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Cann American Corporation (CE)

Cann American Corporation (CE) (CNNA)

Closed April 13 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0004 Day's Range 0.0033
0.000001 52 Week Range 0.0178
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 888

CNNA Latest News

ILUS International Inc (ILUS) Sees 557% Q1 Revenue Increase, Begins National Exchange Uplist Procedure for Subsidiaries and Company

ILUS International Inc (ILUS) Sees 557% Q1 Revenue Increase, Begins National Exchange Uplist Procedure for Subsidiaries and Company New York, NY -- June 5, 2023 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- via...

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CNNA Discussion

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Lime Time Lime Time 3 hours ago

I usually don't get out of bed until 1pm then log into 5 accounts to see activity.

We need to see this Form 10 soon and this will EXPLODE 🚀

Summer of CNNA 🎆
👍️ 1
Teddytropics Teddytropics 4 hours ago
Good for u..

So it seems you saw the buy and then realized it was u..


I have been planning this policy on a dormant EM stock that I lost a fortune on..

I shall not be defeated!

Actually, it would be fun to see how much I can pick up over time..

Only hurdle is my brokerage would have me do good for the day instead of until canceled..

So needs to be done daily..

Poor me..
👍️ 1
Lime Time Lime Time 4 hours ago
Bid today was at .003 and .0018

Have no clue who dumped. Sitting at .0004 and .0002 for a long time. Maybe my bid was expiring and some MM decided to fill it.

I'm betting that new management will take this over and get it current. I don't care who gets it current, I'm ready for the goodies to come 🚀

They have assets, like just get the Form filed already or do OTCIQ.

Just a wild fun bet here. I'm expecting to lose it all, but with the slight chance that this hits a grand slam 🚀

Good luck to us ALL

Need to hear something soon.

And I have no clue how it works, I got filled on another stock today at .0001 and that is on EM but it had B/A at .0008/.0010

Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 5 hours ago
Christ, you just have the bid sitting there & someone filled it for ya? The highest bid can't be .0004 ... gotta be in the high 20's to low 30's. Did the bid just go from .0033 down to .0004 on a larger buy?

Tell us the tale of your success. That's a great buy! Assuming, of course, there's actual filings from the company, as you mentioned.
Lime Time Lime Time 10 hours ago
Still worthless until they re-file. I wanna see the new Form 10 ASAP

Let's go. Summer of CNNA 🚀
👍️ 4
Teddytropics Teddytropics 11 hours ago
Sounds like u got 'em!
vegasopc vegasopc 11 hours ago
Yippy Ki Yay,
Lime Time Lime Time 11 hours ago
Thanks to whoever sold .0004s

vegasopc vegasopc 11 hours ago
🤢There's nothing happening here
It's perfectly clear
there's a guy with a pitchfork over there
telling me I got to beware
everybody stop hey what's that sound
everybody knows what's going down
👍️ 2
Lime Time Lime Time 14 hours ago
Wow who got .0004s
Dcab Dcab 1 day ago
Thanks for the update.
👍️ 1
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago

Will do!
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 2 days ago
Anytime. Just call me Ollie Overshare.
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago
Hey, no problem..

Thanks for sharing!
👍️ 1
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago
Interesting saying..

And yes it will come thankfully..
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 2 days ago
I honestly wish I had the necessary spunk - after 10 months of hearing "soon," - to engage in the mental masturbation necessary to join the "$0.25 Circle Jerk," brought to you by Teddytropics. Seriously. I always wanted to be invited to a circle jerk (not really). Really. But I just can't get it up anymore ... at least publicly.

I'm just ... man ... you know.
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 2 days ago
Excellent! How does your "soon" compare to "very close" & "ASAP"? Which occurs first?
👍️ 2
Kjv Kjv 2 days ago
I have an adage in my home country!

โ€œEveryday is for the thief but one day is for the ownerโ€

That day is coming for CNNAโ€ฆdonโ€™t know when but it will come!
Mr79 Mr79 2 days ago
That sounds good. 🤞
👍️ 1
Motor-goater Motor-goater 2 days ago
Ughh you still donโ€™t understand. I canโ€™t make it any clearer.
👍️ 2 💯 2
steveVA007 steveVA007 2 days ago
It's seems to be contagious! Just like the optimism.
👍️ 2 😍 1
Mr79 Mr79 2 days ago
Oh, thanks for clearing it up. So can I borrow $100? I promise to pay you back soon or sooner.😉
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago
'You have painted a likely scenario, with which I agree. Patience is the key.'

Did you notice you have subliminally caught the CNNA poetry bug??
👍️ 2 😍 1
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago
I'm up for that, along the trek that will include Paris, Barcelona and Egypt.

Imagine we did meet up..

Would be quite surreal putting faces to the names here huh?

Having long retired from the ring myself..

I'm only up for giving Swamps a hug and a high five!
👍️ 1 😍 1
duelittle2 duelittle2 2 days ago
ehmm!! "When it goes to a Quarter" 🤑

If it goes to a quarter
👍️ 3 🤑 2
vegasopc vegasopc 2 days ago
If it goes to a quarter, maybe we should all go to Dallas to visit Swampass?
steveVA007 steveVA007 2 days ago
You have painted a likely scenario, with which I agree. Patience is the key.
👍️ 2
Teddytropics Teddytropics 2 days ago
First of all speaking for myself..

If it goes to a quarter I will be dancing, cheering, arms in the air like you just don't care..

And fist pumping for the foreseeable future..

When I look into my crystal ball, this is one of the eventualities I see..

Out of EM as it moves to a penny..

Swampy bails after a nervous few hours around 1.00 pm when it starts to fall back from .008

He is out at .0075 with a not too shabby $15,000 (poor fella)

CNNA closes at .0096 on the bell. (Let's say it's Monday)

Wednesday, at the morning bell, juicy PR sends it to .014 close on the day (retrace from .0016 HOD) .

Friday PR sends it to .019 close of the day.

In between Swampy, is seen on this board, complaining how the management pulled the wool over his eyes by not telling him all the good stuff that was brewing behind the scenes. When all he could see from his window was water and fishes swimming by.

Following Monday the Swamps hits the market and various other boards with his 15 G's in search of some real Turkey's like CBIA where he can be right and share his grievances with others..

Everyone wins!

This is not investment advice, stock prices fall as well as rise and the above statement is just one probable eventuality of a crystal ball I borrowed.
👍️ 5 🤑 2
ptk123 ptk123 2 days ago
steveVA007 steveVA007 2 days ago
Perfectly clear. Thank you.
👍️ 1
Motor-goater Motor-goater 2 days ago
Well soon means soon. The sooner the soon is means itโ€™s almost sooner than the last soon and when that soon comes sooner another soon will be sooner. Thatโ€™s what soon means. Geez. Itโ€™s not that difficult
👍️ 4
Mr79 Mr79 2 days ago
I wish I knew what soon means to everybody here.
J2003 J2003 2 days ago
We should see form 10 soon! Tic toc!
👍️ 2
vegasopc vegasopc 3 days ago
Gotta love the way Swampass spews his negativity with such enthusiasm. I wonder what he will do if this goes to a quarter? 🤑
👍️ 1
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 3 days ago
Odd trading. Anyone have the B/A?
Teddytropics Teddytropics 3 days ago
Thanks Swampy u are so wize..

Down with the CEO

Down with the company..

Negativity shall reign..

Let's collapse the share price..

So I can buy more..
👍️ 2
Swampy83 Swampy83 3 days ago
High expectations? Enjoy a full year of deception and lies. Courtesy of Mr. Kramer.
But don't you worry, he is still planning on doing a quick space update for all members. I wonder what will come first, the update or the form?
Motor-goater Motor-goater 3 days ago
I like this.
👍️ 1
Teddytropics Teddytropics 4 days ago
I had a thought..

Swampy is our ambassador but to put a more accurate description of his role on this board..

He is the Minister for Managing Expectations.

A high place indeed.
👍️ 2
Dcab Dcab 4 days ago
Some good news finally.
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 4 days ago
New management?
Lime Time Lime Time 4 days ago
If current management can't satisfy Form 10 requirement, new management will. I'm all for this

Time for an update. We need to know Yes or No.
uber darthium uber darthium 4 days ago
I absolutely LOVED THAT !!! BRAVO

I hope a mod stickies that post.

You made my day

Sincerest Thanks,


👍️ 3 🤡 1
Squirrely_McShitty Squirrely_McShitty 4 days ago
We all hope for the former - news of breaking the Form 10 logjam.

In the meantime, the regulars on this board (who help maintain CNNA awareness via board activity, lacking real information), battle boredom, bitterness, and heartbreak as best we can. We have now beat the dead horse of months-old innuendo & long cold company pronouncements so often, we strike each other with the horse's remaining bones repeatedly, simply to feel something other than disappointment & impatience.

No one wants to hear real news more than I, I assure you.
👍️ 4
koolmc koolmc 4 days ago
yep risk worth the reward.
👍️ 2
duelittle2 duelittle2 4 days ago
Perhaps bc many are coming to the realization that this Security can be 20X+ this current pps once trading again🤠
👍️ 2
vegasopc vegasopc 4 days ago
Zygysy!!! $$$🤑
ysung ysung 4 days ago
Hope so !

Soon 1 year Anniversary coming !!!
Bullish Green Bullish Green 4 days ago
I came back to see if there was any news and all I got was eclipse mania and Summerslam IXXX. Geez....
Maybe next month there will be a notable update. Maybe not....
J2003 J2003 4 days ago
Filing is coming soonโ€ฆwhy to dump?

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