Halitron, Inc. (HAON) 31% Quarterly Growth to $474,000 Q2 Sales $83,000 Net Income

Halitron is forecasting 4 million in annual sales through its recently announced merger

Miami, FL -- August 15, 2018 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- EmergingGrowth.com, a leading independent small cap media portal with an extensive history of providing unparalleled content for the Emerging Growth markets and companies, reports on Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON).

Halitron (OTC Pink: HAON) just announced its financial results for the quarter ending June 30, 2018.

HAON may not be at these levels much longer.

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The recently merged Retailiom brands have generated 474,825 in gross sales and realized net income of $83,718 for Q2, 2018, pre-merger, and before recurring charges.

Management is forecasting that sales of Retailiom post-merger will grow over 200% over the next twelve months.

Gross Profit remains consistent at 68%, overhead decreased as planned by $11,854 over the first quarter, and a one-time charge as it relates to the relocation totaled $27,905.
Below are detailed financial and operational updates:

-- Sales were $474,825 in Q2, 2018, a 31.5% increase over the previous quarter.
-- Direct Gross Margins for the portfolio manufacturing company were 68.3% for the quarter.
-- A one-time charge of $27,905 was incurred directly due to the successful relocation Hopp assets to a lower-cost Connecticut facility.  The relocation was completed by May 1st, 2018.
-- Cash Flows remain tight due to operating costs for the public company (Cash - $12,925) as well as debt financing charges, early customer payment discounts, and paying down old debts from the acquisition target.

Also recently Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON) announced the merger of two acquisition brands resulting in "Retailiom" which, with the current customer contact list from both acquired entities of 111,235, is anticipated to add $4 million annually to Halitron’s already growing sales, which have been coming in at almost $400,000.00 per quarter before this merger. 

At the end of Q1 2018, Halitron’s portfolio company, Hopp Companies, Inc. had already realized a $61,000 profit for that quarter alone.

Retailiom alone, is expected to grow sales of Halitron, by over 200% over the next calendar year.

During fiscal years 2016 and 2017 respectively, HAON acquired the assets of a print-based point of purchase product businesses CinchSigns and the Hop Companies, Inc.  and has setup the infrastructure in Newtown, Connecticut to merge the assets of the two acquisitions into what is currently known as Retailiom.

Retailiom’s differentiating point in the market place is its ability to produce custom orders within 24-to-48 hours on product lines that are not readily available at competitors, like Staples, or Uline. Whether it’s a custom size, shape, color, or marketing message, Retailiom can meet the needs and timing of a critical retail marketing campaign.  Our products keep retail shelves neat, clean, and well-organized saving retailers time and money from a maintenance standpoint and increasing sales from a highly visible product position perspective.

Staples was purchased in September of 2017 for $6.9 billion.

Could Halitron be next?
Halitron (OTC Pink: HAON) also recently announced that its portfolio company, Hopp Companies, won a project with a major national retailer with over 425 retail stores.

Management is forecasting that the new project, which has already begun to ship, will have a projected positive impact on sales and gross margins for the fiscal year 2018. The product is a new supply product line for retail shelving that is internally manufactured.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, Management has elected to keep the account name and any product line descriptions confidential, but can report that to most families, its new retail account is a household name.

Highlights from Halitron, Inc.'s (OTC Pink: HAON) previous Press Release:
  • No Reverse Split Planned.As previously communicated July 11, 2017, Management does not anticipate a reverse split of the stock to achieve the increased share objective but rather is forecasting for increased sales along with future accretive acquisitions whereby the cash flow from operations can be utilized to buy the shares back in the open market.
  • Audit and Up List to OTCQB. Halitron has re-engaged Freidman LLP to complete the 2017 audit, which is one of the qualifying factors to up list to the OTCQB exchange. Friedman was previously engaged to provide audit work for the period ending September 30, 2016 and will continue to finalize the project through September 30, 2017 over the coming months. Management will be adding another accounting intern to help support the growing business as well as focus on completing the audit for the period ending September 30, 2017.
  • Share Buy Back. Another requirement for the up list is a share price of $0.01 or higher and the Company, as previously announced, is currently engaged in a share buyback program to help support increased share price. Management is forecasting increased purchases quarter-over-quarter based on projected increasing cash flows, as the New York facility is closed, and the Company reaps the benefits of reduced overhead. Forecasted increasing sales from the new product launch and cross-selling initiatives will also have a positive impact on this project.
  • Sales have increased to approximately $407K in Q4, 2017, which represents 150% over approximately $163K for Q3 3017. There were no sales for 2016 to compare, as the strategic acquisition is now the foundation for the team to build on.
According to OTC Markets, the current market cap of Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON) is approximately $2.1 million and as such, its shares can have a dramatic upside.

HAON may not be at these levels much longer.

See the Press Release and more on Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON) at EmergingGrowth.com

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Have a look at Halitron, Inc. (OTC Pink: HAON).  Sales are increasing quarterly, and a recent merger is expected to add about $4 million in additional revenue over the next 12 months.

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