GS건설 (사진=GS건설)


[Alpha Biz=(Chicago) Reporter Kim Jisun] Samsung C&T and POSCO E&C are competing for bidding at the redevelopment site of Busan Citizens' Park District 2-1. This is where GS Engineering & Construction terminated its contract with the union last month.

According to the maintenance industry on the 27th, the redevelopment union of the 2-1 district in Busanjin-gu will close its bidding for the construction on October 5.

The 2-1 district is a project to build a residential and commercial complex apartment with up to 69 stories above the ground and 1,902 households and 99 officetels in the area of Beomjeon-dong Citizens' Park in Busan. It is known to have the highest business feasibility among the redevelopment of Busan as Busan Citizens' Park is located near the complex.

The existing construction company of Zone 2-1 was GS Engineering & Construction. However, the union was at odds with GS Engineering & Construction over the increase in construction costs and deprived GS Engineering & Construction of its construction status last month.

When GS Engineering & Construction was terminated, Samsung C&T, the No. 1 builder in construction capacity, and Doosan Engineering & Construction, the No. 5 POSCO E&C, and the No. 24 Doosan Engineering & Construction are currently engaged in promotional campaigns in the 2-1 zone.

It has not officially announced whether Samsung C&T will participate in the bidding. However, it is heard that if the 2-1 district union prohibits individual promotion of construction companies, it will make clear its intention to bid.