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Zhuding International Ltd (PK)

Zhuding International Ltd (PK) (ZHUD)

Closed February 24 04:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0072 Day's Range 0.009
0.0002 52 Week Range 0.02
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Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 8,796

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No news to show yet.
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ZHUD Discussion

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WesCrowe WesCrowe 8 hours ago
They have updated once a month since October. I expect one soon. Last was 28th of January. I sent an email an asked if we are expecting one.
Craig305 Craig305 9 hours ago
Last Twitter update:
We continue to have conversations with interested parties. This process takes time when done right. Our goal is to maximize shareholder value.
👍️ 1
powerbattles powerbattles 14 hours ago
Any update yet?
investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 20 hours ago
Can’t wait for the day when .075 will be considered cheapies. Not sure how many shares I’ll have left at that point. May hold 2 million for long long term…if the RM is good enough.
👍️ 1 🤑 1
boatlife boatlife 22 hours ago
Darn but i miss? Could got some cheapies I se3
👍️ 1
investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 24 hours ago
I picked up some .0075s just for fun. I guess I’ll work on my next million. It’s just money. Another day closer to RM news.
👍️ 2 💯 1
WesCrowe WesCrowe 24 hours ago
Lol, I got .008's filled
investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 1 day ago
Surprised to see I got 300 of my .0072 bid filled. Someone needed $2.00 to buy some gum I guess. Thanks!
Backstabbed Backstabbed 1 day ago
There are no bidders so if people need money, they bid whack

It’s a buyer’s market
🏁 1 👍️ 1
Magnum7419 Magnum7419 1 day ago
apparently alot of impatient followers left as well.........
Babubd Babubd 1 day ago
Shake the tree again! We longs will accumulate more because we may see a historic run here.

Very very low OS and SS with Zero dilution!

Zero convertible notes and loans, zero to related parties, and ZERO total liabilities! .

Float is extremely low here. When rm news is out, it's over! share price may skyrocket like crazy. NOT selling any shares till 1$...Period.
🏁 1 👍️ 1
Craig305 Craig305 1 day ago
Impatient traders are moving on.
Things were moving fast in the beginning and creating excitement. Stagnant, visible, progress is creating restlessness.
🏁 1 👍️ 1
CanItBThisEZ2Make CanItBThisEZ2Make 1 day ago
NO, That was not me!

🏁 1 👍️ 1
Babubd Babubd 1 day ago
Buckle up folks! Reverse Merger news gonna make this baby explode to the Moon soon enough!
CanItBThisEZ2Make CanItBThisEZ2Make 2 days ago
I'm doing OK, but it is all going to depend on timing. Will I be at a high number of shares like last week at 1.6M shares or like 2 weeks before that at only 500K shares when the RM hits.

The other thing is what the RM will be. The AS being low is extremely great on this, but if a lousy company fills the RM then this will tank, but if a great company fills the RM then we could easily see over $5 per share IMO. It's all going to be what it's worth vs market cap.

So that's it in a nut shell, accumulate as much as I can and average down, down, and down and hopefully reach that free share and profit taking. Perhaps even before RM hits. First goal is for me to get to 2M shares at the lowest average possible.

PS. I haven't sold anything today, probably won't but then again I might buy if it drops low enough ???

🏁 1 👍️ 2
rakp rakp 2 days ago
Please Bab, get a grip on yourself and stop making these silly predictions, nobody has any idea what's install for us, it's all speculation and only time will tell what the end result will be.
investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 2 days ago
I think CanItB is the only one selling/flipping and seems to be doing okay. If it wasn’t for those shares being sold each day, there’d be zero or nearly zero volume. Not much buying on the ask…but that will change with RM announcement.
🏁 1 👍️ 1
Babubd Babubd 2 days ago
1$ plus.. mark my words. Folks who’re selling at these grossly undervalued prices, they will shed their tears soon enough. It’s a load and hold, no brainer.

💯 1
CanItBThisEZ2Make CanItBThisEZ2Make 2 days ago
Just remember that

$ = (d/dt)*mV

and as V approaches 0 as t increases $ goes down until V returns, or simply put share price will slowly drop until the RM news creates some Volume.

👍️ 1
Babubd Babubd 2 days ago
Buckle up folks. PPS will not stay at this ultra low for long. We know ZHUD is destined for absolute success. NOT selling any shares till 1$.

Flippers, shorts and bashers will regret and shed tears soon enough.

Let's go ZHUD and hit $5!!
👍️ 1
CanItBThisEZ2Make CanItBThisEZ2Make 3 days ago
That was mine, trying a little flip with Nikola which could 3X in 2 weeks but difficult to tell. The dollar volume is huge on that and everyone wants in but some how the phuckery is higher.

It's going to be fun. Meanwhile don't get mad but consider it insurance. ZHUD won't be dropping below 0.005 since I'll be buying on all the dips soon up to my 2M quota and maybe more :)

boatlife boatlife 3 days ago
74 high 54 low
👍️ 1 💥 1
rjack18 rjack18 3 days ago
Dumpy dump end of day paint, Buying more tomorrow.
investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 3 days ago
Ok, who got the 57,000 at .0093 even though my bid was placed earlier?
TURCH TURCH 3 days ago
No Ny today is warm(55)but overall we freeze lol

After we get to dollars I'll add a condo in Fla 😆

TaperT2 TaperT2 3 days ago
Freezing , hell im way upnort Ironwood mi

Its 44° and No Snow . You in Canada then
👍️ 1
TURCH TURCH 3 days ago
Perfect - Im up north Freezing enjoy!

👍️ 1
boatlife boatlife 3 days ago
Lol on days off atm..been riding around in jeep enjoying the weather down here in south louisiana
👍️ 1 💯 1
TURCH TURCH 3 days ago
Get to work I still have a year on ya lol

investingnotgambling investingnotgambling 3 days ago
Yup…up 10% on $24 volume. Amazing things happening in the not too distant future?
👍️ 1 💯 1
pauljack13 pauljack13 3 days ago
The volume is so anemic here. The price doesn’t really mean anything. When the volume picks up based on RM news, we’re going to explode.
👍️ 1 💯 1
Backstabbed Backstabbed 3 days ago
boatlife boatlife 3 days ago
As my fortune keeps dwindling I keep waiting 😅
Babubd Babubd 3 days ago
Gonna be Dollars! Fortunes will be made here.

Very low OS, SS and Float with Zero dilution!

Zero convertible notes and loans, zero to related parties, and ZERO total liabilities! .

When RM news is out, share price may skyrocket like crazy. PPS @ $2..$3..$4 or $5+.. anything is possible…IMHO!

Let’s go ZHUD and hit $5+!!
WesCrowe WesCrowe 4 days ago
Bellasarian has updated $zhud atleast once a month since Oct. Expecting an update in a few weeks. Last one was January 28th.
tradenride tradenride 4 days ago
Added, these custos don't drag things out, quarterly filings are not cheap.
👍️ 1 💯 1
WesCrowe WesCrowe 4 days ago
When we get a merger lined up here and announced I believe we are gonna have a great run! Custodians own shares here añd they are taking their time finding a good one I believe. No debt and low OS of 160 million. Perfect liquidity compared to aiko which is tricky. Very good chance of 7-10 cents off the bat. Glta. $Zhud
boatlife boatlife 4 days ago
Ya wut he said
Babubd Babubd 4 days ago
Gonna buy more ZHUD shares! When rm news hit, this tiny stock may create 250+ Baggers....jmho
👍️ 1
boatlife boatlife 5 days ago
Ya with is he / she / it . Talking about?
Longstrongsilver Longstrongsilver 5 days ago
It is higher. It’s $0.0117. We’re fine here. Great clean shell. We’ll have our day(s)
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 5 days ago
Maybe dumping going on
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 5 days ago
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 5 days ago
Interesting, thought this would be way higher
facts_matter14 facts_matter14 5 days ago
You got that right. She’s a snake oil peddler.

ZHUD was supposed to go to $1.00 according to her a few months ago, and she blew up anyone who disagreed with her. Now she acts like she knows it will fall to under .005 and that she’s called it correctly all along.

Check her out on the SRMX board where she’s been pumping it since it was .0199, 3 years ago, and now it’s at .0003, never getting past .0199.

She pumped HNRC at .085 and now it’s at .022, and she was all over HIRU at .0080 and now it’s at .0009
There are plenty of other examples.

She always says she sells at the high and buys at the low, but her own posts stating her buys and sells indicate she sells for loses the majority of the time.

She always talks about “borrowing” shares to get in on another play, and acts like all of her flips turn out great, but her own posts contradict her:

ZHUD is just one of the many tickers she has been wrong about, but even though there is proof she’s been wrong, she’ll always tell you she was right.

On the SRMX board, she posted her buys over .01, and many over .0050, and 2 years later when she says she sold it all in trips, she says she sold for gains. Her math truly never adds up.

She makes up charts and graphs which never have any actual value to anyone but her, and connects dots which don’t even exist.

Whenever she says she bought a ticker, I know to just wait a few weeks or months for it to be at least 50% lower than what she bought it for.

Some pumpers are good. She is not.
Any amount of DD into her posting proves it, and challenging her with actual FACTS makes her head explode.

Looks like you and others on this board aren’t fooled.

Strange to say the least.
👍️ 1
Longstrongsilver Longstrongsilver 6 days ago
I wasn’t. I first replied to where someone “was coming up with that”, then again when you took my reply to mean they were somehow further ahead. This will come when it comes. I just hope it comes in a big way lol
DJS1 DJS1 6 days ago
Two different shells, though, with different circumstances. I don’t think we should compare.

Longstrongsilver Longstrongsilver 6 days ago
Well $AIKO seemed to be but been radio silence over there ever since. The idea of an RM is that it’s supposed to be faster/easier than the 6+ months it takes for an IPO. I’m hoping to see an update here sooner than later for a final candidate (first big catalyst) . I just hope it’s not months between that and the finalized news as I intend on holding at least most for final news (if not longer depending whom they merge with). GLTUA
DJS1 DJS1 6 days ago
Thanks. Great, further along than I thought.
Longstrongsilver Longstrongsilver 6 days ago
I’m bullish here but to be fair he got it right off their website. Here’s the link to their updates. It’s been like that since the fall for $AIKO at least and iirc since late august it was announced.

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