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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (QB)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (QB) (FMCC)

Closed April 21 4:00PM

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navycmdr navycmdr 4 hours ago
FMCC Naked Shorts Friday ....

navycmdr navycmdr 4 hours ago
FHFA no-bid contract deal -

In May 2023, I pressed FHFA Director Sandra Thompson on Doma Holdings:— Congressman William Timmons (@RepTimmons) April 19, 2024
Ace Trader Ace Trader 20 hours ago
I have BIG FOOT video !

The facts are this !

: he made clear to the jury he wanted a 8-0 verdict.

: he made very clear to the jury about claims that the law is and must follow.

:Why then did he want a Jury trial if he was going to just kick the can down the road when he could he dismissed the case in 2013 and be done with it ?

: the limited award, and I mean limited to what shareholders should get was very conservative.

Conclusion is from my point of view is he wanted an IRON CLAD jury verdict with a reasonable award so that the Government could not claim that this award is unjustified as it doesn’t follow the bonds of the law.
nagoya1 nagoya1 20 hours ago
Are you serious? Fudge Lamebrain has been trying this "fast tracked" case since 2013. He has done everything to slow the case as fast as his 80 year old digestive system. Do you not remember the 2022 Halloween 8 woman 4-4 jury verdict. What a joke.
Lamebrain placed a greater importance on Halloween festivities than a verdict.

Plus the clincher, since when does a judge spew biased opinions like this clown did last fall.

He blamed the 2008 crash on the GSEs...

What info do you have to indicate the opposite....Sorry Bigfoot prints don't count.

Ace Trader Ace Trader 24 hours ago
I still believe Judge Lambert wants to stick it to the Gov for there theft, there lying and how they have treated tax payers and shareholders life savings. He want's to retire on a good note so either he has some spine, or the Gov has threatened him with no retirement or dangled the big fat cash carrott in front of him to correct this jury 8-0. Time will tell if he has a spine or not.

HE told the Jury and he made it very clear he wanted a 8-0 verdict !! For the reason of ????? so no appeal would hold up !!!!
🤡 1
primewa primewa 1 day ago
So long let go Brandon and uneducated leaderships F&F ( pretending higher class and dressing like a clown won let F&F out of Cship. Only MAGA DJT will make F&F free at last in Nov 24 and all the corrupt crooks will be out of work very very soon. All the fake media and crooks run gov what are they gone to do when DJT reclaims the WH? They will using all of their tactic deposal to make DJT not running but DJT will prove they are wrong and DJT will make it finish line no matter how hare they try. Patience is a virtue with your precious current share. Just remember one thing. Don't believe what the crooks say and look what the crooks do.
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
Im the one who told u let the shorts dig in in the mid .50s to buy .55 when u said .44 before .66. Im the one who told u if fannie hit high .90's 1.40 was a lock.. im the one who told u at .60 the fear is it will go up.. not down.. im the one along w navy that said its the shorts its the shorts.. so when fannie hit 1.99 it was pretty damn clear it was a short squeeze.. now its still a short squeeze only this time were playing with dimes instead of pennies.. Sammy my boy.. I tripled my mommies shares from 7k avg at 2.10 to 22.5k w avg of .80... u either read data and see things like me or u throw spaghetti at the wall like ur analysis ..

Yea ive been quiet becuz I've been tending to my garden.. and my online retail bizness has picked up.. while at the same time I was bearish figuring we had a correction in the cards that would eventually be dealt out.. I posted that when we first hit 1.45.. I said I thought march would be the downturn but of course I was early cuz it takes time for other people to realize what's going on on and unwind moves..
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
Holding ytd anchored vwap.. shhh trade secret of the hedgies and large institutes.. they will avg in at that price and protect it with large buy orders.. and its been clearly holding it at FMCC.. Fannie doesn't hold it and its becuz the lemmings purely trade on emotion and they r abused.. FMCC traders stay calm and buy the dip. We know we r worth more than Fannie 1 for 1.. patience and we will overtake Fannie and beat them to $3.50.. the promised land is not far.. dont let the sun going down and a cold night shake u from ur conviction at the bottom of the range... right now the range is 1.24 to 1.43... the next lower range is bottom .80 or .93 to the top 1.15 or 1.25.. a bump from here at 1.25 up to retest 1.45 is in the current cards.. and a selling 1.45 has the higher risk this time.. squeeze could goto $3 this round if we break 1.45..
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
Hell of a nice display holding up in todays bloodbath
detearing detearing 2 days ago
Riding on the Trump Train ensures eventual reparations from Obama Administration that controls puppet Biden who's stanky old foot on throatOdaTWINS..


👍️ 1 💩 1 😉 1 🤡 1
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
never gonna happen - incompetent Q-tip is way over her head

Sandra has ZERO Leadership - will only do what she is told

Priscilla could get the JOB done but is outnumbered 2 - 1

Three women who, if they get together in the same room for half an hour, can unlock $100B+ for affordable housing:

1. Janet Yellen, US Treasury
2. Sandra Thompson, FHFA
3. Priscilla Almodovar, Fannie Mae$FNMA #FANNIEGATE— Fanniegate Hero (@DoNotLose) April 19, 2024
👍️ 2 🫡 1
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
Instead of addressing President Biden’s housing crisis, @HUDgov and @FHFA are pushing his radical climate agenda.
Families in communities like the one I grew up in want affordable homes and safe communities – not the Green New Deal.— Tim Scott (@SenatorTimScott) April 19, 2024
👍️ 1 🤗 1
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
Morningstar DBRS assigned AAA ratings w “stable” outlook

to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac on Thursday.

The rating service noted that the ratings were directly linked to the “long-term
local currency issuer rating” the firm currently has assigned to the U.S....

Sales of existing homes declined by 4.3% on a monthly basis in March, according to the
National Association of Realtors. “Though rebounding from cyclical lows, home sales are
stuck because interest rates have not made any major moves,” said Lawrence Yun,
chief economist at NAR.

Interest rates on mortgages have increased in April, hitting an average of 7.10% this week,
according to Freddie Mac...
Stern is Bald Stern is Bald 2 days ago
So stark in fact i don’t remember Calabria saying one time in office they are preparing for release while Thompson has directly said this… we only found out in hindsight when Craig Phillips told us behind the scenes they were discussing it and that was over a year the Trump admin was gone…

Tim wants to be an expert on this and doesn’t even know what the agency heads are saying?
Stern is Bald Stern is Bald 2 days ago
Awww Tim has selective memory….. Bless his soul…

“Thompson says FHFA is preparing GSEs for end of conservatorship…..
👍️ 1
Louie_Louie Louie_Louie 2 days ago
this was shot back from the supreme court, so governmentt can not escalate it. Lamberth was told to correct his jacked up ruling, Government is totally dependent on Lamberth staking his whole career on what he does next. I s he bought an paid for or will he follow the law and constitution?

I agree, motions are usually filed at the beginning! Lamberth should punish this nonsense and threaten to double the award.
👍️ 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
honestly this chart shows a clear buy here.. looks like accumulation between 1.20 and 1.50 for the next leg up which could measure much bigger than previous legs.. maybe we get a dragons tooth spike down and liquidity grab.. get urs if so.. dont sell this next dip.. this is basically short term relief for the shorts.. theyll have their opportunity to cover.. and dont be a seller. buy before they can.. maybe we end up on the leader board one day soon up 100% or 200% bring in all kinds of fresh money.. hopefully news comes after that of release.. Trump maybe mentions release sometime over the next few months.. just on that we coould get 100% or 200% back to regular $3-4 range..
😂 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
thats definitely possible if its starts squeezing cuz shorts will be reloading the 1.45 area heavily and momentum could keep it going up..
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
I was comparing scorecards between Calabria and Thompson this morning (no, seriously) and differences were very stark - Calabria: prepare the GSEs for exit - Thompson: affordable housing, climate, appraisal bias, and no mention of exit from conservatorship.— Tim Rood (@tim_rood_) April 18, 2024
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
Yabba Dabba Dooooo !! - this time we BUST THRU $2 !!! ....


👍️ 1 💩 2 🚀 1 🤑 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
its possible we made a higher low and we have a target price of 1.43 from here until mm's wana lighten up and shorts r once again comfy.. i'd dance if we make it there.. if we fall under 1.15 load the boat.. other wise its a hold
navycmdr navycmdr 2 days ago
$Boooom ! - Freddie Mac wants a new role financing
Homeowners sitting on equity. One banking group isn’t happy.
if Banks don't like it - $IT'S a $GENIUS MOVE !!

Published: April 17, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. ET - By Joy Wiltermuth

The housing giant could make a $850 billion splash in the market for
second-lien mortgages under a new proposal

A Wall Street lobbying group thinks Freddie Mac’s proposal is mission creep and wants
second-lien mortgages to stay in the domain of private credit. GETTY

Housing giant Freddie Mac wants the green light to expand its already dominant footprint
in the estimated $44.8 trillion U.S. housing market. But not everyone is on board.

Federal regulators want feedback on Freddie’s new proposal to allow it to start buying up
second-lien mortgages, a popular product among cash-strapped U.S. homeowners looking
to tap the equity in their properties, especially after mortgage rates shot up in the wake
of the pandemic.

Read: Homeowners scrambling for cash breathe new life into second-lien mortgage market

The aim is for Freddie to start buying fixed-rate second liens potentially by this summer, giving
borrowers a way to tap an estimated $32 trillion of equity built up in U.S. homes in recent years.
If approved, it would open the door for more borrowers to extract cash from their homes, without
having to refinance at current 30-year fixed mortgage rates of about 7.2%.

But a major financial-industry lobbying group said Wednesday that the second-lien market should
remain in the hands of private credit, not a partially government-backed entity.

“In the current market, closed-end second mortgages have been, and continue to be, successfully
originated and funded by private capital,” said Michael Bright, chief executive of the Structured
Finance Association, in a statement. “It is quite unclear what role the government-sponsored
enterprises have in funding these mortgage products, or how that fits into Freddie Mac’s overall
government-chartered mission objective.”

Freddie Mac FMCC, -5.38%, Fannie Mae FNMA, -8.97% and other government-sponsored
housing agencies already have a roughly $9.1 trillion stake in the estimated $13 trillion
U.S. residential-mortgage market.

While they don’t make loans, they buy up 30-year fixed-rate mortgages that conform to higher
lending standards put in place after the late-2000s subprime-mortgage crisis.

These lower-risk loans often end up bundled into bond deals with government guarantees that
primarily are owned by the Federal Reserve and banks, among other investors. Because of
these guarantees, investors consider the bonds to be a Treasury surrogate.

A hitch to Freddie’s proposal would be that it only buys second liens on homes where it already
financed the first mortgage.

Importantly, the proposal aims to limit how much homeowners can borrow in total against their
homes. Freddie said it plans to keep a borrower’s loan-to-value ratio at less than 80% when
looking at both first and second-lien mortgages on a home, keeping an equity cushion in place
in times of stress.

Servicing of the loans also would be overseen by Freddie, which means homeowners could
have access to payment pauses implemented by the government — such as the ones rolled
out during the COVID-19 pandemic, or in cases where homes are hit by hurricanes or other
natural disasters.

The SFA — which represents bond investors, issuers and Wall Street banks — called the
proposal “an unnecessary government encroachment into a sector that has been operating
successfully without government involvement.”

But Freddie’s charter, in place for decades, already indicates that it is authorized to purchase,
service, sell and deal in subordinate second liens.

BofA Global researchers estimated Wednesday that Freddie could end up owning around
$850 billion in second liens, given the huge swath of first-lien mortgages it already financed
at rates below 4%, and based on a combined loan-to-value ratio of 75%.

Fannie Mae, which hasn’t announced a similar program, could see volume of $1 trillion in
second liens when looking at the same parameters.

For context, the BofA Global researchers expect Wall Street to package up to a total of
about $11 billion in home-equity lines of credit and second liens into bond deals this year,
up from only $4.5 billion in 2023.

The U.S. housing market has been largely frozen since the Federal Reserve began
raising interest rates in 2022 to fight high inflation, a battle it continues to wage to this day.
uf-john uf-john 2 days ago
Common sense tells us that Lamberth would not have taken the case and would have just dismissed it immediately if it was illegal per "a matter of law." There would have been no point to even go forward with a bench or a jury trial. That decision to establish lawful "standing" is made at the very beginning of the trial by the Judge. Usually "Motions to Dismiss" happen at the beginning stages. Normally an Appeals court would be the proper venue to file what the Defense is looking to do.
tutt1126 tutt1126 2 days ago
The topic is not about the case. It's about the doctrine of unanimous verdicts
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
this is a civil case not a criminal case yet.. unfortunately..
Sammy boy Sammy boy 2 days ago
Joey, you’re talking an awful lot this morning, you okay? Breathe, inhale, exhale! Count to 10.
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
lets just call it 1.15 now.. if u dont understand how much money is involved in this then ur on cloud 9 go back to sleep.. check back in september theres an 80% probability youll be up..prob $2.. the market doesnt care about what u think or feelings.. easy come easy goes the money.. depends how in love u r in ur investment.. im keeping a foot in the real world.. becuz im not rich yet.. i need to trade and protect what i have.. seek opportunities and predict trend changes.. and when weve gotten blindsided and blatantly cheated over and over u learn to adapt or roll over and give up..
tutt1126 tutt1126 2 days ago
With a unanimous verdicts in 8-0 , it is protected and can't be voided under a sixth amendment.
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
i hope it squeezes today but im planning for it to go lower and to be pissed and lose money.. im also positioned to at least not lose shares if it starts to squeeze.. i think the lower it falls here the higher the squeeze next run.. so get the f outta the way if ur shorting below 1.17 thank u for ur contribution.. ur offering is appreciated.. ur money will be in better hands soon enough..
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
i said 1.17 was the battle line in feb before we ran up.. where did it fall to on that big drop end of march? exactly 1.17.. i said i was out at 1.45 for a breather i missed out on the blow off short squeeze top.. made a few good trades up there.. but wasnt holding i knew it was a short squeeze.. the money is ebb and flowing and breathing in and out of this.. if u cant feel it then stop whining and wasting space on the msg board.. poo poo all u want im here to make money.. i got half my shares currently and im not expecting anything but a drop shake out back to somewhat normal up and down between .80 and 1.25 until the next squeeze.. ur mfn welcome..
💩 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
sammy boy ur wrong 9 outta 10 times u r the jim cramer/kathy wood protege of ihub..
🤣 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
shorts r coming in at full strength the past week.. accounting for 45-60% daily volume.. u can remove availability of shorts by having ur shares in a cash acct.. shares in margin accts get lent out.. and ur broker and short selllers r benefiting off ur losses..
💩 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago

How can any real world analyst wrap their head around this? Freddie in conservatorship wants all the refi business?
💩 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 2 days ago
it's too late to ask for JMOL, jury has already deliberated and ruled.. unless the defendants have previously asked for JMOL before jury deliberation.. only then, they can ask again.. check the court records.. does anybody recall them asking then?
💩 1
Louie_Louie Louie_Louie 3 days ago
Lamberth better tell them to F-off in so many words. If he allows them to punch the 8-0 verdict to the ground, all hope in any court is lost against a government that no longer respects who elects and supports it. Pretty much kick Joe out and bring Putin in then. Do any of the legal eagles on the FNMA board ( Not KT- Korny-Talk or FFFlatulance or manwithnosense) know of any unanimous jury decision against government ever being over turned? There were two good legal minds on FNMA...can't remember, The guy who discusses with Robertfromyahoo about the administrative state and I think Obidictrum (SP)??? I'd ask on FNMA if I could.

These government rat-bass-terds are kicking every can they can down the road in hopes of ending future law suits. And the jackwagon judges play along🤬
👍️ 2
Louie_Louie Louie_Louie 3 days ago
bradford needs to deeply study these two posts. lol
Louie_Louie Louie_Louie 3 days ago
ya know..., pretty soon the rat-bass-terd complaining about all us, will be all by himself and his 12 alias on FNMA. Then the jackazz will come here.
uf-john uf-john 3 days ago
Is the Plaintiff going to file a Response with a rebuttal to the Defendant's Motion to Vacate? They need to.
👍️ 1
Stockman1010101 Stockman1010101 3 days ago
So when does a Jury Decision become final?
Do we live in a world if the defendent does not like the result of the court verdict, he/she can refile for another court hearing and stop paying the damages caused by the Defendent, forever???
Is this a Kangaroo court or a court of Law and Justice?
Do we leave in a democratic society or a dictatorship where the government always wins even when they are the losers who violated and broke the Constitutional Law we are expected to live by?
👍️ 2
navycmdr navycmdr 3 days ago
GOVT filed to have 8-0 Jury verdict THROWN OUT

Stockman1010101 Stockman1010101 3 days ago
Congress is nothing more than a GLORIFIED SCAM that accomplishes nothing for the Taxpayers. We pay big taxes to keep these MFers employed in Congress with large salaries (> $150K) to talk a lot and do nothing to help the country fix its problems. One of which is this insane sourthern Border opening for criminals to come in and destroy our country.
👍️ 1
Stockman1010101 Stockman1010101 3 days ago
Congress spending lots of time and money talking a lot about Fannie and Freddie coming up with a big NOTHING BURGER and yet we are still in this Conservatorship prison and Congress keeps on stealing our (Fannie and Freddie) profit money each and every quarter.
When is this nightmare going to end?
Stockman1010101 Stockman1010101 3 days ago
When do FMCC common shareholders get paid the settlement money from this lawsuit?
Please give me a simple answer and not a long and complicated court filing that says virtually nothing as to when I get paid and for what date of holding FMCC shares?
navycmdr navycmdr 3 days ago
Senator Hagerty: transcript -

Director Thompson I would like to direct this to you. You have testified that in order to end conservatorship
of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two things need to happen. First, they’ve got to build capital through
retained earnings before ending the government’s 15 year long conservatorship. Second, you’ve said
that Congress needs to decide the future of these two government sponsored entities and the US mortgage
finance system more broadly. On the first point, the quickest way to end the GSE conservatorships is to
raise private capital just as bailed out banks were allowed to do in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Now that the GSEs control so much of the housing market, there seem to be a reluctance to relinquish
government control. I ask myself: Why? Well, judging by the redistributive housing policies that have
been pursued while you’ve been at the helm of FHFA it seems that the GSEs are viewed by the Biden
administration as simply backdoors to push its DEI social policy agenda which is well beyond your

On the second point, congress has already decided what type of mortgage finance system it wanted
with the 2008 HERA law. That law significantly enhanced the regulatory and supervisory powers of
your agency over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks. The problem here
is that the Obama and Biden administrations have never taken their feet off the throats of Fannie Mae
and Freddie Mac so that they can succeed as private companies. The responsible thing to do for yourself, f
or Secretary Yellen and for Attorney General Garland is to continue the work that was begun by former
FHFA director Calabria to raise private capital and return Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the private markets.

This would result in a $100B+ windfall for taxpayers and could be used to immediately to help expand
the countries housing supply and support affordable housing for Americans most in need. We talked
about this at the time of your confirmation to be the agency head and our housing markets and
American taxpayers deserve to see these conservatorships to be brought to an end.

I appreciate your full attention to this in the time you have left remaining as director. Thank you.
👍️ 1
navycmdr navycmdr 3 days ago
"The problem here is that the Obama and Biden administrations have never taken their feet off the throats of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac"-Senator Hagerty --- transcript $FNMA #FANNIEGATE— Fanniegate Hero (@DoNotLose) April 18, 2024

.@SenatorHagerty did a good job pointing out that HERA 2008 commands FHFA to pursue the end of conservatorships via Recap and Release when acting as conservator AND says that doing so will produce $100B+ to solve the affordable housing crisis $FNMA #FANNIEGATE h/t @timpagliara— Fanniegate Hero (@DoNotLose) April 18, 2024
👍️ 1
navycmdr navycmdr 3 days ago
IMO the obvious was looking us in the face the entire time.
Biden admins goals NEVER included exit. they have their dream scenario in Cship. control housing mort market, doing uneconomical subsidy programs that cant be forced on comps Outside Cship.

trump/calabria want(ed) exit— Tony Castelluccio (@T_Castelluccio) April 18, 2024
👍️ 1
navycmdr navycmdr 3 days ago
$FMCC $FNMA Freddie Mac wants a new role financing homeowners sitting on equity. One banking group isn’t happy.— Patrick (@InvestIt3) April 18, 2024
Lite Lite 3 days ago
He didn’t ask for one. Only discussed the idea of continuing with the plan of building capital towards ending c-ship. There may be some limitations about Him going for heavy dialog on the ‘end of c-ship’ topic.
👍️ 1
blownaccount9 blownaccount9 3 days ago
What did he get for a response
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 days ago
He is confused, treasury owes GSEs more than 100billion.

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