Center Coast Brookfield MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund (NYSE: CEN) (the “Fund”) today announced its Board of Directors (the “Board”) declared the Fund’s quarterly distribution for September 2023.
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Amount per Share
September 13, 2023 September 12, 2023 September 26, 2023 $0.225

Shares purchased on or after the ex-distribution date will not receive the distribution discussed above. Please contact your financial advisor with any questions. Distributions may include net investment income, capital gains and/or return of capital (ROC). Any portion of the Fund’s distributions that is a return of capital does not necessarily reflect the Fund’s investment performance and should not be confused with “yield” or “income.” The tax status of distributions will be determined at the end of the taxable year.* Payment of future distributions is subject to approval by the Fund’s Board of Trustees, as well as the Fund meeting the asset coverage requirements of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.

Center Coast Brookfield MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund is managed by Brookfield Public Securities Group LLC (PSG). The Fund uses its website as a channel of distribution of material information about the Fund. Financial and other material information regarding the Fund is routinely posted on and accessible at

Investing involves risk; principal loss is possible. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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* Distributions include all distribution payments regardless of source and may include net income, capital gains, and/or return of capital (ROC). ROC should not be confused with yield or income. The Fund's Section 19a-1 Notice, if applicable, contains additional distribution composition information and may be obtained by visiting Final determination of a distribution's tax character will be made on Form 1099 DIV and sent to shareholders. On a tax basis, as of June 30, 2023, the most recent available figures, the Fund estimates that its distributions may be largely characterized as qualified dividend income. This amount is an estimate and the actual amount and sources for tax reporting purposes may change upon final determination of tax characteristics and may be subject to changes based on tax regulations. A return of capital is not taxable and results in a reduction in the tax basis of a shareholder’s investment. The final determination regarding the nature of the distributions will be made after the end of the Fund’s fiscal year when the Fund can determine its earnings and profits. The final tax status of the distributions may differ substantially and will be made available to shareholders after the close of each calendar year. The proportion of distributions that are treated as taxable distributions may also vary and or increase in future years. The Fund invests in master limited partnerships (“MLPs”), which are generally treated as partnerships for federal income tax purposes. Distributions from MLPs are estimated as income and return of capital based on information reported by the MLPs and management’s estimates of such amounts based on historical information. These estimates are adjusted when the actual source of distributions is disclosed by the MLPs and the actual amounts may differ from the estimated amounts. In setting the Fund’s distribution policy, PSG and the Fund’s Board consider a number of factors, including both expected income and distributions received by the Fund and our expectations regarding potential capital appreciation. From time to time the Fund may be over- or under- distributed when taking into account actual income, distributions and net unrealized gains or losses since actual capital appreciation is variable over time. However, our goal is to have a distribution rate that is stable over the long term.

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Center Coast Brookfield ... (NYSE:CEN)
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