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Megola Inc (PK)

Megola Inc (PK) (MGON)

Closed May 26 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0067 Day's Range 0.0069
0.00195 52 Week Range 0.0085
Market Cap
Previous Close
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Financial Volume
$ 719
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
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About Megola Inc (PK)

Megola Inc is a Nevada Corporation with its Corporate office located in Bonita Springs, FL and traded under the symbol MGON on the OTC Market. Megola is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Eco Freindly Product Lines. Megola through product and technology acquisitions has grown to have its ... Megola Inc is a Nevada Corporation with its Corporate office located in Bonita Springs, FL and traded under the symbol MGON on the OTC Market. Megola is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Eco Freindly Product Lines. Megola through product and technology acquisitions has grown to have its own E-commerce Branding Division, Service Department, Licensing Division, Franchise Division all maintaining Megola's diverse manufactured product portfolios which allows the company to integrate into several vertical sales markets worldwide. Megola controls every aspect from manufacturing to distribution of all the patented product lines giving it the best-case scenario in every competitive market space. Megolas team oversees all quality controls, product registrations and ensures customer satisfaction along with generating excellent shareholder value and growth. Megola is excited to be able to help the health and well being of people throughout the world in a conscious eco friendly approach. As the world continues to become more "green" focused and a greater emphasis is placed on identifying environmentally sound solutions, Megola will benefit from our unwavering vision of providing superior solutions that support a sustainable future for all. Show more

Personal Services
Personal Services
Mississauga, Can
Megola Inc (PK) is listed in the Personal Services sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker MGON. The last closing price for Megola (PK) was $0.01. Over the last year, Megola (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.00195 to $ 0.0085.

Megola (PK) currently has 291,876,881 shares outstanding.

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MGON Discussion

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ITYS ITYS 49 minutes ago
Bill, nothing changes to current market price come June 1. Company has set a price to raise money over the NEXT 12 months. They can halt the offer anytime they want/need, they can modify the price if applicable.

We can assume they think the market may adjust itself once they get rolling, which likely will not happen anytime soon. They have spent a lot of time, their own money so we can further assume they know what they are doing. They could have chosen an easier path and merely sold subscriptions/pfd shares at huge discount to market price which majority of OTC companies do.

A Tier II offering has a lot of accounting criteria/transparency to follow so IMO they wouldn't have chosen such a path and expense for nothing.

By the looks of the BREAKTHROUGH CHEMISRTY 3 platforms seems something should surely make this a success as they sure seem to be betting on themselves.

👍️ 1
Homebrew Homebrew 1 hour ago
Pathetic scam pumper
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 11 hours ago
I think it's because people on this board visit other boards and own no shares there just to bash? Maybe?
🤡 1 🤪 1
Bill2 Bill2 13 hours ago
Why do you care about us shareholders loosing money, if you do not own any stock just forget it, but I think this company will be huge and you did not get any cheap shares. You still can get some cheap shares other wise you will be chasing in the run, or go bash another stock.
😫 1 🤡 1 🤪 1
lager lager 13 hours ago
Blah blah blah. Stop spamming with your vitriol.
😫 1 🤡 1
stealofadeal stealofadeal 14 hours ago
$MGON This has no product and complete SCAM!
👌 1 👍️ 1
lager lager 16 hours ago
I think you're gonna be very happy.
Bill2 Bill2 19 hours ago
As the offering been approved by the sec? What will happen on June 1, does the pps go to 0.025
Any people with knowledge on this file can explain what will happen, been here for years, I own almost 3 million shares.
JV44 JV44 19 hours ago
One day IMHO...Dollars PPS for a legit product pipeline and its generated worldwide sales...GLTUA here
stervc stervc 19 hours ago
MGON $10 Million Offering at .025 per share...

MGON $10 Million Offering at .025 per share for 400,000,000 common shares:

I'm sure the belief is that with the offering being at .025 per share for 400,000,000 common shares, the thought is that .025 is considered shares being offered at a discount compared to what is believed the MGON shares to be worth after the value is revealed. It looks like somebody knows something that we don't know... yet!

👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
lager lager 21 hours ago
This gonna shoot past .025 when it kicks in.
ITYS ITYS 22 hours ago
MGON disclosure Form 1A/A SEC approved amendment, 12 month start date is June 1, jurisdictions changed to all USA states/Canada
Amendment No. 1 to Offering Circular Dated: 06/01/2024 Megola, Inc.

That is a lot of work management has done to create an offering.
OBVIOUSLY they have good intentions as why would they make offering pps at .025?

THEY know what the pipeline has coming

👍️ 1
lager lager 1 day ago
This gonna run again.
uber darthium uber darthium 1 day ago
Megola, with those thoughts, “Mr. Eloquent” Sterling is keeping a low profile, wisely I might add, and is probably too busy working on his next front loaded pump, only now many are watching. The game has changed and he just doesn’t realize how much it has

🎯 1 👍️ 1
One11 One11 2 days ago
You are running out of nonsense.
One11 One11 2 days ago
Blah blah blah... Boring.
One11 One11 2 days ago
Haha.. you are funny. Do those water pipes keep you up at night in the basement?
I ll be back I ll be back 2 days ago
You be the judge.

So the company is going to raise $3 million in capital just to turn around and buy back shares? You actually believe that?

Share Buy-Backs:

We plan to deploy 30% of the offering proceeds ($3,000,000) to buy back some of our Series D Preferred shares. These shares will be bought back at a 50% discount to the offering price, resulting in a price of $0.0125 per common share equivalent. We expect this investment will illustrate our commitment to minimizing dilution and delivering value to our shareholders.
3Angels120702 3Angels120702 2 days ago
So the company is going to raise $3 million in capital just to turn around and buy back shares? You actually believe that?
I ll be back I ll be back 2 days ago
Great question!
What's going to motivate anyone to buy at .025. We're at sub-penny right now, and it hasn't seen .025 for a long time.

The ONLY way this offering sees the light of day is if the company can justify the valuation. Meaning no investor is going to layout $10M in a private placement at 5xs the current price point. The only way the offering fly's is after the stock shows a support level well over a nickel IMO.

Personally, I don't believe they would be taking the time to make this offering if there wasn't a belief the ADA approval was going to happen. Meaning the testing is going well.

We know understand how they intend to spend the money.

Product Development: $1,100,000
Regulatory Registrations: $920,000
Manufacturing Scale-Up: $300,000
Build-out of Lab Facilities: $250,000
Intellectual Property Protection: $300,000
Marketing: $930,000
Human Resources: $1,500,000
Corporate Expenses: $700,000
Share Buy-Backs: $3,000,000
Working Capital: $1,000,000
MC10459 MC10459 2 days ago
The offering is at .025. Why buy at this pps? It's been quite a while since was at .025. What's going to motivate anyone to buy at .025. We're at sub-penny right now, and it hasn't seen .025 for a long time.
I ll be back I ll be back 2 days ago
I would normally tend to agree with, but I hold personal knowledge about two of their former product lines and knew day one, they would likely fail. Which at some point, management also knew they had to change direction and dump them.

As I posted earlier, I didn't like their "products" when I first looked at them a few years ago. What first caught my attention was the OS count and the makeup of the team at that time and the fact that they spent years cleaning up the financials. The last OTC that I played over updating financials pulled me a seven-figure profit. When you see an OTC spending over $60K in legal and accounting, it means they normally have a bigger game plan than the "little" people understand. Now add in the new product line and you more than have my attention.

If you carefully consider the information provided by various posters and links, it's clear that no one is artificially inflating this stock. The long-term investors here are fully aware of the risks and the absence of guarantees regarding FDA approvals, securing contracts, or avoiding stock dilution. Nevertheless, based on the actions I've observed from management over the last three years, I will say I like the odds.

As far as not adding up, it wouldn't if you don't take the time to review the facts and do your OWN research.
👍️ 3 💯 2 💰️ 1
shoondale shoondale 2 days ago
🍐Pearheads🍐 need to check the unsold inventory.
Actually they can't distribute anything. Once megola cons a 🍭sucker🍭 into purchasing anything, even the gullible don't return to buy more. That inventory tells a different story than the one being spun.
Techroemancer Techroemancer 2 days ago
No customers have left MGON. They haven't even started distributing their fire blends yet which is the only competition the GEVI has in relation to MGON but even GEVI's variant is really just a scam. So I'm not sure what products those customers would have gone to GEVI for. You claim to do DD but you really just don't have a clue what DD means...
👍️ 1
shoondale shoondale 2 days ago
Sterling must've been right at home @MGON with 💩ITYS💩.
🤡 1 🤪 1
shoondale shoondale 2 days ago
No, the customers dropped megola, evidently fleeing to GEVI.
😴 1 🤡 1
Techroemancer Techroemancer 2 days ago
Changing your tune on dilution and backpedaling already? Hmmm.
Techroemancer Techroemancer 2 days ago
Why am I seeing profit of over 230% if I'm never going to see it?
Homebrew Homebrew 2 days ago
Sterling pump-posts whatever garbage scam he's dumping into.
🎯 1 👉️ 1 🤡 1
ITYS ITYS 2 days ago
For those that didn't take a few moments to open previous post links on what I consider a solid opinion.

Some seem to be caught up on MGON selling old acquired product inventories worth what 30-40k year LMFAO
THEY dissolved those niche product lines to FOCUS on bigger business plans.

JV44, with MGON...

To do three years worth of audited financials lead me to think that somebody huge is involved and that is something that they required for them to be fully engaged with MGON in my opinion. With an OS of 291,876,881 shares, hitting a few dollars is not out of the question if they get FDA Approvals and a huge diapers contract with a big name company like Huggies, Pampers, etc.

MGON CEO was with €27.7 Billion Danone Group

With this MGON Huge FDA Approval Pending

MGON: 3 years of Audits completed/More coming

👍️ 2
stervc stervc 2 days ago
Maplelakester, here with MGON...

My sentiments are the same here regarding MGON:

I still believe that they are eventually going to pull off something major. As long as they are not diluting much at all, I have no problem exercising patience. I'm usually not a volume poster so you won't see me post a lot unless there is something positive or constructive to say if it's negative. And then it still would not be a lot. I'm not going anywhere with MGON. I'm just waiting for the fireworks to start.

👍️ 1
shoondale shoondale 2 days ago
Sounds good. The flaw in your thinking is that you never forsake the established revenues without first establishing the new product line, and actually demonstrating a better profit margin, which then would make dropping the old product an option. Two years have passed with essentially no revenues. Those revenues could have been used to build toward a new goal. No sane businessman is going to forsake those revenues in the meantime. What if the new product does not pan out? At least then you have something to fall back on. This whole situation does not add up. Something is very wrong that is not being disclosed nor discussed.
srm4u srm4u 2 days ago
Maplelakester Maplelakester 3 days ago
On another note, I haven’t noticed Sterling post on this board for a while. Did he give any indication that he was moving on from MGON because at one point in time he was pretty active here.
👍️ 1 💩 2 🤡 2
Maplelakester Maplelakester 3 days ago
Paid pumper eh? That’s surprising since everything about his posts scream borderline illiterate, snot-nosed kid. Hopefully they don’t pay him too much.
👍️ 2 🖕 1 🤡 1
stealofadeal stealofadeal 3 days ago
$MGON I wouldn’t buy the stock with your money. It’s a scam with no sales. The only reason there’s no dilution is because there’s no volume. POS
🎯 1 👉️ 1
FurryBrickBuilt FurryBrickBuilt 3 days ago
Where were the warnings three years ago? We don’t need them now. This has been at this level for years, if it was going to trips it would have already happened.
👍️ 1
One11 One11 3 days ago
That would have happened a long time ago. But have fun! Glad to see you're out there doing some good for the world.
stealofadeal stealofadeal 3 days ago
$MGON Nah I’m trying to save everyone from investing in the scam and you will never see any profit. This one will be trip .0001 eventually.
🎯 1 💯 1
One11 One11 3 days ago
Everyone? Lol. Get over yourself, who do you think you are? No one really cares, if anything your presence here shows people that there's something to look at more than anything and once they actually do the DD they realize that you're full of s***. So, thanks for that, really. When this thing takes off hope you got your bag cuz if you don't you'll be chasing and then you'll be kissing azz here.
One11 One11 3 days ago
They are here only for revenge against another poster who has taken to their board to bash their scam stock.
Techroemancer Techroemancer 3 days ago
Go for it. Anyone who knows who you are, knows that you are just a paid pumper.
Techroemancer Techroemancer 3 days ago
Basically, the user ITYS is on their boards and wreaking havoc with DD finding all sorts of suspicious stuff they are trying to pump. They've fully admitted the sole reason for being here is to get back at him.
Fred_Ded Fred_Ded 3 days ago
Thanks! Who is EVERYONE? I have a recommendation for you... don't buy it
👍️ 1 🤣 1
stealofadeal stealofadeal 3 days ago
$MGON I am warning everyone how big of a SCAM this is.
🎯 2 👍️ 1
I ll be back I ll be back 3 days ago
Let me take this one!

Bullshit. No businessman in their right mind is going to voluntarily throw away 85% of their revenues and make nothing for two years. Obvious bullshit, how stupid do you think people are?

They do when they believe their time can be MUCH more profitable than what I saw them wasting their time on before.

One of the roles I held was analyzing and liquidating businesses. This also included advising companies on how to grow their business.

A company must evolve its business model and product line to grow and remain viable. It's not unusual for a company to pivot from an underperforming product line. A wise CEO remains open to exploring new product lines or company locations, recognizing that better opportunities are constantly emerging.

It's what we call creating shareholder value.
👍️ 2 💯 2
lager lager 3 days ago
Steal and Shoon have beef with Tech and others and are just here causing a stink. It's not about MGON at all.
👍️ 1
Maplelakester Maplelakester 3 days ago
Long time lurker here - second time poster, as my first post on this board was deleted for some reason.

Anywho, I’m long, long in MGON, holding a sizeable bag and have learned a lot from reading this board then doing my own DD. However for the life of me I cannot fathom what the current clown show here is all about.

Can anyone shed some light on the possible motive of these bashers? What exactly are they trying to accomplish?

I know for a fact that they aren’t trying to warn the unsuspecting out of the goodness of their hearts - so what advantage do they hope to gain?
👍️ 1 🤡 2 🤪 2 🤮 1
Techroemancer Techroemancer 3 days ago
Judging by the lack of DD you've done and the fact that you can't accept this as a fact: Incredibly...

You're not a good basher.
shoondale shoondale 3 days ago
Bullshit. No businessman in their right mind is going to voluntarily throw away 85% of their revenues and make nothing for two years. Obvious bullshit, how stupid do you think people are?

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