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Fannie Mae (QB)

Fannie Mae (QB) (FNMA)

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Patswil Patswil 32 minutes ago
250K on the Ask
👍️ 1
TightCoil TightCoil 38 minutes ago
Freddie - 1 cent spread - high $1.10 low $1.09
Fannie - 2 cent spread - high $1.30 low $1.28'
Maybe we'll soon have a POP,
👍️ 2
TightCoil TightCoil 53 minutes ago
This Conservatorship is Criminal, Plain and Simple - Thousands of shareholders left in limbo or driven broke because of it - Its administrators are Sick, Sick and Twisted, no one deserves such treatment, they should give shareholders some reparations, then we get a judge for a case that has the sympathy of a fishhook...SICK
👍️ 1
RickNagra RickNagra 2 hours ago
An open letter to any and all available whales :

Slap the ASK.

RickNagra RickNagra 2 hours ago
Calling all whales.
TightCoil TightCoil 3 hours ago
What a Nightmare the Conservatorship - How blind can our government
be to not see the pain and misery it has caused to thousands of innocent
shareholders for now almost 16 years?
👍️ 1
Wise Man Wise Man 10 hours ago
Quit posting Plans of Share Appreciation.
The same two plotters with multiple aliases, keep on throwing numbers at the wall and pointing out that it's over a period of time.

The way a Separate Account is unwound, is fixing the stocks' fair value upon listing on the NYSE again, when the CUSIP symbol changes and they need to have a Reference Price on day one, regardless of the prior closing price. The same occurred when we were listed on the OTC market.
An "overnite" fix.
This fair value used as Reference Price must, at least, reflect the prospects of a Housing Finance System revamp we've been bound for and chosen for the release in 2011 (no TCCA fees) and the key: no dilution in the common stocks and JPS redeemed, both thanks to CET1 > 2.5% of the Adjusted Total Assets. Obviously, no CRT operations which are Charter-barred nowadays and the reason why it's been requested a refund of the CRT expenses, net.
So, everything that is known in the past. The reason why it's been suggested that FMCC should trade at PER 12 times, whereas 10x in FNMA, based on volume growth. Let alone that it was Fannie Mae the one that dragged Freddie Mac into conservatorship and now it's the laggard to meet the capital requirements.
For instance, it's been estimated that the dividend resumption, equal to par value JPS valuation, was fetched with the 3Q2022 results of Fannie Mae, one year earlier in Freddie Mac.
$FNMAS chart, the most liquid series of JPS:

A fair value or Reference Price can't discount other matters, like a forward EPS, the case of FHA's MMIF ceasing to exist, a future spin-off of CSS, etc.
That would be the market the one that puts the exact fair value with all the available information at the time and on the first day of trading on the NYSE.

And an "overnite" payment of Punitive Damages depending on the ultimate scenario, because the common shareholders waive their claim in a Takeover or "as is" scenarios, not in a Takings at the stocks' fair value of Common Equity per stock (BVPS) as of December 31, 2023.
The plotter Bill Ackman has already received a "capital requirement". And yes, "capital" means "cash" in this case. Not Equity, not regulatory capital, not Capital Reserve. Jesus!
The E in EPS=$0 is the same E in Retained Earnings that @BillAckman claims is being retained by FnF.
The same E to assess the Common Equity.
He is liable for the payment of Punitive Damages for stock price manipulation, peddling the Govt theft story.#Fanniegate @TheJusticeDept— Conservatives against Trump (@CarlosVignote) February 27, 2024
👍️ 1 💤 1
Wise Man Wise Man 11 hours ago
Common Equity (CE) is comprised of:
-Common stock par value, less Treasury Stock (stock buybacks)
-Additional Paid-In Capital account
-Retained Earnings account
-Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (AOCI)

It's not just the "common" as you pointed out. Hello?
Data taken from the Balance Sheets (picture of a company at a determined date).
For regulatory purposes (capital requirements to measure the soundness), there are other metrics:

CET1 = CE + regulatory adjustments (certain limits to improve the quality)
The FHFA provides the definiton by regulation: 12 CFR 1240.20(b)

Additional Tier 1 Capital (AT1) = JPS

Tier 1 Capital = CET1 + AT1

This is why, with CET1 > 2.5% of the Adjusted Total Assets (Separate Account plan "in the best interests of the FHFA"), FnF can redeem the JPS and still meet the ERCF with Tier 1 Capital >2.5% of ATA (Leverage ratio, previously known as statutory Minimum Capital requirement with 0.45% of the MBS Trusts. The ERCF is still statutory -FHEFSSA- regardless)

Statutory Critical Capital Level missing (they are 3, not 2). Not meeting a level called "Critical" bothers for the slogan "FnF have been rehabilitated" (Fannie Mae CEO, Pagliara, etc.)

This is what the Supreme Court referred to as "not in the interests of FnF", when it pitched the Separate Account plan ("Rehabilitate FnF" in a way that it's beneficial to the FHFA, meaning what it's written: "in the best interests of the FHFA"): Awful ERCF tables that need to be adjusted for the offset (reduction of core capital) with the SPS LP increased for free since December 2017 (Trump-Watt combo): $-78B in Fannie Mae and $-48B in Freddie Mac)
The Capital Reserve worth $125B, is an invalid capital metric (only used by the Federal Reserve -Capital Surplus-) and wrongly assessed. Adjusted Capital Reserve =$0.

A whopping adjusted $402B core capital shortfall over Leverage capital requirement together.
TightCoil TightCoil 11 hours ago
I apologize, i'm not sure now why i even mentioned his name...somehow i thought he was associated with the big AI bust by the FTC, but it appears i was wrong, don't know how that happened, sorry
👍️ 1
RickNagra RickNagra 12 hours ago
Oh wow. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me. Mr. TightCoil and I attended the same school. We had the same mentor namely Bozo the Clown. We both graduated at the top of our class. During the awards ceremony Mr. Bozo could not decide who should receive the top award. For the first time in history this award was shared equally between myself and Mr. TightCoil. It was a great honor to receive this award. I will always remember everything that Mr. Bozo taught me. He taught us both well.

Between you and Tight you have not been right yet, expect red tomorrow!
👍️ 1
Clark6290 Clark6290 13 hours ago
Welcome back Navy, aka lil bro. Always insightful. Missing Arnold though. Love me some GSE shares
Sammy boy Sammy boy 13 hours ago
You’re a handsome young man, you ever think about modeling ?
👍️ 1
Sammy boy Sammy boy 13 hours ago
Between you and Tight you have not been right yet, expect red tomorrow!
👍️ 3
EternalPatience EternalPatience 13 hours ago
You have been here enough to know that he doesn't respond but only posts
EternalPatience EternalPatience 13 hours ago
Start of the day, you will get your wish but by COB it will be +0.00000458483 cents gain
👍️ 1
Viking61 Viking61 13 hours ago
Amen brother Krab!
RickNagra RickNagra 14 hours ago
Trump just won Michigan. I’m thinking we might get a $0.01 pop but it’s pushing it. Could be closer to $0.001 but hard to say at this point in time. Need more data. Ready the choo choo trains in case we really get $0.01.
👍️ 2
krab krab 14 hours ago
Have you seen the huge ASKing volumes. Some group is controlling the price and buying in quantity GLTA !!
👍️ 1
blownaccount9 blownaccount9 15 hours ago
Did your mom buy some shares?
👍️ 1
Viking61 Viking61 15 hours ago
That’s what we’ve been waiting for!!! When AlongZ shows up we usually rocket higher 🚀
👍️ 3 🚀 3
RickNagra RickNagra 15 hours ago
Now that was a nice one year chart. Carvana on fire. I believe one day we will outperform those used car people. Speaking of used car salesmen I wonder whatever happened to Corker. I once bought a car from him. As I drove off the lot the car broke down. I immediately turned around and went back. The lot was gone.
👍️ 1 😂 2
PennMilitia PennMilitia 15 hours ago
Come-on now zrider

Look if you want to make 20 maybe even 30 percent on your money this year "jump on in" and we "will take you for a ride".

If anyone ask tell them the goofy goober guy sent ya !
👍️ 1
mike_usa mike_usa 16 hours ago
CVNA $7 to $80. More than 10 times in less than a year.
Can FNMA be like that ?
👍️ 2 💩 1 🤡 1
along4zride along4zride 16 hours ago
It’s time to clear up a major misconception.
Whoever turns out to be 47 will have NO interest in releasing the GSE’s . 45 had a chance but how did that work out . Not too good . One trillion needed to service 34 Trillion of debt leaves nothing left for hopeful investor. Don’t plan on ordering new power boat or plan nice summer vacation from (FNMA) dividend or stock sale profit . None will be available.
🇰🇵 1 👍️ 2 👎️ 1 💩 3 🤡 3
Viking61 Viking61 17 hours ago
Same same, the bull flag in the graph has protracted out farther than I thought that it would. I was looking for the same move but we’re still in a strong upwards trend and a lot of catalysts are out there.GLTA!
👍️ 3 🚀 1
Viking61 Viking61 17 hours ago
Same same, the bull flag in the graph has protracted out farther than I thought that it would. I was looking for the same move but we’re still in a strong upwards trend and a lot of catalysts are out there.GLTA!
👍️ 2 🚀 1
MRJ25 MRJ25 17 hours ago
I thought a major move would happen last month.
But amazingly, the charts are still looking good.
Major move coming soon.
👍️ 4 🚀 2 🤡 1
RickNagra RickNagra 17 hours ago
Does it have big balls ?
🤣 1
Donotunderstand Donotunderstand 18 hours ago
and same person expects a SR PAPER to common conversion - so expect a top of 2-3

I prefer to think there will be no such conversion - somehow
👍️ 1
Viking61 Viking61 18 hours ago
Patient accumulation has been happening over the last month. It’s been slowly raising the ask with multiple small and medium sized buys. GLTA!
👍️ 3 🚀 2
Warhead Warhead 19 hours ago
I think we have a new whale.
detearing detearing 19 hours ago
Ackman has large positions in FnF as he did with ggwpq back in the day. He has cash n connections to grease the wheels...even support Trump financially...

Same unjust-spirit that hitting him...shareholders got hit 15 years ago and we been in prison.

FMNA FMCC biggest upside distressed stock play of our my humble opinion.

Know dis...Jesus says...IT IS FINISHED!
👍️ 3 🔥 1 🚀 1 🚬 1
EternalPatience EternalPatience 20 hours ago
This is why you should not have mirrors in the house..
🤣 2
Augie Boukalis Augie Boukalis 20 hours ago
Augie official upgrades Fnma to a target price of 4.00 dollars 💵🤑🛹
👍️ 4 💤 1 🚀 1
nagoya1 nagoya1 20 hours ago
We should get pelosi to tell us how to invest…fnma
👍️ 1 🤓 1
jog49 jog49 20 hours ago
"Soaring number of Americans are now 401(k) millionaires
A hot stock market lifted more retirement accounts to new heights in 2023, Fidelity says."

Folks with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in their retirement accounts seen picking up aluminum cans in ditches along major highways. News at 11.
👍️ 7 🤣 4
nagoya1 nagoya1 20 hours ago
Does anyone expect gse with prejudice flappy fudd’s signature today or does he wait for leap year Feb 29 AH.
Wishing as much cholesterol imaginable…
🍔 1 🍟 1
skeptic7 skeptic7 20 hours ago
What a pos.
Augie Boukalis Augie Boukalis 20 hours ago
5 day 📉 looks good 💯
👍️ 2
EternalPatience EternalPatience 21 hours ago
Probably we will end up with 1 cent gain in the next 70 hours
Viking61 Viking61 21 hours ago
And Fannie hits $1.30!
👍️ 3
RickNagra RickNagra 21 hours ago
70 cents to go and 1 hour left.
👍️ 1
Viking61 Viking61 21 hours ago
Upgrade by KBW is $2.00 FNMA and $2.50 FMCC.
👍️ 3
jcromeenes jcromeenes 21 hours ago
Greed. Wall Street has wanted this business for many years and politicians have wanted their "incentives" for making it happen.
👍️ 1
Guido2 Guido2 21 hours ago
Didn't he pass away in 1995?
👍️ 1
Guido2 Guido2 22 hours ago
CE in CET1 stands for Common Equity. T1 is Tier1. If it's just Tier1 it includes preferred, besides common.

There's no need to raise cash. Treasury needs to return the overpayments and FHFA needs to revise it's capital requirements to reflects the stress test results.
👍️ 7 👎️ 1
Lite Lite 22 hours ago
I believe it was Paulson trying to get rid of any opposition to his opportunity to take over the GSEs. The Board didn’t call His bluff. He then went to Eaton Park and created fear with the hedge fund and other heavyweight investors - they took the bait and bailed out of their investments.

With no one to question the conservatorship, it was wide open to do what they wanted and for ever how long they wanted.

Again, jmo.
👍️ 3 💯 2
stockprofitter stockprofitter 22 hours ago
🤪 1
TightCoil TightCoil 22 hours ago
Originally $2.00 but i saw another
posting that said they raised even that
to $2.50 but I couldn't confirm that one
👍️ 1 💩 1
stockprofitter stockprofitter 22 hours ago
What was the target price?
👍️ 1 🚢 1 🪖 1

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