TORONTO, May 18, 2024 /CNW/ - NÜTRL Canada has been informed that Sunscope initiated a voluntary recall in Canada of a promotional tumbler due to a manufacturing defect that may present a safety hazard. Specifically, Sunscope has informed us the tumbler may have a contaminant which could release when the tumbler is filled with liquid and pose a risk to consumers. This NÜTRL-branded tumbler, manufactured by Sunscope, was offered as a gift with purchase in select stores in Canada in April and May of 2024.

Consumer safety is our top priority. Together with Sunscope and their distributor Staples Promotional Products Canada, we are working with Health Canada to proactively notify consumers. 

Consumers should immediately stop using the tumbler and call this toll-free number for further information: 1 (866) 846-1778.


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