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Alpine 4 Holdings Inc

Alpine 4 Holdings Inc (ALPP)

Closed May 26 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:24PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.5689 Day's Range 0.645
0.50 52 Week Range 2.9599
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 19,445
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Alpine 4 Holdings Inc

Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd is a publicly traded enterprise with business related endeavors in Automotive Technologies, Electronics Manufacturing, Engineering and Software development, and Energy Services. Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd is a publicly traded enterprise with business related endeavors in Automotive Technologies, Electronics Manufacturing, Engineering and Software development, and Energy Services.

Communications Equip, Nec
Communications Equip, Nec
Lewes, Delaware, USA
Alpine 4 Holdings Inc is listed in the Communications Equip sector of the NASDAQ with ticker ALPP. The last closing price for Alpine 4 was $0.59. Over the last year, Alpine 4 shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.50 to $ 2.9599.

Alpine 4 currently has 26,659,202 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Alpine 4 is $15.46 million. Alpine 4 has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.20.

ALPP Latest News

Medigus: ParaZero Ramps Up Partnership with US-Based Autonomous Drone OEM Vayu Aerospace Corporation

As part of the ongoing collaboration with Vayu Aerospace, ParaZero's safety systems will be integrated into Vayuโ€™s fleet of delivery drones Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE...

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ALPP Discussion

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November61 November61 2 days ago
Still *** NO FILLINGS *** Alpine = IDIOTS

Can add SCAMMERS as well.
November61 November61 4 days ago
Showing up! How do you feel these days?

Quite a good pumping you did, you and the other 2 amigos.

Money got stolen BIG TIME.

Was all lies.
DANNO23 DANNO23 5 days ago
Thanks for posting Pick.💯
pickthemright pickthemright 5 days ago
Sorry wrong link here is the new one

$ALPP— Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (@alpine4holdings) May 21, 2024
pickthemright pickthemright 5 days ago
$ALPP— Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (@alpine4holdings) May 21, 2024
November61 November61 6 days ago
Wilson must be proud of himself.

Back to 8 cents presplit. So much beyond understanding the level of incompetence.

Absolute SHAME and DISGRACE to have screwed up so much and so many.
November61 November61 6 days ago
And " THEY " dared to call him a genius.

What a amazing SCAM.

On top of the listof all great SCAMS.
November61 November61 1 week ago
Alpine # 1 SHITSHOW on the Nasdaq.

Quite a accomplishment Wilson.

Delisted for NOT filling required Qs and K. It has to be the MOST STUPID way to get delisted.

The question is: Why upgrading to NASDAQ back 2021 with that mentality?
pcjockey pcjockey 1 week ago
Item 3.01. Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing Rule or Standard; Transfer of Listing.

On May 14, 2024, Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the โ€œCompanyโ€), received a Staff Delisting Determination letter (the โ€œStaff Determinationโ€) from the Listing Qualifications Department of The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC (โ€œNasdaqโ€) notifying the Company that Nasdaq has initiated a process which could result in the delisting of the Companyโ€™s securities from Nasdaq as a result of the Company not being in compliance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5250(c)(1) (the โ€œListing Ruleโ€), which requires listed companies to file in a timely manner all required periodic financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the โ€œSECโ€). The Staff Determination has no immediate effect and will not immediately result in the suspension of trading or delisting of the Companyโ€™s securities.
pickthemright pickthemright 1 week ago
pcjockey pcjockey 1 week ago
Form NT 10-Q - Notification of inability to timely file Form 10-Q or 10-QSB
November61 November61 1 week ago
The famous infamous NT Alpine disease.

Idiots remain idiots, NO MATTER WHAT.

Wilson was probably a kid that could not stop picking his nose.
Alpine's problem is quite OBVIOUS.
Anyone can see it so well.

**** THE CEO. ****

NO discipline , NO respect, NO integrity.

ZRock ZRock 1 week ago
NT out, shouldn't be any surprises there>>
November61 November61 1 week ago
Hello Wilson!!!! What about the Big F fillings?

Shareholders started to think about answers

DANNO23 DANNO23 3 weeks ago
Z-Rock and Pick - Hope the weather improves in your areas. Rolling storms are no joke!! Being prepared is of utmost importance. Be safe out there and remember to help those in need! 😇💯
ZRock ZRock 3 weeks ago
we're supposed to have more this evening and tonight starting about 1800..
ZRock ZRock 3 weeks ago
could be, this time next week we'll hopefully have a little clearer picture?
pickthemright pickthemright 3 weeks ago
Same here we had them all around us
Anvil Anvil 3 weeks ago
When he states that lenders/creditors are working with them, that means they are not doing well financially. Doesn't sound good.
ZRock ZRock 3 weeks ago

pretty nasty storms here last night. Tornado apparently went thru bout 5 mils north of me...
pickthemright pickthemright 3 weeks ago
Ya thats no surprise
ZRock ZRock 3 weeks ago
I see it didn't take them long to start cutting the ask..
November61 November61 3 weeks ago
REALLY! They can't be serious.

Typing EXCUSES again.

The pps could be well above 100 Dollars if Wilson could sell all the BULLSHIT he is writing.

With all the LIES shareholders saw for the last 2 years, how can they be credible?
pickthemright pickthemright 3 weeks ago
Thanks danno looks like some progress at least
Televet Televet 3 weeks ago
In our commitment to maintaining transparency and accountability, we have engaged new auditors, Marcum LLP, to prepare our 10-Q report for 2023. We are diligently working towards meeting the Nasdaq deadline of May 13th for the filing. While we are optimistic about submitting the report by this date, it is paramount that the auditors are thorough. Therefore, if Marcum requires additional time to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the report, we may face a potential Nasdaq delisting notice. We have been proactive in communicating with Nasdaq on the subject. Should this occur, we have been assured by Nasdaq that we have the right to appeal. I want to reassure all stakeholders that in the event of receiving a delisting notice, the Company will indeed pursue an appeal. We are confident that we would be granted the appeal, thereby allowing us sufficient time to finalize and file our 10-Q for 2023, with the 2023 10-K filed thereafter. We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we navigate these processes to fortify our compliance and reporting standards and ensure future timely filings.
DANNO23 DANNO23 3 weeks ago
New 8K Out!😎
VikingMaverick382 VikingMaverick382 3 weeks ago
Hi all alpp holders.. Have a question.. I notice that I have 12k common C shares which were a dividend issued in 2019 when this was trading in OTc..

I that 14c it says I can convert 25% into common A starting at the 3rd anniversary.. Reached Ir but no answer. Wanted to know if anyone here had the same issue or better was able to convert those C shares
November61 November61 4 weeks ago
Hello Wilson! The " NO FILINGS " Joke is getting very OLD.

Anyone, supporting or not their vision or products, can easily ask a very logical question about these filings.

November61 November61 1 month ago
Where are the damn drones? WILSON

And they were supposed to be delivered 1st quarter of 2023.

Anyone can easily think that ALPP is just a SCAM. But I never saw a form 4 from management selling shares. A SCAM with financial gain is rare???

Incompetence ( excessive stupidity ) linked to dementia ( no consciousness ) could be seen as the only reason of that disaster.
Cannot be only disrespect.

👍️ 1
November61 November61 1 month ago
So WILSON, what is the plan " this year " to lie to shareholders?

or FINALLY something INTELLIGENT showing at least some form of competency and RESPECT.

ZRock ZRock 1 month ago
we continue to wait. guess we'll see what happens May 13th..

"Previously, the Nasdaq Staff had granted the Company an exception until May 13, 2024 to file its delinquent Form 10-Q for the period ended September 30, 2023 (the โ€œInitial Delinquent Filingโ€). As a result, any additional Staff exception to allow the Company to regain compliance with all delinquent filings, will be limited to a maximum of 180 calendar days from the due date of the Initial Delinquent Filing, or May 13, 2024."
pickthemright pickthemright 1 month ago
Thanks z
November61 November61 1 month ago
Like we need more excuses.

Something is SO WRONG.
Where is the American Spirit to work HARD until the job is done?

They don't even RESPECT themselves.
Accepting MEDIOCRITY is the NEW way to go.
ZRock ZRock 1 month ago
8k out..
DANNO23 DANNO23 1 month ago
November61 November61 1 month ago
Still *** NO FILINGS ***

Nothing since 2023 Q2

Anyone wonder if there is any CONSCIOUSNESS left in the brain of that CEO, Board of Directors.
Like the rest of the country, NO MORE CONSCIOUSNESS, NO MORE GREY MATTER.

DANNO23 DANNO23 2 months ago

ZRock ZRock 2 months ago
nah, you didn't miss anything here..
👍️ 1
November61 November61 2 months ago

So much for the NASDAQ. Alpine belongs to the OTC SCAMS World.
pcjockey pcjockey 2 months ago
We have been without power or internet since last Thursday. What did I miss?
November61 November61 2 months ago
WILSON. WHY is it so hard to be HONEST?

NO FILLINGS for months.

Fair to assume by anyone that Alpine is a SHIT company.
No wonder they are in HUGE trouble.
November61 November61 2 months ago
The Lack of RESPECT is HUGE with Alpine.


WHY Alpine is still on the NASDAQ? Should have been HALTED by now, or at least send back to the pinks where they belong with the other SCAMS.


ZRock ZRock 2 months ago
yeah, it's been a bit of a cluster last few months. ALPP management needless to say needs to get their chit together!
Anvil Anvil 2 months ago
Sounds like a complete disaster, some heads need to roll.
Televet Televet 2 months ago
Dear Shareholders,

Subject: Strategic Reorganization for Sustainable Growth

In my December 2023 CEO update letter, I began to outline a new course for Alpine 4 to become a more streamlined, robust, and profitable entity, particularly within the industries of Aerospace and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) development, Commercial Electronics, Energy Storage, and Manufacturing.

Our commitment to change began with the termination of our prior auditing firm RSM in early January and the appointment of Marcum in early February. While the change to RSM in Q3 2022 was fraught with challenges, the Board of Directors felt that a fresh start with a new firm that is more in line with our business structure would set the auditor and Company relationship on the right track. We believe once Marcum is fully in cadence with our reporting structure, on time and punctual reporting will follow.

The US business landscape is ever-changing, and Alpine 4 has reached a decisive moment to pivot and embrace the future. In accordance with our Maintain, Invest, Divest, Close (MIDC) process, we have scrutinized our portfolio of subsidiaries to identify what businesses are most likely to push the company forward into the future. The MIDC process has been important in making informed decisions on which entities to maintain, divest, or wind down.


RCA Commercial: RCA, renowned for its brand legacy, vast product possibilities, and consistent contribution to stable revenue expansion, is at the crux of our future growth strategy.

Quality Circuit Assembly:?Quality Circuit Assembly (QCA) and its sister entity, Quality Circuit Assembly (Central) located in Arkansas, are an integral part of Alpine 4's manufacturing strategy. QCA is distinguished by its adherence to stringent regulations such as ITAR Compliance and AS9100D/ISO 9001 Certifications meeting the exacting quality demands of the aerospace sector, along with ISO 13485 compliance for medical devices. QCA offers an extensive range of services, including printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, wire harness and cable assembly, box builds, sub-assembly, testing, and prototyping. By persistently prioritizing quality and customer service, QCA has gained a reputation as a trusted partner to industry giants like Apple, Rivian, Tesla, and Facebook, to much smaller companies with high-tech products. With its legacy of excellence, QCA continues to be a driving force behind Alpine 4's operational success and enduring customer satisfaction.


Vayu Aerospace Corporation: Vayu remains a strong standout in the 'Invest' category of our MIDC strategy, reflecting Alpine 4's commitment to the aerospace sector which is poised for growth as the Company expands into the UAE and beyond. Our continued investment in Vayu not only aligns with our strategic focus on high-growth potential markets but also leverages our existing capabilities in UAV systems, which are becoming increasingly integral to a myriad of industrial applications. By channeling resources into Vayu Aerospace, we are ensuring that Alpine 4 remains on the leading edge of aerospace technology, ready to capture the burgeoning demand in both civilian and commercial markets. The continued investment underscores our belief in Vayu's potential to significantly contribute to our performance and margins, playing a key role in Alpine 4's sustained profitability and long-term growth.

Identified Technologies: With the adaptation of AI across many different industry subsets, IDT is poised to grow. Our unique data analyzation tools developed by IDT give customers in-depth ways to review, predict, and maintain large geographic areas. Currently, we are looking for new ways to use our 3D Mapping tools to infiltrate markets that are nascent to our technology such as the farming, rail, and communication industries that all need access to robust data analytics and 3D Mapping.

Elecjet: Elecjet represents a strategic investment opportunity for Alpine 4, epitomizing our forward-looking approach to the high-potential energy storage sector. As we commit to investing in ElecJet, we are tapping into the revolutionary advancements in battery technology that are set to redefine energy solutions across industries. Elecjet's work in developing rapid-charging battery systems positions Alpine 4 at the forefront of an energy transformation, where efficiency and sustainability become the keystones of progress. This investment is not just a pursuit of

innovation but also a strategic maneuver to align with global shifts toward greener energy and electrification. By bolstering Elecjet's capabilities, particularly with the establishment of the new pilot lab in San Jose, California, we are poised to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced energy solutions, ensuring a robust contribution to Alpine 4's growth and a greener future.

Global Autonomous Corporation: As you may or may not have seen in recent announcements, Global Autonomous has been making strides in its goal of being a global leader in autonomous delivery. With the passing of the first phase of the Validation Test Campaign (VTC) testing with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, the company finds itself in relatively unchartered territory as few companies have achieved this. As Global Autonomous readies for the next Phase of testing, currently planned for mid-May, Global Autonomous is poised to be one of the first international companies certified to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in the Gulf Region. It is still the goal of Alpine 4 to spin Global Autonomous Corporation out into its own public company. Alpine 4 has retained an investment bank and has been engaged in strategic planning relating to a possible future spin out when the equity markets are favorable for such an action. It is important to note that these plans remain in the early stages, and any specific information or terms relating to a spin-out transaction, including a dividend ratio, cannot be established until closer to the commencement of such corporate action, and until all final terms have been determined between the Company and the investment bank and other advisors.


Morris Sheet Metal / JTD Spiral / Deluxe Sheet Metal: We have begun the process of divesting our Construction Services Holdings starting with Morris Sheet Metal, JTD Spiral, and Deluxe Sheet Metal, which was completed on January 12, 2024.?

Alternative Laboratories: The Company is reviewing offers relating to potential transactions for Alternative Laboratories, with careful consideration to ensure that any transactions align with our overarching strategic vision.


Thermal Dynamics: While TDI has been mostly profitable throughout its time as a subsidiary of Alpine 4, the relationship with TDI was not without its own challenges. The reality is that TDI is a difficult business for which to fund operations, and which would tie up cash for extended periods of time. Further, the future outlook of some of the foreign markets in which TDI operated are showing signs of recession. The plan for TDI is to gradually wind down operations over time while keeping its licenses in place in the event Alpine 4 chooses to resurrect the company for future operations.

Excel Construction Services: Excel has initiated a shutdown sequence with a filing of a voluntary petition under CHAPTER 7 of the United States Code (the โ€œBankruptcy Codeโ€) in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Idaho, which Alpine 4 management believes to be the cleanest method for shutting down this entity. This move, though difficult, is necessary to concentrate Alpine 4โ€™s efforts and capital on areas poised for substantial growth.??

New Formal Structure:
Alpine 4 is akin to an engine which, when firing on all cylinders, creates great motion and the power to achieve/accomplish incredible things. To be candid, our engine has not been firing uniformly, and through disjointed effort has created inefficiencies that has resulted in unproductive capital expenditures, cost overruns and inefficient decision making to name a few. We believe that the solution is centralization but our ability to do so requires many different facets to be established. With the downsizing of Alpine 4 and a more refined focus, we believe that our ability to create and implement a more robust centralization plan is obtainable. For reference, a centralization of accounting, finance, purchasing, and HR offers several significant benefits that can streamline operations and enhance strategic alignment. By consolidating decision-making authority at the top levels of our organization, Alpine 4 can achieve a more unified direction and vision, ensuring that all parts of the business work cohesively towards common goals.This top-down approach will lead to more efficient allocation of resources as decisions regarding investments, cost-cutting, and prioritization of projects are made with a comprehensive understanding of the company's overall strategy and objectives. Centralization also simplifies the communication process, reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation and ensuring that policies and procedures are uniformly applied across the organization. Furthermore, it allows for quicker decision-making in response to market changes or competitive pressures, as fewer individuals are involved in the approval process. This can be particularly beneficial in the industries we serve where speed and agility are critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Over the next six months, management anticipates that the Company will bring in-house much of our accounting, finance, and HR processes to our Corporate Office in Phoenix, AZ. This will allow our subsidiaries to focus on their key objective which is profitable sales.

As we continue to push forward into 2024, you will see that our subsidiary holdings and direction of Alpine 4 change, with the overall goal of positioning Alpine 4 as a technology centric company. I want shareholders to know that we appreciate you sharing our vision as we navigate this pivotal transformation. It also is important to me that you, the shareholders, know we understand the challenges you and we have experienced in the past. We believe that embracing these changes will lead to the success that we all strive for!

Best regards,

Kent Wilson
pickthemright pickthemright 2 months ago
November61 November61 2 months ago
*** Still NO FILINGS ***

What is WRONG with these IDIOTS?
pickthemright pickthemright 2 months ago
Hopfully something comes out soon !
brianslate brianslate 3 months ago
Yes I understand they had to purchase the options and at what price I don't know but I am sure if we dig we can find out. But it still represents a significant investment in ALPP and being officers I find that a Bullish outlook. The latest run to $1.30 and crash to $.70 seemed like a major manipulation by shorts and hopefully ALPP longs can hang in there long enough to rake in some major profits. GLTA
Free Willy Free Willy 3 months ago
The three Form 4's that were filed were Employee Options. They did not purchase on open market.

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