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Apple Rush Company Inc (PK)

Apple Rush Company Inc (PK) (APRU)

Closed April 19 4:00PM

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0.001 52 Week Range 0.0048
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$ 1,639

APRU Latest News

Kona Gold Beverages & Apple Rush Co. Execute Joint Venture & Manufacturing Agreement

Kona Gold Beverages & Apple Rush Co. Execute Joint Venture & Manufacturing Agreement Lena Brewing to Co-Pack Highly Anticipated Products for Kona Gold Beverages MELBOURNE, FL...

Apple Rush Company Inc. Sets Sights on $10,000,000 Revenue Surge with Strategic Roadmap

Claregy Collaboration Revolutionizes Sales Force Efficiency and Leadership Objectives         Orlando, FL -- February 15, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- The...

Apple Rush Company, Inc. Unveils Bold Plan: Anticipates Reducing Up to 3 Billion Shares and Bolstering Shareholder Value

Company Acquires ACE, Adding Estimated $3.5 Million in Revenue for 2024   Orlando, FL -- February 9, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Apple Rush Company, Inc. (OTC PINK: APRU...

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APRU Discussion

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mikes302 mikes302 16 hours ago
No worries, took me a few min too :)
Tim36 Tim36 19 hours ago
Got it!
Tim36 Tim36 20 hours ago
What's COGS?
mikes302 mikes302 1 day ago
Right, that was odd that the COGS went up especially when it hasn't in the past. I'm sure there is more to the story and will more than likely come back down.

In Tony's own words : " With all of the projects and acquisitions we have moving forward in 2024, we believe that we could possibly generate revenues in excess of 20 million dollars per year by mid 2025."
grantastic grantastic 1 day ago
COGS rose from 37% -> 78%. There's definitely an operations problem when your sales increase 4x and yet your margin is reduced by over 2/3rds. Economy of scale is supposed to RAISE margins.

The fins - Net loss is bad (obviously), but the jump in sales will probably catch up in the next quarter or so. This will really turn heads when that happens.

Don't get too excited too fast. These sales may stop & be retroactively erased just like in 2021.
grantastic grantastic 1 day ago
You doubt St. Tony's tweets?? Blasphemer!

Tony cannot ever prove he owns Lena because he NEVER will own Lena.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 1 day ago
Thanks for that link. It will take…..

you to Surge.

So LOUD sold Surge to KGKG. I wonder why Mr. Integrity didn’t file Surge as a foreign entity in Florida, since it’s a SC entity.


I agree, a good fit.

And to see pricing you have to sign up.

That’s good stuff.
mikes302 mikes302 1 day ago
I haven't dug into Surge too much yet, but I like that they are open about "Faith-Centric Leadership"
hedge_fun hedge_fun 1 day ago
Right. Don’t forget the 80,000 sq ft warehouse……

Well, at least that’s what they’re “operating” out of.

BTW, do you have a link to Surge Distribution?

Just wondering what they distribute and the services they offer. Or maybe a phone number?

Address to the warehouse?

Thanks. Doing my DD.
mikes302 mikes302 1 day ago
I agree! It's a great fit with their $1.5 million quarter in sales which will now translate to a revenue stream for $APRU.

I'm guessing they met at one of the local trade shows but not sure, and it doesn't matter.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 1 day ago
Surge was formed last October and has already......

been bought out twice.

It's a good fit with APRU.

I was trying to think what else came out of Melbourne.
mikes302 mikes302 1 day ago
Catching up on the news and our happy fun chat. Glad to see that we're all still getting along! 😂

Kona - Their sales are growing rapidly, so this is an excellent partner.

The fins - Net loss is bad (obviously), but the jump in sales will probably catch up in the next quarter or so. This will really turn heads when that happens.
G-lupo G-lupo 2 days ago
Support could mean different things, this could have easily dropped to .0015 after report and people bashing. For it to not, and staying up here, even if thin shows there are many of us holding our shares strong.

I do believe many our waiting for a PR instead of consolidating now. Which than would cause a race if an excellent PR would drop. Which than being thin would be in our favor.

trading.jeff trading.jeff 2 days ago
What support? The bid is thin and there are nearly 3M on the ask at .004, not to mention the wide spread. Nice analysis of the L2, bud.

G-lupo G-lupo 2 days ago
Back to .004

I like the support everyone.

APRU long let’s goooooo

zooey zooey 2 days ago
zooey zooey 2 days ago
Come on, pal. Let’s see that guarantee..
zooey zooey 2 days ago
I will post a picture of my share count. Will you?? I doubt it..
zooey zooey 2 days ago
You’re funny..
Cowboy1966 Cowboy1966 2 days ago
Must be bed time.
Cowboy1966 Cowboy1966 2 days ago
Tony cannot ever prove he owns Lena because he NEVER will own Lena. Let these basement penny stock bitches think what they want.
Cowboy1966 Cowboy1966 2 days ago
Trust me pal, I guarantee I have more shares than you could ever afford.
zooey zooey 2 days ago
Right.. now you can sell your 500 shares?
Cowboy1966 Cowboy1966 2 days ago
Yes I admit saying that , I was giving this loser benefit of the doubt. But now the proof is out there that he's been bullshitting us about ownership of Lena that was final straw.
zooey zooey 2 days ago
It will be sooner than later. Buckle up!
zooey zooey 2 days ago
No deflection here, bro. Let’s see how this plays out. Tony didn’t lie. You keep doing what you do and enjoy the ride. It may get a little bumpy for you..
condor2648 condor2648 2 days ago
$0.05 or $0.10
👍️ 1 💲 1
condor2648 condor2648 2 days ago
Going to get interesting very soon. Just curious when the bashers disappear
👍️ 1 🚀 1
Cowboy1966 Cowboy1966 2 days ago
He's a friggin Liar period.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
Well, the way you attempt to refute the fact…..

is via deflection.

The first today was you pointed out that I called someone who lost a loved one a bro, but it wasn’t your last attempt to deflect.

It’s all you got.

But at least Tony is proud, even if he doesn’t read the board (wink wink).
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
I reached out to Tony and he didn’t……

respond. Of course you have excused that by saying I was mean to him, while claiming he doesn’t read the board.

Attacking a guy online on an anonymous form is loser behavior. Not my bag.

I recall you attacked Micah online, and much of what you said was absolutely false, but then you claimed you were just messing around. And of course you have never attacked anyone else, have you? Oh no.

Unlike APRU, Micah has properly registered the projects under development. If you need examples I can certainly provide them.

APRU is not properly registered in Illinois and it would be illegal for them to conduct ANY business in Illinois, yet since 2/14 he has claimed APRU owns a fully operational brewery and is selling beer.

Instead of spending your time analyzing me, perhaps you could share how your talks with Tony have satisfied these discrepancies.
zooey zooey 2 days ago
How can one refute a, “fact?” Scrote? The clerks word is the law of the land right? You’ve been obsessed with Tony for 6 years. He is your life’s work. Tony didn’t lie. How is that bro? Will that give you a few more breaths, or paragraphs? We will see how this plays out. Maybe you will become a bigger part of this than you ever imagined..
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 2 days ago
You act like I love Tony the way you obsess over him and hate him. I don't. I have had problems with Tony in the past but I don't post about it where he won't see it and insult anyone who disagrees. I talk to Tony and let him make his case. If I like what he says I might pick up some shares. If I don't, I'll sell some in case this doesn't pan out and hedge my bet.

If I ever totally lost faith in the guy I'd sell out and you'd never hear from me. Attacking a guy online on an anonymous form is loser behavior. Not my bag.

Tony is better than 95% of OTC trash. He's not perfect but he's doing what he can to make this work. If it doesn't work out, I knew the risk. At least I can say I didn't spend 6 years insulting a guy where he wouldn't see it. That's embarrassing. Hope you're curiosity is satiated. You can go back to calling us names now.

hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
Jeff’s post was brief. The one you referenced…..

insulted the Clerk who is REQUIRED to record an application and approval of a transfer of ownership, which would include an approval of licenses. That is what I addressed.

I didn’t read his entire post. What I did read was absurd.

You’re taking the occasion to continue to deflect from the fact Tony LIED.

And instead of refuting that fact, you deflect to something that is irrelevant.

It’s all you got. You can’t prove Tony didn’t LIE.

If you could you would. You don’t even attempt to suggest he didn’t.

You’re amusing Shadow.

I’m sure Tony appreciates your efforts.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
How is it a serial LIAR like Tony….

can be lauded, admired, and defended?

Is taking someone’s call all it takes.

Just curious.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
My take is Lena Brewing is not, nor has……

never been a subsidiary of APRU.

The money may have been wired, but like any real estate transaction the money would be in escrow until a closing occurred, and then funds would be disbursed.

APRU and Lena Brewing will be working with Lena’s lenders for transfer of responsibility of outstanding loan covenants and guarantees to APRU and upon lender approval and transfer, APRU and Lena Brewing will file required paperwork with governmental agencies to transfer ownership of Lena Brewing to Apple Rush Company, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary.

You can’t transfer ownership until you file required paperwork TO transfer ownership. Even then, an approval is required.
grantastic grantastic 2 days ago
So what exactly is your take?

Would it be:

+ Tony is telling people that APRU has put a bunch of money 'In Escrow' for the purpose of purchasing Lena bevage.
+ The owners of Lena beverage are denying that they have any intention or plans to sell it to APRU
+ The owners of Lena beverage have not actually received any amount of $ from APRU?

Money wasn’t discussed, but today someone made….

it known how Tony apparently spun it when they asked him about the email response I got.

It looks like Tony was able to CONvince someone that if money was put in escrow, then that means they closed on Lena, even if the authorities weren’t notified as REQUIRED.

The authority reached out to Lena, because if they aren’t notified about ownership changes licenses are at risk. I’m sure Ross was pissed about getting the call. That’s his livelihood.

Tony really has some in a trance. He obviously LIED, but like the abused wife with 3 kids and no job, he’s the only sense of security they have.
grantastic grantastic 2 days ago
Generally I agree, but it's also possible he simply gained "Tony" as a colloquial in childhood while being obligated to use the name on his ID for business documents.

Smh. People that use multiple names are never a good sign
grantastic grantastic 2 days ago
Did this person from Lena confirm whether APRU had given Lena $$? Did they explain the purpose of this money?

Funny that when they reached out to Lena, they said they weren't selling to APRU.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
But that wasn't your point. You were following......

the two rules.

1) Hedge is never right.

2) If Hedge is right, refer to rule #1.

The SEC could shut Tony down tomorrow based on the last PR, and guess who would be the target.

This board is so much fun.
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 2 days ago
He used to take money to pump trash tickers and now he's trying to tell us all we've been duped. What a joke. Dumb of me to entertain crap or take it seriously.
trading.jeff trading.jeff 2 days ago
The irrelevance is really flying on this board. There's always some, but it's reaching a new level, today.
👍️ 1
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
That unrelated company told shareholders on more......

than one occasion they were "on the wreck," just as Tony has said on more than one occasion that they owned Lena.

In both cases the evidence showed it was BS.

In both cases longs that spoke with the CEO simply swept the claims under the rug.

In both cases longs identified a boogie man to deflect.
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 2 days ago
Now it's something about a completely unrelated company. This schtick is so old
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
It's the same as the other company you......

have been touting.

Longs were asking if critics would admit being wrong if the device had detected treasure.

I admitted I would, as did another.

Only one long said that would be the last straw if nothing was there.

The others that "talked" with the CEO wouldn't say as much. Oh no.

That guy prolly has Tony beat when it comes to painting a rosy picture, but it's the same type BS claims.
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 2 days ago
oh quiet
😂 1
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
I think that’s the rub here. Tony is…..

like many typical OTC CEO’s.

You all say you have talked to him, but it’s obvious he played y’all for fools regarding Lena.

But not one of you dare call him out.

Why is that?

Because he gained your trust. That’s what confidence men do.

And the victims have a hard time admitting they were wrong.

So they find a boogie man.

The lights will come on at some point….maybe.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
The terms of the deal don’t matter. Transfer……

if ownership is public record.

Feel free to reach out to the Village of Lena and direct your comments to them. There was a reason they called Lena Brewing when it was said in the PR Lena Brewing was a subsidiary of Apple Rush.

They are REQUIRED to know about any ownership change. And Tony first claimed they owned the business on 2/14 in the Twitter interview.

Just because you broke bread with Tony doesn’t mean you can’t be wrong. He may have made you feel on top of the world, but regarding that last PR he’s full of it.

Sorry for your loss.
LCLiving LCLiving 2 days ago
My last post to you. Playing a lawyer can be a very dangerous game, and stock manipulation is nothing to play with either. You post like someone that has all the answers but you are not an insider nor do you know the FACTS of the deal. You are either loco or have a vested interest in the outcome, both wouldn't surprise me.

I trust APRU's legal representation to know the law, but go ahead and attack him also. My only hope toward you is that you get what you deserve, you have truly earned it.
👍️ 2
hedge_fun hedge_fun 3 days ago
In the event one or more members of a firm or partnership withdraw from such business,
the business may be continued by the remaining person or persons, partner, or partners under the
same liquor license for the remainder of the period for which the license was issued to the licensee
or licensees. The change in ownership, however, shall be reported immediately to the Village and
the change shall be shown immediately on the original license application then in effect filed. The
failure by any licensee hereunder to comply with the provisions of any part of this section shall be
considered and deemed cause for the revocation and cancellation of the liquor license issued
under this chapter by the Liquor Commission. In the event the total of fifty percent (50%) or more
of the stock of any corporation, or membership interest in an LLC, or interest in a Partnership, is
transferred or sold to another person, corporation, LLC, partnership or other entity, such transfer or
sale shall require a new license be obtained from the Liquor Commissioner and a new license fee
be paid as provided in this chapter. A Certificate of Occupancy must be applied for and issued to
the business owner before a new liquor license can be issued.

K. Upon approval of a liquor license by the Village Board of Trustees, a Certificate of
Occupancy must be applied for and issued to the business owner before a liquor
license can be issued

Let me know if you need anything else. I honestly don't think Ross simply took the money for the sale of Lena so that he could then violate the ordinances.

And he probably didn't appreciate getting a call from the powers that be about the PR claiming Lena was a subsidiary.

Tony's cornbread ain't done.
👍️ 1

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