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Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (PK)

Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (PK) (SIRC)

Closed February 24 04:00PM

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shajandr shajandr 13 hours ago
Cherry, read this:

LegendaryDimension97 LegendaryDimension97 20 hours ago
That olive view project was supposed to be completed in September hah maybe September this year
Engines Engines 20 hours ago

Congratulations on doing something a privately owned company can do. HOLY F*** this "company" has nothing going for it. NOTHING.

And Brad did NOTHING to avoid dilution of this NOTHING company.

I will harass Brad, Wanda, Troy, Brent and Dave until the day I die
👍️ 1
sam1933 sam1933 24 hours ago
Cap Market Cap 829,664 02/22/2024
Authorized Shares 1,500,000,000 02/20/2024

Outstanding Shares 165,932,884 02/20/2024
Restricted 116,343,041 02/20/2024

Unrestricted 49,589,843 02/20/2024
Held at DTC 47,606,307 02/20/2024
A lot bigger crook than Brad. She signed off on the quarterly's and approved them.

Principle Wanda Witoslawski, certify that:
1. I have reviewed this Quarterly Report of Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation,
2. Based on my knowledge, this disclosure statement does not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact
necessary to make the statements made, in light of the circumstances under which such statements were made, not misleading with respect
to the period covered by this disclosure statement; and
3. Based on my knowledge, the financial statements, and other financial information included or incorporated by reference in this disclosure
statement, fairly present in all material respects the financial condition, results of operations and cash flows of the issuer as of, and for, the
periods presented in this disclosure statement.
January 14, 2021
/s/ Wanda Witoslawski
Name: Wanda Witoslawski
Title: Principal Financial Officer
OTC Markets Group Inc.
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Sammy boy Sammy boy 1 day ago
👍️ 1
lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 1 day ago
wow, you had to reach deep into your bag of clever for that one.
👍️ 1
Gerry6 Gerry6 1 day ago
When you tell the dunce on message board to get lost…how much more positive can you get?
🖕 2 🤡 1
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
Hey now, where's that positive attitude?
lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 2 days ago
how much did you lose today, gerry? not enough.
👍️ 1
Gerry6 Gerry6 2 days ago
Get lost! If you can’t provide messages of value, take a hike! Or is that too complicated for you to understand?
💩 1 🤡 1
creakyhottie creakyhottie 2 days ago

That is the beauty of R/S. We can re-live the downfall.

But we never get to zero. It reminds me of a joke my calculus professor told the class these many years ago in explaining infinity (both ways). Put a boy on one side of the classroom and a girl on the other. Have them continuously halve the distance between them. They will never touch, but will get close enough for practical purposes.
👍️ 1
I think we are doing better than expected.

For the last year we are down 99.73%
For the last month we are down 99.70%
This shows an improvement of .03%
🤣 1
shajandr shajandr 2 days ago
These FLOORLESS financing Death Spirals end only one way - no retail common share holders will survive. Nun.

👍️ 1 😂 1 ♥️ 1
creakyhottie creakyhottie 2 days ago
The only one who thought it would not was Brad.

He thought the R/S would be magic.
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
Yep, the downslide continues.
👍️ 1 🤣 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 4 days ago
My bad, looks like the (D) came off.
price_and_volume price_and_volume 4 days ago
Converters would win the FRAUD countersuit.

$SIRCD appears to have fraudulently mislead investors, including convertible funders.

"Our attorney" - lol, don't get me started on OTC shareholders believing they're part-owners of a company...

OTC shareholders hold bags, not company reins.

👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Gerry6 Gerry6 4 days ago
sam1933 sam1933 5 days ago
Market Cap Market Cap
Authorized Shares
Outstanding Shares
Held at DTC
creakyhottie creakyhottie 5 days ago
Maybe our attorney should see this
Mark R. Basile, Esq.Mark R. Basile, Esq.
β€’ Followingβ€’ Following
Securities Litigation and Public Company Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney - Former Law ProfessorSecurities Litigation and Public Company Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney - Former Law Professor
2mo β€’ 2mo β€’

Another dilution funder loses the "Unregistered Dealer" argument. In More Capital v DarkPulse, Inc., the trial court awarded summary judgment, damages and legal fee to our client in yet the second civil action brought by a publicly traded company against a know dilution funder. Great job by The Basile Law Firm P.C. and Eric Benzenberg. This court followed the reasonings and applications of the statute to the evidence as done by all federal courts to analyze and apply the facts to the language of the statute in SEC Civil Enforcement actions, clearly finding More Capital operated as a "dealer" under the Securities Act, did not registered, was legally prevented from entering into the dilution funding contracts, and was ordered to pay damages to our client. #securitieslitigation #dilutionfunding #scammers #toxicfunding #securitiesviolation #SecuritiesAct #SEC #DPLS #DarkPulse
02opida 02opida 5 days ago
good to know that they are retired
Hi, price and volume,

The answer is yes.

You want puts to decline that is how you make money.
But if they go up in price you will lose money.
Some people try to play safer by buying straddles,
🗑️ 1 🤡 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 6 days ago
Did you really trade options?

Puts can & do decline in value, even when the underlying is declining (at a lesser rate) due to time value eroding faster than the underlying.

I gave a specific example so you could see THAT OPTION on a chart, if you have a trading platform that enables options viewing.

Oh well, as you say, we all have our opinions.

👍️ 1
Hi, price_and_volume

Your quote:

"Let's say the SP500 continues going up, or stays flat, or even declines a bit.
In that case you can expect your SPX puts to decrease in value from 4 to less than 4."

PUTS are opposite than Calls You want the stock or SP500 to go down not up.
If they go down, they increase in value. If they go up, they lose value.
💩 1 🤡 1
Hi, I did read your message "THE POST"

I left a reply.

I guess everyone has a point of view (or should have)

That is what SIRC's Message Board is all about..
💩 1 🤡 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 6 days ago
No I don't & I trade options extensively.
Do you understand my point? Forget about the underlying, trade the option (or stock).

Say you expect the SP500 to crash here, so you buy Mar 15 SPX 4500 puts for 4.

Let's say the SP500 continues going up, or stays flat, or even declines a bit.

In that case you can expect your SPX puts to decrease in value from 4 to less than 4.

At some point prior to expiration you're gonna dump the losing trade for a loss, because that's trading.

Nobody is gonna ride the losing option (or ANY) position to zero - you take the EARLY smaller loss!

Do you understand MY point?

Let's get off the options subject, this is simply about TRADING & INVESTING.

I'm curious if you read the link in my previous post? I think it would be worth the 30 seconds.
👍️ 1 🤣 1
Hi, price_and _volume

Your quote below

"This is also true, but only for those who hold losers til expiration, but I don't know any skilled traders who ride a trade to zero".

Options are different than stocks. When you buy an option, you would pick a strike price.
Let say your Call Options are going to expire this Friday.
Your strike price is $32.00 a share, but the stock is only at $23.00 a share. Who is going to buy your options? (nobody) Even though your shares have not gone to Zero.
You are saying that you would exercise your options rather than lose everything you paid for the options.
That means you have to pay the difference between the $32.00 and the $23.00. Which is $9.00 a share
You are holding options of 600 shares. That means you are going to pay $5,400.00 more dollars to exercise your options.
Let say the stock doesn't go any higher than $25.00 a share and never gets back to the $32.00 a share.
So, you sell your stock. You just lost another $4,200.00 dollars more than if you would have let the options expire.

Do you understand my point?
💩 1 🤡 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 7 days ago
You are correct, because current-positions are ADJUSTED for 1/150 RS.
You are looking at it on an adjusted basis. This may be true, if you were trading in the 50s I most likely were buying stocks before you were born This is also true, but only for those who hold losers til expiration, but I don't know any skilled traders who ride a trade to zero... I assume you know you can lose everything on the expiration date. For this part, what criticism are you referring to? Maybe You's should stop criticizing shareholders and worry about yourselves. I absolutely DO WORRY about myself, and those I care about, and even strangers on ihub who appear to be struggling w/ their trades.


Because I think being helpful is... uhhmmm... helpful?

Sorry you feel so butt-hurt, I'm not sure what part of my post(s) offended you.

Still wishing you the best going forward.

Possibly this post will help you (or somebody else) in the future.

👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Hi price_and_volume,

If you look at my previous message it is telling the same thing that you have in this message.
You were reading the chart wrong when you showed it in your previous message.

Also, I do not want to keep going back and forth with you and luckydog. with messages.

So, I am going to stop answering your messages
💩 1 🖕 1 🤡 1
Hi price_and_volume,

Your chart means nothing to me. You are looking at it on an adjusted basis. Going all the way back, the figures you are seeing are on an adjusted basis taking the 150-share split into consideration. That is why you are seeing high dollars throughout SIRC's stock price history.
I most likely were buying stocks before you were born, I played a lot of options during the 80's. Doesn't matter whether it was Calls, Puts or Straddles.
Expirations were on the third Friday of the month. The difference with Options and stocks is that you can play a lot of shares at once. I assume you know you can lose everything on the expiration date.
The only two words you know how to say Pumper and Basher.
You and your cousin have not put any useful information on this board.
Maybe You's should stop criticizing shareholders and worry about yourselves.
🇩🇰 1 💩 1 🖕 1 🤡 1
shajandr shajandr 7 days ago
💩 1 🖕 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 1 week ago
The stock REVERSE-SPLIT 1/150 recently, correct?

Apr '21 lowest low was around 42c then.

The chart has been corrected to show what that is in today's dollars ($64).


Be glad you didn't buy in before the previous two 1/30 reverse-splits & still holding.

Guess what your basis would be then?

Hope this helps a bit.
👍️ 2 🤣 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 1 week ago
Pembroke, you fail to recognize when folks are trying to help.

1. You told me you bought in Apr '21. I've attached a chart of $SIRC(D) for your perusal. Please explain what part of it I got wrong, or the part you are struggling to understand:

2. Fwiw, I've bought many many stocks. I own many currently. I've traded-for-a-living for over 15 years now trading stocks, futures, & options. I learned some hard lessons along the way which I try to share so others can learn from my mistakes.

3. I'm aware how painful losses can be, which is why I try to help those on ihub who stare at them for months, feeding them & watching them grow, rather than just click the fucking mouse to exit the trade. You can always re-enter...

4. I'm sorry you also don't "need Engines to help" - I only suggested it because I believe he was part of a previously successful lawsuit against a similarly FRAUDULENT OTC company & CEO. Dude it was just a suggestion.

5. Lastly you said you don't listen to any pumpers on the stock - that's great. You apparently don't listen to bashers either - maybe in future you should open your mind a bit more and weigh what others post - good AND bad, or ignore them ALL and go w/ the flow when a stock is UPTRENDING and dump it when its DOWNTRENDING.

I wish you the best.
👍️ 1
lucky, mydog lucky, mydog 1 week ago
💩 1
Hi shajandr.

I do not know why but you keep showing yourself as immature.

Also, I cannot send Private Messages. Will you please have your Lapdog (lucky, mydog)
stop sending me Private Messages.

Thank you
shajandr shajandr 1 week ago
Writing metaphorically, your post is that of a first-grader who, having been beaten up on the playground at recess, runs crying to George Foreman and yapping at him "you've never been in a fight, and certainly never won one."

George and I laff @ chu
💩 1
shajandr shajandr 1 week ago
Hi shajandr,

I assume you are another one that has never bought stock.
Try to make some friends at home and stop making your life a pursuit to post on a Message Board.
Have you ever made financial decision in your life?
It's easy to tell you haven't even with Gerry trying to help you out.
Instead of trying to criticize people on the Message Board maybe you should listen to them instead of acting like a fool
Start growing up and learning how to contain yourself. Stop sticking your nose in everybody's business.
You would be better off sending messages to yourself so everybody can have a laugh and read them.
There are only about 3 to 4 of You's on this Board.
Maybe it would be better if You's just send Messages to each other.
shajandr shajandr 1 week ago
You should have somebody make financial decisions for you. - a court-appointed conservator. SIRCD shows that you lack the competence to make financial decisions. The conservator can provide you a monthly (or, if necessary, weekly) allowance.
💩 1
Hi, price_and_volume,

I try to be nice, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

Apparently, I guess you never bought stock before. Buy a stock and see how it works out.
Before you start posting on any Message Board.
I have no idea why you like posting on Message Boards that you have nothing to do with you?
I guess you just like posting on Message Boards.
It is like the stock market; it can go up five days in a row and could go down five days in a row
If you knew what the stock market was going to do at any given time you would be the richest person on earth
When a person buys a stock. They don't buy it thinking it will be a downtrender, they buy it because they think the stock has a good chance of going up in the long run. I do not know anything about a pre-split of $40.00 a share. There wasn't any split when I bought the stock. I never knew it hit $40.00 a share.
Also, I do not need anybody to help me pick a stock. or to convince me either way. When I bought SIRC it was under 50 cents a share
I also do not need Engines to help me !! If he could file a lawsuit he would of done it.
In a recent message of mine I said I didn't listen to any Pumpers on the stock. I make my own decision's.
💩 1 🤡 1
price_and_volume price_and_volume 1 week ago
You SHOULD be pissed off!

You should be mad at yourself for holding a downtrender, and mad at anyone who convinced you to continue holding all the way down from a pre-split $40/share or whatever the original price was in Apr '21.

And you should be pissed off at the fraudulent crooks who have been running $SIRC into the ground ever since.

Talk to Engines about a possible lawsuit (against $SIRC, not yourself) - I believe he has experience w/ that.
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Hi, price_and_volume,

I'm at the point, where maybe you noticed. I joke about the company a lot.
I am actually fine.
If I didn't have this board to read and have fun with.
I most likely would be pist off.
price_and_volume price_and_volume 1 week ago
I appreciate the answer, and I feel for you.
lowandaway lowandaway 1 week ago
What do you know, finally a green close- up 5%. Downslide to continue next week?
Hi price_ and_volume,

I assume that you are talking about the message you responded to.
I believe the Arbiter situation started towards the end of 2021.
SIRC brought it up again I believe during the last regular Update. They talked about a good chance of getting their $4,2000,00 back plus interest perhaps within a couple of months. They went as far as saying there still might be a loan.
I was saying that I thought it was amazing that they haven't brought it up again during their GlobeNewswire updates.
I bought in April of 2021
Sammy boy Sammy boy 1 week ago
U buy 50 shares ?
huka huka 1 week ago
Got a small starter at . 0065 sircD
price_and_volume price_and_volume 1 week ago
Does any of it matter anymore?

That nonsense was discussed ad nauseum long ago - it was clear then that everything $SIRC told its shareholders was misdirection & outright lies.

$SIRC is a failed fraudulent financial-engineering enterprise that wore "solar" as a top-layer to fool naive investors.

I'm curious when you bought, if you don't mind my asking?
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
I wonder what has happened about the loan we gave Arbiter? The $4,200,000 plus interest that we gave them.
It is amazing how SIRC forgets about everything like it never happened.

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