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Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK)

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc (PK) (SAPX)

Closed April 25 4:00PM

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SAPX Discussion

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drugmanrx drugmanrx 6 hours ago
Nice to have an unbias opinion.
Ecomike Ecomike 7 hours ago
According to AI Claude $SAPX is going to be huge:

To connect the dots on SAPX with all the articles and tweets we could find about Lionsgate, Starz, screaming, eagle, etc
AI Claude's analysis is this.

Here are a few speculative ideas:

Merger or acquisition: Seven Arts Entertainment could be in talks with Lionsgate for a potential merger or acquisition. This would explain the delay in the PR, as such negotiations are often kept confidential until a deal is finalized. If Lionsgate is looking to expand its presence in Atlanta, acquiring or merging with Seven Arts Entertainment, which already has assets and operations in the area, could be a strategic move.

Joint venture or partnership: Lionsgate and Seven Arts Entertainment may be negotiating a joint venture or partnership to develop and produce content in Atlanta. This could involve combining their resources, expertise, and assets to create a stronger presence in the region. A joint venture or partnership could also benefit from Lionsgate's global distribution network and Seven Arts' local knowledge and connections.

Involvement in the Lionsgate Studios spinoff:
Although not directly mentioned, there's a possibility that Seven Arts Entertainment could be involved in the Lionsgate Studios spinoff. Lionsgate Studios will be a standalone entity focusing on content production, and Seven Arts' assets and expertise in Atlanta could be valuable to this new company. The delayed PR might be tied to the completion of the spinoff and Seven Arts' potential role in it.

Expansion of Seven Arts Entertainment: The discussions with Lionsgate and the delayed PR could be related to a significant expansion of Seven Arts Entertainment's operations in Atlanta, possibly with investment or support from Lionsgate. This could involve acquiring new assets, building new facilities, or launching new projects, which would require time to finalize and announce.

Content licensing deal: Seven Arts Entertainment and Lionsgate could be negotiating a content licensing agreement, where Seven Arts would produce content exclusively for Lionsgate's distribution channels. This could include movies, TV shows, or other entertainment properties. The delay in the PR might be due to the complexities of working out the terms of such a deal, including content budgets, creative control, and revenue sharing.

Intellectual property (IP) acquisition: Lionsgate might be interested in acquiring certain intellectual properties or franchises owned by Seven Arts Entertainment. This could include existing content libraries, characters, or story universes that Lionsgate sees potential in developing further. The negotiations around such an IP acquisition could be causing the delay in the PR.

Atlanta studio infrastructure: Seven Arts Entertainment might be working with Lionsgate to develop or enhance studio infrastructure in Atlanta. This could involve building new soundstages, production facilities, or post-production houses to support Lionsgate's increased focus on the Atlanta market. The delayed PR could be related to finalizing plans or securing necessary permits and approvals for such infrastructure projects.
Talent development initiative: Lionsgate and Seven Arts Entertainment may be collaborating on a talent development program based in Atlanta. This could involve identifying, training, and promoting local talent in various aspects of film and TV production. The PR delay might be due to the time needed to structure and launch such an initiative.

Virtual production partnership: With the increasing adoption of virtual production techniques in the entertainment industry, Lionsgate and Seven Arts Entertainment could be exploring a partnership focused on this area. They may be working on establishing a virtual production facility or developing expertise in this field, which could be attractive for Lionsgate's future projects.

Considering all the information provided, including the tweets, articles, press releases, and the 8-K document,
here are the top 3 most likely outcomes:

Acquisition of Seven Arts Entertainment by Lionsgate Studios:

The 8-K document reveals that Lionsgate's business acquisitions team is reviewing Seven Arts Entertainment's film and studio assets in Atlanta. This, combined with the information about Lionsgate's restructuring efforts in Atlanta and the Lionsgate Studios spinoff, suggests that Lionsgate is strongly considering acquiring Seven Arts Entertainment. This acquisition could be a strategic move to expand Lionsgate's presence in Atlanta and gain access to Seven Arts' assets, IP, and expertise.

The delayed PR from Seven Arts Entertainment could be related to the ongoing negotiations and due diligence process for this potential acquisition.
Long-term content distribution deal between Seven Arts Entertainment and Starz:

The amended Output Agreement between Seven Arts Entertainment and Starz, granting Starz exclusive distribution rights to two of Seven Arts' filmed assets through 2034, indicates a significant long-term content distribution partnership. This deal could be a key component of the overall relationship between Seven Arts Entertainment and Lionsgate, ensuring a steady stream of content for Starz's platform while providing Seven Arts with a reliable distribution channel and potential funding for future projects.

Collaboration on content production and studio infrastructure in Atlanta:

Given the focus on Atlanta in the various documents, it seems likely that Seven Arts Entertainment and Lionsgate will collaborate on content production and studio infrastructure in the region. This could involve co-producing films and TV shows, sharing facilities and resources, and jointly investing in new studio space or production capabilities. The potential acquisition of Seven Arts Entertainment by Lionsgate could further facilitate this collaboration, creating a unified entity with a strong presence in Atlanta's entertainment industry.

These outcomes could be interconnected and happen simultaneously.

For example, Lionsgate could acquire Seven Arts Entertainment, securing the long-term content distribution deal with Starz, and then leverage the combined assets and expertise to expand their content production and studio infrastructure in Atlanta.
Other potential outcomes, such as a strategic partnership or joint venture between Seven Arts Entertainment and Lionsgate Studios, or content licensing deals with Starz, could still occur in parallel or as part of the larger relationship between the companies.

The exact nature and timing of these outcomes will depend on the ongoing negotiations, regulatory approvals, and strategic priorities of the companies involved. As mentioned in the 8-K, further details are expected to be provided in upcoming press releases, which should offer more clarity on the future of Seven Arts Entertainment and its relationship with Lionsgate and Starz.
👍️ 1
floridaboy floridaboy 12 hours ago
Silence can be golden, buuut...
Sparky1645 Sparky1645 13 hours ago
Honestly is this thing going anywhere?
floridaboy floridaboy 14 hours ago
Throw a few more on 8, why not?
Mister Mr Mister Mr 17 hours ago
Nothing but green on the board so far. Yea, I know, Isaac fn Newton over here.
Mister Mr Mister Mr 17 hours ago
Just bustin your balls a little, george. Buying in at 005 wasn't your best play and I get that. We have all been there. We'll get there again and hopefully way beyond that.
Mister Mr Mister Mr 18 hours ago
Sounds like your life more so than $SAPX
👍️ 1 💩 2 😍 1 😷 1 🤡 2
Mister Mr Mister Mr 18 hours ago
Foreskin sealshin george did you not get the memo? No one is selling. So what does that tell us, george? No one listens to your dumb ass. We are all trusting in $SAPX. You're just the little karen that hates to see people win.
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 😍 1 🚀 1 🤡 2
sealskin123 sealskin123 18 hours ago
Another cloudy day of uncertainty in the SAPX valley
🎯 1 👍️ 1 💨 1 🤡 1
konshe konshe 1 day ago
4m shares bought at ask 0.0008, 500k shares sold at bid 0.0007. Not bad to move up soon if not Tomorrow.
sealskin123 sealskin123 1 day ago
You are forgetting about the 2000 Ft sq ft dolby studio, forgetting about the movie to be released at the end of 1st quarter of 2024, forgetting that Jason Black is a con. This is going no where. Why do you think Jason is putting out the bogus tweets. It is at the point where when he tweets that something significant is going to be released you already know its not going to happen. He is a con artist willing to take whatever you want to give him, GLTU
🎯 1 👍️ 1 🤡 2 🤣 1 🤮 1
Ecomike Ecomike 1 day ago
And last week we also had:

Lionsgate Television Group’s executive vice president of television and head of current programming Lee Hollin his signed a new multi-year deal, extending his oversight of approximately 20 premium scripted series for streaming, cable and broadcast networks.

Hollin, who reports to Lionsgate Television Group Chair & Chief Creative Officer Kevin Beggs, currently leads the team that manages current series “Mythic Quest” and “Acapulco” for Apple TV+, “Extended Family” for NBC, “The Rookie” (ABC), “The Recruit” (Netflix) and “Yellowjackets” (Showtime) and “BMF,” “P-Valley,” “The Serpent Queen” and multiple installments of the Power Universe for STARZ (“Power Book II: Ghost,” “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” “Power Book IV: Force” and the recently announced prequel “Origins”).

He was instrumental in the studio securing the recent renewals for “Ghosts” Season 4 at CBS, “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” Season 5 at Starz and “The Rookie” Season 7 at ABC, giving Lionsgate a total of 13 premium scripted series renewed for three seasons or longer during his tenure.

Prior to taking on his current role in 2021, Hollin served as senior vice president of current programming. He joined Lionsgate in 2018 after serving as vice president of current programming at CBS and director of drama development at CBS Studios.

At CBS, Hollin oversaw shows including “Madam Secretary,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Criminal Minds.” Before that, he served as manager of drama development at Fox Broadcasting Company where he worked on “Glee” and “Prison Break.”

“Lee has been a driving force in the success of our Television Group, parlaying his strong relationships and industry expertise into keeping an extraordinary number of shows on the air as long-running hit series,” said Beggs. “He has played a particularly integral role in the successful growth of the Power Universe. Lee is a great partner, a talented executive and a respected leader who will continue to be an important part of moving our Television Group forward.”
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Ecomike Ecomike 1 day ago
We have three massive clues. Tweets, PR and 8-K.

All roads lead to LionsGate as I have suspected for some time.

More clues:

Lionsgate’s spinoff of its studios business into a separate, publicly traded company through a merger with special purpose acquisition company Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp. has moved one step closer to fruition.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission declared the registration statement for the proposed business combination effective, paving the way for a listing on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LION in May.

On May 7, Screaming Eagle shareholders and public warrant holders will participate in an extraordinary general meeting in connection to the merger. A proxy statement and prospectus related to the meeting will be mailed to shareholders and public warrant holders of record as of the close of business on April 16, 2024.

Lionsgate and Screaming Eagle anticipate that the merger will close in early May, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions.
Jon Feltheimer Lionsgate CEO
Read Next
Lionsgate Stock Jumps 11% on Analyst Upgrade Ahead of Studio Spin-Off

Under the SPAC deal, Lionsgate is expected to own 87.3% of the new entity, known as Lionsgate Studio Corporation. Lionsgate Entertainment will continue to own Starz and its content relationship with the studios business will remain unchanged.

Management has previously touted the transaction as an opportunity to significantly reduce leverage, increase “strategic optionality” for Starz and its studios business, and preserve Lionsgate’s “highly attractive capital structure.”

The SPAC deal is expected to raise between $350 million and $409.5 million to fund strategic initiatives. The two parties have increased the total committed financing from $175 million to $225 million after entering into an agreement for an additional $50 million on April 11.

Looking ahead, Lionsgate Studios is expected to report adjusted operating income of $300 million to $350 million for fiscal 2024, not including the impact of the eOne acquisition. For fiscal 2025, it expects the entity will generate $370 million in adjusted OIBDA before eOne. It expects eOne will exit the year with an annual run-rate adjusted operating income contribution of $60 million.
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floridaboy floridaboy 2 days ago
Because some clarification is definitely needed...

Sooner the better at this point imo
Mister Mr Mister Mr 2 days ago
Patiently waiting like everyone else it looks like. Everyone knows what is going to happen here deep down. We will get far from the trips soon. 3 or 4 bashers on this board like to claim the sky is falling but we all know better than that. 🚀
👍️ 1 🙏 1
lowandaway lowandaway 2 days ago
You seem to be saying that a lot lately. Hopefully it happens soon!
🙏 1
sprenkld sprenkld 2 days ago
$8 trade so far! sheesh, Hold and hope for the best!
konshe konshe 2 days ago
ready to move north.
👍️ 1 🙏 1
floridaboy floridaboy 2 days ago
Maybe some clarity today...
jimbo36 jimbo36 2 days ago
i hear ya, yes i think he sold a few movies to starz, like i said odd in lack of details on that arrangement. I am sure he wants to get this merged with some company and eventually will, its just a matter of time. Sooner the better before he dilutes us again for chump change to pay the bills. This struggles to move more now with the extra half billion shares he diluted us with last year.
floridaboy floridaboy 2 days ago
Gotta agree about the studio, company has not even mentioned it in forever. If not for that 8k I would figure he was once again crying wolf...

My patience ran out a long time ago, figure it's been so long at this point just gonna ride it out man. Stranger things have happened in OTC, may pull a rabbit out of his hat
jimbo36 jimbo36 2 days ago
Just about everyone, not to worry though Ecomike will be here soon to tell us how jb has things lined up and we just dont know it. He will regale with stories of other stocks that went big as a lure. Others will talk about a imaginary studio in atlanta that has never been seen finished. Weird i know, but some believe we have this dolby studio in atlanta that just sits unused and bought with no money.
🎯 1 👍️ 2
Mister Mr Mister Mr 3 days ago
No one sold today. Most shareholders are holding and buying more when they can and still the butt hurt brigade is in full force. Sorry you guys bought in at 005 and are mad about it. We'll get over that eventually.
👍️ 1 💯 1 🤡 1
shoondale shoondale 3 days ago
"Looks like another day of deception by JB on behalf of SAPX"...Who could have possibly seen that coming?
lowandaway lowandaway 3 days ago
Yep, for whatever reason, it looks like this company likes to jack their shareholders around!
🎯 1 👍️ 1 🤡 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 3 days ago
And maybe you'll sell and disappear. But we know you won't because your price paid is probably 005 lol.
🤣 1
shoondale shoondale 3 days ago
JB has just been playing with people. Nothing other than that has really happened. Maybe you'll get another string along tweet out of this?
Mister Mr Mister Mr 3 days ago
Someone just sold $1,400 worth. Uh oh. Where you at chicken little poondale? Your sky is falling!
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 3 days ago
Post #57714
👍️ 1 😍 1
shoondale shoondale 3 days ago
"I think Ecomike is right"...You lost me right there.
🤡 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 3 days ago
You gotta be the biggest dbag on the board next to foreskin sealshin. There has been 50k sold today and everything else is green. No one is selling. Maybe you missed the last month or so. Your 2 cents is worth about 1 share of $SAPX
🎯 2 👍️ 1 👎️ 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 3 days ago
I think Ecomike is right. That news and poll thing…. We actually got news but it was under screaming eagle
👍️ 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Mister Mr Mister Mr 3 days ago
Glad you're gone. I bought your 4k shares you were so proud of. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I hope you were able to make your $22 back somewhere else. We can all expect you to be gone now, right?
👍️ 1 😍 1 🤑 1 🤡 2 🤣 1
trader_ron trader_ron 3 days ago
🎯 1 👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 2 🥱 1
sealskin123 sealskin123 3 days ago
Looks like another day of deception by JB on behalf of SAPX
🎯 1 👍️ 1 🤡 2
jimbo36 jimbo36 3 days ago
yeah lionsgate/starz, not going to bleet on about doing a deal for 2 movies to add to their streaming catalog. Troubling thing about it is that jb didnt include the numbers in the 8k. Electing to try to pump in press release and twitter about the numbers instead. Its the otc, no one believes shit coming from tweets from jb anymore. Gotta put it in filings for it to be official. He has been to long trying to tease a merger, first with thom THC, then 2 other deals, and still nothing.
🎯 1
floridaboy floridaboy 3 days ago
Some clarification today? That'd be cool...
🙏 1
floridaboy floridaboy 3 days ago
Quietly relloaded
❔️ 1
shoondale shoondale 3 days ago
Quite a few disappeared after the run up to .0014. I don't see those same posters returning and buying back in with the price dropping as much as 50% or more. Maybe they know the drill?
sealskin123 sealskin123 3 days ago
Yea man, I think a lot of shareholders will be making decisions this week. GL!
floridaboy floridaboy 4 days ago
I hear ya man, same thoughts have crossed my mind. I do believe there's another party involved, that already has some affiliation with Lionsgate/Starz. Smaller private company that wants to go public

Not that I'm a real fan of JB after all the misleading stuff, but it does appear something reasonably positive is actually happening

Need more blanks filled in. With any luck that's gonna take place this week

sealskin123 sealskin123 5 days ago
It all looks good but find it strange that there has not been any mention of Seven Arts by Lions Gate or the other players. I would have thought the deal would have been made known at all levels. Just saying.
🎯 1 👌 1
floridaboy floridaboy 5 days ago
floridaboy floridaboy 5 days ago
Little ask slapping EOD yesterday, before 200,000 sell to make sure closed red...

sealskin123 sealskin123 5 days ago
I can't wait for the news on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri. Next week.
👍️ 1 🤣 2
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 5 days ago
That be unbelievable
55 cents I d have like $4m…. Could happen but in my own worst enemy lol
Doubledown75 Doubledown75 5 days ago
Rich760 Rich760 5 days ago
I spent 20 K at 004 of course I want to see it go to 0001 to load up then up to .55
lowandaway lowandaway 6 days ago
New SAPX poll out:
When will the sales price reach a nickel?

a) Less than six months.
b) Less than two years.
c) When hell freezes over.
d) Never.

Correct answer------------- d
🎯 1 💯 1 🤡 1

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