 hours ago
MMs playing games with the ASK price.

Here are the ASK price changes recorded on my Schwab time & sales feed since that last trade at $.0200 -
Bid prices were consistently $.025 >
chemist72 chemist72 23 hours ago
Here's a walk down memory lane in 2021:

Date Open High Low Close Volume
May 06, 2021 0.0999 0.1090 0.0932 0.0975 3,554,463
May 05, 2021 0.0960 0.0997 0.0805 0.0957 2,948,368
May 04, 2021 0.0835 0.1065 0.0712 0.0940 9,138,440
May 03, 2021 0.0895 0.1199 0.0700 0.0890 28,393,977
Apr 30, 2021 0.0222 0.0600 0.0222 0.0600 23,801,681
Apr 29, 2021 0.0229 0.0239 0.0204 0.0239 352,426
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 23 hours ago
Somethings up. Don't know what, but last two days not normal. And NITE moves to seven.
Reconnoiter Reconnoiter 24 hours ago
Let’s cut the crap for a second… Is it actually going to happen today?

The last time it began its huge run was a Friday, too.
👍️ 1
chemist72 chemist72 24 hours ago
Makes sense, but why all the drama and delay?

Is there really so much "new" to report? Or could the JV partners have veto power on what can be released?

Nothing in the past 12 months or so makes much sense to me anyway.

Any financial releases could be nothing dramatic or exciting. Just the same old, same old. A few hundred K of revenues every 3 months and close to break even after deducting operating expenses.

Very disappointing potentially. Even nice sounding forward looking goals would not excite me as I don't have much confidence or trust anymore in their pronouncements.

Sad to say all this, but maybe THIS time they can provide some evidence they will carry out any forward-looking material objectives.
gemstone57 gemstone57 24 hours ago
She’s gonna go! Fire up the grill
don estaban don estaban 24 hours ago
Bid was just .031 she's sooooo thin NITE is at .07
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 24 hours ago
I believe we see fins very soon. Last two days have been way different than our normal trading. Maybe huge news coming
don estaban don estaban 24 hours ago
Almost 300k on the bid now
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 24 hours ago
I think that is the case here. Because shares issued as payment for services rendered are restricted for 12 months, they generally are privied to a look behing the curtain so to speak. Especially if it is an accounting firm who is working on financials and more importantly, forward looking guidance.
They obviously believe the shares will be more valuable in the future.
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 24 hours ago
MM's playing stupid games. Trying to shake some shares loose.
don estaban don estaban 1 day ago
Nice 5000 usd. Block at .025 200k
don estaban don estaban 1 day ago
Ask is thin that 100k on the ask just slapped the bid
GLee17 GLee17 1 day ago
I am still somewhat green to OTC. Dabbling in this stock and a few others in the past. Have a question for you long timers.

There are some assumptions in this question.

Why would a company take shares if the stock has not been very liquid and an attempt to liquidate their shares have a high probability of tanking the price?

Common since says they know they will be able to liquidate at some point. Meaning they are able to see behind the scene. That is where I get into trouble because if it doesn’t make since, it is probably not true. In the OTC world, that is not always the case.
don estaban don estaban 2 days ago
Letttttssss gooooo enough playing around give us the good MV mgt. !!!!
👍️ 2
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
20240222|MVNT|292244|0|468719|O 62% They're gonna have to chase this if we get fins and news tomorrow
don estaban don estaban 2 days ago
I didnt see it and was wstching
gemstone57 gemstone57 2 days ago
don estaban don estaban 2 days ago
I saw that hit em straight !!
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
I'm heading to the golf course. Don your in charge of the close. 😁
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
Yessir. I was going to hit 27 but someone else did
don estaban don estaban 2 days ago
Is that you moving up the bid?
chemist72 chemist72 2 days ago
The volume today has definitely been a positive.

Too bad some bid whackers showed up. -lol

But no matter when the material news is released, I'm sure there will be plenty of bid whackers around who have been waiting a LONG time to collect some profits.
Can't do anything about that.
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
Someone has purchased around 12K $'s in MVNT today. I see that as a positive
chemist72 chemist72 2 days ago
Approaching disappointment #1025.

That's how many days it has been since MVNT reached its all-time high on May 3, 2021. Will be official at market close.

Should have stuck with my original estimate of around April for material news. And that was my optimistic hope! -LOL
chemist72 chemist72 2 days ago
At least we got volume today, 444K.

Most since Jan. 18, 2024 (896K).
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
And right back to 21
Adjustedtosteep Adjustedtosteep 2 days ago
That would be the best thing that could happen. When folks look at it they're scared to get in because no liquidity. Would probably get more buyers at 5 cent than here if we could get a million a day volume going

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