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Torez Torez 2 hours ago
Turd cant hold any gains. Buying opportunity messages in 3.2.1...days lol
vuletini vuletini 2 hours ago
Nothing burger
elvisonfire elvisonfire 9 hours ago
you can google that as you know, but implode as it is defined does not apply to shib currently, as twould appear that is what you are implying. so possibly you might implode and disappear from your not so enlightened shib board opinions.
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fnyack fnyack 11 hours ago
What does the word implode mean? It's just a question.
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doc063 doc063 11 hours ago
Addressing Our Launch: An Update from the Sheboshi Squad
By Kaal Dhairya • 21 Feb 2024
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Exploring New Horizons with ERC404

As we ventured into the uncharted territories of the ERC404 standard—a forefront of decentralized experimentation—we were filled with anticipation for its untapped potential. The DN404 standard, even newer and full of dynamic capabilities, promised a groundbreaking journey for Shibarium. Our ambition was not just to navigate these new waters but to master them, ensuring maximum utility for our community. The result? A resounding success, propelling us to the #1 spot on OpenSea before even touching down on Uniswap or Shibaswap!

A Swift Response to Unforeseen Challenges

The path of innovation is often accompanied by unexpected lessons. During our Sheboshi NFT launch, a bug momentarily opened the gates for additional minting, leading to a flurry of activity and transactions worth 652 ETH in under 5 mins! We want to extend our sincerest apologies for any surprise or inconvenience this may have caused. Our team's response was immediate, addressing and resolving the issue with speed and efficiency, ensuring no such obstacle hinders our journey forward.

Our Pledge to Integrity and Our Community

In the face of this hiccup, our resolve remains stronger than ever. We're committed to rectifying this with the following steps:

Adjusting the Total Supply:

Embracing the ERC404 standard's dynamic supply feature, we've increased the total Sheboshis from 12,000 to 20,000. This adjustment guarantees that all snapshot holders can claim and mint their Sheboshis, reaffirming our commitment to a fair and equitable launch.

Opportunities for Unclaimed NFTs:

Sheboshis not claimed by Shiboshi snapshot holders will still be available for LEASH holders to purchase. Our dedication to providing value to our loyal community members remains unwavering.

Transparent Allocation of Proceeds

The unexpected sales have not shifted our focus from our core mission. Here’s how we are allocating the proceeds:

50% of the Revenue Dedicated to:

Burns: We’re strategically burning SHIB, BONE, LEASH, TREAT, and SHI to reduce supply and add value for our holders.
Non-Profits: Contributions are being made to meaningful causes, including efforts in Japan, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, Women in Blockchain, and more, as chosen by our community.
Foundation and Team: Supporting the foundational pillars of our project and the incredible effort of our decentralized team.
Providing Liquidity: A portion of the funds will be used to provide liquidity to the project. This is our way of giving back and making it up to the community, ensuring a stable and prosperous ecosystem for ERC404/DN404 token enthusiasts.
The Remaining 50%:

This portion is allocated towards operational expenses and our treasury, furthering our mission towards a decentralized future as outlined in the Shib Paper.

Looking Ahead with Renewed Optimism

This unexpected event has only bolstered our spirit and our commitment to innovation, learning, and community growth. We're more motivated than ever to continue on this journey with you, our Shib Army.

We're immensely grateful for your support and understanding as we navigate these new frontiers together. Here’s to the exciting adventures and milestones that lie ahead.

Thank you for being a vital part of our vibrant community. Together, we move forward.
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armour1955 armour1955 13 hours ago
Positive news from new burn strategy
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goarmy123 goarmy123 14 hours ago
$SHIB "Shiba Inu Team Prepares To Go On Massive Burn Spree, These 4 Assets Are The Targets"
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vuletini vuletini 16 hours ago
It's true what you say but may take a while. You speak from the heart TenBears.
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Papa Grizz Papa Grizz 2 days ago
V, hope is not an investment strategy as u say and very true BUT HOPIUM n FOMO is a Lethal Combo for Capital Gains my Shiba friend. SHIBA STRONG AND LONG!!
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vuletini vuletini 2 days ago
Keep hope alive
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in99flyers in99flyers 2 days ago

New all time high

Our time will come.
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xxxx xxxx 2 days ago
😂 1 🤣 1
fnyack fnyack 2 days ago
Thanks for your cryptic crypto messages, unfortunately my brain is unable to decipher it's meaning, you may want to consider trying telepathic messages, my brain might be more receptive. By the way, are you out looking for a loose dog roaming the neighborhood? You may want to head South of the Border. Good day.
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xxxx xxxx 2 days ago
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fnyack fnyack 2 days ago
Who has 40 Years? I don't.
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caedward caedward 2 days ago
Bitcoin has just billions of tokens while Shib has nearly 600 trillion.
armour1955 armour1955 2 days ago
Shib is the 3rd largest holding of Robinhood…heard numbers like 151T tokens…I stand to be corrected if my number is wrong. It appears that Robinhood knows something we don’t. But it can be wrong…aka FTX
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vuletini vuletini 2 days ago
Organic growth may happen in distant future, the problem is most of us wont be alive.
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vuletini vuletini 2 days ago
Better ask RH.
Sunnybank Sunnybank 2 days ago
Let's rely on organic growth and price appreciation instead of hype and hopium. Red carpet vs. rug pull? Which do you own???
doc063 doc063 2 days ago
Everything pumping, except Shib. What is going on???
banderas63 banderas63 2 days ago
bitcoin higher and higher but this scam nothing
xxxx xxxx 3 days ago
no gltu?


sore spot
👍️ 1 🫡 1
fnyack fnyack 3 days ago
You are asking for something in my mind that is not available for sharing. Good day!
🤡 2 🤥 1
Remember Tomorrow Remember Tomorrow 3 days ago
Okay, but I’m curious to know who the scammer is that you were referring to. Please enlighten me.

👍️ 1 🫡 1
fnyack fnyack 3 days ago
Remember the mind can play tricks on people, the name you mentioned with the “S” is not in my vocabulary, so don't try to force it there.
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Remember Tomorrow Remember Tomorrow 3 days ago
Well lets see. Less than 2 hours ago you referred to someone as the greatest crypto scammer since SBF. I think everyone would agree that you seemed to be referring to Shytoshi whom you've had bad things to say about before. So you tell me, when you call him a scammer, what do you mean by that if you don't mean fraud? I think most people equate scamming to fraud.

Then you said that despite the burns the number is still at 589.5 trillion when in fact there are less than 589.3 trillion tokens left. So yes, your number is inflated.

I think my email was a pretty accurate take, but thanks for trying to set me straight.

Remember Tomorrow
👍️ 3 🫡 1
fnyack fnyack 3 days ago
Hey, which number am I inflating? And who is it that I’m accusing of fraud? Don't go crazy reading and filling in the blanks in your mind about what someone has written, remember that those written words were not on a Tablet of Stone, and it is subject to change. Surely you know that the mind is a wonderful thing that can take you on journeys beyond your wildest dreams as far as the outer galaxies, please try to stay close to Earth. Oh yes, and remember that Tomorrow is a Holiday. GLTU
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Remember Tomorrow Remember Tomorrow 3 days ago
Funny how you’re inflating the numbers yet accusing him of fraud. I guess it takes one to know one.

Remember Tomorrow
👍️ 2 💯 2
fnyack fnyack 3 days ago
I keep checking the internet, and local news for news of the arrest of the greatest crypto Scammer since SBF. I believe an orange jumpsuit is in the future of someone we all know of. Oh, get this: Do you want a good laugh? Here it is, the “Burns” They've been burning coins for years, including Burns via “Shebarium” and yet the Token Count remains the same, what’s up with that? 589.5 Trillion Shiba Tokens in Solid Concrete, and cannot be burned. How do you spell Scam? Oh, is that the correct spelling? Good Day.
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Sims1212 Sims1212 3 days ago
Be careful you don't want to upset the Shib Counter and the Pillow biting Muppet Man lol
💩 2 🤡 1
ap17 ap17 3 days ago
True, the top board Imbecile sims claimed trillions, translation= is ZERO for that basement rat.
👍️ 4 🫡 1
xxxx xxxx 4 days ago
😅 1 🤣 1
xxxx xxxx 4 days ago
ok ty
xxxx xxxx 4 days ago
Negatory, Backed up w/ BS, is the word.
fnyack fnyack 4 days ago
The doggy is headed South in a hurry, why?
Torez Torez 4 days ago
And shiba made poopy again lol
in99flyers in99flyers 4 days ago
1,384,111 holders of SHIBA. Just another day and a new all time high in holders. Why aren't the holders dropping by the hundreds of thousands like some of the basement dwellers are saying? All of the haters own a few million tokens at most and are bitter over their 50 dollar losses haha
🤣 1 🫡 1
armour1955 armour1955 4 days ago
Exit ramp to where. It’s at $5B mkt cap now…might make it 10x to $50B…which it back at the ATH only … $.00008 … we need a 100x run
armour1955 armour1955 4 days ago
We are entering the Bitcoin pre-halving decline.
Sunnybank Sunnybank 4 days ago
And a whopping 3 followers. That's even more embarassing. C-L-O-W-N.
👍️ 1 💯 1
ap17 ap17 4 days ago
His brain went soft after being cooped up in the parent's basement. Kinda explains his 2 digit IQ.
👍️ 1 😂 1
armour1955 armour1955 5 days ago
Oops…not in this moment
armour1955 armour1955 5 days ago
Papa Grizz Papa Grizz 5 days ago
I'll let Ap17 take this one. MUAAAAAAW
👍️ 3 💯 1 🫡 1
fnyack fnyack 5 days ago
Has anyone seen a loose dog, or was it run over? Calm down it is just a question.
fnyack fnyack 5 days ago
No one can trash an investment, it's beyond one's ability. Hey, do you need a new dog? This one ain't hunting and won't bark. Who was it that said that it would take 40 years? He might be right.
It never does with this POS
Sims1212 Sims1212 5 days ago
Its the perfect pump and dump scam if your looking for a six pack daily lol.But hey with all da world wide exposures happening behind the curtains wink wink just HODL and make sure your exit ramps are planned lol
💩 2 🤥 1 🥱 1
mtsr mtsr 5 days ago
Well that did not last long

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