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RushNet Inc (PK)

RushNet Inc (PK) (RSHN)

Closed April 19 4:00PM

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retired early retired early 15 hours ago
No they are not gone. Why would they when the A.T.M. is still open. :)
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 1 day ago
The new filing probably has more to do with the previous owners than the current owners. They are still in bankruptcy court and this could have been a requirement of the court to review. It looks like the preferred A shares were sold for $175,000 in cash and securities. Previous owners retained their common shares (240M?). Current market value still invested from previous management is 72,000 USD in common. I don't remember if there is preferred B shares. If there is, previous owners are still holding those as well...and if so...are they really gone..?
Jronpar Jronpar 3 days ago
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Looking for a little pullback before I add to my shares.
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Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 7 days ago
Running hard eh? lol Highly doubt this moves before Q4 or 2025. If anyone notices the 2023 year end report being filed or the Q4 quarterly please post the link. We will see how bad old management left it at year end. I am pretty sure after Q1 reports for 2024, which should be by July...that should do it for the old management's financial performance and involvement (?). Possibly also showing the details of the transition of ownership and share ownership. 2024 Q2 report, due before October (?) should have the clean set of books showing what was inherited by the new owners By then...if Finra is being pursued in the background currently, maybe have a meaningful update by Fall. I don't see this holding any gains on short term pops...if it ever gets one again. Until the filings are done and the state of the company/ticker/financials is explained in black in white.

Still several months away...
wtctexas wtctexas 1 week ago
Been a long time.. nice to see many of the same posters! Me hurry up n wait. 😁
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 weeks ago
It's been a month since the new CEO was appointed. So to expect a significant turnaround in 30 days when the stock and ticker has been beat down to .0001 by the old owners over the last 2 years is wishful thinking.

Thankfully, Congress is currently conducting an investigation (as well as supermarkets such as Walmart) pertaining to tainted shrimp imports that account for 40% of all shrimp being brought into the United States from foreign countries. In this instance, it is India.

Hopefully RSHN can ride the curtails of this situation and provide examples to Congress while it is being reviewed, as well as these Supermarkets such as Walmart, about the possibility of producing shrimp on a grand scale domestically.

Only 1% of all imported Shrimp is inspected in the US, vs. 50% in Europe. So the US is a target to distribute product with antibiotics, which is forbidden by the FDA here in the States.

Any sanctions or shift from India would create a massive gap in supply and demand of shrimp in America. Using the patented farming system licensed by RSHN could capture a massive amount of market share in the coming years to satisfy the needs of the American consumer while reducing reliance on foreign markets that are using poor working conditions, while violating human rights, and are shipping tainted, low quality, contaminated products that are arriving on kitchen tables across America.

RSHN could not ask for a better macro set up to succeed.

It will just take time to develop if management realizes the opportunity and follows the correct avenenues to present RSHN solutions for an ongoing problem nationwide.

***India accounts for roughly 2.5B usd annually of the shrimp imported in America.
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Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 weeks ago

Another problem solved growing shrimp through RSHN platforms.
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Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 weeks ago
It appears the offering never got "qualified". That is no surprise. The old owners and management never got it to the finish line.

9 around August or September last year. The same time they filed bankruptcy, stopped reporting, filing, and updating the offering with the SEC during the Finra fiasco.

Shareholders are just impatient because they dealt with the sh*show for the last 2+ years. RSHN changed hands maybe a month ago?

If you don't have patience for all of 2024 and into 2025...I'd probably bail.
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 2 weeks ago
There is no cleaning up this shell scam mess, period.

It was not possible when Ashley went into bed with the Goulding Gang, as was stated repeatedly years ago.

Now the bed is full of fresh Sweat on top of that.

This security is beyond worthless, and makes yet another mockery of the federal enforcement system as it is currently.
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BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 2 weeks ago
Looks like the offering they've been trying to get qualified for the last 9 months is ordered to be abandoned.

That door is officially closed for the forseeable future as well.
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 2 weeks ago
Well...Q4 is going to be a complete disaster and will need all the information from old management. Everything moved into bankruptcy courts and tied to...assuming...personal guarantees.

So it is not necessarily new ownership RSHN shareholders are waiting on...but old ownership and the mess that lead them to late 2023 bankruptcy and liquidation.

Probably alot to clean up and clarify in that cluster f* for YE 2023 year end and Q4 filings.
retired early retired early 3 weeks ago
Not looking GOLDEN. :(
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 3 weeks ago
I believe it is 90 days to file the Annual and 45 to file quarters.
So a Notification of late filing will need to be filed, like today. Then 5 days extension for Quarters and 15 days for Annuals.
April 15th is the date needed to stay current, if approved. And May 15th-20th to file the Q1, to stay current. Hope that helps.
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 weeks ago
Didn't they file Q2 ending 6/30 and Q3 ending 9/30 to become current?

Isn't/wasn't Q4 ending 12/31 due since it's April to remain current...?
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 3 weeks ago
Longevity wise, this stock will not be sufficient enough to sustain growth. He's simply basing his trade off technicals, and sprinkling some thin meat to chew on.
.0004-.0008 is still a great trade. Will it get there? I believe so. When? questionable.

This is and cannot be anything more than a short term swing, especially when the shares convert for the new management and Sweat circling around with 400+ million shares ready to dump. It might be more since we dont know the purchase agreement for the control block.

Shareholders just have to be ready for continuous AS raises and endless dilution upon the toxic notes they will eventually undertake. I have $20k loan ready to convert @ 12% annum .0001 restricted(6mo-1year) for 320m common shares. If someone wants to reach out to me, I got it on deck.
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 3 weeks ago
Yet you and I and many others already know for certain, and have posted as such regularly, that the security cannot have any corporate actions approved by FINRA.

It is too sordid, and cannot be "cleaned up". In essence the shell is worthless fundamentally. No legitimate start up would move into a shell like this, same as we told that scammer clown Ashley Sweat. No change of name, no change of symbol, and most vitally no reverse split will be processed.

And the share count is already outrageous.

So yes, you are pumping the new fairy tale - I guess to try and play the Greater Fool Theory game on fresh marks who do not know any better.
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 weeks ago
I don't really feel like I am pumping...just stating my opinion and observations/thoughts reading online what is published and reported/filed.

Do I feel the corner has turned, the page has turned, and the last failed chapter is behind RSHN for now? Yes.

Any guarantees of a brighter future? None.

But the door has at least opened that leaves the disaster of HeliosDx behind with possible share appreciation based on a variety of levels in the near and long term possible.

Especially at these levels. IMO
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 3 weeks ago
I guess RSHN bag holders are lucky? The SEC filed a notice that RSHN's filing to put another 5 BILLION shares on offer has been effectively abandoned.
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 3 weeks ago
Lololol jumped on the new scam bandwagon I see.

Pump it dog.
👍️ 1 😳 1
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 3 weeks ago
Where did they get 8 million from and when? What was given to the investors for the capital? We already know Cunha and Co want to merge RC and RSHN (via that 95 billion AS raise, that was somehow a mistake on their very first Articles Amendment.)They jumped the gun.. Double dipping.They own both RC and by way of Cunha RSHN....$$ on the acquisition and $ on being a Chairman/Director via preferred/common.

Dr Kemp is already an 'other' insider for RSHN and President of RC on OTCM. Cunha owns the control block and will prob issue some more preferred for CEO. Dont forget Anthony Brand(The co-patent-owner) is VP of Engineering at RC, Im sure he will trickle over soon... he gonna want some pie too. FINRA moves slow... the time this merger can be approved, those 19b AS are either going back up or RS'd(clause will be in there that doesnt affect insiders of course). Had Cunha bought a clean ticker, RC would have already been acquired.

Par value doesnt meant shit when lenders and insiders get shares wayyyyy lower. They could possibly do an S1 public offering @.001 to get $$ from their diehard shareholder base. 9billion shares is alot issued, but .001 is a good target to shoot for off the fluff.
🤣 1
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 weeks ago
At the present time, there has been 8M invested from accredited investors. 2.5M in loans from government funding to get them where they are today, at RC.

Par value is pegged at .001 to issue new shares of RSHN.

Current market cap 3.2M

If the licensing is in fact a "work around" until Finra's green light and there is indeed a merger pending that being worked out...

Common sense says this will settle around .001 near term, minimum.

Just a matter of time.
👍️ 1 🤣 1
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 3 weeks ago
Good explanation why the PPS is $0.0004
and there are 8.6 BILLION shares outstanding.
👍️ 1
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 3 weeks ago
The company(Fuel Tech) and the technology device(DGI) it is trying to sell, puts out a whitepaper(Fuel Tech Study) detailing why its a great idea to have on RC's Cakeboxx made, patented shrimp containers. No bias there. But maybe it could be something if the pilot is seen by the right major seafood/shrimp companies in the US and abroad. Dr. Kemp should have some decent shrimp connections by now?

How does RSHN benefit? What are the terms of the agreement? When is the possible date of FINRA approval for corporate actions to resume? All RC discussions aside,having a license agreement with a private company still in the stages of pilot programs, seeking capital, while the fundamentals and financials of RSHN are in shambles doesnt hold much weight. The very first thought of the company to "rapid shareholder value" was to more than double the AS. So many factors to figure out here and alot of moving parts and mouths to feed. Need numbers. Need profit margins. Need share disbursement terms.Need agreement terms period. Alot of unanswered questions still.
👍️ 1
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 3 weeks ago
Hey Along(way from reality)...

SHMP has a warehouse in Iowa (two, actually). Why doesn't RSHN do what SHMP...and the company before them...couldn't do with that property (make money. Or least pay the expenses)... Go lobby RSHN to make sure an offer to buy it.

Nothing smells like potential success than having to keep a warehouse full of shrimp aquariums warm when the outside temperature is 10F. But RSHN should just go right ahead and buy it. What's another 10B shares to raise the capital when RSHN could make Iowa the Shrimp Capitol of the US?
👍️ 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 3 weeks ago
Interesting company
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 3 weeks ago
Heard it all before. And just like the other example, no talk of actual costs.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 3 weeks ago

You’re gonna use SHMP as an analog?!?!

The ultimate “tech” and “patent” flop? That’s not a good sign. SHMP’s e-commerce sit is the home of SHMP bag holders trying to make SHMP look good.

And for both companies, COGS is an afterthought. Why? Because you haven’t heard a figure from either company.

Oh…and SHMP only has 1.5B shares outstanding, compared to RSHN’s 8.6B shares.

SHMP was a good flip back in the day. RSHN *might* be a good flip in the future. That’s about all that’s there.
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 3 weeks ago
Their business through RSHN is licensing their patented invention. The execution is getting current shrimp producing companies to use the invention, as well as new players.

Generate revenue by selling the use of their design and establishing some sort of market penetration.

They need to get an agreement/order in place to license it now. From an outside party. Report the deal, what it pays, and what it entails.

That is the next step.
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 3 weeks ago
Well spoken. Refreshing to see some actual intelligence regarding the new RushNet scam du jour.
Along4daride Along4daride 3 weeks ago
Interesting analysis.... Good attempt, though

However, according to Natural Shrimp's website, its customers can buy 5 lbs of shrimp for $88.00, excluding s/h costs which is likely >$60).

So, based on SHMP current pricing model, its customers will have to pay not only $17.60 per pound of shrimp, but likely an additional $60 in s/h costs. So, spreading that over, it will cost them $30.10 per pound. Feel free to call SHMP to get accurate pricing and s/h costs for 1-day and 2-day air. Very expensive overall, in my opinion.

Therefore, getting back to your analysis and assumptions, you may want to consider adjusting your "super-generous" selling price of $10/lb... to a more "realistic selling price" that the current market is already paying for to have fresh, live and never frozen shrimp......

In addition, consider factoring in Fuel Tech's Study, whereby using DGI technology, demonstrated it could substantially increased the total shrimp production (i.e., bigger bio mass, higher yield and).... faster than any competitor in the Aquaculture industry, based on a 90-day production cycle.

Note: it's important not over look the timing of these two articles.... The desert article (Dr. Kemp's estimates, June 2023) came out well before the Fuel Tech's DGI technology study concluded (press release date February 2024). Thus, one can conclude, the 600 ton estimate was not inclusive of the results of the DGI technology study. So, your analysis and assumptions falls well short (good attempt, though) of Royal's true annual profit potential. The price per pound needs to be adjusted higher and the total tons shrimp production should be a lot higher.

Read the patents. Know where the true value is. Pay attention to studies and the timing of them.

Btw, and I'm not saying you think this way, but being 'best of breed' based solely on small revenues is not how you make big money (This coming from a 'low-information "investors"' on RSHN). There's much much more to this.

Determine if the technology is scalable, profitable, sustainable, and traceable. How many shrimp production cycles a particular technology can do in a year? Is it portable? What the initial capital outlay? What is the CapEX? Is it an closed-end or open system? Of course, there are many other factors to consider and at play .... just tossing some out (dd required)... Pick the horse you want to ride on and see how far it takes you.
👍️ 2
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 weeks ago
Whoa…more bad math on my part! Mea culpa.

Not 1.4 cents…0.14 cents. Without including costs.

I’d certainly take a penny for my shares!
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 weeks ago
600 tons, annual presumably. Let’s be super-generous and say RC can get $10 per pound on average for all 600 tons.

600 tons x 2000 pounds x $10 a pound = $12M per year.

And let’s be super-generous and say there are ZERO costs associated with growing, processing, marketing, and selling those shrimp (completely unrealistic of course).

So, $12M in revs over 6.8B shares is 1.4 cents per share (again, excluding ALL costs)…

I personally would be very happy to sell my shares at a pps of 2 cents. Heck…even 1 cent.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 weeks ago
“Patents” and “tech”…two sides of the same coin.
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 4 weeks ago
The tech he is referring to is the patented "Modules/PLC/HIMS" process RC owns, I think. The PATENT is approved in US-EU-AUSTRALIA and pending in Canada. They want their payday theyve been working 14 years on. Dr Maurice Kemp has been at it for alot longer than that. The same players are/will be in both. RC/RSHN are essentially the same company, but cant legally be acquired with the no corporate actions by FINRA judgement, which they are apparently trying to clean up. The licensing agreement is the walk-around for now. Until further information is available on the agreements and share distributions that are coming, this sits.
👍️ 1
Along4daride Along4daride 4 weeks ago
Shrimp farming in the desert. From the desert of Arizona, US to the deserts like Oman, in the Middle East.... New markets and opportunities are opening with growing demand for sustainably farmed seafood.

Quotes from the above link:

Royal Caridea LLC in Gila Bend, Arizona, harvested its first shrimp in the desert in fall 2020. After reconstructing a farm in disrepair, it reinstalled electrical equipment and rebuilt the ponds before developing what it calls GEN 2 Shrimp Farming Technology. The fully patented system is a closed vertical production method with columns of open-air stacked raceways.

Shrimp are grown at a depth of around 30 cm in circulating water from a large aquifer with added salt to increase salinity. As they develop, the shrimp are transferred to the raceway below. Farming begins when the postlarvae are added to a nursery and transferred to the top raceway after 20 to 30 days, while the more mature shrimp in the lower raceways are harvested. The system can raise 35-gram shrimp in 90 days. Shrimp are sold into local markets and online by the company’s marketing division Arizona Desert Shrimp.

“A vertical raceway system enables us to produce shrimp in quantities that are 10 to 100 times higher than a pond system,” said Dr. Maurice Kemp, founder and president of Royal Caridea LLC. “We are running a synchronous production system, which means that when we move the shrimp from one raceway to another, the previous raceways are immediately restocked and the grow-out continues. In effect, it continues to cycle year-round. We also use a neutral buoyancy floating feed, which enables us to see how much is being consumed or not and prevents feed from building up. We are aiming to harvest somewhere between 550 and 600 tons when build-out at our current site is complete.”
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 weeks ago
Ahh…the “tech” angle….

Heard that one before. First, RSHN doesn’t own the “tech” DGI just touted. I’m not sure what “tech” RSHN actually owns, or RC for that matter.

So, now we’re talking licensing fees that RSHN would need to pay the “tech” owner(s) and subtract that from whatever revenues RSHN could generate.

Or…RSHN could buy whatever “tech” RC is using. Then the questions become: How much? With what capital? And how many more millions of shares, if not billions, will need to be sold to generate it.

Sorry to harsh your mellow
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 4 weeks ago
You could be barking up the wrong tree on how or what to value here. My understanding is the value is in the technology and the licensing of the use of that technology.

For example
A shrimp farming business in Texas generates 300,000 pounds of shrimp per year. Through a licensing agreement with RSHN, RSHN agrees with the shrimp farming business that they can use their patented platform design to increase shrimp production. The business implements the new platform and production increases from 300,000 pounds a year to 1,000,000 pounds per year. In return for the usage of RSHN's patented design, they pay a licensing fee. Either it be a one time fee, monthly, quarterly, annually, or a several year deal.

So I think the right question is....if you are the shrimp farming business generating 300,000 pounds of shrimp per year at $4 a pound and generating a top line annually of 1.2M, how much would you value/pay in a licensing fee for a new technology that would increase your production to 1,000,000 pounds and improve your top line to 4M annually?

The "arm" of which RSHN provides in this organizational structure seems more like technology company that provides that technology to aquaculture businesses, and in particular shrimp.

Another example:

McDonald's. They don't necessarily sell just hamburgers. The franchise owners do, but the company itself acts more like a landlord. It owns the land and leases the use of that land. Their menu/processes/name are licensed to the restaurant owners that sell the hamburgers. The operator of the restaurant keeps the profit the restaurant generates, and McDonald's gets their licensing fees and lease payments.
👍️ 1
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 4 weeks ago
Right? How do you announce a licensing deal, but no information of what the deal entailed. If it was something noteworthy, Id assume theyd put it in one their first substantial news releases... was it purchased with cash? Was it purchased with shares? What is RSHN's cut? Who is going to sell, package and distribute the shrimp? Have to wait for filings I guess, maybe the market will see it different when the juice of the deal is revealed.

RSHN is a shell now basically. It currently has no operations, and 1 board member(Dr. Kemp is now showing as "other" under OTCM). Its description is still Helios related, so its kind of confusing. RSHN was granted rights to use Royal Caridea's platform only. Will RC be a target for acquisition in the near future? I believe so, once and if they can get over the FINRA hurdle. It would setup a double payout for the RC crew upon acq and whoever is given preferred/common shares here for their role. Cunha bought RSHN and Cunha is a founding member(was CFO? as well) of Royal Caridea. I think most of the players at RC will trickle over here soon....Dr Kemp has already started in some capacity at RSHN(also is President of RC). Hopefully the filings show something good for shareholders!
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 weeks ago
That’s a qualitative discussion. Let’s get quantitative, or at least semi-quantitative.

What will RSHN’s cost per pound be? Go ahead and base it on being all racked up.
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 4 weeks ago
Recent news articles written in early 2024 and late 2023 discuss the over supply from Ecuador as a cause of depressing shrimp prices. Also mentioned is the ramp up from India. It is making it very difficult for farmers to turn a profit when foreign lower quality frozen shrimp flood the markets.

With the newly licensed platform through RSHN, the system increases harvesting rates up to 7x, adding drastically to the top line. From a cost standpoint: it requires a fraction of the space, is less labor intensive while operating in a more controlled environment (reducing risk of disease and lost harvests).

For the everyday shrimp farming operations, licensing through RSHN the new technologies in the space can offset pricing pressures from foreign markets and return them to profitability while providing sustainable, local, fresh shrimp to the consumer.
👍️ 2
Louied91 Louied91 4 weeks ago
$RSHN - RC Investor Overview

morgan136 morgan136 4 weeks ago
Royal Caridea Investor Overview - $RSHN via @YouTube— Royal Caridea (@RoyalCarideallc) March 21, 2024
👍️ 1
BasedOnFeels BasedOnFeels 4 weeks ago
Where are the details of the partnerships between Royal Caridea and RSHN? Very important information.
Royal Caridea and Cakeboxx(I like this company) are 2 private companies, with no details of the partnership revealed, that is very important information.
Fuel Tech partnership? Makes sense the whitepaper(put out by Fuel Tech Inc) saying Fuel Tech's DGI product would go great on the Cakeboxx- made and engineered platform, and slap the Royal Caridea(still a private company) patent on it. Cunha owns RSHN, also is a founding member of Royal Caridea and looks like hes still involved, I could be wrong.

Alot of moving parts here. Which means alot of mouths to feed. Good thing there is 10 billion more shares to appropriate.I guess we will have to wait for the 10q/q1 filings to find out? Maybe even q2? Still alot of work to do cleaning this up. But if they can get all the moving parts aligned with some greased wheels, it can get moving, just where is a good entry to load the boat?

My guess is 2's(really good entry IMO) get tapped in a month or so if nothing substantial is addressed. Still alot of unanswered questions with RSHN, hence the hesitation of continuing volume to the upside. When does Caridea just get acquired by RSHN? I like the model of start slow and build up though, 8.7 billion OS(for now) is still alot to try and move from trips, especially when Sweat has/had the ability to convert over 400+ million common shares. Maybe something nice like share buyback would do wonders?
Along4daride Along4daride 4 weeks ago
Insight into Cakeboxx Technologies and Royal Caridea's partnership.... A game-changer for the Land-based Aquaculture industry.
eqinvestor eqinvestor 4 weeks ago
Agree accept for the fact that their future is indoor and not outdoor
Penny Grabber Penny Grabber 4 weeks ago

It appears the current method being utilized are individual ponds or tanks on sites that host the different stages of growth. As they grow, they are gathered up manually and transported from one pond to the next. The process seems labor intensive and a bit "clunky" from the videos online. There is also a need for a vast amount of space for the ponds or "tanks" for this legacy operation.

Using this platform, and based on your description, the stages of growth are sort of layered in cartridges in a way and stacked on top of eachother. The harvests are pulled out (say at the bottom), the stage to be harvest next drops down, and so forth through the stackable cartridges, and the newly created space starts a new batch to begin the process.

So it all makes sense from an operational standpoint. Not even considering the science promoting the highest growth rates.

It is basically taking a traditional legacy method in doing something and condenses it, simplifies it, stream lines it, while requiring a fraction of the space, producing at a much higher rate, in a more controlled environment.

Pretty much a no brainer for the industry (or any industry) if it can be executed properly.
👍️ 1
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 1 month ago
Let's see, which clowns lost almost all their money here and who did not?

🤡 1
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 1 month ago
He is she is positing the obvious, so they can't be faulted there. But without a discussion of costs and growth potential, it doesn't amount to much.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 1 month ago
It's a very nice entry point. I agree. But it reads like SHMP redux. I will try to put that aside as I continue to watch RSHN...and hope for a nice bump in the pps.

There are a lot of big-picture questions to address in the future. One shrimp farm isn't enough to support a publicly-traded company, so what's the goal? IS Fuel Technologies looking for an opportunity to go public and sell their "tech" to other shrimp farms. That approach has been tried, but from what I'm aware of, not very successfully. Is RSHN looking to create shrimp farms in other locations? Including indoor locations? Those situations introduce a whole new set of costs to consider. I imagine land doesn't get much cheaper than AZ...unless you're talking about TX.

BTW, 90-day cycles is what SHMP claimed they coul do. But SHMP's "tech" doesn't appear to be up to the task.

So, how many 96m2 raceways can RSHN grow to in AZ? If each raceway can produce 1000 pounds of shrimp every 90 days, that's 4000 lb per year. At what price? $5 per pound? Frozen? (Ignoring the additional costs for quick-freeze equipment and storage facilities). Let's say $5. That's $20K per raceway per year (using the 505 mortality estimate). Want $1M in annual sales? That's 50 raceways. $10M? 500 raceways (stack 'em up).

But where's the growth going to come from? The market cap is already $4.3M. It's going to take more than $10M in annual revenue to generate growth.

Just throwing out ideas and questions.

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