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Paragon 28 Inc

Paragon 28 Inc (FNA)

Closed May 21 4:00PM
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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
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Steady_T Steady_T 2 minutes ago
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

Missling has made some mistakes. The Rett trial did not turn out as planned. There are 22,000,000 shares short that are officially acknowledged. That short position is worth well over $100,000,000.

Do y
zandant zandant 3 minutes ago
What difference does it make to you whether the Hound is posting or not? Do you think if the Hound stops posting, this pile of garbage will suddenly rise from the ashes? Look at 007 - that poster is here because "This is just entertainment for me." The reasons for posting are irrelevant at this
Methinks Methinks 4 minutes ago
Post X -

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WidePoint Corporation
Ransomware attack at Michigan hospitals still causing problems 9 days later (via

zandant zandant 9 minutes ago
The 4 person ship of fools is most likely down to one by now - just the big idiot Ehrlich...and even if he is around, he's about as productive as a dead horse waiting to enter the glue factory.
bbotcs bbotcs 16 minutes ago
lj: Excellent post. This peon agrees with your thesis.
crescentmotor crescentmotor 17 minutes ago
None of that BS work [AVXL pursuing additional patents] needs to be done.

You don't have a clue in this regard.
tnc26 tnc26 17 minutes ago
If anything, is goo's to have dried our volume and then a big bang. Hope history repeat itself.
boston745 boston745 19 minutes ago
Tesla Fremont factory fire started in an oven

FREMONT, Calif. - Firefighters responded Monday evening to a fire at the Tesla Fremont factory that started in an oven, officials said. 

A Fremont Fire Department spokesperson said the call came in just after 5 p.m. At aroun
bbotcs bbotcs 19 minutes ago
lj: iPhone prices in China
Apple has nothing on big pharma.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 21 minutes ago
The differences in size of companies are relevant.
But only in the fact that AFFU is not a shell. Meaning that Patrick is not buying into a closet full of skeletons if you understand what I mean. Something he definitely needs to avoid at all costs. What better than to score a Dell partner in
p0 p0 21 minutes ago
2024-05-21 Dr. Hanneke Schuitemaker, Ph.D. as Chief Scientific Officer (Johnson & Johnson) comes in ...

May 21, 2024

Saint-Herblain (France), May
bbotcs bbotcs 24 minutes ago
lj: "China is the world leader in going green

despite U.S. jaw jacking about it..." Unless China creates most of its energy from nuclear power, they are the antithesis of "going green". EV's don't run on air.
On conservative cable shows, they claim China is still building
Xl175 Xl175 26 minutes ago
Are you going to vote for Steve Garvey or your Jewish buddy pensil neck?
Xl175 Xl175 31 minutes ago
Pacific Gas and Electric: base rate .48 cents per kWh. Thus is what happens when you have a D majority.
hyperopia hyperopia 35 minutes ago
bio, the poster that you responded to was ae kusterer, who we all know, reposts other people posts without good reference. It was my post that he reposted, which I also put in my response to you as reference. You basically claimed in your response to him that part of my theory, which states that p
BDEZ BDEZ 36 minutes ago
DPLS trending on
dinogreeves dinogreeves 36 minutes ago
"he told us in 2020 he would regulate oil out of existence."

For that statement alone he will not be reelected. Here is simple fact, when you read the headlines in the papers or news, as simple as this is Hertz reselling their inventory of over 100,000 Tesla in the second hand marke
PeterP1 PeterP1 39 minutes ago
It's simple, Cloudsmartz build for any telco or MSP, nothing unique to Contrivian. OneMind NG is separate to Contrivian.
satter satter 39 minutes ago
How much time are you calling on to tell here?

No comment on the annual report? Not a surprise. No comment from anyone. It's so telling how the business has been destroyed yet Eric pumped, hyped, how things were so promising, so much potential. Complete mispresentation and he still
Xl175 Xl175 41 minutes ago
Imagine this: Jamie Dimon jumping ship soon. Why?
DMC8 DMC8 45 minutes ago
Discordance Among ApoB, non–HDL-C, and Triglycerides for CV Prevention
May 20, 2024
mc73 mc73 46 minutes ago
For the record I saw this post, looked at the post Tiger responded to, and replied to that post. Funny thing is I had replied to the OP and basically said the same thing I said today.

I will not reply on this topic further...u guys all get so butt hurt. Gheeze
xyz1002 xyz1002 50 minutes ago
$GGEI - 100X Potential - Read Below
Nasdaq Delisted Play
China Property Developer
Total Assets Near $1.5O/Share
Total Equity Near $0.15/Share
OS= 154.7 Million
Insiders have bought a ton @ $0.17
littlejohn littlejohn 51 minutes ago
SDOW, SQQQ...institutions have the largest

holdings in companies by far over

the retail movers or holders...

Retail traders play to position or profit

of earnings or other events...

Institutions tend to hold and will use thin
Xl175 Xl175 52 minutes ago
I am not here to preach about politics, but why invest your money here if you vote democrat? It’s like apples vs paper. The two don’t even compare.

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