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Xcelerate Inc (QB)

Xcelerate Inc (QB) (XCRT)

Closed March 01 04:00PM

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XCRT Discussion

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mrwilson31 mrwilson31 23 minutes ago
Who has been a bigger basher?
Liar or Pump?

Who has posts deleted more 1 or 2?

Who can’t take it when they are called out for their BS posts?

Liar or Pump?

Who rubs their crystal ball with lotion before they post?

laraz5 laraz5 10 hours ago
Whos been a bigger failure thus far Michael O"shea or Joe Pignatiello?

The CEO vs The marketing director?

Control of XCRT could be in battle royal behind the scenes?

The old timer who spent time in Jail for stock fraud against the old timer who assumably blew off the Biggest micro conference on the east coast?

What was Oshea scared of shareholders seeing that would force him to exit the conference with total silence?

Leading up to the conference he was all over it boasting to a degree but now he's invisible?

Did Joe drop the hammer? Aka mass dilution?

Was Joe the seller raising the OS count 50 million?

Wheres the money?
Better yet wheres the CEO?

Where is the microcap presentation?

No other OTC is hiding achievements?

Mike has failed worse than smallcrapvoice and those miserable 3rd party pump and dump regurgitated wendybullz BS skewers?

Who all but dissapear at .05?

Those cons almost had XCRT in breakout boards during the dump from .13 to .05?

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cgstockmaster cgstockmaster 1 day ago
Especially the 2 useless knuckleheads on this thread .. desperate for our shares!!

Tweedle D & Tweedle Dumber!! (P&L waste their time & ours) … in this case, they’re both total Losses and both are L’s! (Opposite of Winners) LOL

I’ve never been more excited about XRCT … and I’ve been here since day one, buying consistently!!

Go longs!!! Onward and higher!!! Long term investment here!! Thank you Mike & Team XCRT!!
👍️ 1 💯 1
laraz5 laraz5 1 day ago
You are correct and a worse sign coming off the Micro conference is the lack of enthusiasm and volume?

I thought the excitement coming of the scam conference would produce some volume?

The realization that Mike skipped out on going to the conference is becoming a reality?

CEOs should be held responsible for lies?

Mike has failed time and time again and no pretend "Silent Period" can mask his inability to lead?

Mike needs to step down or the fake BOD needs to replace him?

Wheres the conference video after a month?

Every other OTC has so much pride from their presentations they allowed their shareholders to watch the accomplishment?

Not Mike?

He's in a quiet period?



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You learn new things on IHUB all the time lol
💯 1 🤓 1
What the hell does volume less than profuse mean ?

Here I thought I had a solid grasp of the English language.

Especially on a day with above avg volume. Even harder to comprehend lol
🙃 1 🤔 1
Walker Walker 1 day ago
You must have attended Trump University with Laraz - unreal!

Were you in the how to use a ? class as well?
😆 1 🤪 1
mike papa mike papa 1 day ago
Volume less than profuse.
creakyhottie creakyhottie 1 day ago
What update?
🤔 1
mike papa mike papa 1 day ago
XCRT African updates somewhat sketchy.
Faith007 Faith007 1 day ago
I hope everyone is having a great day.
👍️ 1 😃 1
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 1 week ago
I find it extremely surprising that you can’t answer basic questions.

You are Captain Deflection.

Captain Bash-a-lot more like it.

Deflect away.
👍️ 3 💯 2
mike papa mike papa 1 week ago
Old timer,turn this ship around and make
shareholders some money. That will prove
us wrong. > $0.174 est 2021
Walker Walker 1 week ago
Great post!!!
👍️ 2 😉 2
mike papa mike papa 1 week ago
Amen Bro. > $0.174
laraz5 laraz5 1 week ago
Do you need Wendy_bullz permission to post XCRT content?

Or do you just regurgitate her Twitter nonsense?

If you can't find the video of Michael O'Shea XCRT CEO presentation at the Microcap conference see Walker?

He told everyone here that XCRTs Investment banker paid for Mike's trip to NJ?

But did Mike actually go to the conference?

Or is he in such a quiet period he stayed quiet during the conference as well?

Odd that you provide most videos of XCRTs CEO Interviews but won't share with the board the Micro cap speech?


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Hi, im responding to the content in this post that was less than 1 year ago?

Re: None
Sunday, March 12, 2023 11:23:25 PM
Post# of 22966
New week will produce new lows and an entire recycle of the "thanks for the cheapies" promoters out of social media twitter claiming to be buying more XCRT, as they have done since .13 down to now?

Keep buying XCRT will be tanking which will only be worse in sub pennies?

Yet in reality XCRT was trading in the 03s when this asstute anal ysis was given and then went on to hit .135s on heavy volume and is still trading higher than 03s.

And never came close to sub pennies.

Instead, 4 months after this predicktion fizzled, XCRT hit .13s.
👍️ 1 😂 1 🤣 1
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 1 week ago
havent fizzled on anything still a quiet period
👍️ 2 🤑 1
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 1 week ago
Sure can didn’t realize it was recorded
👍️ 1 🤣 1
laraz5 laraz5 1 week ago
Since you sticky post all Mike's Interviews can you post the speech at the Micro cap conference?

Did you know that XCRT presented at the biggest microcap conference on the East coast?

It was roughly a month ago and you haven't sticky noted the link like you do?


Can't find it?

At .07 and .08 you floated such dramatized happenings within XCRT but as the dumping continued to .04 you remained silent?

The board truly looks forward to all your efforts?

I cant imagine why you would ignore something so incredible as the microcap conference?

The same microcap conference you reference on multiple places leading up too?

Did Mike say something at the conference that made you turn on XCRT?

Why has your DD faded since the PPS crumble since the conference?


💩 1 🤡 1
cgstockmaster cgstockmaster 1 week ago
Agree, WXDOG! Very bullish & well managed company, as all of us LONGS know.

Microcap conference was a big success for Mike & team, receiving strong investment exposure that we’ll see roll into play this year :) Which will pay dividends

$XCRT Excited with our achievements at The Microcap Conference!(@DealFlowEvents)

The networking opportunities were abundant, allowing us to connect with many, shared our vision, and exploring collaborations. Already in discussion with few investment firms!!

We'll update!!

👍️ 2 💯 1
mike papa mike papa 1 week ago
Fearless reporting in the face of
a deteriorating situation.
wxdog wxdog 1 week ago
For any that don’t do their DD (Due Diligence). Some really good reference material can be found by reading the actual SEC filings that are readily accessible by going to the disclosure tab -

You can read up on where restricted shares were authorized to close deals on such things as acquisitions and buildout funding for the potential medical coverage for most of an entire continent. Funny what can be understood when someone actually does a little homework. There is good dilution and then there is not so good dilution. If you read up you’ll find Xcelerate has done an extremely good job of managing their overall Share Structure these past couple years. And still no salaries being paid out to Board Members. Very odd indeed???
laraz5 laraz5 1 week ago
Hi, im responding to the content in this post that was less than 1 year ago?

You posted this and claimed the O/S was unchanged at 381 million?

What is it now?

434 million? Is that still unchanged?

Now just to me, I see that as 50 million shares diluted at an avg of let's call it .06?

Roughly 3 million diluted?

In less than a year?

Your posts are receipts so if you are going to claim XCRT purchased something?

Can you link everyone to the transaction of where you believe the 3 million went?

I'm not making a claim I'm showing you 3 million is gone by your own content?

Love your updates?

Also if you can find Mike's Microcap conference speech please link that as well?

Much obliged?


💩 1 🤡 1
laraz5 laraz5 1 week ago
Nice, did you make that horrible digital display?

Did you use AI for that?

You don't think an actual real picture could have accomplished the false narrative you are trying to spread about this revenueless 3rd party promoted all dump?

The pumps are now just striking out with terrible whiffs?

A digital picture?


What on Joe P's Green earth is happening with this absolute embarrassment?

The plummet continues?

💩 1 🤡 1
wxdog wxdog 1 week ago
Said individual = idiot. Period! 😉
wxdog wxdog 1 week ago
Indeed! Revenue incoming. Exciting year ahead. Share price should start moving up shortly - real money will pave the way 😉
👍️ 1
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 1 week ago
I thought LaraZ said this was a pump and dump and the share structure and dilution is getting out of control?

That is not IMO, that is a FACT that they said it.

LaraZ= Once again caught in a massive lie. Nothing posted by LaraZ is factual.

👍️ 1 💯 1
Faith007 Faith007 1 week ago
Very Nice!
👍️ 1
Walker Walker 1 week ago
Nice display for their Armed Services Contract -

👍️ 3 🤑 1
mike papa mike papa 1 week ago
Wall street participation = nil ! $0.174 est 2021.
cgstockmaster cgstockmaster 2 weeks ago

Have a great week, Longs!
👍️ 1 💯 1
wxdog wxdog 2 weeks ago
Share Structure Unchanged

No Dilution - news and upward catalyst coming soon!

Share Structure

Market Cap Market Cap
20,201,742 02/16/2024

Authorized Shares
1,000,000,000 02/15/2024

Outstanding Shares
434,446,072 02/15/2024

288,289,635 02/15/2024

146,156,437 02/15/2024

Held at DTC
123,962,566 02/15/2024

113,254,437 12/31/2023

Par Value
👍️ 2
Walker Walker 2 weeks ago
👍️ 2
mike papa mike papa 2 weeks ago
Captivating analysis.
THEDOG 17 THEDOG 17 2 weeks ago
You are Bad News! Lol G O Xcrt!!!
👍️ 2 💯 2
laraz5 laraz5 2 weeks ago
More bad new Smallcrapvoice Mike's leading 3rd party promoted nonsense spewer has downgraded XCRT to inactive?

Did Mike pay the bill?

This is getting worse daily?

Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC Markets: XCRT) Retains Inc. to Provide Investor Relations Services
Thu, Apr 14, 2022


Did even smallcrapvoice throw in the towel?

💩 1 🤡 1
That's interesting.

The public has the right to know why XCRT has dropped from .13 to .05?

So you're asking why the SP dropped from .13s to .05 ?


Since 02s now reality here is the next leg down?

XCRT will trade in the 3s and possibly get back into the .04s before the slide to 1 penny?

...on Nov. 8th we hit .02s briefly and some were saying might get back to 04s then would head to 01s and then Tripps. So, the fact that XCRT actually hit well into .13s AFTER said predicktions is now a problem ? If one thought XCRT would go no higher than 04s and then head to Tripps but instead XCRT went to .13s and now came back to .04s 05s...well that sounds like a win.

Especially when one reads .....
...that in June of 2022 XCRT was to head " solidly in the 02s by next week "

Yet, again, history tells a different story. Seems XCRT went in the opposite direction and NEVER was solidly in the 02s or lower as predickted.


👍️ 2 💯 2
mike papa mike papa 2 weeks ago
Food for thought ! > $0.174
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 3 weeks ago
Specifically to you.
👍️ 1 💯 1
laraz5 laraz5 3 weeks ago
XCRT is a publicly traded company and Mike is the CEO of the company?

And your thought process is he should be spiteful and not address his absence of the biggest Microcap conference on the east coast because he doesn't like the person asking the question?

The public didn't ask Mike to take to Twitter and boast about being a presenter at Micro con 2024 then dissapear again?

The public didn't ask for the PR about the major investment firm signing come to find out the conference was about looking for investment firms?

The public has the right to know why XCRT has dropped from .13 to .05?

"He doesn't need to" is an acceptable answer for 3rd party pre loading pump and dump con artists promoters but not for the public?


💩 1 🤡 1
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 3 weeks ago
Mike doesn’t have to prove anything to some random dude/girl on investor-hub. Are you serious?

Do you really think you are that special and that important?

Only Joey P thinks you’re special.

💯 1 🤣 2
laraz5 laraz5 3 weeks ago
By the time Mike links people to his Micro Crap conference presentation it won't be new updates anymore?

How hard is this to upload a video like every other OTC did after the conference?

Michael O'shea the CEO of Xcelerate Inc has every right to disprove everything I've researched but he won't or he can't?

Did Mike speak at the actual NJ conference?

Was anyone there? did anyone besides the 3rd party lying scam con artist pump and dump promoters actually see it?

If Joe is not the sales and marketing director at Xcelerate come out and inform shareholders he is not?

If Mike was speaking at the conference come out and say he was their?

If there is profit from the acquisition of ESN then report it?

These are not hypethicals these are researched issues that CEOs doing the right thing have no issues addressing?

So why won't Mike?

Are they true?


💩 1 🤡 1
Breadwinners Breadwinners 3 weeks ago
We know Mike will update shareholders with NEW business advancements as soon as they are finalized. Lots to look forward to. Lazar spending all day coming up with new hypotheticals. He’s getting antsy! Hahaha
👍️ 2 💯 1
Breadwinners Breadwinners 3 weeks ago
It’s funny that you care so much about no video. Those of us who have done our research know what XCRT is doing. We don’t need a video of Mike explaining to a group of investors what we already know. You spent HOURS researching this conference to find this information… but why? I know! You are a paid basher! Just like ecomike and panther1 on IFUS. Good thing I didn’t give a fuck about what they said and still bought and held since it was .014. Bashers only try THIS HARD when a company has tons of potential. I don’t care to see a video of Mike explaining DD that’s already out there to find ourselves. I’m sure Mike has his mind on the growth of the business more than trying to pump XCRT PPS. The raise in XCRT PPS will come from true advancements in business growth, not a fucking DD video from Mike.
👍️ 2 💯 1
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 3 weeks ago
Talk about deflection- You can’t even answer a simple question.

What is the difference between AS and OS?

👍️ 1 🤣 1
laraz5 laraz5 3 weeks ago
These delfections never address the core problem within XCRT?

I'll continue to hold Mike accountable 3rd party pump and dump con promoters continue try and get the focus on everything except XCRTs actions?

Or non actions?

When shareholder have opportunity research the Microcap conference and just how many OTCs posted the Microcap Interviews on the companies page and Twitter or YouTube its astonishing?

All of these OTCs that participated have such pride in the conference Interview they are sharing it with Investors,shareholders and media?

But not Mike?

He will not release the interview or show it anywhere on social media?

One has to conclude something went wrong?

One would think such a dynamic presentation could help boost shareholder value?

Does he not care?
What is being hidden?

Maybe Joe knows?


💩 1 🤡 1
mrwilson31 mrwilson31 3 weeks ago
Breaking news: Joe P and LiarZ were spotted together outside Atlantic City?

They were giving out free bottles of lotion?

💯 1 😂 1
laraz5 laraz5 3 weeks ago
Did Mike actually present at the Micro conference in Atlantic City?

Zero video available?

Zero feed back from XCRT?

Zero interest in stock as Xcelerate suffers one of its worst trading volume weeks in a long time?

Zero Updates or links on Xcelerate social media?

Makes you wonder if Mike slept in that day?

Plus every 3rd party pump and dump con promoters seems to want to talk about everything except the conference?

"Wait look over there"

Is that a tactic?

Hello Mike how was your nap?


💩 1 🤡 1
Well, the truth is....

Everything some people post, is In their own opinion, they don't care what we think about it, and if we disagree, we should post it like they do....perhaps with less ?? but still, we can post our opinion. And, furthermore, If we buy or sell stock based on what some random person says, we are then categorized as lunatics and should not be trading. In fact, we should have our head examined.

Have a great day everyone and for those of you who'll be watching the big game today....enJOY!!!

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