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About iQSTEL Inc (QX)

iQSTEL Inc. (OTC-QX: IQST) ( is a US-based, multinational public company preparing for a Nasdaq up-listing with an FY2023 $120 million revenue forecast. iQSTEL's mission is to serve basic human needs in today's modern world by making the necessary tools accessible regardless of race, ... iQSTEL Inc. (OTC-QX: IQST) ( is a US-based, multinational public company preparing for a Nasdaq up-listing with an FY2023 $120 million revenue forecast. iQSTEL's mission is to serve basic human needs in today's modern world by making the necessary tools accessible regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, or identity. iQSTEL recognizes that in today's modern world, the pursuit of the human hierarchy of needs (physiological, safety, relationship, esteem and self actualization) is marginalized without access to ubiquitous communications, the freedom of virtual banking, clean affordable mobility and information and content. iQSTEL has 4 Business Divisions delivering accessibly to the necessary tools in today's pursuit of basic human needs: 1) Telecommunications (communications). 2) Fintech (financial freedom). 3) Electric Vehicles (mobility). 4) Metaverse. (information and content). The company continues to grow and expand its suite of products and services both organically and through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). iQSTEL has completed 10 acquisitions since June 2018 and continues to develop an active pipeline of potential future acquisitions. iQSTEL Inc. IR US Phone: 646-740-0907 IR Email: Show more

Phone Comm Ex Radiotelephone
Soap,detergent,toilet Preps
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
iQSTEL Inc (QX) is listed in the Phone Comm Ex Radiotelephone sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker IQST. The last closing price for iQSTEL (QX) was $0.30. Over the last year, iQSTEL (QX) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.082 to $ 0.395.

iQSTEL (QX) currently has 171,529,630 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of iQSTEL (QX) is $51.46 million. iQSTEL (QX) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -32.61.

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IQST Discussion

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Crawfors Crawfors 1 hour ago
you nailed it.
These videos are absolutely a magnificent boon to long holders.

People who already have a fairly good grasp of the company----.> but want even more understanding.

I think it's important that the investors here have a strong conviction in their ownership, and my thoughts is that's who this helps the most.

maybe some new people come along, maybe not- but emboldening those already here is very beneficial.
Big RDC Big RDC 4 hours ago
Thanks Bro your the Man $$$IQST$$$$
👍️ 1 💯 1
quigley24 quigley24 5 hours ago
and we thank you
👍️ 2 💯 2
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 6 hours ago
Thanks bro. So as I said in the interview, the PR is very little given I'm not really a youtuber, and have few followers. They wouldn't have done an interview with just any channel like mine. They did it because they have seen some of my other videos and appreciated the more in depth research I do. I'm not just covering the stock like support, resistance, or pumping the what if's about their future projects. They saw it as an opportunity to put out some real in depth information about the company that the long term shareholders would appreciate and things they truly enjoy talking about. It was a favor to us long term shareholders more than anything bc they're the only ones watching my channel. Newcomers close the video the moment they realize it'll be more than 3 minutes of their time lol.
👍️ 3 💯 2
Big RDC Big RDC 7 hours ago
I agree Bro 100% $$$IQST$$$$
👍️ 2 💯 2
cootcat cootcat 18 hours ago
If boiler-master is retard. What does that make you. He got an interview and shared it. What did you do, criticize? Now I know he has enough shares that CEO took notice. It wasn't his looks. Whose money did he spend to get the interview. It could a wright off for his hard cast. Why did CEO and CFO take the interview? For their heath. My gest is good and free PR. I still thank him for the share. All you do is fine something to run your mouth about. Good luck to you and the other bashes.
👍️ 2 💯 2
Imindog Imindog 19 hours ago
Yup it’s official I won’t name call on boiler anymore!! He has his opinion and own conviction in this stock!! We can all take it like a grain of salt!! Glta Mr. Nice guy is back for now lol 😂
💩 1 🤡 1
Imindog Imindog 19 hours ago
You are retarded boiler it is official lmao!! You don’t know the difference from short volume and short interest ? Lmao what a joke!! Go make a Girl Scout video on that honestly !!
💩 1 🤡 1
rwa3848 rwa3848 20 hours ago
Are we rehashing the fact that trading desk monkeys 🐒 throw shit 💩 and circle jerk on messageboards in their pursuit of commissions from their mm houses based upon their ability to grow the value of the trading account they manage.Predatory institutional traders have no problem skirting ownership reporting requirements
rwa3848 rwa3848 20 hours ago
Are we rehashing the fact that trading desk monkeys 🐒 throw shit 💩 and circle jerk on messageboards in their pursuit of commissions from their mm houses based upon their ability to grow the value of the trading account they manage.Predatory institutional traders have no problem skirting ownership reporting requirements
lflhdy lflhdy 20 hours ago
That could be but I am sure that would be a small percentage. Most short volume is MM,s selling then buying.
Nickels-n-Dimes Nickels-n-Dimes 21 hours ago
Fear is the easiest thing to spread. Do your own DD and be careful, there are clowns out there that want your shares IMO. $IQST
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 21 hours ago
And the twice a month Finra report for current open short interest you referenced doesn't tell you anything about daytraders shorting bc their positions are closed the same day.
👍️ 1
DRJ69 DRJ69 22 hours ago
They expensed the costs of these two acquisitions in the first quarter. That is one reason they had a loss this quarter. No revenues were included from the two new companies. They will incur interest expense going forward for the borrowings, but this is typically a business expense of doing business. The loss they booked in this first quarter is an unordinary expense, not a recurring expense to the business, usually a one time event.
👍️ 3 💯 2
chas1 chas1 23 hours ago
ZZZZZZZZZ wake me up when we are over buck !
👍️ 2 💯 2
lflhdy lflhdy 23 hours ago
That's not what short volume means.
Imindog Imindog 23 hours ago
Once again boiler is a freaking retard so someone please educate the poor cheerleader lol 😂 he’s lost in space for sure !!
💩 1 🤡 1
KenFresno KenFresno 23 hours ago
In order to provide liquidity the evil market makers (as the bull types seem to call them), fill orders for shares they don't have and these trades are listed alongside actual short sales. The lack of liquidity here is one reason the stock was suspended on a few brokerages and continues to be.
lflhdy lflhdy 23 hours ago
Correct, Short interest is the selling of shares you do not have. That report is published twice a month with Finra.
lflhdy lflhdy 23 hours ago
According to Finra short interest as of 4/30 is 2988 shares up 1831 shares from 4/15 of 1157 shares. Short interest for 5/15 has not been updated yet. actually need to wait till 5/30 to see how bad this Q has caused shorting. I don't feel shorting is the problem, The biggest problem is lack of confidence with the twisted words and the piss poor financing deals. Take this last acquisition 20 million dollar company bought for 125k a month for 12 months for a total of 1.5 million, plus may be involved in a 9 million dollar debt problem. If that doesn't sound like a shit deal I don't know what does.
KenFresno KenFresno 23 hours ago
It's basically understood by the very way the OTC market operates the daily short volume doesn't reflect actual customer short sales. It's a simple google search to find an explanation. Some, who's outlook might be skewed by their investment or participation in a company likely won't want to read and understand.


As the above examples demonstrate, FINRA Short Sale Daily Volume File conflates directional investors (who have a true intent to sell short) with market maker short selling activity (who incur temporary short positions in order to provide liquidity to buyers) into one confusing number. This method of publication causes the aggregate volume to appear to reflect a higher concentration of directional short sale activity than is occurring. Professionals understand that separating actual customer short sales and calculating a separate net change in market maker positions at the end of the trading day would provide a better metric for investors and regulators in determining actual short sale activity in a trading day. Unfortunately, this important information cannot be ascertained from the current FINRA Short Sale Daily Volume File.

As a result, a stock that has little directional short selling and healthy bona fide market maker buying and selling will potentially show large Daily Short Volumes. Well-intended folks may point to the Short Sale Daily Volume File data without understanding how trades are processed by market makers and reported and may end up misleading investors as to the actual magnitude of genuine short selling and where it is coming from.
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 24 hours ago
That website shows regular volume and short volume, not buy vs sell volume. And you're online calling other people retarded? I'm gonna have to get on the actual ihub website and block you since it doesn't work in the app. Such a waste of time.
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 1 day ago
For a guy who constantly makes posts about volume, and speciffically buy vs sell volume, you certainly seem to have changed your opinion now that the topic is short volume. Guess that volume is irrelevant, eh? Lol thanks for your opinion, I'm sure it'll change again next week. Have a nice day Caleb and good luck on your short position.
Imindog Imindog 1 day ago
I think everyone here know that when you sell a stock daily it’s reported short volume and when you buy it shows as a buy clearly!! Short interest is some actually buying the stock short and trying to bring it down clearly!! The guy is 100% retarded but I don’t think he is I think it’s just another one sided con artists trying to persuade shareholders to buy more lol 😂!! He belongs in bed with Leo they all are as ignorant as it comes and we all see right through the bs !!
💩 1 🤡 1
Imindog Imindog 1 day ago
Can one of yall educate boiler punk that short volume has nothing to do with a stock it’s short interest!! The idiot is posting short volume charts on stocktwits and looks like a total retard lol!! What an idiot lol
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 1 day ago
OTCShortReport . com shows 42% of trading volume on Wednesay as short, 791,908 shares shorted. It's just daytraders pushing it down. Look at guys like imindog... He was pumper #1 last week talking about how it'll 20x and bragging about bringing in 50 new watchers on stocktwits by pumping it himself. He was long leading up to the quarterly filing Wednesday, then when the filing was released, he switched and shorted and became basher #1 flooding the board with posts about a r/s guaranteed and the usual nonsense trying to push a sell the news event. One of his posts yesterday even admitted to shorting it.

This price action and these negative posts are just daytraders trying to make an extra buck on their short term trades, it's not investors selling off. Weed out the nonsense, do your DD, and invest for where you believe the company is heading next year, not where daytraders will push the SP next week. That's what I do anyways. Not a financial advisor tho, so do your own DD.
👍️ 3 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
lflhdy lflhdy 1 day ago
There is one other option. Drag the price back down to the .11 buy in price for the option and the public offering which will hype a run like it did 3 years ago to 2 bucks. Just have to hope it sticks this time.
axle1 axle1 1 day ago
One other thing to consider is how a reverse split would negatively impact the personal finances of both the CEO and the CFO. Together they own a very substantial position in the company and a reverse split would impact them much more significantly than it would most stockholders. So, it would seem likely that a RS would not be very appealing to them at this time. A RS might happen, but I think that it won't until all other available financial mechanisms have been investigated.
👍️ 2 💯 2
oldman69 oldman69 2 days ago
Thanks, for now.
Hope we make it without!
👍️ 1
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
Since they have put a timeline on there uplisting it’s very simple boys!! If you feel they can achieve that share price over the next 6 months then load the boat!! If your having doubts sell and move on as they have been very clear they are uplisting this yea!!
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
They will uplist this year is the key takeaway from that interview nothing else !!
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
They also said they feel this is there year and they have been avoiding a reverse split until now!! You listen closely and understand what they are saying which is there patience is running thin and this year they will uplist !! Period !!
axle1 axle1 2 days ago
If you listen closely to the interview Leo clearly states (around the 49.36 mark) that they are avoiding the RS. About a minute earlier he says (I'm paraphrasing here) that it would be easy to do a reverse split to increase the stock price, but he currently feels that the financials of the company are sufficient to meet the necessary stock price requirements. A RS may happen someday, who knows, but there was zero indication, given in this conversation, that it is currently being planned.
👍️ 2
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
He also stated clearly boiler the last 12 minutes of y’all’s interview consists of he has been post poning a reverse split but feels now the time is right to make a nasdaq uplisting!! Did you forget that ? What’s your take on that? Clearly they are going to force an uplist and not be patient for an organic uplist!!
oldman69 oldman69 2 days ago
I hate RS talk. Not many RS do well. Especially for investors. $IQST is doing so well I hate to see all that screwed up.
👍️ 1
quigley24 quigley24 2 days ago
thanks Boiler......all of this reinforces my thinking......This is a great co and I will keep accumulating....THIS IS A 10 DOLLAR PLUS CO...GLTA IQST ALL THE WAY
👍️ 4 💯 3
rwa3848 rwa3848 2 days ago
RS sdvantage the cost dynamics for takeover sharks by reducing shareholder counts by diminishing the ROI expectations underlying their investment decisions As such, RS only serve the interests of pump n dump stock pimps. 200 million OS for a company that will soon be including nearing .5 billion in revenue and then exceeding .5 billion in revenue in their PRs is very reasonable. Their growth rate suggests 250 million OS will get them to $1 billion.
Monroe1 Monroe1 2 days ago
Good analysis. Buying the dip today.
Why? I have quite a few different stocks many which I do not post on.
I have noticed that whenever some great news comes out on these same stocks,
IQST goes down and vice versa. So many investors I also know are in these too.
Great news hit a few of these yesterday and today. I expected this to sell off a tad
in order to free up capital to buy the great news. As well I do the same. So when I
see these sell offs, I buy. Works every time.
Also, the short chatter is a dead giveaway.
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
Let me give you a correct P/E ratio on this stock being super optimistic!’ Let’s say they net 1.8 million this year which we all know that’s impossible with a 20-1 ration which most telecom do around 13 -1 that would put there market cap right at 40 million!! So sink that in to your sculls and correct me if I’m wrong!!
Boiler_Master Boiler_Master 2 days ago
One of my biggest takaways was the details provided about cross selling and synergies between subsidiaries. We discussed it alot outside of the interview as well.

They aren't just buying companies for their revenue, or buying competitors and cross selling customer bases. They are typically buying companies they currently do business with and that make sense to combine and work together complementing each other's operations and capabilities. Wholesale telecom operations are significantly more complex than I understood with multiple layers. Alot of services like an international phone call goes through multiple companies to reach it's destination. Whisl for example, as they described is a key point for connecting calls outside the US. Once they were acquired, IQST was able to ramp up the sales of all of their other subsidiaries utilizing Whisl. This is the main reason Smartbiz grew their sales from 6M to over 16M in a single year after being acquired. And they explained Lynk Telecom is already using Whisl for alot of their business too. I discussed it with not only the IQST team but also people specifically on the Lynk Telecom team and it truly does sound like the perfect acquisition to join as an IQST subsidiary. I expect very big things from Lynk Telecom. In the interview Leo also said he has his eye on more companies when the time is right. But these are only my personal opinions and not financial investing advice.
👍️ 2
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
Dude just listen to the circle jerk interview with boiler there new employee lol!! Fast forward to the last 15 minutes of it as it’s all crap everyone already has known about this company nothing new of course!! Leotard clearly says they have Ben post poning the reverse split however they feel the time is right this year!! Those are his exact words not mine buddy!! That means reverse split 1,000 percent!! Come join the short train is should make you a killing especially once they announce the reverse split soon!!
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
This stock needs no help crashing and burning!! I’m going to sit back and watch this all unfold over the next few months!! Should make a killing on there fall!! Wish me luck guys!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑
smoking guns smoking guns 2 days ago
Statement reads, NO r/s unless one is needed for an uplist, period! Panic sells because of an honest comment. IQST is a great undervalued stock that needs more exposure to increase the pps to prevent a r/s....My opinion. SG
👍️ 1
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
Straight trash this stock is!! Reverse split guaranteed boys 1,000 percent!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑
PaPaGriz PaPaGriz 2 days ago
Thanks for the interview. You did a nice job. Are you a Promo product salesman? Nice coffee cups.
👍️ 2 💯 2
theSauceman theSauceman 2 days ago
Reverse splits tend to happen when a company is inadequately moving forward, the share price keeps slipping and the company officer(s) are promoting the stock, not the company. This allows them to bait the shareholders with a higher stock price. But, paying attention, the smart investor sees the new price continue to slide downward. The reverse split in that case only moves numbers around without the slightest effect on value.
On the other hand, with a forward-thinking and forward-moving company that has its sights on growth and income from within, not from the outside, can a reverse split be an effective and progressive tool? When a company’s strategy is to promote its product and their share price reflects those efforts, is it the proper time to use a reverse split to make a necessary transition? i.e. to move from an over-the-counter platform to a NASDAQ eminence? All companies have a start up time in their existence. Some fail, others succeed and ascend. Those failing may use a reverse split as a last desperate measure to hang on. Successful companies, having proven their initiative and integrity may find a useful strategy in a reverse split to move their timeline forward with the company’s progress. It may be a smart strategy to prevent the company from being held back when the window for transition opens and the wise move is to advantage the company. Why ‘sit in the water’ while hostile take over sharks are lurking? And they always are. So, is a reverse split a tool that properly used is a benefit? A screwdriver, for instance, used to tighten screws rather than chisel off flaws? If a company is moving forward by correct decisions and transactions, shouldn’t it be trusted to properly employ a reverse split?
Isn’t the key to be building the company and let the stock take care of itself? All decisions are not easy ones and the hardest could be the most necessary. It all boils down to the focal point. The hard part for shareholders is trust and if you didn’t have that coming in you probably won’t gain it along the way. A proper reverse split could be hampered by your reaction to sell, but not destroyed. Put away your screwdriver and buy a chisel. Or just tighten the screws.

lflhdy lflhdy 2 days ago
A R/S will not get them there. Everyone knows as soon as you mention you are going to R/S the selloff starts. Even continues after a R/S. They would have to do a 10000-1 for it to hold the 2 bucks for 4 days.
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
The good news is after the reverse split all the nasdaq crap will come to rest then they will
Boasts of how they achieved there goal in reality they failed miserably as anyone can reverse split to get to nasdaq lol 😂!! Idiots y’all are !!!
cootcat cootcat 2 days ago
Boiler-Master Great job, nice interview. One man who back up his commitment. THANK YOU for sharing.
🌶️ 1 👍️ 2
Imindog Imindog 2 days ago
Just fast forward that dog shit interview to the last 15 minutes and listen for yourself leotard state they have been post poning the reverse split and are going to uplist this year!! 🤑🤑🤑

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