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Gold River Productions Inc (PK)

Gold River Productions Inc (PK) (GRPS)

Closed February 24 04:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.002975 Day's Range 0.0041
0.00165 52 Week Range 0.006
Market Cap
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Financial Volume
$ 2,188
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About Gold River Productions Inc (PK)

GRPS : Trans American Aquaculture produces premium quality, farm-raised white shrimp, 100% free of antibiotics and hormones, and cultivated using safe and sustainable practices. Using decades of experience in the shrimp aquaculture industry, our products are grown with our superior technology and ou... GRPS : Trans American Aquaculture produces premium quality, farm-raised white shrimp, 100% free of antibiotics and hormones, and cultivated using safe and sustainable practices. Using decades of experience in the shrimp aquaculture industry, our products are grown with our superior technology and our proprietary genetics which results in a superior fresh product always grown in the United States. For more information, please visit Show more

Food Preparations, Nec
Food Preparations, Nec
Denver, Colorado, USA
Gold River Productions Inc (PK) is listed in the Food Preparations sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker GRPS. The last closing price for Gold River Productions (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Gold River Productions (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.00165 to $ 0.006.

Gold River Productions (PK) currently has 1,409,038,997 shares outstanding.

GRPS Latest News

No news to show yet.
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GRPS Discussion

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MJ19 MJ19 12 hours ago
What is your overall assessment of the business? Rattlesnakes included...
👍️ 1
Long Duk Dong Long Duk Dong 12 hours ago
I don't give advise or make predictions; I only offer opinion. I suggest you pose that question to EQ, he is the only one on this MB that has visited TAA's farm (hint hint nudge nudge), I can vouch that he is truthful.
6 to 1 Buys over Sells. GO $GRPS!
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 1 day ago
4 trading days left, will we get the new ticker or just another miss date... have a good weekend, try not to think about this company.
ChannelTrader ChannelTrader 2 days ago
$GRPS Chart 02/22/2024

👍️ 1
MJ19 MJ19 2 days ago
Thanks dong...what should i do? Buy sell or hold? Tia
👍️ 1
Long Duk Dong Long Duk Dong 2 days ago
You guys and gals should really pay attention to EQ (eqinvestor). He's a smart guy and he knows what he's talking about!
getmoreshares getmoreshares 2 days ago
In our commitment to sustainability, animal welfare and food safety is paramount. Our shrimp are inspected by a certified USDA veterinarian at each stage of our production process, starting with Broodstock. This gives our customers confidence in the health, safety, andโ€ฆ— Trans American Aquaculture (@TransAmAqua) February 22, 2024
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 3 days ago
I don't think any shareholder don't think its real, its the never following through part that i have had enough of.
eqinvestor eqinvestor 3 days ago
I can tell you I've been there and it exists. It's not a fake company. Just watch out for the rattlesnakes.
👍️ 2
ChannelTrader ChannelTrader 3 days ago
Iggy, I understand your position. All we can do is wait and hope for the company to produce. My advice for what it's worth is to wait in silence for the most part until we see the golden action we're all waiting for...then we hoot and holler :)
👍️ 2
$b_rich$ $b_rich$ 3 days ago
Nothing to do with GRPS:
MJ19 MJ19 4 days ago
Iggy i agree with you on the expectations. I somewhat knew that being a young company looking for funding through the OTC market some fluff would occur. Hopefully its just delays and the business plan still develops strong long term. Enjoy the day!
👍️ 1
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
MJ, You are a good person, Im here till the end, rather lose it all then sell at a 50%+ loss, but please remember
its not the shareholders that keep missing dates and moving the goal post.. im done cutting this joke any slack.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 days ago
No revenue, no size distribution, no mortality data. A whole lot of nothing. But that's the OTC, so I don't fault GRSP.

I hope they can string together more PRs that suggest...without actually having to prove...that they are selling shrimp. That way, the pps goes up and I can flip this pupply. Cuz...OTC.
MJ19 MJ19 4 days ago
As for me i like the stock still. Is young and budding...anyone that does not like should sell and move along. Keep growing little GOLDEN broodies and shrimp
👍️ 1
longmike2 longmike2 4 days ago
The way I look at it โ€ฆ.they sold it all.

You can do the math and by the way they are working a cost basis accounting method which is much different than accrual. They wonโ€™t pay any taxes until they clearly make a cash profit

Thereโ€™s a lot going on in that paragraph. Itโ€™s all very positive information without violating any SEC rules.

Let it roll. Needs time to grow amd expand

Learn to read between the lines.

.005s coming
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
Thats all projected, what was the actual.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 days ago
You can see it via Google Earth. Donโ€™t know how old the image is,,,but itโ€™s not pretty.
longmike2 longmike2 4 days ago

sales are important for GRPS...we have them, the info was already put out

At September 30, 2023, the broodstock shrimp for the 2024 harvest had not been identified and segregated from consumable shrimp in outdoor ponds to indoor tanks. Collectively, the pre-harvest biomass in the ponds at that date, was estimated to be 128,000 pounds at an average size of 17 grams, which would have yielded a per pound price of $1.25 per pound. The harvest began in early November, whereupon the shrimp had grown and their price per pound had increased commensurately. By harvest time, the biomass estimated to be available for sale was 140,000 pounds with a net realizable value (based on subsequent actual sales) of $2.75 per pound. However, as shown in the schedule below, on a cost basis the inventory at September 30, 2023 was approximately $804,000, necessitating a write-down of $400,000. The table below summarizes inventory for each quarter in 2023 through September 30, 2024.

Not shown separately in the above schedule is approximately 17,000 broodstock shrimp selected for their enhanced genetics and segregated from the larger biomass at the time of harvest following September 30, 2023. Approximately 1,000 animals of this broodstock will be sold to foreign markets for between $75 and $80 per animal, while the balance will be used to populate our next harvest in 2024. The initial cost of the 17,000 broodstock will be reclassified to broodstock held for sale and broodstock held for restocking on the date of segregation on a pro rata basis of cost per pound of the total biomass of shrimp held for sale. Subsequent costs will be allocated in accordance with ASC 330-10-30.

As of January 25, 2024, we had seven full-time employees and no part-time employees.
👍️ 1
Roofus Roofus 4 days ago
Has anyone ever driven down there to the address given to see if it exists? โ€ฆ.

Iโ€™m sure it does, but would be good to get confirmation.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 days ago
If the GRPS thought releasing the numbers would boost the pps, they would do so.

That they havenโ€™tโ€ฆis a big tell.
👍️ 1
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
How many more miss dates will we have to endure ?
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
Why is this company not giving shareholders the numbers ? Are they scamming us ?
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
Okay you asked for it, 9 days left for FINRA, If it's anything like the company track record, the 29th will come and go...
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 4 days ago
sorry, im not that asshole
Jrdragster3144 Jrdragster3144 4 days ago
Relax MT.
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
Sad, same fluff
getmoreshares getmoreshares 5 days ago
Good morning all! New Press Release out on our harvest sale and commencement of our first 2024 production cycle! $GRPS our broodstock are ready to !— Trans American Aquaculture (@TransAmAqua) February 20, 2024
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
Just don't get it for months they been dangling these numbers over our head for months..
getmoreshares getmoreshares 5 days ago
not great- agree.
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
After that BS p/r, i can understand why finra is taking so long. whats next a race car ?
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
Before you all iggy me, they spotted something on my friend liver and has to go back in march, i think its left over scar tissue, at least im hoping thats all it is. thanks for all the prayers, now iggy away, cause im not letting up till i see real news and numbers
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
a penny per shrimp ? one dollar per shrimp ? 100 dollars per shrimp ? why not release the numbers, are they hiding something
we as shareholders have no effin clue..
DTMike DTMike 5 days ago
TAA sold its entire 2003 harvest reaching a wider audience including the East Coast, started initial stocking for 2024 and plans to deliver a continuous products from summer through end of the year. TAA positioned to be a leading provider and provide ongoing shipments.
This is good news with a positive outlook and increased sales opportunities.
JMO, Come on FINRA, Go TAA!
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
Disagree, good or bad we paid to see..
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
Worthless, still no numbers... Garbage
longmike2 longmike2 5 days ago
wouldn't be a good time to call out numbers just yet...folks could get mislead on the truth.

the reality is GRPS has income....but the profits will lag until the income grows

im ok with all this...still need time to build revs and pay debts...

I'm very happy to see revs!!!!! far better than most

keep shrimpn'.
getmoreshares getmoreshares 5 days ago
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 5 days ago
If thatโ€™s all the news weโ€™re getting , then imo) good chance Iโ€™ll be able to buy in the tripsโ€ฆ
D-Money6 D-Money6 5 days ago
Trying hard to be happy about the PR, but itโ€™s a nothing burger with no money figures, no sales figures, and no way to verify the purchaser.

I hear that someone who is involved in shrimp farming just took control of RSHNโ€ฆ.wonder if there is anything investors in GRPS should know about that?
Trans American Aquaculture Announces Sale of 2023 Harvest and Commencement of 2024 Production Cycle

[Rio Hondo, Texas, February20, 2024] โ€“ Trans American Aquaculture (TAA), a leading provider of responsibly raised and 100% American-made farm-raised shrimp, proudly announces a significant milestone We are delighted to report that we have sold our entire harvest for 2023 and that a major east coast supermarket chain has acquired and stocked our premium shrimp products.

Our commitment to sustainable aquaculture and superior product quality aligns seamlessly with buyersโ€™ dedication to offering customers the finest and ethically sourced seafood options.

"Our team at TAA is pleased to bring our responsibly raised shrimp to store shelves.This development allows us to reach a wider audience, sharing the flavors and benefits of our premium, 100% U.S.-grown shrimp with more households on the East Coast," said Adam Thomas, CEO of TAA.

To meet the demand for our superior-quality shrimp, we have started our initial stocking programs for the 2024 harvest. This year, our plan is to deliver a continuous harvesting of our delectable and responsibly raised products from this summer through the end of the year. This initiative positions TAA to be a valued partner to leading food companies by providing ongoing shipments of our premium shrimp, for their customers

"We are excited to get rolling on our first harvest of 2024, which not only reflects our dedication to sustainable domestic aquaculture but also represents a significant advance in meeting the growing expectations of our valued customers," expressed Adam Thomas, CEO of TAA

This year, we look forward to providing an abundant supply of our 100% U.S.-grown shrimp and fortifying our position as a leading provider of responsibly raised seafood.

For more information about Trans American Aquaculture and its sustainable aquaculture practices, please visit []. Follow their updates and progress on Twitter [@TransAmAqua].
👍️ 4
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 6 days ago
My first was .04, i know ouch,,, But if we get finra behind us, IMO) ,, this should be whole new animal....
longmike2 longmike2 6 days ago
Bought my first shares 1/15/ at .0099. has been a slippery slope since then but I'm looking forward to seeing that ppl once again..

the technicals are bullish

GRPS share price is 0.0040 while GRPS 8-day exponential moving average is 0.0035, which is a Buy signal.

The stock price of GRPS is 0.0040 while Gold River Productions 20-day EMA is 0.0032, which makes it a Buy.

The Bollinger Bands (25) for Gold River Productions is (0.0033 - 0.0033), which suggest Gold River Productions is a Buy

The Bollinger Bands (100) for Gold River Productions is (0.0029 - 0.0029), which suggest Gold River Productions is a Buy

Gold River Productions 50-day exponential moving average is 0.0033 while GRPS share price is 0.0040, making it a Buy technically.

"Gold River Productions (GRPS) is a Buy
Gold River Productions Share Price Forecast
What is the Gold River Productions stock price today?
The Gold River Productions stock price is 0.0040 USD today.
Will GRPS stock go up or go down?
Gold River Productions> share price is forecast to RISE/FALL based on technical indicators
Is Gold River Productions overvalued?
According to simple moving average, exponential moving average, oscillators, and other technical indicators, Gold River Productions is not overvalued."

if GRPS gets a penny following...meaning buying frenzy!!! watch out
👍️ 2
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 7 days ago
Crap, Market is closed tomorrow....
MJ19 MJ19 1 week ago
Thanks dong. I will be excited anyways bud
Long Duk Dong Long Duk Dong 1 week ago
Two big buys on Friday (only a few thousand $), very little other action, I not sure if it's time to get excited yet. For this thing to rise it needs some serious buying action, what happened Friday is just a blip.
MJ19 MJ19 1 week ago
Thank you Iggy
👍️ 1
Iggy_Bot Iggy_Bot 1 week ago
Same to you, Next week should be fun, show us the finra..
MJ19 MJ19 1 week ago
That will do very nicely Iggy! Have a happy positive weekend buddy
👍️ 2

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