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Lightwave Logic Inc

Lightwave Logic Inc (LWLG)

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Updated: 15:14:37


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LWLG Discussion

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jeunke22 jeunke22 8 minutes ago
That’s pretty significant Kevin. That means that Lightwave is the only supplier to be able to commercialise its low power O band modulators for > 10 km datacom industry. Can you confirm that?
DanM51 DanM51 42 minutes ago
It's just not going to happen. Some of the biggest, wordiest posters here believe everything Lebby says. The gullibility is off the charts. These are people with closets full of Shake Weights, Portable Saunas and Perfect Pollys....maybe Lebby is the reincarnation of Billy Mays?
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mattymatt66 mattymatt66 50 minutes ago
Scope- I like that admin guy. We’d all like to tell AdamN/TurdPile to stick it every chance we get.
Reanimator Reanimator 60 minutes ago
More evidence-free, baseless claims:


There is no evidence for this. None.

I said I'd go away if the cheerleaders refrained from posting absurd, evidence-free, baseless claims.

Can't some of the more reasonable cheerleaders on this board rein in the fringe posters so that we can all have a rational, hype-free, evidence-based discussion on where LWLG currently is at and where it's headed?
👍️ 3 💩 2 🤡 1 🤮 1
MarcoPolo4 MarcoPolo4 1 hour ago
"Go ahead, tell me the names of all the companies "wanting to engage with Lightwave now." From the rest of your post you ignore the technology results, the industry demand for next generation technology that bring together the believability on what he is saying.

You love to bring up the fact that Michael Lebby is not naming names and offering details in negotiations with partners and customers. In your reasoning this leads one to a conclusion that it is not happening. You are a fool to be saying this as companies, especially big companies don't conduct business negotiations in the public space .They would clearly not trust a supplier who would speak to negotiations and naming them before a contract was finalized. Until a contract is completed it may or may not be disclosed. It is very competitive in the technology space and companies do not want to give their competitors advance notice on what they are doing and planning. As a result they may request not to be named even when a contract is completed.

You continue to exhibit simplistic, black and white thinking that prevents you from adding up facts that lead to a reasonable conclusion. You are just here to discredit Michael Lebby and the company. Your consistent diatribes are meaningless as you have never shown an understanding of the technology.
👍️ 7 👎️ 1 💥 1 💯 3 🚀 1 🤙 1 🤡 1
prototype_101 prototype_101 1 hour ago

If Shorts are supposed to be the "smart money" than Investors better BUY BUY BUY!!!!!

Here are the Quarterly Ownership changes with Spreadsheet link to view

Four institutions have not reported on time so I kept their ownership unchanged. The company sold 1,658,632 shares into the market in the 1st quarter and they were 100% purchased by short sellers. Institutions reduced their ownership by 718,921 and those shares were 100% purchased by short sellers. Individuals reduced their holdings by 96,291 shares and they were 100% purchased by short sellers.

I guess we should thank Pumpkin and Ted for funding the company in the first quarter. It is funny that they claim low information individuals are funding Lebby's salary when, in fact, they did.

Shorts will NEVER get a volume capitulation!!! PERIOD!!! Yesterday X reported additional Shorted shares to be approximately 50 percent of total volume, plus, it was a huge down day for the RUT index to boot!!! Longs like myself added more shares at these deep discount levels thanks to the Shorts who BTW financed LWLG Operations 100% for the entire 1st Quarter of 2024!!!!

The day of reckoning is coming for the 22 million Shorts when the Tier 1 deals get announced the race for the Shorts will be on and trust me they will be needing to SQUEEZE through that exit door!!!

Lebby has LWLG producing it's 4x200 modulator array chips now at several Foundries on 3 Continents!!!!

These are the modulators that were demoed at OFC in March 2024 that got over two dozen of the largest companies in the world clamoring for Lebby's attention!!!

In the ASM presentation Lebby pointed out several times that the stock price was severely undervalued and when asked about what type of company it would have to be to try to do an Acquisition of Lightwave Logic, Lebby replied quite simply it would have to be "a wealthy one"
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DanM51 DanM51 1 hour ago
futrcash futrcash 1 hour ago
Take a look at the Patent dispute between AKTS and Quorvo as an example of what a patent dispute looks like-

👍️ 1
Scope08 Scope08 1 hour ago
The admin guy basically told TP to stick it.
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Scope08 Scope08 1 hour ago
tedpeele, begging IHUB to let him back

Re: None
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 11:08:39 AM
Post# 216534 of 216615
Hi, can I completely close my account - not quite sure what that means - and open a new account in order to post without restrictions? I would not have 2 accounts, and I would lose whatever benefits - reputation, followers, etc.. that I had with the old account so it is not as though I'm trying to get around the rules without paying a price.

All I am seeing about this in the terms of service is the following:
You agree to maintain only one account with the Website. Determination of multiple account usage by allegedly related persons or persons originating from common locations is at the sole discretion of iHub.

I had violated some TOS - but it didn't seem to me to be anywhere close to the accepted level on that particular board (only had had 1 removed in the preceding 2 weeks) so I was very surprised when the restriction occurred. I"ve learned my lesson so would like to know if the above is a viable and acceptable option to IHUB.
👍️ 2 💯 2 🤣 3
microchips microchips 2 hours ago
Got it. Thanks.
Ppastis Ppastis 2 hours ago
You are a liar !!!
Except of a few people everyone has an alias … but you make different accounts to mislead people ! Thats a big difference !!!
And still you say you are here to help people not investing in LWLG … ??
And if you were real, you would go to the ASM … no, you stay behind your computer sending crap messages about something you dont have a clue …
You get funnier by the day !!!

👍️ 3 💥 3 🤙 2
microchips microchips 2 hours ago
Nope. That's not true. It's fine to critique and ask questions but doing it in a deceitful, manipulative, or disrespectful manner does not create better human beings or conversation.
👍️ 1 💯 1
tedpeele tedpeele 2 hours ago
Because those are off-topic posts, And I don’t want to risk getting restricted again
💩 1 🤡 1
microchips microchips 2 hours ago
Well, why don't you just tell us why you tried to change names?
👍️ 1 💯 1
DanM51 DanM51 2 hours ago
The main problem is you and many others worry and think more about Ted and his motivations than healthy-minded investors should. It just comes off like you're lashing out at the guy who's been right lately. You just wanna fit in on a board set-up as a "pumper board", while Ted is an irritant here.
🎯 1 👍️ 1 👎️ 1 💩 2 🤡 2 🤮 2
spartex spartex 2 hours ago
Wouldn't the patented unique poling process between Lightwave's patent and a competitors be evaluated by the patent and trade Bureau, and litigation filing? Or is this beyond the reality of how these patents are established and issued? Maybe Forntz? poster understands these nuances and can share his thoughts
tedpeele tedpeele 2 hours ago
I can say the same about you.

Your username isn’t your real name. So what? If I shouldn’t care about yours why should you care about mine?

The fact remains, I never tried to misled anybody about who i am or about Lightwave Logic. And all that really matters is the latter.
👎️ 1 💩 3 🚽 1 🤡 3 🤮 1 🧻 1
microchips microchips 2 hours ago
Ted... This is the main problem. You hit on a few things occasionally about the need for clear communication from the company, but if you are not up front about who you are, then everything you write is seriously questionable. You did it to yourself.
👍️ 1 🥱 1
More Belgians More Belgians 2 hours ago
"who interpret me as being manipulative and deceitful have been wrong all along."
says the man who creates fake profiles, you are a fraud
👍️ 7 💯 4 🤙 2
Ppastis Ppastis 2 hours ago
And what are you in that chessgame ??
The pawn ( formerly known as infants or foot soldiers ) ? Thats the least powerfull piece in the game of chess … like you are here on this board !!!
They are used to mislead and will never survive till the end !!!

👍️ 4 💥 2 🤙 2
sprint1 sprint1 2 hours ago
How do you even live with yourself ? FFS
👍️ 3 💥 2 💯 3 🚀 2 🤙 2
F2 F2 2 hours ago
I just want to thank everyone for the great, truly insightful contributions today on this board today. I have learned a lot from many. Of course some will try to drag this back into the mud. Don't let them. I have like 30 on iggy here. Let's keep focusing on the contribution side of things here. KCC, Druid, X, Marco and others, thanks for your reflections. A great day on this board and in the market. Many longs have accumulated significantly and the dialogue has been insightful for those wanting to learn more. Nice price rebound as well. ; ^ )

Best to the longs,

👍️ 6 💥 1 🤙 1
tedpeele tedpeele 2 hours ago
My track record shows that those who interpret me as being manipulative and deceitful have been wrong all along.

My goal here always has been to figure out what is true and real and not let dreams cloud my judgment
👎️ 1 💩 3 🚽 1 🤡 4 🤮 2 🧻 1
More Belgians More Belgians 2 hours ago
Prediction-the next 3-4 months
Tedpeele will be making multiple new fake profiles here
He will try be smarter this time and will be using a VPN, trying to not get caught (again)
Hi style bashing this stock will make it clear it's him
After another few months, nobody on this forum will ever hear of him again
👍️ 3 💯 1
More Belgians More Belgians 2 hours ago
Prediction-the next 3-4 months
Tedpeele will be making multiple new fake profiles here
He will try be smarter this time and will be using a VPN, trying to not get caught (again)
Hi style bashing this stock will make it clear it's him
After another few months, nobody on this forum will ever hear of him again
👍️ 8 💥 2 💯 3 🚀 2 ♥️ 1
sprint1 sprint1 2 hours ago
"there have been some bad things going on too for a long time.".... referencing the presence of manipulating, deceitful scumbags like yourself ?
👍️ 6 💯 1 🤣 1
tedpeele tedpeele 2 hours ago
It’s kind of like a giant chess game. They say Proto is a grandmaster… Ha ha.
👎️ 2 💩 3 🚽 2 🤡 3 🤮 1 🧻 1
Scope08 Scope08 2 hours ago
"Steve" is a Dbag, as are you. eom
👍️ 5 💥 1 💩 1 💯 3 🤙 1
frobinso frobinso 2 hours ago
It was me posing a question on this since the seem to have new patents with a chemical based approach.
Thanks for your reply!
👍️ 1
Sonata Sonata 2 hours ago
WOW...The discussion on the board has been so much better without the "cult pumpers" posting the same repetitive "cut and paste" conspiracy nonsense day after day. You know who they are. It was only scaring off potential investors as they saw how deceptive, nauseating, and ingenuous the posts were. Their posts were always hurting the board and the stock price. Every day we were losing more and more posters because of them. I strongly feel the rise in the stock price today is due to their absence. I hope they continue to "stay far away" for the benefit and integrity of this board!!!!!
👍️ 3 👎️ 2 💩 3 💯 1 🤡 2 🤮 2
microchips microchips 3 hours ago
To all... This setup with a 200G modulation was there to give an example of how well the Perk 6 is performing. It was a lab setup, but can easily be put in a device...well as easy as a complex organic polymer can be. We know for sure it's way easier than TFLN, which is supposedly the closest competition.

If you've done any research, you've heard about the successful demonstration for the engineers at OFC and seen the slides about it, but it was extremely cool to see it in person.
👍️ 12 💥 5 🚀 3 🤙 3 ♥️ 2 ❤️ 1
WooptdooU WooptdooU 3 hours ago
Wow, pretty strong percentages...good for you...
Think1st Think1st 3 hours ago
Oh I get it.bashers posting in Full force

Means sell ...then Buy

Basher not bashing mean accumulate
Yes needs to be time properly
Like charting
👍️ 1 💥 1 🤙 1
tedpeele tedpeele 3 hours ago
Predictions I made on on Feb 9:

The next 3-4 months will be shocking imo.

I'm 90% confident that many of the following will happen, or should I say NOT happen:

1. Re Dec 4 letter - there will be no announcement of a tech transfer with a foundry, but may be some LOI that sounds good but has no clear timeline.

2. Early March the 10k comes out which shows at best the $50,000 in revenues from the one-off modulators using Perk agreement. That will confirm the very low demand after 9 months, which brings into question how straightforward the company was in claiming "commercial acceptance" last year.

3. OFC will come and go without any external validation that Lightwave's polymer reliability has been proven. Andy will not confirm it, and Lightwave will not make any definitive statement that satisfies the industry.

4. OFC will come and go without an announcement of a transceiver using Lightwave's modulator breakthrough. The transceiver company isn't ready to take that step. There may be some kind of half-prototype or "this is how it will work" display.

5. April will be a long month as the cumulative effect of #1-4 sinks in with shareholders and the best they hope for is a repeat of another agreement like last year. Investors will start to demand accountability with regard to Foundry work. Some long timers will become LIVID as the price drops into the 2s. Institutional selling will become a major threat..

6. April-May: shareholders may get an announcement from a small forward-looking photonics oriented foundry of some kind of partnership with Lightwave, but it will be very vague in details.

7. May: There may be confirmation that GFS is testing the perkamine/Ayar combination, but without any timeline for going into production. This may happen at ASM. ASM will be a repeat of last year -same projections for the year.

8. June: Investors will try hard to keep a happy face through all of the above, but the market likely will reflect the realization that last year shareholders were given a lump of coal instead of a gold nugget. They will start to ask what the people in the new space are doing.

9. August: Investors will anxiously await a transceiver prototype announcement that doesn't come. KCC will become "worried" but won't say so.

10. Dec 31, 2024. Investors will claim 7900 transceivers have been shipped out with Lightwave Perk since Dr Lebby said it would happen, but none of them will really believe it. The stock will hit a 52 week low despite the fact that Jim Marcelli resigned during the year.
💩 3 🚽 1 🤡 3 🤮 2 🧻 1
KCCO7913 KCCO7913 3 hours ago
Thanks for your previous response.

The lead device engineer said they’ll be demonstrating these same results in the O band. My guess is that’s an ECOC announcement.

A former poster here with a technical background (RichardL for those who remember) was asking many questions about this topic. I’ll share his notes when available.

Frobinso asked the question about poling IP and I agree with your comments. From what it sounds like, a particular part of the process will be kept as a trade secret. I obviously don’t know the exact method, but I think the engineer revealed a bit more than Lebby would have liked. It sounds like a very “natural” part of the wafer processing and it happens in a split second once the electric field is applied. The engineer snapped his fingers and said something like ‘boom now thousands of devices are poled at once’. At the end of his explanation I looked over to Lebby and said “wow he did a much better job explaining this than you!”. He laughed with a bright red face.
👍️ 21 💥 5 😂 5 🚀 4 🤙 3 ♥️ 1
DruidElf44 DruidElf44 3 hours ago
can't quite find the post but I recall someone asked about having a "moat" based on poling-related patents. Tricky one - patent enforcement requires detectability of infringement. While it may be possible to detect that a wafer or PIC has a polymer on it and that the polymer has been poled, it'll be hard to detect unequivocally how the poling was done. It's a balancing act between protecting IP through patents versus keeping it completely hidden as trade secrets.
👍️ 5
redspinelpinktopaz redspinelpinktopaz 3 hours ago
Is the fact that Advanced and Lightwave agreed to release Advanced's name, mean most of the concern over NDAs is probably behind us?
x993231 x993231 3 hours ago
I Only asked one question after the meeting because I had to get on the 1st bus over to the lab. When Lebby spoke about the 6 months lab thing I asked him but you guys can have runs at 1,2,3,4,5,6 month stage, he said of course. I think that it was Siraj stated that the delays in the foundries occur at the various stages of the foundry (remember that) . Yes I saw a bunch of arrays in a little hand held display case perhaps 1 ½” wide and 8” long at the dicing station I asked how many on the smallest 1cm square, he said 40. I’m pretty sure I understood that the testing for foundry produced wafers can be done at the foundry (that was second hand info to me). If you are day trading type you are not the type of investor to take the time to learn, so feel free to trade away. I’m going to slip in little 10k buy order this morning to see if I can get it. The shorts appear not have not covered anything yet, which I think is totally weird. One way or another I knew about 80% of the folks that attended the SHM. I didn’t meet anyone that was a go along type, they were all critical first-hand thinkers. I should have passed around a request for folks to write the number of shares owned and drop in a fishbowl to determine how many shares were present. The shorts are not going to change their mind. With the exception of NVDA the entire market took a crap yesterday, (Even oil and precious metals) it will come back. Remember that I come from the day of cheese cloth on garage door opening to draw fresh air into the lab, lol. At that stage the chromophore was so dirty, I wonder why, lol. I’m not sure now how many clean rooms and rooms with clean room curtains class 100 or 500 there were, I’d guess 5 or 6. There are so many Keysite devices around, Ayar lab ish it is kind of ridicules, I remember the first actual testing device they had, serial number 2. Understand that Lightwave appeared to have an arrangement with someone to supply material to build a testing device because you can not measure 100gb if you do not have 100g material to test (comprende?). The shorts would have you believe that the eyes are not important, lol it is most important and one could easily see theirs. I recently upgraded my eyes with interocular implants so to in order to take advantage of that before we left the demo I insisted on getting within 6” of the running modulator, one of the guys in the back yelled no don’t let him that’s, X better watch him close. Oh Buzzy stayed an extra day I received text from him that he tried the pizza delivery thing to the lab but was turned away and had to throw it in the dumpster (inside joke understood mostly only by those who attended).

One of the quicker thinking investors grabbed a picture of the wafer up close at the SHM, see below.

Understand that when you are at a Lightwave meeting you are in the company of some of the best forward-thinking investors (for many that is all they do), and the coolest thing is that there is zero snobbery, a 100 share person is just as important, discussions and strategies run deep at times, especially when the bar is open. There were so many that wanted to attend the tour and because they only had few hours that the groups were large, so I lost proly 60% of what I could have gained. It was incredible and yes world class.

Oh prior to the meeting when Lebby walked in we spoke briefly he said, good morning with an ear to ear smile in that British accent, I smiled, we did some idle chatter then he said I don’t know if you have noticed but some of the critics, one in particular is finally coming around, he said something to the effect of that when you have a negative opinion publicly you can’t just suddenly switch it. I got it and will monitor that for an example when I get a chance, for now I’m rambling, understand that those that sold will no doubt try and reinforce that decision so I’m sure that you will scratch your head as why some are posting as they are (I call it bipolar). Still think that we are getting bought out from someone with a lot of money, lol. That decision is completely up to the board, it is in their hands. We had discussions on speculating who would buy us, I think NVDA (I wore an NVDA shirt to breakfast, lol). others say nope because they are focused on the AI side and while it is a large vertical ($10-20B) it leaves out the other uses which are much larger than the AI data movement thing.

I introduced myself and spoke to Laila, we talked about some of the deals that she put together in the past while at Intel.

Both Zynsk and Aitken are most impressive. I did not understand just how involved Zynsk is in the day-to-day lab operations. Funny JM was standing behind me and someone commented on the expensive equipment and the employee said something to the effect that “yes, it is and we got a deal on it” at that time the eyes involuntarily looked over my shoulder at Marcelli, lol. JM said yes I’m tight with the coin. Oh that reminds me, I had a conversation with JM about the lab leases and thanked him for negotiating a good deal on the lab space turns out he had a first right of refusal agreement in place.

Back to the foundries, so understand that when doing a run there are many wafers in each foup and as Siraj pointed out there are delays at the foundry as each unique station is reached to cover all the processes ordered based on the various wafers for whomever in that foup. Folks that pay more can jump the line and hit that station in short order. OK think about that, there are 13 to 25 slots in an 8” FOUP (think juke box with 45 records). There are probably 10 thousand of modulators on each wafer, if Lightwave were to order a dedicated FOUP it would only hit that stations required for those modulators (comprende?). Oh a modulator is 1mm x 2mm and yes we saw many different arrays, someone said they spoke about a double stacked one in the lab.

Oh the “corporate presentation button on the top of the web site is “not found”. I don’t see the investors tab on the board of directors’ screen, desktop version. Where is the video? Oh because I attended I didn’t have that link, is it on the website? I found it I had to go back to the original announcement. You would think that it would be on the website and fairly easy to find.

Yes we saw a single channel 100 gig PAM 4 = 200gbps Modulator running, Furthermore, we saw arrays of modulators in that lil display at the dicing station the size of an old slide rule.

Think about that foundry announcement, lets say that a tier1 ‘A’ assigned foundry ‘F’ to work on a Lightwave modulator and to-date they are struggling. This public announcement will certainly motivate them.

Remember that there are multiple versions of Perkinaine available. Perk 6 is designed for 400G lanes! We are going to get bought out long before we are selling modulators by the millions. Sure we will work towards that goal but an Intel or Amazon isn’t going to let others control this technology, again that decision is controlled by the board. I’d actually prefer a buyout

“Even some of the most negative analysts that were negative are all of the sudden not so negative, I’m waiting on them to be positive” The ship is turning.

“Clearly we will do whatever is best for our shareholders, but as of right now we are building a stand-alone company” But IMO that is as of today Comprende? “We believe that nothing has the performance headroom as Lightwaves Polymers”

X nice day time to be done with this.
🍎 5 👍️ 26 💥 4 💪 3 😋 2 🚀 2 🤑 1 🤙 4
StockJumper25 StockJumper25 3 hours ago
Repost: (Plus additional questions for those that went on site; wanted to put this at the top of our thread).
Oh. One question that I hoped would have been asked is; What are the plans/options for all that extra real-estate on silicon board if the EO polymers waveguides and area are so much smaller??? Is there a modulator component that can be added to offer better encryption or as a parity check point??

Any word on gaining analysts to help provide coverage/updates to WallStreet? I think there was at least one analyst in the audience asking questions near the end of presentation.

Pretty sure I heard KC asking some pointed questions? LoL! Thanks KC. Whoever asked the question about the COST of the 200mm wafer was great question, to bad Dr. L didn't take the bait on that one.

Were there any updates on EO polymers surpassing the incumbent technologies of TFLN or InP (we know BTO has issues).? Assumption is, as long as EO Polymer works well as integration or Hybrid component, there should be no conflicts for market share.

So, looking forward to more articles and industry reports ( indicating that EO Polymers are making head-way and maybe the go to technology for O-Band as well as short-haul connectivity in the near future??

Knowing that Dr. L said that there are other Fabs in negotiation and process reviews, besides ADF, what will the primary use of transceivers target in the photonics market? If that is 200GB/800GB Pam4; will the usage be for short-haul routers and switches or long-haul Metro Routers for carries on O-band or both.??

Cologix’s Metro Connect is a low-cost product offering that extends Cologix’s dense network availability to customers
regardless of data centre location within a market. Metro Connect is a fibre-based service that offers bandwidth of
100Mb (FastE), 1000Mb (GigE), or 10G and higher (Passive Wave). FastE and GigE services are delivered through a
Cologix switch to the customer via a copper cross-connect

Additionally, for those that are not familiar with the size of the market and what is getting updated or replaced in a DC.... let's use Cologix as an example ( see link below). If you scroll down to where it says, (offers bandwidth of
100Mb (FastE), 1000Mb (GigE), or 10G and higher (Passive Wave). FastE and GigE services are delivered through a
Cologix switch to the customer via a copper cross-connect ) ... that speed range will soon be minimum of 40GB to 400GB probably before 2026 and then after 2026 most likely a standardization of 200GB to 1.6T on interconnects.

This is just one example of hyper data-center and partners requirements to upgrade data through-put speeds to carriers (that would be your AT&T's, Charter, T-Mobile, Comcast, etc. ) that list is further down the page of the link.
As you can tell each of those partner providers to hyper data-centers will need two if not four pairs of (data transceivers); not to mention what is required inside of the data centers.
Big Changes for speed of data delivery coming to a faster internet near you.
Hyper DC Example of volume transceivers environments.

More headlines to come for providers like Comcast at NO-Charge at least initially, but you'll notice continued annual pricing plan increases. It's inevitable for a utility, which that is what internet service is becoming.!!

Recently - POLITICS plays a role on increasing internet speed requirements with NET-NEUTRALITY:
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted to reinstate rules repealed in 2017 that would prevent internet service providers from disrupting your internet speed.
The 3-2 vote along political party lines restores net neutrality – a policy that ensures your internet service provider doesn’t block or slow legal traffic, or charge more to deliver some content more quickly.


GLOBAL Internet speeds continue to increase for MOBILE industry downloads, but not in Americas:
👍️ 3
themaude themaude 3 hours ago
I attended the ASM and facility tour. I agree with those that have posted about the excitement of the staff and the demo’s we were shown. One of the things that really impressed me was the chemistry side and talking with two of the chemists. They were pumped about what they were doing. What they told us is that they were refining the current Perks but what they really like was pushing the materials out in to the future. Creating new materials and testing them. I don’t know if they are new materials exactly but probably future iterations of Perk. There are four chemists that work in teams of two and a computational chemist that models their ideas and helps them refine those ideas before they start creating the materials in the lab. It was evident they are thinking years ahead and excited about all they could develop for the company.
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redspinelpinktopaz redspinelpinktopaz 3 hours ago
thank you very much.
DruidElf44 DruidElf44 4 hours ago
If you can hit the required average optical transmit power, modulation amplitude, and eye quality as per 802.3dj with sub 1V peak-to-peak drive amplitude, then that is in the cards, yes.
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Reanimator Reanimator 4 hours ago
Remember what I said about posting evidence-free claims? This is one of them.

Why are there suddenly so many companies wanting to engage with Lightwave now?

Go ahead, tell me the names of all the companies "wanting to engage with Lightwave now."

Go ahead, I'll wait. Provide some verifiable evidence for that claim.

Unfortunately, I'll be waiting a long time because there's no proof for this claim.

Vague statements from Lebby like "they've received a lot of interest from potential customers" are broad enough that they most likely mean that junior level engineers stopped by their demo at OFC and asked for a brochure. That's worlds away from what you're implying with your misleading statement.
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DruidElf44 DruidElf44 4 hours ago
The test setup diagrams from recent talks showed a C-band laser and indeed an EDFA (erbium-doped fiber amplifier). That's pretty typical and not a reason for concern as these bench top setups generally have excess loss that in the final system you would not have (e.g. because light is coupled in and out through grating couplers instead of edge couplers, and there are several optical power splitters). The amplifier boosts the power level but does actually add some noise as well.

They'll need to confirm these results in the O-band. Also the current modulators appear to be single-ended (GSG electrode configuration). A differential version (GSSG or GSGSG) would be a big step forward because that's what most implementations use as of now. Plus of course the inclusion of a low-loss fiber coupling interface. Wirebond should still be OK but some customers may ask for a flip-chip solution.
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WooptdooU WooptdooU 4 hours ago
You get divorced...eom
redspinelpinktopaz redspinelpinktopaz 4 hours ago
So when we get to Liz Taylor eyes, are we ready to go?
redspinelpinktopaz redspinelpinktopaz 4 hours ago
Did we eliminate the driver in something else?
MarcoPolo4 MarcoPolo4 4 hours ago
Why are there suddenly so many companies wanting to engage with Lightwave now?
The answer is really very simple as it gets down to whether you can do a 4 lane 200G modulator that functions at 1V and offers advantage of speed and size over incumbent technology. It also must prove to stable and have little optical loss.
The answer of course is that LWLG is the ONLY company that is demonstrating those industry requirements NOW. Competitive technologies are not even close to offering a competitive modulator option. They are years behind and are stuck with 8 lane 100G options that aren't fast enough, consume too much power, some are way too big.

The corollary to the question is that why does it matter? The answer to that is because the industry wants it NOW. That was described in Dr. Lebby's presentation at the ASM. They are working on the preferred modulator array which as KC mentioned, samples are currently at customers for testing. More time is needed and those shareholders that hold will be rewarded. Remember it takes about six months for wafers to cycle through production.

I was at the ASM and had the same positive impressions others have described already, especially the tour of the lab facilities. All of the lab personnel showed genuine excitement on the progress that has been made and expectations for the future.
My favorite was the modulator demonstration that was at 200G and under 1V. The screen showed the data transfer through "the eyes" which were wide open all the time. It looked better than what Dr. Lebby showed on his slide in the past. They were definitely "Betty Davis Eyes".
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F2 F2 4 hours ago
Thanks Druid. That’s what I was really hoping you would confirm, was that this was what was needed to be ultimately tested inside a transceiver. So that would imply we pretty far along if we are able to do that (which in layman’s terms, is what I was trying to understand better.). I sincerely appreciate you taking time to help me (and I am sure others as well), understand better.

That’s what makes this board great. Again, sincerely appreciate.

Best to the longs,

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