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Bioelectronics Corp (PK)

Bioelectronics Corp (PK) (BIEL)

Closed February 24 04:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0002 Day's Range 0.0003
0.0001 52 Week Range 0.0007
Market Cap
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Financial Volume
$ 1,241
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About Bioelectronics Corp (PK)

Electromedical Apparatus
Electromedical Apparatus
Frederick, Maryland, USA
Bioelectronics Corp (PK) is listed in the Electromedical Apparatus sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker BIEL. The last closing price for Bioelectronics (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Bioelectronics (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0001 to $ 0.0007.

Bioelectronics (PK) currently has 24,705,066,971 shares outstanding.

BIEL Latest News

No news to show yet.
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BIEL Discussion

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Baha13 Baha13 6 minutes ago
Hawk that's extremely positive news regarding the study sooner or later biel will make a serious breakthrough into the main stream !!! Serious money to be made here just be patient !!
Hawk05 Hawk05 20 minutes ago
Hawk05 Hawk05 23 minutes ago
Life is more than just money! Clearly your obsession with BIEL is unhealthy.

Put on an ActiPatch and see how it work on phantom brain.

art2426 art2426 25 minutes ago
>>>You go tell these 44,000 people suffering phantom limb pain to the point of suicidal ideation that their pain doesn’t exist<<<

"In 2020, low back pain (LBP) affected 619 million people globally and it is estimated that the number of cases will increase to 843 million cases by 2050, driven largely by population expansion and ageing (1).",expansion%20and%20ageing%20(1).

LOL, my point was that this company cannot sell enough product for the NUMBER 1 human pain that it has been cleared for, YEARS ago! And this 'phantom pain' use of Actipatch (for 44.0000 as you say) will be the difference in saving this company financially? Let's get real!

But please, keep trying to twist and interpret my posts for your personal purposes and make this a 'moral' issue.
ddls ddls 57 minutes ago
You are stuck and unable to get out without a profit.

There PR's have become more worthless one after another as time passes.

Too bad.
Hawk05 Hawk05 1 hour ago
Getting under your skin?

ddls ddls 1 hour ago
One of these days you'll "find" this junk company is worthless.

Maybe that is, depending on how thick your skull is.
ddls ddls 1 hour ago
There's no "team", there's nothing!
Pineywoods Pineywoods 2 hours ago
Bring it on Team BIEL!!!!
Pineywoods Pineywoods 2 hours ago
Sounds good Hawk!
Hawk05 Hawk05 3 hours ago
Straight from the last update!


Company representatives attended the Modern Musculoskeletal Care Symposium this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. We were once again invited to exhibit and Dr. Berend spoke to the medical professionals in attendance about “Non Thermal Pulsed Shortwave Therapy for Pre and Post Op Pain” Our attendance at the show was predicated on the expectation that the use of RecoveryRx will expand through the OrthoAlliance ( organization in the next few months.
👍️ 1
bobby1151 bobby1151 3 hours ago
Great find Hawk.
👍️ 1
Hawk05 Hawk05 3 hours ago
Thank you TeamBIEL!

Keep going you got this!!

The Recovery Pathway

Recovery Rx
A medical device that uses pulsed electromagnetic therapy to reduce pain and inflammation (not implanted).
ddls ddls 3 hours ago
Why bother, spending so much time on failure?

You are stuck and never will get out from under your failed BIEL.

No matter what they concoct up next.

They and investors like you are a laughingstock.
srinsocal srinsocal 4 hours ago
The 'Little Boy Who Cried Wolf' is back at it for the 13th year in a row

<<<<<<<<<<<< BIEL IS DEAD >>>>>>>>>>>>>

BIEL has survived 13 years of your, "BIEL IS DEAD", BS and will be here for many more.

27,000 posts trying to destroy a company, pathetic.

Making up a nonexistent company to give false financial information, pathetic.

Thousands of hours spent disparaging a company because they fired you, pathetic.
edbi46 edbi46 9 hours ago
?Ask.AI ( Thank you, Probity!! )
Given Bioelectronics' Corporation ActiPatch and RecoveryRx, the NOPAIN Act and possible CMS insurance reimbursement, might well-established companies in the Pain Space become possible suitors?

Possible Suitors for Bioelectronics Corporation:

Bioelectronics Corporation, with its innovative products ActiPatch and RecoveryRx, has been making significant strides in the pain management space. The ActiPatch device, utilizing neuromodulation technology, offers drug-free pain relief, while RecoveryRx targets postoperative pain and inflammation. With the introduction of the NOPAIN Act potentially paving the way for CMS insurance reimbursement for these types of non-opioid pain management solutions, Bioelectronics Corporation is likely to attract attention from well-established companies in the pain management industry.

Established Companies in the Pain Space as Possible Suitors:

Several well-established companies in the pain management sector might consider Bioelectronics Corporation as a potential acquisition target due to the promising nature of its products and the changing landscape in pain management. Companies specializing in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, or healthcare services could view Bioelectronics’ offerings as complementary to their existing portfolios or as a strategic entry point into the growing market for non-opioid pain management solutions.

Likelihood of Acquisition:

The potential for acquisition of Bioelectronics Corporation by established players in the pain space hinges on various factors. These include the effectiveness and market acceptance of ActiPatch and RecoveryRx, regulatory developments such as the NOPAIN Act, reimbursement considerations by insurance providers like CMS, and the strategic alignment between Bioelectronics’ products and the acquiring company’s business objectives. If Bioelectronics continues to demonstrate clinical efficacy, gain regulatory approvals, secure reimbursement coverage, and expand its market presence, it could indeed become an attractive target for acquisition.


In conclusion, Bioelectronics Corporation’s ActiPatch and RecoveryRx products, coupled with the evolving regulatory and reimbursement landscape in pain management, position the company as a potential target for acquisition by established players in the pain space seeking to diversify their offerings and capitalize on the shift towards non-opioid alternatives.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration): The FDA provides crucial information on regulatory approvals and compliance requirements for medical devices like ActiPatch and RecoveryRx.
CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services): Information from CMS regarding insurance reimbursement policies is essential in assessing the potential impact on Bioelectronics Corporation’s products.
Industry Reports from Market Research Firms: Reports from reputable market research firms offer insights into market trends, competitive landscape, and potential acquisition opportunities in the pain management sector.


BioElectronics Corporation Announces the Publication of Pilot Study Results

Published: Feb 23, 2024


? iAsk.AI
Would the NOPAIN Act and possible CMS insurance reimbursement be of benefit to Bioelectronics Corporation the maker of ActiPatch and RecoveryRx?

Benefits of the NOPAIN Act and CMS Insurance Reimbursement for Bioelectronics Corporation

The NOPAIN Act, which stands for Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act, aims to improve access to non-opioid pain management treatments for Medicare beneficiaries. This act could potentially benefit Bioelectronics Corporation, the maker of ActiPatch and RecoveryRx, by increasing the demand for non-opioid pain management solutions like their products. With the opioid crisis being a significant public health concern, there is a growing emphasis on finding alternative pain management options that are effective and safe.

Impact of the NOPAIN Act on Bioelectronics Corporation

Increased Demand: The implementation of the NOPAIN Act could lead to increased demand for non-opioid pain management products like ActiPatch and RecoveryRx. Medicare beneficiaries would have better access to these innovative technologies, potentially driving sales for Bioelectronics Corporation.

Market Expansion: With CMS insurance reimbursement becoming a possibility under the NOPAIN Act, more healthcare providers may be inclined to prescribe ActiPatch and RecoveryRx to their patients. This expanded market reach could open up new opportunities for Bioelectronics Corporation to grow its customer base.

Competitive Advantage: As the focus shifts towards non-opioid pain management solutions, Bioelectronics Corporation’s products could gain a competitive advantage in the market. Their technology offers a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to traditional pain management methods, aligning well with the goals of the NOPAIN Act.

Overall Benefit to Bioelectronics Corporation

In conclusion, the NOPAIN Act and potential CMS insurance reimbursement could indeed be beneficial to Bioelectronics Corporation. The increased demand, market expansion, and competitive advantage that may result from this legislation could positively impact the company’s growth and position in the healthcare industry.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Information from CMS was crucial in understanding how insurance reimbursement policies can impact healthcare providers and medical device companies like Bioelectronics Corporation.

National Institutes of Health (NIH): NIH research on pain management alternatives and opioid addiction provided valuable insights into the importance of non-opioid solutions like ActiPatch and RecoveryRx.

American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA): The ASA’s stance on opioid addiction and their support for non-opioid pain management strategies helped in evaluating the potential benefits of the NOPAIN Act for companies like Bioelectronics Corporation.

Accelerated recovery of post-operative dental implant patients using drug-free RecoveryRx.
Read the paper here:
#painrelief #neuromodulation #fdacleared #drugfree #clinicallyproven #painmanagement #oralsurgery #dentalimplants #postsurgical


BioElectronics Chairman Updates Investors
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 9:00 AM EST


Just to highlight a few points::


“(i) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of this subsection, with respect to a covered OPD service (or group of services) furnished on or after January 1, 2022, and before January 1, 2027, the Secretary shall not package, and shall make a separate payment as specified in clause (ii) for, a non-opioid treatment (as defined in clause (iii)) furnished as part of such service (or group of services).

“(ii) AMOUNT OF PAYMENT.—The amount of the payment specified in this clause is, with respect to a non-opioid treatment that is—

“(I) a drug or biological product, the amount of payment for such drug or biological determined under section 1847A; or

ddls ddls 9 hours ago
BIEL IS DEAD. The company sales are too.

tic toc tic toc March 31st
Hawk05 Hawk05 15 hours ago
Hawk05 Hawk05 16 hours ago
Right on GG!
gimmee greenbacks gimmee greenbacks 16 hours ago
“ Now we are hoping and praying that they will make BIG MONEY on a product that will take away 'phantom' pain? Yes, they will make BIG MONEY on taking away pain that doesn't even exist. “

You go tell these 44,000 people suffering phantom limb pain to the point of suicidal ideation that their pain doesn’t exist!

“ Conclusions: This investigation of over 44,000 patients with below knee amputation revealed that patients with phantom limb syndrome exhibit significantly higher rate of psychiatric comorbidities compared to those without documented phantom limb pain. Suicidal ideation, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder were especially common, and consequently a multi-disciplinary approach to management is essential.”

You embarrass yourself you soulless Jackass!

👍️ 1
Hawk05 Hawk05 17 hours ago
I’m a whale!
👍️ 1
ddls ddls 17 hours ago
Looks like you're still stuck, no matter how you look at it.

What's your average at here, .007, 6, 5? more?

Boy! you longs really pick some winners.
Hawk05 Hawk05 19 hours ago
BioElectronics Corporation Announces the Publication of Pilot Study Results

Published: Feb 23, 2024
👍️ 3
Probity Probity 20 hours ago
Or the whales might be in BIEL-watch mode?

Assuming that BIEL’s product(s) meet the criteria for CMS Insurance reimbursement relative to the upcoming start of the NOPAIN Act…

Go to this artificial intelligence website:

and ask…

Given Bioelectronics' Corporation ActiPatch and RecoveryRx, the NOPAIN Act and possible CMS insurance reimbursement, might well-established companies in the Pain Space become possible suitors?

👍️ 1
InvestInBiel InvestInBiel 21 hours ago
Great find.
Thank you for posting this.

ASRA Pain Medicine News Special Projects Associate Editor Dr. Anthony Machi
"AM: Where do you see the most potential for future research in regional anesthesia?

Dr. Brian Ilfeld, Professor of Anesthesiology, in residence, in the division of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, at the University of California, San Diego
BI: Anesthetics and analgesics that are not based on local anesthetics. Some promising modalities include electrical nerve stimulation, cryoneurolysis, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy"
prussian4profit prussian4profit 21 hours ago
"Thanks for the continuous reinforcement of my posts."

If you consider pointing out your lies and manipulation to be "reinforcement" then you're welcome,...I guess?

👍️ 2 🤡 1 ❓️ 1
prussian4profit prussian4profit 21 hours ago
"Seems to me that 'phantom limb pain' did not make the list."

So the 2.1 million people in the US alone with limb loss don't get consideration? Again, what a slap in the face to this population.

You are building quite the reputation. Although, it's a personal brand I would never consider subscribing.

👍️ 2
art2426 art2426 21 hours ago
Thanks for the continuous reinforcement of my posts.

C'mon this IS fun!
prussian4profit prussian4profit 22 hours ago
"Care to talk about the company and the financials?"

Nope. I've already explained to you multiple times. I will never discuss anything of substance with you because you constantly lie and try to manipulate people on here to turn a quick buck. People like you don't deserve that kind of engagement. You only deserve to be pointed out for your immoral actions.
👍️ 2 🤡 1 ❓️ 1
art2426 art2426 22 hours ago,to%20joints%20whether%20it's%20accidents

Back is #1. Notice 'pain in the joints' is one of the most common pains also. The Actipatch has clearance for all joint pain. Seems to me that 'phantom limb pain' did not make the list.

Have great night all!
art2426 art2426 22 hours ago
Ditto again. Thanks for verifying that ditto!

Care to talk about the company and the financials? ------ I didn't think so.

Have a great night and thanks for the entertainment!
InvestInBiel InvestInBiel 22 hours ago
>>>The PR is out there for anyone to see…
prussian4profit prussian4profit 22 hours ago
"Ditto my previous post!"

Not surprising since that's all you are able to do. Repeat the same script over and over again. Any time you deviate from that script your comprehension level (or lack thereof) becomes very evident.
art2426 art2426 22 hours ago
>>>BIEL is in whale watch mode…..<<<

Is that 'whale' riding that 'tsunami' wave that the 'true longs' said was coming --- many YEARS ago?
art2426 art2426 22 hours ago
Ditto my previous post!

This IS fun!
prussian4profit prussian4profit 23 hours ago
"But your NOT obsessed, LOL!"

Nope. Just pointing out posters on this board who lie and manipulate others in hopes of flipping for a quick buck. I know you can't accept that this is your pathetic existence, but it's who you are.

💩 1
art2426 art2426 23 hours ago
Keep going, this is fun. LOL, another post only about a poster. --- But your NOT obsessed, LOL!
prussian4profit prussian4profit 24 hours ago
"Again, let's be real. Nobody is investing in this for the 'good of mankind'. You are ALL 'in this' to make money. EVERYONE!"

Another "falsehood" from Mr. "FUN" guy. Lies, lies, and more lies. ALWAYS consider the source.

👍️ 2
art2426 art2426 24 hours ago
Gimme a break, you know what I meant by "anyone". We are talking about stocks and investors. When they cannot sell for BACK PAIN, how is the market going to get excited about this clearance?

Again, let's be real. Nobody is investing in this for the 'good of mankind'. You are ALL 'in this' to make money. EVERYONE!

AGAIN, your crazy obsession with posters is obvious. Try spending less time on that obsession and more time on researching the financials, then get back to us for some conversation on that and how you and all the 'true longs', would defend those numbers ----- if you can understand them.
Hawk05 Hawk05 24 hours ago
👍️ 2
Hawk05 Hawk05 24 hours ago
Everything is working out nicely for BIEL.

BIEL is in whale watch mode…..
👍️ 3 💯 1
imklo imklo 1 day ago
and THIS GUY as the lead researcher??!! GO BIEL
👍️ 3 💯 1 🥳 1
ddls ddls 1 day ago
They have enough clearances to make money, but they're not.
pinhigh pinhigh 1 day ago
You Da Man Hawk! Go Biel!
prussian4profit prussian4profit 1 day ago
"how is this news of a potential new use for the Actipatch on 'phantom pain' going to excite anyone"

Talk about a slap in the face to amputees not only in the US, but all over the world. Shows the real character of the poster, I guess.

👍️ 2
art2426 art2426 1 day ago
>>>The PR is out there for anyone to see…<<<

Doesn't seem like too many are seeing it (ie stock price)!

And even if they do see it, how is this news of a potential new use for the Actipatch on 'phantom pain' going to excite anyone, when they cannot sell enough product to be profitable, when they already have had, FOR YEARS, a clearance to sell this product for the number ONE human pain ---- BACK PAIN?

What is the number of potential users for this versus BACK PAIN?
gimmee greenbacks gimmee greenbacks 1 day ago
All good stuff Hawk and great to see clinical validation on the efficacy of Actipatch.
But as the SP reflects only sales and then cleaning up the share structure is going to make this puppy fly.
Hopeful Biel’s phone is ringing off the hook taking orders as we speak.

Looking forward to great things ahead..


👍️ 3
srinsocal srinsocal 1 day ago
The 7th highest rated Research University in the US, UCSD, chooses BIEL's product to do a Clinical Study on Phantom Limb Pain, paid in full by UCSD, showing very positive results.

Important news that anyone with an interest in Drug-Free Pain Relief or Phantom Pain needs to know.
👍️ 1 🥳 1
ddls ddls 1 day ago
I wonder how much Staelin had to shell out for this junk PR.
ddls ddls 1 day ago
Why bother wasting your time on this?

As we can all see the latest PR (if you call it that) BIEL has zero investment credibility left.

Yes, biel has quite a few hickory heads that bought into this junk.

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