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Brookmount Explorations Inc (PK)

Brookmount Explorations Inc (PK) (BMXI)

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Updated: 11:06:35

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0425 Day's Range 0.0475
0.022 52 Week Range 0.211
Market Cap
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Financial Volume
$ 10,758
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Brookmount Explorations Inc (PK)

Mng, Quarry Nonmtl Minerals
Mng, Quarry Nonmtl Minerals
Carson City, Nevada, USA
Brookmount Explorations Inc (PK) is listed in the Mng, Quarry Nonmtl Minerals sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker BMXI. The last closing price for Brookmount Explorations (PK) was $0.05. Over the last year, Brookmount Explorations (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.022 to $ 0.211.

Brookmount Explorations (PK) currently has 102,677,311 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Brookmount Explorations (PK) is $5.13 million. Brookmount Explorations (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.57.

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BMXI Discussion

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Richard T Richard T 2 hours ago
Tweet news about site visit on tweeter this morning
Aquahoya Aquahoya 16 hours ago
This is important. Glad they are taking this step forward.
👍️ 1
qualityincolor qualityincolor 17 hours ago
Read my post from yesterday... news will be pressed out globally from now on. Their new IR team is on it.
👍️ 1
Wmcord Wmcord 18 hours ago
I guess I am somewhat frustrated by the fact that any information about this company BMXI is somewhat hidden. I mean really, how is any new investor supposed to be aware of this company. Last post on Yahoo finance was April 20, 2023. Is there a good reason to not have company news spread out on multiple news outlets. Thoughts anyone? Thanks
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 20 hours ago
Here comes the dumping…just like clockwork.
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 23 hours ago
That would be nice
qualityincolor qualityincolor 24 hours ago
Yeah, it doesn't matter once the spinoff approval drops and the audit confirms better than expected numbers... all good here.
👍️ 1
Traderfan Traderfan 24 hours ago
At 03 again hopefully. If we are lucky lol.
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 24 hours ago
Low volume…everyone is spooked because of the dilution/selling…wondering where does it end.
qualityincolor qualityincolor 2 days ago
Good post. Someone is taking all the shares
StockItOut StockItOut 2 days ago
interesting post! Yes, to your question. May not be a flush.
MsKitty1 MsKitty1 2 days ago— Brookmount Gold (@brookmountgold) April 16, 2024
warfaretrader warfaretrader 2 days ago
I can think of one guy here that said he'll look to add to his shares lower, like a flush lower! (Inside GAPPY) Regardless of what anyone on this board says, from the Perma bulls you know who. Always "just wait" regardless of when you're waiting for 3.5 years for the audit which is right around the corner. Is it right around the corner now?? Well, that's the game in the OTC isn't it. The bears/bashers/trolls are going to give their perspective which isn't wrong by any means. Nils continues to lead this long term bagholders back to the dilution water trough, its what all these CEO's do at OTC companies. Without dilution the vast majority die! Getting funding, hell even Toxic lending isn't easy for the past 3 years. The fact they're getting $$ is a huge +. Short term is sucks for shareholders... Some shareholders. Those that can truly read PA can see what's taking place. Who's right? The Bears? Going on 4 years with no audit, none stop dilution into pr's, same old game right? Bulls/Pumpers, lol the sky is always blue in their world. It's keeps them from ever looking at their trading patterns and learning from their mistakes. Which they never make any, they'll simply holds those bags forever is needed and continue selling rainbows and unicorns on ever ticker they own and pump on IHUB.
In this case I believe the pumper will get a win. Will the inside Gap at .0307 on 04/01/24 get filled?? If it does I believe it will occur on a deep flush intraday trade, and imo doubtful that will take place. From a technical perspective, we are sitting on the 200ma on both the daily and weekly pretty nice support here. I'll be a buyer on anything below .049. The daily PA for over a month makes is crystal clear the company is selling shares, regardless of confirming it on the OTC markets O/S updates. What's also crystal clear is most of this dilution is being sucked up and it's not by retail!!! quailityincolor is correct about that, some want the price to go lower!! I'm one of them! I know what's coming!
What exactly happened? I will be adding to my position!
qualityincolor qualityincolor 2 days ago
This is what happens when people think they can keep buying lower... they'll lose their shares soon enough.
Up wait for .03 to add to this pig. Lots of promises with blood . I dont get it . This baby should have ran multiple times now.
qualityincolor qualityincolor 2 days ago
Press releases moving forward will be global
Insiders own shares and do not want this to go lower
ramalio ramalio 2 days ago
How often did you/had you to write this here? LOL
But houray, Gold just went beyond 2,400 again, and our beloved stock is back below a half dime. Feeling pretty masochistical as shareholder here.
esi23 esi23 2 days ago
Hopefully they run out of shares soon. Unreal
qualityincolor qualityincolor 2 days ago
The closer the audit completion becomes, the higher we'll be... people hoping for cheaper shares... good luck, I'm betting we get an update sooner than expected..
jsc52033 jsc52033 2 days ago
that was 11 months ago and they haven't posted any since Oh ya they need the audit to get the new numbers.
For some reason the market isn't buying the upcoming audit which has been delayed how manay times.
ramalio ramalio 2 days ago
Same ol´, buddy, isn´t it? - news with may be positive numbers, followed ASAP by continued dilution.
How should/can this ever gain those levels all the well meaning guys here regularly claim we´ll reach once?
It´s like a rat race without any chance to the better.
It´s nice when you guys (I´m avoiding names to preserve my 3 posts here, LOL) are debating (great) ore-content-, book value-, multiple- etc. numbers which allegedly should see us fundamentally in the dollar- resp. (at least) several dimes-range - as long however worthless as there´s someone/anything who/which doesn´t like it making this a fact (for what reason ever).
What I especially hate: CEO playing a lousy game with us by releasing regularly polite, sweet pr´s and letting follow pps-damaging dilution.
Called "perfidous".
But yes, it´s our decision being here (and masochistic) actually.
However, anything would be easier bearable if you weren´t continuously at the half of your investment price ...
qualityincolor qualityincolor 2 days ago
Spinoff details coming next!!"maybe get approval this week?
👍️ 4
JJZander JJZander 2 days ago
Brookmount Gold Announces Strong Q1 2024 Results
Press Release | 04/15/2024

Brookmount Gold Logo

Brookmount Gold (OTC: BMXI) today announced strong operating results for Q1 2024, with sales of $4.7 million in Q1 2024 vs. $4.5 million in Q1 2023, an increase of 4% over the prior year period. Net Income was $2.8 million for Q1 2024, vs. $2.5 million for Q1 2023, an increase of 12% over the prior year period. �We are excited about our continued positive operating results from our Talawaan operation and look forward to getting our second and very profitable Alason property (also in North Sulawesi) back into production very soon�, commented CEO, Nils Ollquist. �With the gold price recently reaching all-time highs at $2,400 an ounce, we remain solidly optimistic about Brookmount's operating revenue growth and subsequent continuation of strong profits going forward.�

Ollquist continued, �There are important milestones to note in the near-term for Brookmount, which we anticipate coming to fruition in the next 60-90 days. Firstly, we recently contracted with the Hall Chadwick Group (based in Sydney, AUS) and Accell Audit & Compliance (based in Florida, USA) to complete our 3-Year PCAOB Audit, with a site visit to Talawaan scheduled for April 20th, 2024. Errin Kimball, Global Director of Operations at Brookmount, and myself will be present to help facilitate the visit and coordinate with the auditor. Additionally, Errin will be conducing geological diligence to derive an understanding of the value of the recently discovered high-yield gold seam on the permitter of the Talawaan property. Secondly, we�ve reached an agreement in-principle to purchase the Talawaan Mining Operations from our Joint-Venture Partner, with a closing date set for June 30th, 2024. We are excited to take-over operations at the Talawaan mine and convert the operation from an investment to a wholly owned and controlled operational unit of Brookmount.�
👍️ 1
sameh99999 sameh99999 2 days ago
News out
ed3/6me ed3/6me 2 days ago
Looked but can't find
JJZander JJZander 2 days ago
dc key dc key 4 days ago
Yes doubledown looks like gold is making it's own path regardless of normal market correlations.It's about time ! BMXI has been producing gold for a long time.All of these junior miners without shovels in the ground are going to be left behind.Add the audit, uplist and dividend shares from new properties to shareholders and there is no telling where the share price will go for BMXI and gold itself.
👍️ 2
Johnnyrocker33 Johnnyrocker33 5 days ago
Great post!
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 5 days ago
Right you are Sir…the way the shares are being gobbled up now does feel completely different…something big is coming.
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
Yes sounds reasonable to me all in all.
Why don’t they buy HIRU. They need a new ceo. A merger would be nice !
warfaretrader warfaretrader 5 days ago
The Diluting M's haven't went anywhere. With all the directive trading platforms today, its not only the M's who can play with the Bid & Ask. OTCN has been a dominate market makers diluting shares for countless tickers in the OTC for the past 3 years. Their also moving shares through other M's/ECN as well. Making it look like one is a buyer when essentially, he's a seller. Anyone with a decent size account can manipulate these tickers al l day long. These same trading platforms not only allow you to pick your M/M/ECN they also allow you to hide shares. I simply show i'm selling 10K on the ASK but what i'm not showing is the other 2 million shares. It's part of the game! The dilution will be over at some point, hopefully soon. Until then zero maters with this stock other than the audit. If you believe its coming you should be buying hand over fist! I have been during this whole downward dilution spiral. Remember I'm the guy that was selling millions of shares back last April at $.18 through $.20, tripling that investment in a little over a month. All when Mr. DD was telling me i was a fool for doing so. He's left this platform since. This run I feel will be different, the PA/volume is painting a completely different story. This play could be huge! GLA
👍️ 3
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 5 days ago
Let’s go brookmount!
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 5 days ago
Dc check gold vs Dxy
Now look at the 10 yr treasury
I can honestly say I’ve never seen this correlation. If I go historical that goes back to Vietnam war era. But ya all the miners and juniors massive MM manipulation
dc key dc key 5 days ago
The market makers are pulling this down, TRAPPED ! Im buying as much as i can down here.
Aquahoya Aquahoya 5 days ago
I'm here for that tasty audit. People should trade this whichever way until dilution ends and we get that audit. Hopefully, I can sneak some more low price shares in time.
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 5 days ago
I didn’t see that…the MMs sell what they’re given. Someone did say the CEO agreed they need to stop with the toxic lending…

Trading looking strong…could see a million volume in first hour.
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
Good point. I guess I read it like it was a shock. Please disregard. Sorry.
No, not at all, read through my history, I know this one well. I also agree that we can
trade these swings nicely until we get something tangible for once. Or the audit lol.
👍️ 1
Aquahoya Aquahoya 5 days ago
Good point. I guess I read it like it was a shock. Please disregard. Sorry.
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
Yeah agreed on all of this, never said anything is a secret or anything else. If you think about it, all I said was it feels like another SS increase is coming and today I posted the update, so not sure what your issue is with this. I never said it's a surprise nor anything in that regard. 90% here would not even know about the increase if somebody wouldn't tell them.
qualityincolor qualityincolor 5 days ago
Chomp chomp
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
PA this whole year has been exactly the same. Anyone surprised that they're diluting into these PR's should find another hobby
Yep I agree but just yday I could swear there were people here that said "no dilutive MM anymore" I guess there is still some left that believe that.
Aquahoya Aquahoya 5 days ago
Been here way longer than that. The company is growing and paying for properties, seeing they are handcuffed in Talawaan. Nils has been pretty clear with what he is doing, and Leonite has been their go to lender for a LONG time. It's no shock that they are manipulating the move up and down right now as they are getting their money out. These are lenders, they don't care. Plus, we know of a Qualif coming. None of this is secret.
👍️ 2
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
Dude. You clearly haven't been here very long otherwise you wouldn't be making statements like this.
What statements? Providing the SS increase numbers? I'm not here that long? I think I'm here longer than you. Remember
I was the one that told people at .40 back then here that it's a sell with the dilution, not that they believe it initially. That's funny.
warfaretrader warfaretrader 5 days ago
PA this whole year has been exactly the same. Anyone surprised that they're diluting into these PR's should find another hobby! It will end at some point. I'm just sitting back waiting for another flush buying opportunity. GL
👍️ 1
Aquahoya Aquahoya 5 days ago
Dude. You clearly haven't been here very long otherwise you wouldn't be making statements like this.
Traderfan Traderfan 5 days ago
This action smells a lot like we will soon get the next float increase. Just a hunch.
What did I tell you guys? SS update just hit, another 5.7 million added to the DTC which is the float.
👍️ 1
lighter than AIR lighter than AIR 6 days ago
Did the same thing with me…filled me twice, both under what I bid…

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